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I have created a view in Picture Library's schema file. I want to display the thumbnail of the image with fields. My code for view is: <View BaseViewID=13 Type=HTML WebPartZoneID=Mai SharePoint Picture Library default thumbnail view is showing images in list view instead of tile Hi Team, Since few days after the freeze header implementation. Picture library's thumbnail view displays images in list view instead of tile view (like document library). I can't find way to revert default view to tile view. can you please share me. Tile and/or thumbnail view in picture library (in SharePoint Online) Tile and/or thumbnail view in picture library (in SharePoint Online) Hi, Scenario: I set up a picture library weeks ago with new experience look, and the tile view (someone call it thumbnail?) of the pictures have worked fine. Suddenly today they doesnt work anymore but.

SharePoint 2016 and 2013 picture libraries are optimized for images, letting you sort by picture or file size, name, or when it was last modified. You can also add columns for other data. Preset views let you see pictures as a list, thumbnails, or as a slide show, or you can create your own view Looking at the URLs for these image, the thumbnails seem to be under a hidden folder in the Picture Library called _t, and the previews are under _w. Looking at the Picture Library in SharePoint Designer, the images themselves seem to be related to each other by filename It is really easy to show a thumbnail column into a SharePoint Online modern document library. Open the library, and click on + Add column and then choose Picture column type. add thumbnail column in SharePoint Document Library Then provide the name as Thumbnail like below Get thumbnail image URL in SharePoint Get Thumbnail Image URL from SharePoint Picture Library. Recently, we were working in a SharePoint Online project, where we were displaying some images, description, and Title in a Content search web part.We were retrieving the data from a SharePoint Online list and displaying in a content search web part Open the list in All items view and then, click thumbnail view (Tiles). By default select the save view as option. Follow the numerical points, as shown in the below screenshot, Edit the Created Custom View to use the Type (icon linked to document) and Created By fields in the format view

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After uploading an image (or maybe during the upload?), SharePoint generates the additional thumbnail and midsize images. The thumbnails go in a subfolder named '_t' that's located directly under the picture library. The midsized images go in their own sub-folder called '_w' (also a direct child folder of the picture library) @JMAFO @Anonymous @Mark2457 @Newbie2019 @robinwong . You can view highly compressed and equally high quailty renditions Images or Photos files stored in any Document Library by using the {Thumbnail} property for any given image/photo or file (eg.Word documents PowerPoint, HTML files etc) We have a number of libraries set up in Sharepoint Online (Office365) but no matter what I do and which browser I use I cannot get them to display thumbnail images for any photos/pictures in the library. If I click on a file I get the Hmm...looks like this file doesn't have a preview we can show you message

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  1. SharePoint Thumbnail View replaces image icons with thumbnails. This solution allows you to use image slider mode and view images in the slideshow. The preview of image is added automatically right after adding an image to a Sharepoint library
  2. In this SharePoint video tutorial, I have explained how to get the thumbnail Image URL from SharePoint Picture Library. Get Thumbnail Image URL from Picture.
  3. First create a view in your picture library that doesn't have any thumbnails, but does have the columns you want to edit. Put the URL for that view in the part before the ?. Find the guid for your view. I do that by opening the view in SharePoint Designer, clicking on the WebPartPages web part, and finding the ViewGuid
  4. Image thumbnails once you click on a Tiles View Option 2: Picture Library Picture library is a separate web part that is available in SharePoint to store images. Up until the modern library experience, it has been the dedicated place to store images, as it allowed for some of the picture-specific functionalities, like thumbnail preview
  5. Go to User Voice and vote for this issue to be resolved, adding support for image thumbnails in SharePoint 2019 modern experience views. In the meantime, here's how you can change a library's default experience back to classic: Set library view to classic experience. 1. Go to Library settings (settings wheel in upper right > Library settings)
  6. You can display photos from either attachments or a SharePoint document library on Apple and Android devices easily. This also works on PCs. If from a SharePoint Library - in a Gallery the Image control Image property is . ThisItem.'{Thumbnail}'.Large. For a Standalone picture on the form. GalleryName.Selected.'{Thumbnail}'.Larg

Page thumbnail. Page thumbnails are shown in places like search results, highlighted content results, news posts, and more. By default, the thumbnail comes from the page title area or from the web part that is in the first order on the page (such as top left of a page layout). You can override the default and change the page thumbnail Demo taken from the SharePoint dev Special Interest Group recording at 24th of January 2019.Presenter - Chakkaradeep Chaks Chandran (Microsoft) - @chakkara.. Sharepoint 2010 : Display All Calendar Workspaces sharepont 2010:Display thumbnail view of picture l... Sharepoint 2010 : Display Thumbnail view for Pictu... Redirect from newMWS.aspx page to custom page; Sharepoint 2010 : Create or Provisioning Custom Ed... Sharepoint 2010 : Show dialog box for custom Add.

Picture Library template in the communication site Add the picture content type in the library. Now we'll see that now we can add a picture library template by adding the picture content type in the library setting page. Here, I have taken the example of the default Documents library. Go to the advanced settings page from the below page. Download PTWebPart.zip - 130.3 KB; Figure 1 Figure 2 Introduction. For use in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, this Picture Thumbnails Web Part displays images from a SharePoint Picture Library in a widget-like thumbnail layout (see Figure 1).When a user clicks on a thumbnail, the original image opens up Lightbox style (see Figure 2). This is adapted from my SharePoint 2010 version and offers the. Problem. You have a picture library that's using the classic experience for lists and libraries in SharePoint Online. You add a large image to the Picture Library. However, when you use the Thumbnails view for the library, the thumbnail image isn't displayed. Additionally, when you click the image, the Preview field displays a broken image-link. Here's the picture library in SharePoint Manager: See how we have img13.jpg (which is the original image file uploaded) but then in a _w folder there's img13_jpg.jpg and the same in a folder called _t. The _t folder contains the small thumbnail image (set to 160 pixels wide). It's the image used when you view the All. For some reason, this was not happening. When you view the picture library with the default view, all the pictures were showing a blank image (since they use the thumbnail version). Reaching out to Microsoft Support, it turns out that for these libraries, the parent SPWeb had the ParserEnabled property set to false

This is similar to a document library but rather than storing documents, you can store pictures. You can store pictures in a document library too, you just don't get as rich a UX from it as you can with a picture library. Pictures uploaded to a picture library offer a few new features like slideshow views and auto-thumbnail generation Add a thumbnail column for documents and media in a SharePoint Online document library Mark Rackley recently tweeted about the ability to create a calculated column in SharePoint online document libraries that would automatically render thumbnails for documents Picture Library template in the communication site Add the picture content type in the library. Now we'll see that now we can add a picture library template by adding the picture content type in the library setting page. Here, I have taken the example of the default Documents library. Go to the advanced settings page from the below page. In Modern SharePoint lists you can display list item content in a more modern way using the Tiles view layout. If you have very big list with multiple columns along with picture columns you get a horizontal scroll bar on the list view, the Tiles view can solve this issue since the content will be displayed on the tile card where you can design the layout of the tile card to display the. You have a picture library that's using the classic experience for lists and libraries in SharePoint Online. You add a large image to the Picture Library. However, when you use the Thumbnails view for the library, the thumbnail image isn't displayed. Additionally, when you click the image, the Preview field displays a broken image-link icon and.

All configured libraries are shown on Your organization view and it is possible to add a thumbnail image for each library. Up to 30 libraries can be promoted as an organization asset library and it might be a good idea having several libraries for different assets, even several image libraries for different kind of images might be also a good idea Regarding changing the thumbnail size of the Slide Library (which you cannot use Sharepoint Manager to do unlike the picture library) This worked for me to get a bigger thumbnail.. Note that the solution relies on having a naming convention for your files which you apply after you have loaded them up to the slide library eg ENG_02_0010 , ENG_02. Some time you have highly customizable sites( including custom master page), you create a picture library using the OOB template but you didn't find the thumbnail view and check boxes with the images. To get this view, We need to add the PlaceHolderLeftActions in the visible area of the master page because picture library AllItems.aspx(it' Resizing Thumbnails in the Asset Library. Just been working on a project to create a searchable archive of images. The SharePoint 2010 Asset Library features a very nice automatic thumbnail generation feature, which works even if the source file is something that a web browser doesn't traditionally handle, like a .TIF Go into a SharePoint Asset library in a site that has the publishing features enabled and choose an image you want to get a thumbnail of. You can view the properties of the image you have chosen.

I wanted to use the library to store multiple events, so each event will have its own folder. Each folder contains the event pictures. So three things needed to be found: HTML structure of an image in the thumbnail view; HTML structure of a folder in the thumbnail view; The image section ID or class. The bad Method 1. Here we can add the picture using the Upload option on the Picture Library, just select the Upload option and navigate to the folder to the saved location. We can do the same using Open with Explorer in case we have synced the drive with the local system. Method 2 Introduction [A SharePoint 2013 version of the web part is available here.]. For use in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, this Picture Thumbnails Web Part displays images from a SharePoint Picture Library in a widget-like thumbnail layout (see Figure 1).When a user clicks on a thumbnail, the original image opens up Lightbox style (see Figure 2).. Backgroun SharePoint itself creats two differen thumbnail pictures of each uploaded picture gallery in an image library automatically (the folders _w and _t you can see if you open the picture library with windows-explorer). So I changed DisplayGallery.txt that these two tumbnail pictures will be used for the image and also for the.

Picture libraries have hidden folders to store these images. If you go into SharePoint Designer and look at a picture library you will notice two extra folders (_t and _w). The thumbnails are in _t and the previews are in _w. So, MySites uses a SharePoint picture library to store images and thus stores 3 different images for your profile picture Open your SharePoint Online list where you want to create an Image column. Then click on the +Add column, and go to More . It will open the Create column page, provide a name and then select the type of the column as Image type. Click OK. In the list settings page, you can see, the Image column has a thumbnail type I first created a new document library named Images in a SharePoint site and uploaded two images. Within your PowerApp add a new data source, and manually type in the name to the library containing your files, in my case Images and hit Connect. The manual typing is the crux to make this work

Profile pictures allow you to easily identify users and on SharePoint there are a couple different ways to get it. If you are developing SharePoint solutions and need to display profile pictures you can use one of the methods described below. These methods are target for SharePoint online and they will not work for external users and for accounts without Exchange The only two ways to display images on a mobile device that I am aware of are either use the '{Thumbnail}' property when the image is in a SharePoint Library (and the app has the Library as a data source) or have the image URL external and able to be resolved anonymously (without any ) 5.16K viewsMay 11, 2020SharePoint 0 birgirrafn17 December 3, 2018 1 Comment I have the following use-case that in Sharepoint Online (SPO/Office365) Several thousands of pictures are stored in a Picture Library. Each of the pictures have attributes like File Name, Date Picture Taken, Picture Size (Dimensions), File Size, File Type (jpg, ). I want to Open Power Automate and create a new flow from instant. Add a SharePoint action called Create file to store the cat photo. Set the folder path to the Blog Images Document Library you created. Use a combination of image_ and utcNow () to ensure a unique filename. Then add 'Ask In Power Apps' to the file content field

The document library you're using is probably not a Picture Library. Try creating a Picture Library and add the photos there and point to it. SharePoint generates the thumbnails inside a _t subfolde From the list of available out of the box web parts, choose Picture Library. Picture Library is sort of like Document Library, except it is designed specifically for images. It has special views and metadata built in, related specifically to photos and images (i.e. picture preview, thumbnail views, image size, etc.) Give the Picture Library. The solution above helped me for retrieving and displaying images which are located in a specific document library. Awesome! So far, so good. But I also need to receive images from several sites: each site has a document libray Shared documents with a folder Images and I need its content of these particular folder for each site, preferrably as a list with a site id or site url path By today the following file types can have multiple thumbnail: .pptm, .pptx, .potm, .potx, .ppsm, .ppsx. In other words it's possible to get preview of any slide from slide deck stored in SharePoint Online A picture library is a special type of a document library that is dedicated to images. A picture library is useful for sharing photos with other people. For example, you can have a picture library as your stock photo repository, as shown in Figures 1.11 and 1.12. Figure 1.11 A picture library showing thumbnails of the pictures in it

A few weeks ago one of our customers reported an issue they encountered connecting the List Filter Web Part with a Thumbnail View of a Picture Library. Thanks Marcel! The problem was that the List Filter Web Part uses jQuery and the $ sign from jQuery is in conflict with the $ sign used in SharePoint Scripts, but only in Picture Library. If you want to store an image as part of a SharePoint Online list or library item, you can now do that! Microsoft has added a new Image column type, and here's how it works. When creating a new column, you now have a new type called Image:. When you create a column using that type, it looks like this in your column list Sparqube Picture Column is everything what Hyperlink or Picture column should be. There is no need to upload pictures to image library manually, copy and put image link into URL textbox of Hyperlink or Picture column of an item. Simply choose desired images on your computer and upload them

The Thumbnails view, which shows thumbnails of all pictures. The Slides view, where you can move between different pictures. The All Pictures view, which looks like a standard library list. Peter also shows two examples on how you can add pictures from a Picture library to a classic SharePoint page using a web part called Picture Library Slideshow For some reason a user cannot view the thumbnail or filmstrip view; only the details view will display. No errors are thrown when a user selects the filmstrip or thumbnail view, in fact nothing happens at all. If the master page for the site is changed to default.master then the picture library functionality returns The Picture Lightbox Web Part displays the content from the specified Sharepoint Picture Library as a thumbnail array. A preview of each picture can be shown by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail image. You can configure the following web part properties: the Sharepoint Picture Library; the number of rows and columns; the thumbnail siz Thumbnail view of the documents that are uploaded in SharePoint Document Library v.1.0 Replacing standard icons if images to thumbnails v.1.0 Slideshow of images uploaded to the document library v.1.0 Image Preview (Thumbnails of images) v.1.0 System/Developer Requirements Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 Serve The resolution param controls the different size and @Stefan Bauer has a nice article how to change the image renditions for SharePoint files, but the Microsoft Graph thumbnail apis seem more suitable to me since utilizing the Microsoft Graph APIs is already the preferred and also recommended approach by Microsoft.. Use the Microsoft Graph APIs get a SharePoint imag

2. Customize the display for Slideshow control: display original pictures. In Slideshow web part, picture is initialized with field value that contains the Url of Web image (EncodedAbsWebImgUrl field).Unfortunately it is not supported to configure in web part what image type (original, web or thumbnail) should be displayed in Slideshow The solution that demonstrated below allows to display. Azure Cognitive Services has wider audience than cool young guys developing very cool mobile apps. These services can be used in very different use cases. This blog post shows how to use Azure Cognitive Services to automatically describe and tag photos added to Office 365 SharePoint picture library using Microsoft Flow as workflow engine.. Automatic image describing and taggin

Tree View Web Part provides dual-paned file explorer interface for SharePoint lists and libraries. Easy to Use. Quickly navigate through files and folders with a familiar, intuitive tree structure. Easily manage and organize content by dragging and dropping. SharePoint Powered. Dynamically filter content using existing list and/or library views hi View pictures. Navigate to the site containing the picture library for which you want to view pictures. Click the name of the library on the Quick Launch, or click Site Actions, click View All Site Content, and then in the Picture Libraries section, click the name of the picture library.; Note A SharePoint site can be significantly modified in appearance and navigation Return to the library and format the Photo column as Picture; Modify the PowerApp to include the Photo column on the Detail and other screens where the image will be displayed. This should have resolved the issue . . . Finally. It may well have resolved the issue for others, but not for me. I still could not view images on my phone

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Click on the Insert tab in the ribbon and then click on Insert Image. A box will pop up, click Browse. Make sure to navigate to the correct Images folder where you want to upload the image. At the top of the box that shows your SharePoint Image Library, select Click to add new item. Add Alt Text (REQUIRED In SharePoint 2010 a new library type has been introduced called Asset Library. This Library is very suitable for storing rich media content like Audio, Video and Images. The library also contains a view by default which shows thumbnails. In SharePoint 2013 this functionality has been changed slightly On the picture lib 'All Items'>'Thumbnails' view. This is 'w' thumbnail. On the picture display form. This is the 't' thumbnail. Solution: 1. After you have provisioned your image file go to the picture library and check it out and then check it back in using Content and Structure. This checkin-checkout will cause SharePoint to.

SharePoint uses these images for its own purposes, the web optimized images are used in publishing sites, and the thumbnails allow the picture library to have thumbnail based views. The picture library is a useful tool for managing and exposing pictures. By extracting the web optimized and thumbnail paths of these images, we can then use those. Adding thumbnails through CAML. SharePoint displays two different thumbnails for each image: On the picture library ' All items ' > ' Thumbnails ' view, which is the default view for the picture library. This is the 'w' thumbnail. On the picture display form. This is the 't' thumbnail. To deploy an image with thumbnails you must also supply the. Add preview and thumbnail features to document library Some handwriting documents are scaned as images in order to put on my SharePoint site along with some Word documents, instead of moving back and forth between document Library and picture Library while browsing the datas, I prefer to put my images and documents in a single document Library

The SharePoint picture library is nice but unfortunately does not allow Content Approval to be used. One way to make pictures stored in a document library more accessible is to use jQuery to replace the default image icon with a thumbnail of the actual picture. Befor For every image file, SharePoint creates a thumbnail and a preview and saves them as JPG files. But JPG doesn't recognize transparent pixels and so it replaces them with black pixels. SharePoint saves thumbnails and previews in a hidden folder of your library, such as The grid view displays a preview of documents very much like thumbnail images in a Picture Library. We also find other handy options such as View in File Explorer and the ability to modify or create a custom view. We can also quickly edit the view by adding or changing the order of the columns This project can be used to display images on a page. Images will be gathered from a SharePoint Picture Library. If you like the project please Star it. Feel free to contribute! Lightroom effect uses the following library: react-awesome-lightbox. Core feature This parameter expects a value equal to the URL of the document/file for which you want to generate a thumbnail. To generate a preview, the URL should look like this : In the sample above which generates a thumbnail for a video stored in an Office 365 video channel), you just have to encode the path of the file, and add it to the querystring.

From time to time you may notice that SharePoint Online does not display updated user photos in webparts. You may see or experience something like this: Profile picture displayed in Office 365 Suite Bar: YesProfile picture displayed in Office Delve: YesProfile picture displayed in Outlook on the Web: YesProfile picture displayed in Microsoft Teams: YesProfil @Anonymous I still have no issues in a desktop browser though I find that you do have to authorize sharepoint for the user before the images start to appear.The pages I've created have links to the images as well as the images. So I've told the users, if you see a broken link where the image should be, click the link which will open the image in SharePoint and force authorization, then refresh.

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Step 2: Go to View and click the Restore Defaults button. Step 3: Click Apply and OK. Clear Thumbnails Cache. Thumbnails use thumbnail cache. You can't see picture thumbnails in Windows 10 if the cache is corrupted. You can reset the thumbnail cache by following these steps: Step 1: In File Explorer, right-click on C drive to choose Properties I've posted about document thumbnail in SharePoint Online. And today I'll show you how you can get a picture of a user. Samples in this post work not only SharePoint Online but SharePoint on-premise (at least SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint 2016). As for document thumbnail, there is the base URL for user pictures in SharePoint SharePoint Picture library thumbnail url. Scenario: While working with picture library we often need Thumbnails for display purpose. Also depending upon you are accessing it in XSLT or C# code, you need the proper Url to the SharePoint generated thumbnail url. Solution: Small snippet here has it. Code

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Recently, I was trying to make a picture library for a customer to store their pictures in. I would prefer to use the film strip view as the default view because I think it is nicer looking STEP 8: INSERTING AN IMAGE LIST. Now, it is time to connect your picture library to a Short Point element. Please open the page in Edit Mode and press Insert on the top of the page. Choose Image List. Press Insert. To open the settings, press the cogwheel icon as shown in the animation below Assuming you are using the object model then the you should use this (c#) SPListItem[EncodedAbsUrl] to get the HTML encoded absolute URL of the image (where EncodedAbsUrl is the name of the field/column).To get the unencoded site relative url you can use ServerUrl or FileRef (they appear to return the same). You can also use EncodedAbsThumbnailUrl to get a thumbnail image The picture library will provide the necessary thumbnails without any extra effort. 6. Add a CQWP to a page and query the pictures. 7. Create a XSLT that shows the small thumbnails of the pictures, for example in a banner view. 8. I created two variables for the default SharePoint Thumbnails, Thumbnail_w and Thumnbail_t. And used the following.

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HarePoint Thumbnails works for document libraries, image libraries and for search results. All locations where you might need to preview SharePoint documents and images are covered by the product. It is available for any scope: your whole farm, web applications, site collections or a specified site; and it runs on Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010 SharePoint. Sign In. Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window). To navigate through the Ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys. To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. To jump to the first Ribbon tab use Ctrl+[. To jump to the last selected command use Ctrl+]. Experiment Picture Library. The Microsoft PowerApps team just released some great new functionality we've all been waiting for - the ability to connect to SharePoint Document Libraries from PowerApps! I immediately took the new features for a spin and recorded a video about it. In the video I demonstrate how to use to SharePoint Document Libraries in PowerApps

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SharePoint automatically creates two JPG images every time you upload image to a Picture Library: they are the thumbnail image and the web preview image. They're stored along with the original image in the Picture library. No in-place conversion happens: the image is converted only once during the initial upload process.. The thumbnails aren't automatically generated, but could be in the future. At it's core, there's an additional column which contains a hyperlink to the thumbnail image (e.g. in a Site Assets library). I chose option 3 above in this case - since I don't need to ensure I'm scoping only to one CSWP instance or anything

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Follow the below Steps to perform the upload and download functionality. Step 1. Create one picture library and named it MySamplePictureLib in a SharePoint 2013. Step 2. Open the visual studio and create a new SharePoint Project and add a Visual web Part and name it as PictureSamples . Step 3 Virto Thumbnail View Web Part allows you to show images thumbnails for the SharePoint document libraries. SharePoint users tend to add pictures not only to the picture libraries, but to document.

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1. Choose the SharePoint site you want to edit. 2. Click Pages. Then open the relevant SharePoint page. 3. Click an image (a pop-up window will open - see Step 4). 4. Right-click on the thumbnail > Open image in new tab. 5. Copy and paste the generated link into the appropriate cell in your Awesome Table datasheet. 6 The Picture Lightbox Web Part displays the content from the specified Sharepoint Picture Library as a thumbnail array. A preview of each picture can be shown by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail image. The preview also displays the picture Description (if such a column is defined in the Picture Library) Here's a quick tip for increasing the size of the thumbnails in a SharePoint 2010 Slide Library. 1. Go to the Ribbon and click Library under Library Tools. 2. Click Modify View. 3. Deselect the Thumbnail column (position 2). 4. Scroll down and select the OTHER column cleverly named Thumbnail and set it to Position 2

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3. Add a SharePoint - Get File Content Using Path action. Specify the site collection you want to work with and then set the File Path parameter to be the output of step 2 (Get PDF path). 4. Add a request - response action. In the Body parameter, add the File Content from step 3. Now create this flow and re-open it The pictures looked fine when opened in Picture Viewer or Paint. However, as soon as the pictures were uploaded to the SharePoint 2013 site, they turned upside down. So she opened one of the pictures in Paint and turned it right side up, saved the image and uploaded it to SharePoint again. The image still loaded in SharePoint site as upside down SharePoint list is a really powerfull tool, now and then we want it to do even more. Example: I want the list the have a picture column; This column is should contain a link to a picture; But I don't want the picture to be shown in full size as it will destroys the list view; I don't want to use code or workflow or css/javascript fi

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There are four main types of libraries in SharePoint. Document Library: This is the default library described above. Use this library to store project documents in one place for your team. Picture Library: A way to store pictures, displayed as thumbnails for easy sorting. If you are working on a marketing or image-heavy project, this type of. Problem In a recent Microsoft SharePoint project, our client wanted to have pictures of their team members displayed on the home pages of the different SharePoint sites. In order to ensure consistency we advised our client to set a fixed length and width of the pictures, regardless of the dimensions of the images uploaded by the users. SharePoint 2013 Standard, Enterprise and Online come with. All Pictures: All Picture view will showing us all picture in data view as we are seeing in List library. Thumbnails: This view will be showing us the nail of the images. Slides: This view will be showing us image as a slider screen, here we can do customize the view size, speed to forward to next images and many mor Adding Thumbnail Images from SharePoint To Dynamics Power BI Reports Power BI has a pretty cool option that allows you to specify that a field within your report is a URL to an image file. This allows us to add images to our reports based on the data that we are showing, giving our reports a little more pizazz and also makes the data a little.

Show Images in PowerApps from a SharePoint List (multiline html type column) This is a quick and easy tip to show you how to bring images into your PowerApps galleries with an html text control when the source of the images is within the body of a multiline html type column within SharePoint. View this on YouTube >---- The SharePoint 2010 Asset Library features a very nice automatic thumbnail generation feature, which works even if the source file is something that a web browser doesn't traditionally handle, like a .TIF. The Asset Library also has a very nice preview feature, which is available if you upload an image and then rollover it with the mouse An organisation assets library is a document library that you designate for storing images & logos for use in your company. These images can be used in modern webparts added to SharePoint pages. This adds the obvious benefit of a central location for the storage of corporate media Background Image Location: Should contain the URL for the image that you previously uploaded to the picture library. To obtain the URL hover over the thumbnail and click on the ellipses. The information box will appear; right click on the URL and select copy. Return to the tab with the New Item form and paste into the Background Image Location. The picture library default view shows all items in the library. If you want to show different sets of images or albums, you can create separate views and apply them where you need them. To create an album, you add a field to associate images with an album, and then create views filtered on that field SharePoint, SharePoint 2013, List View, List View Style, Document Library Style, Basic Table, Boxed, Shaed, Preview Pane, Newslette