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11-Year-Old Boy Kills Near-World Record Turkey with 13 Beards Posted by Colton Bailey November 8, 2019 This is the bird of a lifetime, maybe bird of the century: a young Pennsylvania hunter just sealed the deal on the third largest tom ever 1) LONGEST REGISTERED BEARD According to the National Wild Turkey Federation's current registry (as of this writing), the record longbeard taped out to 22.5000 inches His latest claim to fame, the NWTF world record for the hen with the longest spurs, will soon head off to taxidermist John Houlk in New York, where it will receive a world class habitat mount. I. I shot a 9 single bearded hen my second year turkey hunting. I had no idea it was that special of a deal. I did not get any pictures, I did not weigh it. Nothing! :mad2: I kinda regret not getting it mounted. I definately regret not having pictures of it. :stickfight

It was not just any turkey harvested during a spring Kentucky turkey season. This was a turkey that made it into the record books as being the world record. On April 21, Guess harvested a turkey that tipped the scales at 37.6 pounds. Now that's a bird close to double the size of those we put on our Thanksgiving table The longest beard was 10 inches and all 13 beards added up to a combined length of 78.9375 inches. The tom weighed 22 pounds and had a.9735 spur on one leg and a 1-inch spur on the other, making it..

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NWTF Wild Turkey Records will register both gobblers and hen turkeys taken in sport hunting by lawful means during a legally established season, retroactive to Fall 1982. This program will recognize successful turkey hunters among present members and enlist new members for the NWTF Author's note: Thirty-year-old Jason Daugherty from Desoto, Missouri, took one of the biggest Eastern wild turkey gobblers ever harvested, as certified by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)

Additionally, the bird's total measurement calculation at 84-6/16 inches ties the official overall world-record Rio Grande and is the Oregon state record Rio Grande turkey. The beard is listed as. The gobbler Ulickey shot had five beards, weighed 20.375 pounds, and had spurs that measured 1.50 and 1.375 inches. The total score was 125.625. The longest beard measured 10.5 inches, and the total length for all beards was 38.25 inches

22.5-inch beard world record for the longest bearded turkey. NEW BOSTON, Texas — Cody May of New Boston holds the possible world record for the longest bearded turkey ever harvested. The bird has a 22.5-inch beard, weighs 20 pounds and has 1.50 inch and 1.25 inch spurs When scoring a turkey, the most substantial multiplier is beard length.That's why when you look at the record books for biggest toms, you'll find gobblers with multiple beards at the top of the list. While most male turks only carry a single beard, extraordinary specimens can reach double digits (the world record is 13)

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Bearded hens represent roughly under 10 percent of the female wild turkey population, while some biologists say it's as little as 2 to 4 percent. If present, those beards are usually no longer than 8 inches, and are often thin. However, in 2016, Josh Pruitt of Reidsville, North Carolina, shot a hen with a 9 1/2-inch beard This was a turkey that may make it into the records books as being the World Record turkey. a bird with a longer beard or getting a bird with multiple beards. final yelp of a hen to get. Turkeys can also sport more than one beard. The NWTF's Wild Turkey Records show Tyler Blake Mumpower shot an Eastern turkey with 13 beards in Spring 2017 in Pennsylvania; and Kooper Bays shot an Eastern turkey with 10 beards in 2015 in Missouri. It's far more common, however, to bag birds with two or three beards

The bearded lady weighed 12 pounds, 9 ounces and had an 8 1/4-inch beard. Pauley remains hopeful that eventually his efforts will lead to a new Grand Slam category for bearded hens. He finds.. Beard lengths matter to turkey hunters. You know how we hunters like to measure everything. One of the first things a turkey hunter does - after giving thanks and feeling all is well with the world - is to check the length of a gobbler's beard (or yes, in some cases, a hen). Here's why beard length matters and why maybe it doesn't 12.12.2009 · World record Archery bearded Eastern Turkey hen Kill. Killed in franklin county Missouri. Not enough tape left for recovery. Ask Your Question Here: how rare is a bearded hen turkey? i killed one this turkey season with a 8 inch beard i posted pictures of her. and is there any way that i can delete. [Archive] Bearded Hen Turkey. The average weight is 18 to 20 pounds. The females (hens) are smaller than toms and weigh 9 to 12 pounds. Hens have a rusty-brown body and a blue-gray head. Less than 10 percent of the female population have a beard, and less than 1 percent have spurs. The hen makes a yelp or clucking noise This year's Spring gobbler hunting season (bearded turkeys) in Pennsylvania opened April 27, 2019 and continues through May 31, 2019. That at least one of the turkeys might've been a hen.

a jake, hen, or non-target until it's time to shoot. You'll have a safer hunt if you brush up on basic turkey identification and keep the beard rule foremost in mind. Tom, jake, or hen? A male turkey is larger than a hen, but the sexes can also be differentiated by feather color, head color, leg spurs, and the presence of a beard 12.12.2009 · World record Archery bearded Eastern Turkey hen Kill. Killed in franklin county Missouri. Not enough tape left for recovery. Gander Mountain > We Live Outdoors - Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Outdoor Recreation, Apparel & Footwear, Gunsmithing, Archery, Guns, Gift Cards, Store Locator, Articles, Hunting

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Weighing over 12 pounds and sporting a 9 1/2-inch beard, Money's hen scores 31.0625 on the NWTF's scale, and displaces Josh Pruitt's hen, who had just broken the 3-year-old bearded hen record for North Carolina on April 27.. Aside from being the new top bearded hen in the Tarheel State, it's ranked 12th among bearded hens in the world NWTF Wild Turkey Records. Reset Map View. Birds Recorded. Single: 2-5: 6-15: 16-20: 21-50: 51-100: 101-200: 200+: Customize Your Map. Top : Top Weight Greater Than: Top Score Greater Than: Average : Avg Score Greater Than: Avg Weight Greater Than: County : Counties with more records than:. The record-sized adult male wild turkey, according to the National Wild Turkey Federation, weighed 16.85 kg (37.1 lb), with records of tom turkeys weighing over 13.8 kg (30 lb) uncommon but not rare. While it is usually rather lighter than the waterfowl, after the trumpeter swan ( Cygnus buccinator ), the turkey has the second heaviest maximum.

The truth is I've witnessed a mature adult turkey with a 4-inch beard and one with no beard whatsoever. I witnessed a 4-year-old known age bird with 5/8-inch spurs Online Records. Online record-breaking opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect with audiences in multiple locations. There is a wide variety of record titles to choose from and they can be attempted across a broad range of platforms. Find out mor

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The NWTF has developed a formula for scoring trophy gobblers. Their official scoring instructions are found here along with information on submitting a record turkey and an official entry form.. Before you begin to score your turkey, be sure to note that all measurements are taken in 1/16-inch increments and converted to decimal form The world record for the fastest turkey carving is 3 minutes and 19.47 seconds. On June 3, 2009, the U.K.'s Paul Kelly set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to carve a turkey TURKEY FACT #2: Turkey droppings tell a bird's sex and age. Male droppings are j-shaped; female droppings are spiral-shaped. The larger the diameter, the older the bird. A pair of wild Rio Grande turkeys — a tom (left) and a hen — have eyes for each other at Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. (Photo: Robert Burton/USFWS The current record for beard length is held by Steve Overton of Sharp County, Arkansas. He shot an Eastern Turkey in April of 2000 with a 17.62-inch beard. In 2009, Jared Howe of Clay County.

BUT, the only reason for this is so that someone who honestly shoots a bearded hen thinking it was a jake/gobbler would not be punished under the law. There are reasons why it is illegal to kill a hen in the spring. Hens, whether bearded or not, should never be intentionally killed in the spring. Mar 22, 2010. #4 In the spring the goal is a gobbler. I don't want to waste a tag on a bearded hen. Of course I have passed the bearded hens and ate the tags but that's just my decision. In the fall the goal is a turkey ;hens are legal where I hunt;, and if a hen had a beard I would shoot it as any other hen

While a wild turkey's beard usually tops out at about 23 centimeters (9 in), some grow even longer. The longest one on record measured an incredible 46 centimeters (18 in). Some 10 to 20 percent of hens have beards , too, though they are shorter than those found on toms Turkey eggs are light tan with brown specks and are larger than chicken eggs. A turkey egg weighs from 80 grams to 100 grams (3 to 4 ounces). The average turkey hen will lay 110 to 115 eggs during a 28-30 week period. A ballroom dance called the turkey trot was popular in the early 1900s A wounded turkey will often bury themselves under vines, brush or logs when chased. Tracks and turkey sign led me to find the gobbler a short 40 yards inside the tree line. As I inspected the turkey's beard I realized the exceptional width was a result of being a double beard with one measuring 10 1/2 inches and the other 9 1/2 inches

World Record. On December 12, 1989 the Guinness Book of World Records recorded the heaviest domestic turkey at 86 pounds. The bird was sold at an auction for $4,400, which broke another record. Wild tom turkeys typically weigh around 18 pounds and wild hens weigh about 8 pounds. The heaviest wild turkey weighed 36 pounds. Weight. Due to their. Incidentally, I believe the world record number of beards on a turkey is 13, at least that is what stands in the record books of the NWTF. It was taken in Pennsylvania in 2018 by 11-year old Tyler Mumpower. I asked Karen if they were sure that it was a jake and not an adult tom and she said that based on certain characteristics, it was a jake Why in the world are we still permitted to shoot bearded hens given the known decline in our turkey population. Waterfowl hunters are made to determine sex of a bird on the wing, often in very low light. With even very minimal research and study of wild turkeys ANYONE can tell a bearded hen from a male bird IDO » Community » Forums » Hunting Forums » Turkey Hunting » bearded hen down in Iowa! bearded hen down in Iowa! protourbaits. Participant. stillwater, MN. Posts: 2,473. World Record hybrid largemouth-smallmouth bass ; Warrior 203 Owners ; 1760 Lowe Roughneck ; Grilling Pizza The turkey is the heaviest of the order of Galliformes, with adult males (called toms) weighing 14 to 24 pounds (6.35 to 10.88 kg) and measuring 39 to 49 inches long (99.06 to 124.46 cm). Although male turkeys weighing more than 30 pounds (13.6 kg) are taken on occasion (the largest recorded is 37.1 pounds or 16.82 kg), they are not common.

The author photographed this bearded Merriam's hen with her poults at 9,000 feet in elevation in Colorado. This bird is the super rare cinnamon phase. (Photo by Chester Moore) This year's goal was to photograph the elusive Gould's turkey that inhabits the Sky Island areas of Arizona and New Mexico. I had the location Most turkey hens do not have beards. About 10 percent to 20 percent do have them, but they are much smaller than gobbler's. Less than 10 percent of hens have a single small spur. Bearded hens can reproduce and raise offspring a couple big old gobblers I killed in Jack co. Texas a few years back. One had 3 beards which measured 6.25,7.25 and 8.25 inches

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Another change hunters will see next season is the prohibition against shooting bearded hens. Though the number of bearded hens harvested each year is small, bearded hens account for as much as 10. Just ask Ross Mellinger. In 2016, while hunting on his Jackson County farm, he killed the top-scoring turkey ever recorded in West Virginia. A year later, Mellinger's 9-year-old daughter bagged. In the world of the Tenth Legion, turkey hunters, the question is whether or not you should shoot jakes. with no stipulations about age or beard length. A bearded hen is not a gobbler and not. The bird will be the new state-record archery gobbler and also No. 9 in the country. When all the paperwork is filed and processed, the bird will score about 115.625. The beards total 42.75 inches (9.5, 8.25, 8, 6.25, 6.25, 4.5)

The federation maintains a trophy turkey record program that scores birds based on weight, spur length and beard length. There are currently about 15,000 birds registered, said Karen Cavender. Current records with the NWTF show that the previous largest turkey harvested on record is 37.1250 pounds taken by Jacob Braught in Linn, Oregon on April 15, 2002 Since 1959, MDC has conducted an annual wild turkey brood survey where MDC staff and citizen volunteers record the number of hens and recently hatched turkeys, which are called poults, they see. Only bearded (or male as only a small percentage of female turkeys have a beard) turkeys are legal targets for hunters in spring. The first Wisconsin turkey hunting season in the modern era was. Spring Turkey hunts are $350.00 per day per Hunter. State mandated limit of two bearded turkeys applies. Fall: $350.00: Fall Turkey hunts are $350.00 per day per Hunter. State mandated limit of two turkeys applies. Toms or hens may be taken during the fall season. Daily fee includes Guides, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and one night stay in our.

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  1. Current turkey production has hovered at or just below 1.5 poults per hen for about the past decade. CURRENT PRODUCTION This year production was on the low side, with a statewide average of 1.4.
  2. Turkey (Spring Shotgun/Archery) 10,11: Statewide Regulations (south zone) 1/2 hr. before sunrise to 1 PM. 1 gobbler or bearded hen/permit: Turkey (Fall/Archery) 2,11: Statewide Regulations 1/2 hr. before sunrise to 1/2 hr. after sunset: 1 turkey/permit; maximum of 2 Dove 2,3,11: Statewide Regulations Sunrise to sunset: Statewide Regulation
  3. Iowa's spring turkey hunting season is right around the corner. Thunderous calls from competing Toms trying to out-do one another for the affection from nearby hens will be rattling through Iowa's timber later this month marking the beginning of the wild turkey breeding season. This spring ritual is witnessed annually by about 50,000 Iowa.
  4. A wild turkey is instantly recognizable for many reasons. These birds are big — sometimes tipping the scales at more than 20 pounds — but what most often catches our eyes is the bright red skin that hangs from the birds' necks. This fleshy, bumpy skin has a name: the wattle. It's different from the long piece of flesh that grows down from.

Michael Reilly gets a tom turkey April 26, 2008 was the youth turkey hunt. We had 2 jakes and 3 hens come to my calls. Next thing I know, these two longbeards are sneaking up silently to my left A turkey's beard is a cluster of long, hair like feathers. The beard is sometimes thought to be only a male turkey characteristic, but some hens also have beards, usually 7 or 8 inches long, thin.

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Are bearded hens common? Hunting last week in Marinette county I saw 3 bearded hens on one property. I only saw one before seeing these 3. Just wondering if we had a bunch of cross dressers Dave Harbour's ''Advanced Wild Turkey Hunting & World Records'' (Winchester Press) is one of the most recent texts on the subject, and it includes a list of sources for turkey calls and recordings. On average, 71 percent of the take will be adult toms, 17 percent will be jakes (1-year-old, male birds) and the remaining 4 percent will be bearded hens. Yes, hens can grow beards. A turkey beard. 11,952. 412. Sep 18, 2003. Grindstone Branch, KY, USA. turkeyhunter91 said: ↑. I was just wondering what the biggest bird you all harvested and estemated how old he was? Mine was 44 pounds 10 .5 ounces 11 in beard 1 9/16in spur , 1 1/2 in spur mine was probebly a 4,5or,6 year old he was big and old. My dad only got one it had 10 3/8 in beard.

Sports > Outdoors 1 Hunter 2 Turkeys 6 Beards. Sun., April 20, 2008. David Busta of Kooskia displays the two triple-bearded turkeys he shot last year in Idaho I killed a bearded hen out west some 15 years ago. The property I was hunting had an abundance of turkeys, particularly hens. In fact the landowner felt there was an unhealthy number of hens and wanted to reduce the numbers. So on my last day, with a second turkey tag burning a hole in my pocket, I dropped the string on a bearded hen that. The National Wild Turkey Federation lists the world-record beard at 18 inches, but beards can be as short as 1 inch. Hunters have to see a beard before they shoot because beardless birds are out.

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The World Champion Box Call features select straight-grain mahogany construction with a center-pivoting walnut lid. The design realistically produces the sounds of a hen on one side and the sounds of a gobbler on the other. A great call for a beginner or a seasoned veteran. The World Champion has been a favorite for more than 75 years 1 of 4. Poor or modestly successful hatches the past two years after a great hatch in 2016 mean hunters afield this Texas spring turkey season are likely to encounter more wary, long-bearded three.

Spring turkey hunting is usually limited to males, be cause the hen is hatching her eggs at that time, and, says Winchester ‐ Western, shoot ing a bearded hen could land one in court Heaviest turkey The greatest dressed weight recorded for a turkey is 39.09 kg (86 lb) for a stag named Tyson reared by Philip Cook of Leacroft Turkeys Ltd, Peterborough, United Kingdom. It won the last annual 'heaviest turkey' competition, held in London on 12 December 1989, and was auctioned for charity for a record £4400 (then $6,692 Draws Record Crowd. Kimberly Sue Edgar with her first turkey, a bearded hen with 9 inch beard! Charity Lay with her first wild turkey, April 2013! Tas Gardner of Paris, TN with a nice bird from snowy Minnesota, May 2013! Clarence Dies at the start of 4th World Slam with guide Dan-e-al According to Mary Joe Casalena, the Pennsylvania Game Commission's chief turkey biologist, and an article on beard rot: If a turkey has a vitamin deficiency it will show up in its beard like a rust-colored ring around the beard, she said. It will be brittle and can break off. She does not believe rotting is a common culprit of beard break.

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  1. The hunter can lure a male turkey by imitating the call of the hen. The Merriam's wild turkey will begin mating as the warmer, longer days of spring arrive. There is a pecking order amongst both the males and the females and when mating season arrives, the males will attempt to attract females by strutting about and gobbling
  2. Check out our Lynch World Famous turkey calls to help lure that big gobbler closer this spring. Our calls are made with the same quality since 1940 and will produce the turkey sounds that can help you call in your next wild turkey. Easy to use and hard for big gobblers to resist! YouTube. Lynch Since 1940. 202 subscribers
  3. The Jersey Giants' intent was to replace the turkey for Thanksgiving. After being introduced into the American Poultry Association in 1922, the Jersey Giant chickens were raised as broilers. However, due to their slow growth in size, the world's largest hens are kept off the menu
  4. Turkey (Spring Shotgun/Archery) Statewide Regulations (south zone) 1/2 hr. before sunrise to 1 pm. 1 gobbler or bearded hen/permit. Turkey 2 (Fall/Archery) Statewide Regulations. 1/2 hr. before sunrise to 1/2 hr. after sunset. 1 turkey/permit; maximum of 2. Dove. Statewide Regulations. Sunrise to sunset. Statewide Regulations. Raccoon, Opossum 3,
  5. The turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris, native to North America.There are two extant turkey species: the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) of eastern and central North America and the ocellated turkey (Meleagris ocellata) of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Males of both turkey species have a distinctive fleshy wattle, called a snood, that hangs from the top of the beak
  6. In 2012, turkey was the # 4 protein choice for American consumers behind chicken, beef and pork; The top three turkey products sold in 2011 were whole birds, ground turkey and cooked white meat (deli meat). Turkey hens are usually sold as whole birds. Toms are processed into turkey sausage, turkey franks, tenderloins, cutlets and deli meats
  7. g shows that you can remove a good portion of jakes and still have a healthy.

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The ultimate internet source for turkey hunters. Includes wild turkey species information, links to turkey calls, online articles, state hunting information, turkey records and everything else related to turkeys and turkey hunting on the web The turkey trumpet call sounds like a wild turkey hen. When the trumpet is mastered the turkey hen; aka longbeards, Tom turkey, strutters, gobblers will come running to the hen sound. However, it will take practice to master the talent. But, you will get tons of admiration and laughs while learning Promotion Prizes: Sponsor will award one (1) Grand Prize consisting of a 2-day, 3 night guided turkey hunt for winner with an all-female team from Shoot Like A Girl and Beretta USA. The hunt will take place at Midwest Whitetail Adventures in Clay Center, Kansas May 7-9, 2021 Most North American kids learn turkey identification early, by tracing outlines of their hands to make Thanksgiving cards. These big, spectacular birds are an increasingly common sight the rest of the year, too, as flocks stride around woods and clearings like miniature dinosaurs. Courting males puff themselves into feathery balls and fill the air with exuberant gobbling

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The eastern wild turkey is an opportunistic forager that feeds on green foliage, insects, seeds from grasses and forbs, and mast (acorns and nuts). Annually, their diet consists of about 36% grasses, 29% insects, 19% mast, and 16% forbs. The individual plant species that a turkey uses as food varies by region and by season vintage lynch's world champion turkey call caller model#102 1958 super nice! this is a super nice quality turckey call box made by m.l. lynch's co. this one is in great condition showing very little wear. no cracks with a nice finish. top reads lynch's world champion turkey call model no. 102. side reads: use this side of box to imitate the hen. Bearded hens made up only 0.3% of the annual harvest, which is similar to what has been recorded in previous years. The majority of the spring turkey harvest took place on private lands (93.8%). Public land hunters (both federal and state) accounted for 6% of the total spring harvest, which was up slightly from 2020 (5.3%)

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  1. They were asked some personal and entertaining questions about turkey hunting. This exclusive turkey Q&A session ranged from turkey hunting tips and tactics, to personal questions and straight up turkey talk with two legendary turkey hunters! The questions and answers can be seen in the video and in the blog below! YouTube. Bone Collector
  2. March 15, 2019 at 2:47pm. Sam Blanchard, 5 years old of Pontotoc, MS, killed his first turkey on opening day of youth season. Not only was it his first turkey, but it was also his first ever turkey hunt. The turkey was a double bearded with 1.25 inch spurs. It was killed in Pontotoc County while hunting with his father
  3. Details aboutExcellent Bearded Hen Eastern Turkey Mount SW10006. Excellent Bearded Hen Eastern Turkey Mount SW10006. REALISTIC NARWHAL TUSK REPLICA Monodon monoceros, 35.5 inches long #1893. $75.00. Free shipping. A Set Of Fox Spine Specimen Medical Research Animal Bone Halloween Decorations P. $9.89
  4. A male turkey is typically called a tom, or a gobbler. The female turkey, when an adult, is called a hen. The baby turkeys are called a poult, or a chick, regardless of the gender. The young turkeys have the best names: young males are jake, and young females are jenny. They could be the subject of a love song from the 1980s

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For Region 9, the numbers are 3.7 poults per hen in 2017; 2.8 in 2018; and 2.3 poults per hen last year. In 2016, DEC concluded a wild turkey hen survival study and determined that there were. Everyone remembers his first solo turkey, but Campbell's bird was exceptional. Its 17.2-pound weight a three-fourths-inch spurs were average, but its beard was 14 3/8 inches long Beard, Don Company: Beards Turkey Calls. Beaver, Utah USA Read More. Beard, Russell Buford, Georgia USA Read More. Beasley, Eugene Paducah, Kentucky USA Read More Company: Real Hen Turkey Calls. Travlers Rest, South Carolina USA Read More. Hudson, Richard Woodlawn, Tennessee USA Read More. Huffman, Clarence Eminence, Missour Bag Composition Gobblers or Bearded Hens Bag Limit The annual bag limit for turkey, in the aggregate for all counties, is four (4), no more than one of which may be an Eastern turkey. Archery Only Oct. 3 - Nov. 6, 202 ODFW releases spring turkey report. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) released its spring turkey hunting forecast for the 2021 spring turkey season; which runs from Thursday, April 15, through Monday, May 31. In the spring of 2020 hunters harvested 6,589 turkeys, a 17% increase from the previous years and the highest harvest on record

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  1. e loads for me. I went back to using a 20 gauge because of them. It's way lighter to carry and is equally effective. Don't take much to kill a turkey in my opinion
  2. The Wild Turkey is native to North America and is one of only two bird species domesticated in the New World; the other is the Muscovy Duck. In the early 1500s, European explorers took Wild Turkeys from Mexico for domestication in Europe. When Europeans colonized the Atlantic Coast, they brought these domesticated turkeys with them
  3. Medicinal Mushrooms are simply put, mushrooms (fungi) that have medical benefits or healing properties. The general benefits are for: Cancer, Candida, Immune System, Depression, Weight Loss and Diabetes. The Top Chinese Mushrooms are Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Agarikon & Poria

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  1. ded Europeans of the African Guinea Fowl, which made its way into Europe from Central Turkey. In other parts of the world it also curiously has country-related names: the French call it dinde because it was originally believed to have come from India; it's called a peru in Portuguese.
  2. Michigan Turkey Hunting with Janis Putelis. MeatEater Staff Apr 23, 2019. Janis explores turkey hunting in his home state of Michigan, a land that barely held turkeys in his youth. The hunt delivers challenges of quiet birds and tests Janis' patience down to the last moment. MeatEater Staff Apr 23, 2019
  3. Turkey foods in order of importance are: grass leaves, crabgrass seeds (late summer and fall), greenleaf material, berries, grasshoppers and beetles, acorns (early spring), panic grass seeds. Fall and Winter Foods. The fall and winter diet of Wild Turkey is largely governed by food availability in localized habitats
  4. It is also called the Blue or Lavender turkey. Hens are lighter in hue than the males. The head, throat, and wattles are red to bluish white. The beak is horn in color; the eyes are brown; and the beard is black. The shanks and toes are pink. The Standard weight for a young tom is 23 pounds and 14 pounds for a young hen
  5. The most recent gobbler kill in my turkey hunting circle of friends went down this past weekend. Reports from around the country where spring turkey seasons remain open indicate birds are still gobbling hard and getting grilled on outdoor decks. Personally, I'm still out there too, carrying my second Maine tag as a bonus ticket to the show after killing a longbeard back on the opener
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However, the National Wild Turkey Federation invites you to register your turkey through their official wild turkey records program. Entry rules and an application can be obtained by visiting NWTF Wild Turkey Records site, writing the National Wild Turkey Federation, P.O. Box 530, Edgefield, SC, 29824-0530 or by calling (803) 637-3106 On Friday, the ATF put forth the proposed rule 2021R-05 which, among other things, would apply FFL rules to individuals as well as classify AR upper receivers as firearms. This rule change is an attempt by the ATF to stop 80 percent receiver sales, privately made firearms, and silencers Texas turkey hunters heading afield for the 2015 spring season could see a high number of long-bearded, 3-year-old gobblers, courtesy of a very successful turkey hatch in 2012. Picasa. And for. The spring hunting season is from March 31 to May 6. The bag and possession limit is one bearded turkey per day and three per season. A bearded turkey is one having a beard visible through the. The Casual Turkey Hunter. I hesitate to post this blog. It may get me drummed out of the spring turkey hunting corps. You see, I seldom rise before dawn to hunt spring gobblers anymore. Over the years, I have gotten up early less and less. Sitting in the woods at dawn listening to a turkey gobble from his roost is the quintessential.

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