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Arnav told Khushi You are pregnant. When they both realized that Khushi was pregnant, they both looked at the doctor told Your wife is one month pregnant. You have to takecare of her anr your child. She have to eat healthy food and take rest Saying that doctor left them. Arnav and Khushi both looked at each other I own nothing.. Credit to SB In the third episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ? Arnav's cousin, Aakash arrives to wish him on his special day. Later, Aakash leaves but not before telli..

Khushi: Pregnant means there is a baby in my stomach. You will get a sibling soon. Aarav jumped in excitement. Arnav n khushi smiled. Aarav: Wow mom there is a baby in you! I will have a sister or a brother to play with. It's so nice. Aarav caressed her tummy. Khushi felt very good to see him happy. Arnav ran his fingers through aarav's hair Arnav infront of Devi maya do you accept Khushi as your wife and Khushi do you accept arnav as your husband tie the chain place the sin door in her hair and now for god sake take her to the hospital. We will complete the rest of the ceremonies as soon as possible as long as you two can stop fighting and being this stubborn Period. Arnav was shattered when he found out that his partner fled away on the day of their wedding. They had been waiting for this day from so long but at the end she betrayed him. She left him without even informing. Everyone was worried about him but he looked unaffected, as if he was thinking something else

khushi ki karva chaut arnav ke saath 'Khushi pregnant!' At first my family thought it was a joke, but once it sunk in, they hugged and kissed us. Khushi can't even begin to describe the butterflies she felt on the day of her first ultrasound! She wanted to hear our baby's heartbeat and be assured that our little one was healthy The jet was now moving fast on the runway and Arnav held Khushi close to him as they took off. Khushi rested her head against his chest and let the loud noise of take off wash out. Some time later, once they were flying smoothly in the air, Khushi moved away slightly. Arnav continued their earlier conversation. then tell me whats wrong bab Arnav: I am gonna go to office Nani and (looking at Anjali) Di make sure you make that useless pathetic Khushi to complete all her work Arnav gets up and leaves for office. Shyam: Rani Sahiba, I won't be here for few days since I have to travel to Shimla for some important work Anjali frowns hearing that and replies Khushi's breathing had suddenly got heavy, her heartbeat racing, feeling Arnav as close as he was, her hands went onto his shoulders to stop herself from falling as her knees were getting weaker from her husband's sweet torture. Arnav had to pull back as his desires within him were getting stronger and he knew this was not the right time. Life passed sans events at RM...Khushi was 4 months pregnant now and her baby bump had started to show slightly...it still wasnt visible through her dress but Arnav had grown a fond habit of cradling her slightly visible bump as she changed...he had insisted that she change in their room rather than in their washroom so that he could hold her baby bump...it had become a nightly ritual for him.

Arnav gave a soft peck in her lips and said:I'm already yours, Khushi, he drawled slowly in a husky tone and then crushed his lips to hers. Arnav pulled back:And don't you dare avoid me for any reason ever, do you understand, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada? Khushi:But Arnavji! Arnav:From tomorrow we are not going to office. I'll work. The dress Arnav had bought was very simple and elegant and fitted Khushi perfectly. When the night came, Khushi wore the dress that Arnav gave to her and Arnav wore a tux. Arnav leaned his back at his car while waiting for Khushi outside of the mansion, and then he suddenly heard footsteps getting closer towards him Arnav: Come here baby Khushi walked to Arnav in slow steps feeling scared. He pulled her into his lap and put his palm on her stomach. +. Khushi: Arn..aa..vji.. Arnav placed his finger on her lips. +. Arnav: Ssshhhh sweetheart, you would wake up the baby (Khushi looked at him confused) awww don't give me that look arshiff. +13 more. # 6. Junoon by Tanushree Advitiye Bharadwaj. 13.4K 867 12. Khushi who was tired from her husband's callous behavior and always taking her for granted attitude, decided to leave the toxic relationship behind and move on

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The Dilemma - A short story - Chapter 2. Posted on June 4, 2015. Chapter 2. As they approached the doctor's cabin, Khushi saw Arnav's worried look and held his hand. Arnav stopped, looked back at her, touched her hand and gave a slight smile, as if to say, 'I am fine' and continued walking holding her hand. Khushi smiled and was. Khushi walked up to Anjali, put her hands on Anjali's shoulder, trying to explain to her, Anjaliji, please believe me. Your husband is a bad man. Anjali shrugged and freed herself. Arnav tuned towards Khushi, and said, Khushi, I think it would be best if you leave right now. No Arnavji! Today, I will not Finally Khushi let go of Arnav's shirt and started looking out the window at the beautiful surroundings. She grabbed Arnav's arm unconsciously and made him look outside with her, having the time of her life. Eventually she fell asleep on Arnav's shoulder, her arms locked around his arm. Arnav watched Khushi with warm eyes as she fell. Khushi ki Pregnancy mein hai compication jis se Arnav ki Aankhon mein aaye Aanso 7th December 2015 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo To save his now pregnant sister's marital life, he blackmails Khushi, keeping Payal's wedding at stake. Arnav asks Khushi to marry him for six months (a contract marriage). To save Payal's wedding, Khushi marries him. Khushi and Arnav have a love-hate relationship in their marital life, constantly bickering and caring for each other. Khushi.

Arnav sighed in relief. Two hours ago, he'd stepped into the kitchen for a glass of water and found himself trapped with Di, Payal and Khushi. Their sisters had teased them - Chhote is making excuses to see his wife - and given alarmingly detailed innuendo before forcing Khushi to serve him dinner at the dining table Arnav:- Ok baba, you name if it is a boy, I will name the baby if it is a girl. (Both started thinking about the names) If it is a girl, I want our baby girl to be named Arshitha. +. Khushi:- (Clapping her hands) Wow Arnavji, I love that name and now if it is a beautiful baby boy, I wanted him to named Aarav. + Early the next morning, the doctors allowed Arnav to go home. They made him sit in a wheelchair due to his physical weakness, and he fell asleep in the car while the driver drove them home. When they got home, they awoke him up so he could go to his room. Khushi gave instructions to HR to buy the medicines. She went to the kitchen to to make a bowl of hot vegetable soup for Arnav, which she. Khushi prays on the way since her goal is to just help Shashi. Anjali calls up Shyam to know about him. Shyam gets to see her behind. He feels he is answerable to Arnav and Anjali. Reviewed Rating for this particular episode IPKKND Khushi departure disturbs Arnav Starplus Superhit: 4/5. This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer

While Khushi was excited but she was calm because inside because she felt guilty because she didn't tell Arnav that she was pregnant because 2 weeks and she was lucky because Arnav was always busy and so when she found out it was only Jiji, nani,Anjiliji and Nk knew because she was kitchen and she fainted and the four of them found her lying on. Arshi's Date to the Derby - Arnav takes Khushi on a date. (Lovely Ed Sheeran song included) Khushi's ASR Avatar - Arnav and Khushi are married and live at their own home. They already have a child and now another baby on the way. During Khushi's pregnancy, she becomes a little like her husband's ASR image Khushi just took the paper and ran to the roof and ripped it in front of him but the paper she took was one of Arnav's important papers and once he saw what it was he slapped her cheek hard it was a deep shade of red and he could see the tears forming from her hazel eyes and as he was about say sorry she had ran away the last thing he saw was. Khushi Ki Pregnancy Ki Baat Sunn Kar Arnav Hua Pareshaan 7th December 2015 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. DramaTashan. 2:37. 016. Iss Pyaar Koo Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) (OffScreen Moments) Khushi Ne Ki Arnav Ki Pitai. RV

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Don't even thinking you can blackmail using this child as pawn Arnav tried his last attempt to break her, but again shocked finding her smiling at him. I won't use this Child to blackmail you, Arnavji Khushi said and left the room. It's Khushi's 7th month. Arnav was searching for something in cupboard, when he found a diary ARNAV:This file just then he remember that it is the same file which KHUSHI has given him in the afternoon and without a second thought he opened the file and was shocked to know that the file is the pregnancy report of his wife KHUSHI and all the things he had told her came rushing in his mind and rushed towards his wife who was sleeping on. The Raizada family were a bit happy after learning that Khushi was pregnant. This happened just after two months of arnav's death. Khushi was extra careful with her pregnancy. She didn't want to loose her new chottey , her laad governor's only sign. She came upto the photo of arnav with the garland The most amazing thing was she was blushing. This was the third time she asked him something during her pregnancy. He could not predict her mood. Khushi: At first promise me that you will not deny me. Arnav: Unless it affects your health. Khushi (smiling): It is not related to my health. Arnav: Phir theek hai. I'll see Khushi opened her mouth wide and struggled herself free from Arnav's grip. What? Khushi said, confused and she gulped. She looked at Arnav and he smiled. Arnav smiled and moved closer. Khushi looked down and took a step back. Arnav's smile disappeared. Khushi, when I come close to you tonight, I expect you to not move away

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  1. A series of 21 one-shots (or moments), which span just under four months and show how Arnav and Khushi came to be in a secret relationship. This is the second in a four-part series set in the Secret Romance AU. I highly recommend reading Happy New Year (Secret Romance #1) for context
  2. SBS- Arnav Khushi- Khushi Bday Segment and acts pregnant P. Warner Bros2016. 1:46. Arnav & Khushi s WEDDING OFF Khushi GOES MISSING in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th September 2012. playlist 2016. 3:12. teri meri kahani ost|teri meri khani ost full hd video|tere meri khani full ost with lyrics
  3. Prologue Arnav and Khushi.. He is the boss.. she is the employee.. In this fashion world, together they rule the industry.. He is rude, arrogant and known as the mighty ASR while she is the sweet and crazy designer...The employee falls for the boss.. the boss who is the most complicated one.
  4. Khushi's body was still trembling, so Arnav went to the bathroom to get a towel. Once he found it he wrapped it around her and hugged her lightly. When Khushi felt his warmth tears immediately streamed out of her eyes, making Arnav look down at her whilst getting hold of her smooth jaw line. Ss shhh don't cry
  5. Arnav aka Barun Sobti and Khushi aka Sanaya Irani will soon marry each other in Star Plus's popular show 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon'

Arnav, needing a place to hide and rest, observed carefully the shack that was lying before them. The clothesline was full of clothes billowing around and hens and chicks were pecking and clucking around the yard. A dim light flowed out of the shanty. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, realizing that a family lived there Khushi raised her face to the sunlight, inhaling the fresh sea air. Khushi!. Arnav called out from behind her. She turned around, ran up to him and into his arms, to reach up as he leaned in to capture her lips. Her heart raced as she pressed herself to his hard frame Khushi ki Pregnancy mein hai compication jis se Arnav ki Aankhon mein aaye Aanso 7th December 2015 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo Posted on December 24, 2012. by boreddamsel. Part 38 : A husband, a father, a brother. Khushi, Arnav screamed as he opened the front door. He stepped aside and let Anjali, carrying her baby in her arms, walk inside the room. Khushi, he screamed again. He turned to everyone, smiled and said, I will go look for her in our room

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Arnav went inside Khushi's room while Lavanya sat outside. Arnav was shocked when he saw Khushi. She was connected to many machines. He walked towards her and kissed her pale forehead. He sat beside her and held onto her hand. She looked as weak as ever, the last time he saw her was fresh in his mind. Flashback starts Her hand was caught by Arnav. 'Khushi', she heard Arnav call softly. As always, his soft call was enough to calm her down. She turned to look at Arnav and his eyes immediately hinted at something. She realized that since the good news of her pregnancy was given to them, they were now finally alone, in their bedroom. Arnav came close and. Khushi Ki Pregnancy Ki Baat Sunn Kar Arnav Hua Pareshaan 7th December 2015 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. DramaTashan. 2:37. 016. Iss Pyaar Koo Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) (OffScreen Moments) Khushi Ne Ki Arnav Ki Pitai. RV. 0:38

Ranveer was about to say something sharp but Arnav gestured him no & he replied calmly putting an arm around Khushi's shoulder: This is my wife Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, whom I love more than my life & this baby girl in my arms here is my two-n-half year old daughter, Adrianne Singh Raizada, my 'little heart'. And the couple standing. To save his now pregnant sister's marital life he blackmails Khushi, keeping Payal's wedding at stake. Arnav asks Khushi to marry him for 6 months (a contract marriage). To save Payal's wedding Khushi marries him. Khushi and Arnav have a love-hate relationship in their marital life, constantly bickering but also caring for each other. Khushi. Arnav & Khushi s WEDDING OFF Khushi GOES MISSING in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th September 2012. playlist 2016. 0:15. khushi arnav. Cgyfs Afuif. 1:03. Vazgeç Gönül Arnav & Khushi. Honest Trailers. 2:27

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That night, Arnav was surprised to find Khushi wearing cutesy pajama pants with stars and a short fitting cotton top. She was adorable, with her new hair and all. She was buoyant with happiness, and cuddled into his arms as she tortured him by playing Salman Khan's new movie on their tv Arnav held Khushi's hand and looked deep in her eyes,he had tears in... them Arnav: babe i dont know what have done,i understand you pregnant and have mood swings,but they have done so much for us,please cheer up Khushi kissed his cheeks and looked in his eyes Khushi: im sorry my love that you have to put up with al this,but dont worry we only left with 3 months then we will be back to normal. January 27, 2017 ·. Index Of Arshi By Tia's FFs, SSs, OSs. Preview can't be loaded. See More. 9595. 7 Comments 22 Shares. Like Comment Share. Arshi Awesome stories. July 9, 2020 · Chapter 48. Posted on 06/02/2013 by asrdeewani. 0. Four months had gone by for both marriages. While Payal and Akash were normal around one another, talking, smiling and laughing together Arnav never lost an opportunity to flirt with his wife while Khushi couldn't help but blush at the closeness between them sometimes April 27, 2019 revasarun 6 Comments. *Mature Content*. Arnav came very near her and whispered in her ear huskily yes, I want to drink juice from you . Khushi's eyes popped up hearing this. She know now that what Arnav is indicating her. Arnav removed her sari pallu and slowly started to pull her sari plates down. He's nuzzling her neck

Arnav places a red rose on Khushi's pillow and finally wishes her, thinking she is asleep. Later, Nandkishore tells Arnav to be unique. Nani cooks a special dish for Khushi on Arnav's request, but Khushi doesn't eat. Meanwhile, Akash is still upset about Payal. Watch Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Hindi Romance TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now Looked like the whole world was against their honeymoon. It was a frustrating thought to have for Arnav. First,out of no where Sheetal appears.And now Khushi was pregnant.No matter how bad he wanted it,he couldn't make Khushi board on a plane for 7 hours.She was weak and vulnerable at this point of time and the doctor had said that the pregnancy would be a little harsh but safe But Anjali's pregnancy stops Arnav, just how Anjali's breakdown over Shyam's disappearance stopped Khushi. Arnav cannot tell anyone because: 1) Anjali - she's pregnant (it's implied that pregnancy is almost a miracle in her case) and he cannot risk jeopardizing her and her child and Shyam now has an advantage on this relationship

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You are fatty!!! Khushi was 7 months pregnant. Arnav was sleeping, as it is sunday. Khushi was getting ready for morning aarti. When Arnav woke up, he saw his beautiful khushi tucking her saree pleats. He got up from the bed and moved towards her. He hugged her from behind, and dropped a kiss on her shoulder Six months of the contract is getting completed today. As per the contract, Khushi should leave RM. Arnav went to the office as usual. He has no idea about the last day as he was not counting the days as Khushi did. Khushi went to Anjali's room, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy. Anjali smiled at Khushi sensing something wrong

'Khushi, Akash was saying that you were about to talk to me about a child' Khushi's cheeks instantly went red out of shyness and this was not unnoticed by Arnav. Fear gripped. 'Was she? No it cant be! They were careful. But sometimes it fails too. Was she really pregnant?' Arnav had all sorts of doubts creeping up Arnav: Khushi there is one more thing Khushi: Tell me (she asked him with a smile) Arnav: Khushi I dont want you to wear salwars any more Khushi: (confused) But why Arnav: Look Your pregnant and you should where loose clothes. I have bought you long dresses that will be comfortable for you. And they will be perfect for this weathe

KHUSHI's happiness knew no bounds and they went backstage as they need their private space as soon as they entered the dress room KHUSHI hugged ARNAV tight which was a vacuum packed hug to which ARNAV reciprocated happily.They stayed in same and ARNAV broke the hug as he felt wetness on his shoulder and saw KHUSHI eyes filled with tears he. Arnav: Khushi let's go the limo's here to pick us up. Khushi was still avoiding his gaze. He looked at her and noticed she didn't have her earrings in. He moved his hand to the box picked it up and placed it in front of her face. Arnav: Khushi you still need to wear your earrings. Hurry up we need to go hume lagta hai, you need a hair cut, arnav ji! khushi blurted out when asr suddenly looked up while fixing his tie and caught her staring at him. (i think you need a hair cut, arnav ji!) it was seven in the morning, she was still half asleep in bed. she'd heard some noise and her eyes had opened for a moment. he'd walked into the. Khushi 'Ji voh, Arnav ji said he will have his breakfast in his room'. Anjali, Lavanya, and Maami glanced at each other with known look in the assumption of Arnav's anger. Anjali patted Lavanya's hand consolingly. She noticed it all but as if she does not know what happened left the room to his with his breakfast Three years later Khushi sat in the passenger seat looking at crowds of people as Arnav manoeuvred his car through the busy Delhi traffic. Khushi couldn't believe that it was three years since they left India for the US after their wedding. Her thoughts flew back to the past. After returning from Indore Arnav

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Part 5. Arnav left for Delhi early in the morning, long before Khushi woke up from her exhausted sleep. Would you like to return with me? he asked Nani, Mami and Anjali. No, not when Khussi bitiyaa needs us, Nani replied. Our family has taken too much away from her, Chotey. Arnav nodded. I will return in a week Arnav: what happened.. Khushi.. are you alright. Khushi: Arnavji.. baby kicked.. our babies kicked for the first time.. Arnav smiles and Khushi screamed again and takes Arnav's hand and keeps it on the her tummy and says.. Khushi: See.. Arnav feels the kicking of their baby and smiles and nods his head.. Arnav: they hear us.

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ARNAV KHUSHI. HAMESHA : PART - 4 Nani did arti of Khushi and Put tilak on her forehead. Di has complication in her pregnancy. If she comes to know about Arnavji's missing, she will be devastated. you go to police station and report about Arnav ji's missing. Akash just nodded and left for police station. Payal - Khushi tu thik hai Part 6 - Permanency After 3 hours, Khushi woke up from her sleep. She looked around and found Arnav sleeping on the couch near the poolside. Khushi rose from the water and moved to the poolside. Arnav woke up when he heard the splashing of water. Khushi Arnav moved to the poolside and cupped her face With Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani, Akshay Dogra, Deepali Pansare. Arnav, a wealthy business tycoon, decides to ruin Khushi's reputation after he thinks she sabotaged one of his events. Meanwhile, Khushi quietly suffers for the crimes she didn't commit arshi myeduniya stories khushi is pregnant. Life's Truth!!! Alisha called her 'Khushi!!!'. Khushi turned to Alisha who had come close to her in these three months of their internship period in Khushi 'hmmmm'. BATTLING DESIRES -part 41!! Khushi could see his condition and tried hard to control her giggles. 'Yes, yes. That is a good idea. Everybody likes aloo parathas, especially Khushiji' said Anjali and looked at Khushi. Khushi smiled. HP left as his query was answered. Arnav was about to continue but just looked back to see if HP is coming back or not. He wasn't