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The Plaid Blanket is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the body. It was released on November 25, 2017, at Jam Mart Clothing, and it is sold during the winter season. The Plaid Blanket appears as a white blanket with two horizontal stripes and two vertical, creating a plaid pattern.. The Leap Year Items were first released on February 27th, 2012 at the Leap Year Party. The party came again in 2016 with different items. It later came back in 2020, with new den items and the 2016 clothing items. 2012 Leap Year den items can be won in The Forgotten Desert, however none of the 2012 clothing items can, therefore making them.

Adventure RIMs are Rare Item Monday items that are obtainable through adventures or similar means such as the Daily Spin. These RIMs serve as a currency in Animal Jam trading and are usually used to measure items worth less than one Den Beta. Den Betas are another form of currency in the rarity system The Winter Blanket is a members-only land clothing item. It was first released on February 10, 2012. It can be bought at the Shiveer Shoppe. 1 Appearance 2 Trivia 2.1 Prize Availability 3 Gallery The Winter Blanket appears as a flat, wide blanket that has several swirls imprinted on it. The.. Worn Blankets are a very popular item in Animal Jam. They were sold in the BETA days of October 2010. There is a rare version of the item, which was sold in the Leap Year Party (February 2012). The Rare Worn is purple in colour. The non-rare Worn is rarer than the rare one What headdresses are REALLY worth! *Updated*. Hey, guys! 'Tis Milk&CookiesForAJ here! So it has been a long - LONG - time since I did an entry for my blog (Sorry!) but today I'm doing my first entry in months! So I hope you enjoy. Also, I'd like to thank all my fans that support me on Animal Jam. Thank you so much What Is The Rare Clover Blanket Worth Aj Amino Amino Dairy Farmer September 2019 By Briefing Media Ltd Issuu Animaljampc Instagram Posts Photos And Videos Picuki Com Preadaptation To The Vertical An Extra Dimension To The Natural Diposting oleh Admin di 15.46

Not to be confused with the Picnic Blanket. The Rare Picnic Blanket is a den item. It was originally released on August 18, 2020 by trading the Rare TV to Leilani. The Rare Picnic Blanket is a blue checkered slip of fabric with a basket and some food on it. This item only comes in one variant The Clover Blanket is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the back. It was first released on March 4, 2011, and it can be purchased at Jam Mart Clothing during the Lucky Day event. 1 Appearance 2 Trivia 2.1 Prize Availability 3 Gallery 3.1 Other The Clover Blanket is a large, thick..

Shoutout to (animals1778) for being my last trade(Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com Beta Blanket. First sold in Jam Mart Clothing during late 2010, it was relocated to the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt.Shiveer and was replaced with a dark green variant and the light green Beta variant hasn't returned ever since

In this video I share the Rare Pet Guide. This will teach you how to get every Rare Pet on Animal Jam. This includes all the Rare Pets from Adopt-A-Pets, plu.. The Leap Year Items were first released on February 27th, 2012 at the Leap Year Party. The party came back every 4 years, with some new items. The 2016 items later came back in 2020 with new items. 2012 Leap Year items are the most high in value since they weren't re-released like the 2016 party items. Only 2012 den items and 2020/2016 leap years item can be obtained from The Forgotten Desert. Worn Blankets (often just called worns) are one of Jamaa's most wanted items. They are very rare, so you have to trade a lot to get one. The first four colors (gray, green, pink, cream) were released in October 2010 for the first Night of The Phantoms, and were never resold

It's worth a rare bow and arrow (any color except Black and White), and a close friend got a tan worn blanket for hers. Purple Fox Hat is also worth a lot, it's worth at least 2 bow and arrows (least rare colors), all item from the Freedom category except Freedom Bunny Hat, and possibly a tan worn blanket The Rare Sequins Bow is the Rare Item Monday for September 18, 2017. It is the rare version of the promo item, the Sequin Bow (which is green). The Rare Sequ.. Animal Jam Rare Rhino Helmet Worth; Animal Jam How Do You Get Rare Nerd Glasses; Animal Jam Rarest Person; Endangered Animals List A Z; Animal Jam Rare French Braid; Animal Jam Rare Quilted Blanket; Rare New Animal Species; What Are Rare Bow Worth Animal Jam; Rarest Animals On Earth List; 10 Rare Animals List; Endangered Animals Zoo Hello Jammers, today I will talk about the rare cupcake hat! The rare cupcake hat was sold at Jam Mart Clothing on April of 2013. It was re-released for a limited time for Animal Jam's 4th birthday on September 8th, 2014. It is not much of a wanted rare as it use to be, but it is still a pretty cool rare to have

looking for old old betas, back from beta days, spaceship grey, shag carpet, moon dirt, all the walls and floors, also mira statue, founders, mech helmets, beards, rhino helmets, vikings, rare spike collars and rare wrists,beta tiaras, beta rings, beta blanket also let me know if you have extra, quitting or doing give aways, I am unicorneyes24, also look for my vids at mamafrog29, plz sub tyvm ^_ Animal Jam - (Rares) - Yellow Sweets. Yellow Sweets is a member wallpaper BETA item. Yellow Sweets is a yellow wallpaper with different types of sweets on it. Yellow Sweets is not much of a wanted item, but they are worth a Short Spike Collar (certain colours), Black Worn Blanket, 2 Pirate Swords (any colour), 1 Mira Statue, another good BETA. Rare epic dragon mask aj worth. It can be purchased at epic wonders during the night of the phantoms and was first released on october 1 2013. These rims serve as a currency in animal jam trading and are usually used to measure items worth less than one den beta. The rare epic dragon mask was a monday rare from summer of 2012 Ground chest rewards also include worns, rare bows and arrows, non member pirate swords, rare nerd glasses, etc., which are worth 1 den beta (nerd glasses worth 3) each (4 if it's a black worn blanket) Animal Jam Betas Blanket (Old blanket) (QUICK DELIVERY) (Rare) (Description) $89.99. VERY RARE !! WORTH 9 SOLIDS!! $18.00. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive. Animal Jam Blue Party Hat (QUICK DELIVERY) (Rare) (Description).

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Vintage Biederlack Acryl Velours Blanket Koala Bear & Cub 77 x 57 Made in USA. $59.99. 0 bids. $17.60 shipping. Ending May 21 at 9:58AM PDT. 6d 22h. or Best Offer Let's get started, remember, Higher tiers are worth more: (TIER 4)Rare Furry Hat = Rare Cupcake Hat = Rare Beard (Purple) = Rare Worn Blanket (Blue) = Rare Raccoon Tail = Rare Elf Helmet (Blue) (TIER 4) (TIER 3)Rare Angel Wings = Rare Green Elf Bracelets = Rare Antlers = Rare Freedom Cape = Rare Freedom Mask = Rare Jolly Elf Hat = Rare Aviator. Note: This page is specifically for identifying glitched or beta variants of certain items.If you are looking for a comprehensive guide of values for other rare items, we suggest you check out the AJ Item Worth Wiki, which tracks the demand and perceived value of most rare items.You can also click on the title of each section to go to the Item Worth Wiki page for that item Most if not all items on this wiki are considered collector/uncommon items. If you wish to get the value listed you MUST seek a collector specifically looking for this item. The Cornucopia is a non-members den item. It was released in Jam Mart Furniture on November 5, 2014, and left stores at an unknown date. It is unobtainable through adventures

Need help with fair trades? We have the wiki for you: Animal Jam Common Item Worth Wiki We are currently expanding the wiki. Suggest items you want to be added on the Suggest Items page, but search the item in the search bar first, before asking. The page usually tells you the color rarity of the item, and the value of the item. I hope this helps you find fair trades! 1 Rare Spike Order 2. Selling 1-6 Hours 20 ITEM ANIMAL JAM JAMAALIDAYS WINTER BUNDLE RARES, UNCOMMONS, AND MORE. Price $: 20. milksmage , 10/6/20

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They can also reward items that are worth spikes, like neon bows and arrows, black worn blankets, rare claws, etc. There are 25 green shards that you need to collect, but there are actually a total of 30 that lay around the desert Buy Animal Jam Items - AJ Trading. Players who want to get more customization options for their avatar sometimes decide to buy Animal Jam items. By building up their inventory, they find more ways to express themselves, all within reach with a few clicks. For many, a cool avatar makes the game more enjoyable and accessorizing their characters. Rare Worn Blankets. Top Hat - Animal Jam Rare. Sequin Bow in Animal Jam. Cami's Frog - Rare Animal Jam Beta. Lion's Mane - Rare AJ Promo Item. Epic Pizza Hat - Animal Jam Promo Gift. On May 10, 2019 / Rares / Leave a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Name (required).

The Forgotten Desert is an easy way to become rare in Animal Jam. The problem is that it's for members. Most people would think it's hard to get rare without being able to do The Forgotten Desert, but that doesn't mean land adventures won't do the trick just as well Animal Jam Gossip: Rare Items Rare Items Time! Clover Blanket If you're buying a blanket for yourself or for someone else that's hot natured or lives in a popular climate you wish to keep away from the choice of the Cuddle fleece on the rare one, ive heared its worth alot, my user is whiskk if u wanna offer, just jag me :) Reply Delete Some good rewards that can be rewarded from this adventure are non member pirate swords, rare bows and arrows, worn blankets, rare fox hats, and best of all, rare headfeathers (worth a rare spiked wristband). Collect several of these items to start small first

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  1. The rare ones come in 8 colours: Green, black, silver, orange, pink, purple, blue, and raspberry. The Raspberry Bow and Arrows is still unknown to many Jammers. It's the rarest bow and arrow, and worth a Pirate Sword (any colour) or Worn Blanket (any colour). These can be worth good BETAs, such as Yellow Sweets, Mira Statue, or Blue Shag Rug.
  2. Worn Blanket Rare Mech Angel Wings Rare Scary Bat Wings Half of 1 Den Beta: Half of 1 Den Beta: Half of 1 Den Beta: Half of 1 Den Beta: Half of 1 Den Beta: Half of 1 Den Beta: Member Clothing Betas. Rare Mech Angel Helmet Beard Animal Jam Trading Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community
  3. There are 2 rare types of spiked collars, You have the short rare collar and wristband.. Jul 31, 2017 As of 2017, the black worn blanket is worth a good long wrist, or sometimes even a bad short collar

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3. Go on Return of the Phantoms hard mode. Play with an arctic wolf in order to have a possible chance of getting two rares at once. Claim the chest in the arctic wolf gate first, then claim the one at the end. Choose either the top right or the top left chests. Those are the ones that usually give rares Rare Plushies. Rare Plushies are special because they have additional features than normal plushies. Plushies can be found in the claw machines. Normal plushies are plain and in different . Animal Jam Plushies. colors but don't have special accessories such as a top hat, extra spikes, and long tusks. Some special plushies are

This item is a Clothing Beta. The Worn Blanket (more commonly known as Worn) was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing and was released on October 4th, 2010. Despite having been released after the Beta Testing period, it is widely considered to be a 'clothing beta' by many Jammers. All of the Worn Blankets (Except for the Leap Year, Rare Item Monday, and Spring Worns) can be won in The. Gazelle horns are a very rare item on animal jam. There are 7 colours and 3 unreleased colours, but snowyclaw seams to have one. Gazelle horns are very rare no matter what colour. The colours are light purple, blue, red, pink, orange (scary antlers), and yellow with brown (rare), (the light purple ones are extremely rare) Here i aprenew. Animal Jam Wacky Item Worth. Animal Jam Zany Item Worth Aj. Please copy and paste the form below, fill it in and send it in an email to epicanimaljamgenerator@gmail.com: AJ Username: AJ Password: Item Name: Items usually take around 5 hours to generate. Thank you for using Epic Animal Jam Generator, the The Rare Claw in Animal Jam is a very wanted item. You can win Phantom Plushies in the Rare Claw (if you're lucky). The Rare Claw is the monthly gift of August 2011. Being the third monthly gift, the value has surprisingly not gone up. The Rare Claw is worth: Porch Swing Wood Floor Rare Party Hat (certain colours and you may have to add) BETA.

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  1. Plushies are stuffed den items that can be mainly won through The Claw, The Superclaw and Touch Pool.They take the form of many animals and phantoms. The giant variants of most plushies can be bought at the Summer Carnival, with the exception of the Giant Phantom Plushie and Giant Hedgehog Plushie.. In the Beta Testing, the Bunny Plushie, Monkey Plushie and Wolf Plushie could be purchased at.
  2. Are those worth Rare Spikes.. If not, what are they worth ('cuz I haven't been on for quite a while >w) If anyone has extra rare spike and they are ok with me trading the items above for the spike, my user is applejack9999. And NO. I DON'T like MLP. I had the username for about 3 years. I joined AJ in 2013..
  3. i-games, learn fun facts, and so much more. Download AJ Classic for your PC or Ma
  4. Jun 9, 2014 - Animal Jam blog and guide to all things Jamaa; animal jam codes, Journey Book, updates, and much more! ~Snowyclaw - animal jam blogger~ Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  5. Non-Rare Worn Blankets were released around 2010, a month after the AJ Beta Era had come to an end so they are not betas. I believe they can be won in The Forgotten Desert Adventure, Sky High the arcade game and other adventures. Non-Rare Worn Blankets are considered an item that many Jammers really want
  6. Vine Ankelts and Rare Nerd Glasses Debate. Heyo guys, todays new item is the Vin Anklet (as you have probably guessed by the title) and sorry for not posting yesterday, there wasn't much going on :) Sorry my GIF is a bit out of it today X3. Okay, now for the debate. So, I have seen from a lot of other blogs that rare nerd glasses aren't that rare

Not to be confused with the Pet Picnic Basket. The Picnic Basket is a clothing item worn on the back. It was originally released in June 2017 at Jam Mart Clothing for 950 Gems. 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Rare Item Monday 3 Gallery The Picnic Basket appears to be a woven picnic basket with a checkered picnic blanket hanging out of the side. The item comes in 6 variants. Add a photo to this galler Here is my way that I have found that is best to win an Animal Jam Black Worn Blanket. I will show Jammers inside The Phantom Portal on Hard mode with the Mo.. Clothing Betas are a clothing item from the Beta Testing of the game, although not all were released during the beta testing but they are still reffered to as Clothing Betas by the commmunity. They are used for trading into larger items, such as Den Betas. Similar to Den Betas, there are Fake Clothing Betas , examples being the Designer Skirt, Zios Mask, Slingshot and more. NON - MEMBER. Last Updated 8/9/20 The Jamaaliday Gift Calendar is a recurring event that begins on December 1st and ends on December 31st annually. New gifts are given out each year. Note: The Icicles were given a black outline shortly after being released, some Jammers may try to scam you by saying they're glitched. Don't get scammed! Note: Some Jammers will claim Jamaaliday Wings will come back, and they.

The freedom top hat is worth about a rare freedom cape.The rare top hat is worth 2-3 n.r bows and arrows, or maybe a couple of non-rare spiked collars. The pink top hat is worth freedom wings,rare bow, and small member rare.The girly multicolored top hat is worth a pink top hat and a beta clothing item Worn Blankets are a very popular item in Animal Jam. They were sold in the BETA days of October 2010. There is a rare version of the item, which was sold in the Leap Year Party (February 2012). The Rare Worn is purple in colour. The non-rare Worn is rarer than the rare one These are worth: Black Gazelle Horns Worn Blankets Pirate Swords Mechanical Angel Helmets Rare Clouds Raspberry Bow and Arrows BETA Robot Open Sign Blue Shag Carpet Mira Statue Zios Sculpture Porch Swing BETA Table Brick Walls BETA Rosebush Spaceship Gray Yellow Sweets Rhino Helmets Pigtails One of Animal Jam's most valuable possession are spikes The Wreath Necklace is a clothing item worn around the neck. It was originally released during Jamaalidaysin December 2015 at Jam Mart Clothing for 800 Gems. 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Rare Item Monday 2.2 Super Sweets 3 Gallery The Wreath Necklace is a typical Christmas Wreath with berries and.. Animal Jam discount codes March 2020. Now find Animal Jam discount codes and voucher codes on the official online store or vouchereview.com and enjoy 45% off this March 2020. Animal Jam represents a design group dedicated to providing quality, well-designed products with attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer service

I have a short black wrist and a short purple collar.Im looking forward to getting ither a long black red or purple and i have coutless betas i think might be worth it 13 arches 11 rare lions 6 claws 13 golden phantoms 8 flatscreens 3 fishy foutans 8 rare clouds and alot more counting rare airplane wings ect VERY RARE !! WORTH 23 SOLIDS. $46.00. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive. Animal Jam Betas Blanket (Old blanket) (QUICK DELIVERY) (Rare) (Description) $89.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping

Rare Wreath Necklace. The Rare Wreath Necklace has a white wreath and green decorations, as well as a green bow. It was released in December 2015. During that time, you could win it as a prize by completing the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure. How to Get a Wreath Necklace in Animal Ja Rare Worn Blankets. Rare Gloves in Animal Jam! Animal Jam Covered in Crystals Bundle. Animal Jam Holiday Sweater. New Year's Party Hat - Animal Jam Rare. Toilet - Animal Jam Den Item. On December 10, 2018 / Rares / 1 Comment. 1 Comment. animaljam12397. 7:00 am on December 16, 2018. They are great for boys and girls and are worth some decent items. Rare bows and arrows were one of the Jamaaliday gifts for December 2012. Not yet sure if they will be a gift again this year.The rare raspberry bow is the rarest bow and worth a Pirate Sword (any color) or Worn Blanket (any color). However some jammers will not except this trade Den items are some of the most popular items in Animal Jam. They are different compared to animals and pets, because they are used to decorate dens. The Toucan Plushie is one of those items. It resembles a Toucan bird, and can be placed in your own den as decoration. The Toucan Plushie is a brand new item, released on September 2, 2018. It is a non-member den item, and is rewarded by playing Th The Headress is a member-only land item worn on the head. This item was formerly bought in Jam Mart for 200 gems, the rare version was bought for 600 gems on Monday,October 22,2012.Many people think the headdress was in the 'Beta Times' but those jammers are wrong because it wasn't sold in Jam Mart Clothing AFTER the beta era.The headdress has other variants.(colors)The non-rare headdress is.

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WORTH 23 SOLIDS. $46.00. Free shipping. Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. Seller 100% positive Seller 100% positive. Animal Jam Classic - RED PARTY HAT !! VERY RARE !! $25.00 Discounts average $47 off with Animal Jam promo code or coupon. 18 Animal Jam coupons now on RetailMeNot. July 2021 discount codes end soon The Rare Quilted Blanket can be worth upwards of a long Rare Spiked Wristband! Description: It is priddy (spelled right C:<). And green. And red. And yellow. And white. And Rare. And I have it. :3 (. And my sister cgunther88 think's it's ugly Most if not all items on this wiki are considered collector/uncommon items. If you wish to get the value listed you MUST seek a collector specifically looking for this item. Last Updated 8/9/20 The Wall Ivy is a non-member den item. It was released at Treetop Gardens on June 11, 2014, and left.. The Tin Foil Antlers are a members-only clothing item. It was released on February 21, 2016, and was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing. It went on clearance somewhere after December 2018. The Rare Item Monday variant was released on January 20, 2020

All the tail armors were really rare until the next year when AJ opened the diamond shop now you can buy all the tails but purple, white, green and blue, and the tail that is all pink. White is the rarest color and is worth a long wrist. The top row is all the beta tail armor and the rest are the ones you can buy The bids for Krytzer's blanket climbed from its opening price of $150,000 to $500,000 to $1 million before topping out at Ellis's final bid of $1.5 million. They had to bring over water and. The den of snowyclaw is probaby the rarest one in Jamaa. I am sitting in a very special and rare room of snowyclaw's castle. Here are the names and descriptions of all the items in his den: Spaceship Grey, the rarest wall and possibly the rarest member item of all Moon Dirt, the rarest flooring Fire Pit, a very rare member item Tall Cactus, the rarest plant

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Animal Jam Accounts - Buy Sell Trade. Buy Sell Trade Animal Jam Accounts. Selling High End SELLING MEMBER AJ ACCOUNT (RARES, DEN BETAS, RARE LONG COLLARS + MORE ) Price $: 45 blobfish192, 12/10/20 Replies: 1 Views: 182 Last Reply: $45. 1. How Much is My AJ Classic Account Worth. supermariocart, 4/27/21 Replies: 0 Views: 28 Last Reply: N. Photo Courtesy: Marcin Wichary/Flickr. Unlike Nintendo, which still puts out games and gaming consoles, Atari really is vintage. Defunct since 2003, Atari games - especially early ones - are worth hundreds. Some of the most valuable games are Air Raid, Red Sea Crossing, Birthday Mania and Gamma-Attack The Elf Tail Armor is rarely seen on Jammers' trade lists either because they think that they are worth very little or beta tail armors are extremely rare for them. Thank you for visiting the Animal Jam News blog, don't forget to subscribe to my channel, I am Princesschewypaste on Animal Jam and my den is unlocked + my buddy requests are on

The Ladybug Hat is a members-only clothing item. It was released in Jam Mart Clothing on August 15, 2014, and left stores at an unknown date. It is unobtainable through adventures. The Rare Item Monday variant was released on February 22, 2016, and is also obtainable from the Daily Spin This party was first released on February 27,2012. The firs clothing items were,Rare Necklace, Rare Beard, Rare Top Hat, Rare Worn Blanket, Rare shark fin, Rare wings, Rare jester hat, Rare phantom Hat, Rare chicken hat, Rare elf Helmet Rare elf Armor and also Rare leg Armor. The firs den items sold at a Leap Year Party were, Rare Wood Fence.

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  1. The leading online resource for value information on art, antiques and collectibles gathered from 350 data sources. What's it Worth? WorthPoint Makes It Easy to Find Out. WorthPoint offers all the tools necessary to find value and price your art, antiques and collectibles easily and quickly, including: Our award-winning Worthopediaâ„¢ - the ultimate online price [
  2. Little People Dolls that are Worth a Small Fortune Barry Fritz. Collectible Doll's Auction Price : $1544.00 USD: Year of Manufacture: 1979 : Description : This doll was produced prior to the Cabbage Patch Kid's company began. Designed and crafted by Xavier Robert's himself, and hand signed, this doll fetched a high price at auction even.
  3. I will offer my user is rily6164 my offer is: one rare pink long, a rare pink glove,nerds,blue rare big bow, two rare fox hats one pink and one dark blue, one black nm bow and arrows,rare black tiara,elf bracelets dark blue,pet phantom,and a masterpiece with 39 likes. just jam a gram me if deal i will remeber fluffycuddly
  4. The Rare Bowtie is a clothing item worn around the neck. It was originally released on September 8th 2015 at Jam Mart Clothing and was removed from stores later that month, it hasn't returned since. It later earned a Rare! tag in September 2017
  5. Rare Worn Blanket (Purple) I want to make clear that everything I say is based on my opinion and best judgement! Hello Jammers! Hopefully you are having a great day! Today I will talk about the rare worn blanket (purple)! The rare worn blanket came out at the Leap Year Party of February of 2012. It's not worth as much as a non-rare worn blanket.
  6. Last Updated 6/20/21 The Rare Curly Antlers were first released in Beta Testing. In June 2015, they were officially released into the game and left Jam Mart Clothing in April 2016. It received a Rare! tag in November 2017. Note: Rare Curly Antlers are commonly referred to as Curly or Curls..
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  1. Large Planter. This Wiki is designed mostly for nature collectors/fans. If you wish to trade away this/these items, seek a collector. The Large Planter is a members-only den item and was released in April 2011 and left stores at an unknown date. It can't be obtained in The Forgotten Desert
  2. Worn Blankets are very cool blankets for your back that are worn -.-. They are not as rare as we think, as they recently came and left the shops in March. The rarest EXISTING colour is black, and it is worth another worn and 3 extra good rares
  3. Official Animal Jam mystery box delivered quarterly to your door. Each box is filled with exclusive toys, apparel and collectables kids will love
  4. Welcome to the Animal Jam Cruise Ship! Here you can find the best updates in Animal Jam! I'm Londonpie and I will be posting about the updates Daily as well as Snowypaw and Neros1234 who post daily too! Be sure to comment and follow while your here as well! Jam On! ~ Londonpi
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The world's most memorable glimpse of Blanket Jackson was bizarre by any standards, his father's storied quirks aside. On Nov. 19, 2002, Michael Jackson carried his then-9-month-old son, born. Todays futured item is the animal jam plaques. Depending on the jammer, some jammers say they are very rare and is worth lots of beta like spikes and headdresses. Since some people really like them I would suggest to get them to increases your rarity because depending on the person they may offer a couple long spike collars or a headdress Rare long black collar Red short collar Camis frog Porch swing Bubbletron 5000 Red brick walls Spaceship grey Rare pigtails And yea just so you know you can earn rare spikes my user is bellehann if you want to join me on the adventures and non members notify me if you would like anything from the adventures that I will try to earn for you guys c Animal Jam Bubble Tron 5000 Worth. Snow Leopard Slippers - Winter 2016 Animal Jam Box Pet Hedgehog Pet Turtle Enchanted Faerie Wings Bubble Tron 5000 - Pink + Silver Dragon Glove - Pink Lava Glove - Pink (Ocean) Diamond Spiked Wristband - Pink Alpha Sword Alpha Helmet Alpha Gauntlets Alpha Armor Trivia. Animal jam academy Rare Headdress and a Party Hat; 2 Party Hats; Neon bow (Or a short collar, medium/bad) and Rare Headdress (Equal to a short collar, medium) Party Hat (Or anything worth a medium short collar) and two Long Wrists (Medium or good colors) (Two good long wrists is also worth a bad/ok short collar!) Neon Bow and add; 2. Pink A little more than green.