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  1. Our Superior Load Binders Make Load Tightening Easier, Faster + Permits Great Leverage. Our Load Binders Are The Professional Way To Clamp, Bind, Anchor + Tie Down Large Loads
  2. Ratcheting Load Binder Is a double-acting, ratchet-style load binder that features forged hooks and a powder-coated cast-steel handle
  3. US Cargo Control Ratchet Chain Binder - 5/16 Inch x 3/8 Inch Load Binder - Easily Secure Heavy Loads to A Truck Or Flatbed Trailer - Ratchet Binder with 5,400 Pound Working Load Limit - 2 Pack 100 $59 9
  4. Peerless QuikBinder Plus Ratchet Load Binder - 3/8 Inch x 1/2 Inch Chain Binder - Easily Secure Heavy Loads to A Truck Or Flatbed Trailer - Ratchet Binder with 12,000 Pound Working Load Limit. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 29. $66.00. $66
  5. Cargo Control Load Binders Load Binders are intended for tiedown or lashing applications and are rated by Strength and Chain Size. Be sure your load binders are compatible with the chain being used. Load Binders are available in 3 styles
  6. imum working load limit of 2,500 pounds (4 x 2,500 = 10,000)
  7. Chain binders are essential load securing equipment in the flatbed industry. Also known as load binders, or chain load binders, there are two main types of binders to choose from: Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders

4×4 Rubber Foot PadsAdjusts From: 92-106. The aluminum cargo bar brings the ease of the paddle-type cargo bar to a whole new level. Not only are the handle and trigger easy to use even with gloved hands, but the aluminum feature makes this load bar lightweight and anti-corrosive. You may also be interested in : Standard Steel Cargo Load Bar The bar can also fly off the lever and risk hitting people or property nearby. Cheater bars can also exceed the working load limit, causing the strap or chain to break. Cheater bars are considered dangerous, and are not recommended. Peerless QuikBinder Plus™ Ratchet Loadbinder - 1/2″-5/8 Simply place the winch bar in the center-spool, wind approximately a quarter turn, remove bar and repeat the process until your load is secure 5/16 to 3/8 EZ Load Binder. PART# 50140-10. UPC# 92888382033. High-strength steel with electro zinc plating. Free wheel function for quick take up to 12. Working Load Limit of 5,400 lbs/2,455 kgs. Accepts chain from 5/16-in. G70 up to 3/8-in. G43

Ratchet Load Binder is the professional way to clamp, bind, anchor and tie down large loads. Binder has a 3900-lb. working load. Works with 1/4in. Grade 70 or 5/16in. Grade 43 chain. Ratchet makes load tightening easier and faster, and permits quick tightening if load shifts. Long handle provides excellent leverage Steel winch binder lets you tighten down a 2 wide strap to secure cargo. Removable winch slides into a 2x4 stake pocket on your flatbed truck or trailer. Winch-tightening bar (sold separately) required for operation. 10,000 lbs Max load Maxi Binder Suit 10mm Chain. $276.97. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. sku: RLB06. Ratchet Load Binder 6MM Lc 2300 Kgs. Ratchet Load Binders with Winged Grab Hooks Tie Downs Direct supplies the standard lever type and ratchet type load binders, or Chain BindersThese are made to comply with AS/NZ4344 - 2001.Loadbinders are forged and tempered. Load Binder, 12, 000 lb., Size G70 3/8 in. Item # 49DA18. Mfr. Model # H5125-0858. Catalog Page # N/A. View Product Details. Web Price. Please sign in to your account to see your pricing, which may be different from the price displayed. Primary Category: ~Material Handling~Cargo Control~Load Binders TrucknTow Offers Tie Down Load Binders of Every Type and Grade. Choose ratchet load binders to fit Hi Test Chain, Transport Chain Grade 70 chain, Alloy Chain Grade 80, or Grade 100 chain tie downs.. We offer heavy duty chain and heavy duty chain binders to match from Columbus McKinnon, Durabilt, and Vulcan

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At US Cargo Control, we're here to get you what you want when you need it. Chain binders, also known as load binders, are used to tighten chain when securin.. Chains used to restrain loads during transportation require a tool to tighten and loosen the chains called a load binder. Lever-type binders can require a large amount of force to engage and it can release the full force of energy stored all at once. A cheater bar is often used to help overcome the force required to release the load binder

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  1. If you've been in the business of transporting heavy cargo for any length of time, you likely know that a chain binder, also referred to as a load binder, is a tool used to anchor large cargo loads for transport. As a device that applies tension to the chains that tie-down cargo, chain binders play an important role in securement systems
  2. A ratchet binder also known as a ratchet chain, uses a ratcheting mechanism to create tension in the chain and secure the load. It features a ratchet handle and two tension hooks on each end
  3. istration (FMCSA) published new cargo securement rules. Motor carriers operating in interstate commerce must comply with the new requirements beginning January 1, 2004. The new rules are based on the North American Cargo Securement Standard Model Regulations, reflecting the results of a multi-year research program to evaluate U.S.
  4. Standard winch bars SHOULD NOT be used to tighten Chain Binders. Combination winch bars have a boxed end that is used for tightening winch straps, cables, in addition to lever type chain binders. 4100 - Winch Bar Painted-Standard. Heavy Duty Chain Load Binders Grade 70
  5. Load Restraint - Cargo, Shoring, Loader & Bulkhead Bars Standard Transport Cargo Bar Standard Transport Shoring Bar Load Restraint - Chain Tensioning Dogs & Binders 10mm 'Maxibinder' Chain Tensioner 10mm Ratchet Dog 8mm 'Maxibinder' Chain Tensioner 8mm Ratchet Dog Load Restraint - G70 Transport Chain 10mm Lashing Chain Kit 8mm Lashing Chain Kit.
  6. Shop High Quality Load Binders & Binder Packages Online At US Cargo Control. Fast Ship. Shop Grade 70 To 120 Chain & Binders Online. Lever & Ratchet Styles Availabl
  7. imum current in-service requirements in accordance with the FMCSA and the DOT for transport chain. This table lists the

Choose from our selection of high-tension ratchet load binders, quick-tight lever load binders, tamper-resistant ratchet load binders, and more. In stock and ready to ship 11 MM CHAIN LOAD BINDER, Lever type 5102-1475 20 Hold Chain Assembly w/ S-Hook for 11 & 13mm Binder; 24 w/ Hook 915 MM 36 Ø35 MM / 1-3/8 O.D. x 5 MM / 3/16 Wall Tubing 270 MM 10-5/8 880 MM 34-5/8 280 MM 11 27 MM 1-1/16 LOAD BINDER CHEATER BAR / Extension Handle for Tension Lever Standard Duty CHEATER/EXTENDER BAR for L-13 Load Binder. To aid in getting the load binders shut and tight, he slid a pipe down the handle of the binder and, with this added leverage, used his weight and muscle power to close the binder. As he was tightening the binders, the pipe slipped off the end, striking the employee on the face, causing him to spin around and lose his footing, and pitching him. Load Securement: Ratchet Binder vs. Lever Binder Learn the difference between a ratchet binder and lever binder, as well as which chain binder you should use in different situations. Read Mor

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Works with 3/8 and 5/16 chain. Work Load Limit — 6,600 lbs. The lever style binder is quick and easy to operate with a standard overcenter lever. The lever action secures the load with one smooth pull. The heavy duty steel construction makes this load binder strong and durable for securing loads Load Locks or load bars are used for stablizing truck load during transportation, loads in closed containers will shift, which can result in damage, as well as add to the difficulty of controlling the vehicle. A cargo bar has been designed for this purpose, which is pretty simple to use. The cargo bar is designed with a flat section that is pressed up against the load, and a telescopic tube.

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The bar contains a knurled, non-slip handle and can be used to tension and release winches and load binders. Specifications. 2 in 1 tool. Material: Chrome. Non-slip handle. Has 2 heads, one square and one round. Used to tension and release winches and load binders. Knurled handle. Total length: 40 Ratchet chain binders are often preferred because less energy is stored in the handle when tension is applied. This reduces the chances of the bar recoiling or snapping, making it ideal for heavy loads that need to be tightly secured. Remember: never exceed the working load limit of your ratchet chain binder Zip's offers a variety of load or chain binders that will anchor your large cargo loads for transport. Choose from styles including ratchet style, eye bolts, chains, load binders and tie-downs made from B/A Products, All-Grip and Tycan. Load binder ratchets will help anchor cargo for transport while allowing for incremental tensioning. 16 ft. x 2 ft. Ratchet Strap Kit with Hooks and Fasteners The Snap-Loc E-Track System is the easiest, The Snap-Loc E-Track System is the easiest, fastest and safest way to tie-down cargo items on pickups, trucks, trailers, racks, walls, floors, ceilings and more! THE PROBLEM: Cheap hook straps come loose, break often causing valuable items to dangerously fall, tangle into a frustrating ball of.

Load Restraint Systems carries a wide stock range of load binders, a necessary item to maintain secure load using tie-down chains. We provide strong and durable load binders, available in several styles and load ratings to match the chains in use. Today Load Restraint Systems is a proud supplier of the following high-quality load binders: Lever. Load Lock Cargo Bar adjustable 89 in.-105 in. Aluminum. The cargo load lock secures and helps keep load from shifting and falling in transit. Use between walls or floor and roof of van, truck or trailer. For best results use in pairs. Telescopic tube adjusts from 89 to 105 General Cargo Securement RequirementsThe Securement System p. 9Components of a Securement System Vehicle structure p. 10 Securing devices p. 11Containing, Immobilizing, and Securing Cargo p. 15 Three ways to transport cargo p. 16 Loading the cargo properly p. 19 Restraining the cargo correctly p It should be about 90 degrees to the chain. If it's less it will be loose and more will be hard to snap over. Buy a generic load bar with the hook type end not just a round end. You'll find it easier to get the bar off the binder. Hopefully you'll get safety binders instead of the old fashioned ones. If not be careful when taking them of Bent Binder Bar 600mm. Request a Quote . Add to Wishlist. Compare. SKU: BBB Categories: Load Restraint, Winches Tags: binder bar, winches. Share this product. Related Products Ratchet Tie Down 25mm x 5mtr LC 750kg With Hook And Keeper. Read more. Add to Wishlist. Compare

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Buy Now Hire Me. Load binder Grade 8 Chain 8mm, 6mtr & 10mtr Lengths. From: £33.56 inc VAT. (£27.96 ex VAT) Buy Now. EN12195-3 Ratchet Load binder for 13mm Chain. From: £35.35 inc VAT load binder handle to move very quickly with great force when it is unlatched. Move handle with caution. It may whip - Keep body clear. • Never use a cheater pipe or handle extender to release handle. Use a steel bar and pry under the handle and stay out of the path of handle as it moves upward. • If you release the handle by hand, use an.

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Search Results For Chain Binder 1 Item. HAUL-MASTER. 5400 lb. Lever Action Load Binder. 5400 lb. Lever Action Load Binder $ 24 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. Save even more with the harbor freight credit card. Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase When You Open a New Account. Learn More Spreader Bar : Aluminum Master Link : 5/8 Grade 80 alloy Web Connectors : 5/16 Grade 80 alloy Eye Sling Hook : 5/16 Grade 80 alloy Round Sling : Green 6 ft. All bars are 100% proof tested to 1.5 times of its capacity. Inspect prior to usage Never exceed working load limit. Avoid shock loads Lok-Down® Jaw-Jaw Ratchet Load Binder. All load bearing fittings are forged. All load bearing fittings are forged. Quenched and tempered. Jaw end fittings are yellow zinc plated. Handle and barrel are powder coated. Heavy duty swaged tube body. Two piece handle. Pin comes complete with nut and lock-washer Tighten binders before moving and re-check frequently. Do not exceed working load limit shown on binder-hand effort will tighten binder to working load limit. Do not use cheater bar or handle extension as their use can overload binder system and result in injury

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In this video, we provide information on some of the features of ratchet binders and how you can safely operate and put them to use for your application.Webs.. Chain Binder End Strong one piece cast steel construction. A specially designed chain binder end allows the user to maneuver the bar on or off a tightened load binder easily because of its unique design In contrast a ratchet binder requires a very low force to engage it of approximately 7-20 lbs. Using this type of binder will reduce risks of injury to your body. Hazard Solution With a lever load binder, you will exert bodily forces as high as 130 lbs to engage it, even with a cheater bar. Add to tha Dawson Group Ltd. - the China Manufacturer Supplier of ratchet type load binder, dawson load binder, load binder with safety pin, ratchet load binder with clevis hook, load binders with hook, load binders, spring loadbinder, chain binder, truck binder, easy chain binder, flatbed binder, load binder for lashing, forged load binder, alloy steel load binder, forged steel load binder

Columbus McKinnon Binder Chain with Clevis Grab Hooks - Grade 70 - 3/8 Inch x 20 Foot - 6,600 Pound Safe Working Load. $83.99. Qty: FREE Ground Shipping on Everything. Normally ships in 7 - 10 business days. SKU: BTD678533-25. Weight: 38.00 lbs If you require a load binder, ratchet tie down, web dog, lever dog or a Maxibinder, Silverback can supply the correct product. Need a cargo net, upright roll restraint, tie wire, shoring bar a superior strap load choker or hook that is quality tested you can rely on Silverback to deliver

Winch / Load Binder Brochure Operators Manual — Auto Tensioner/Load Binder Load Binder Winch Range Auto Tensioner (Air) / Load Binder Manual Winch / Load Binder Parts and Accessories Winch Bar 22mm / Hex Webbing Straps Remote Release Ki Lever load binder red painting. For use to tighten chain used in cargo procurement. Double swivel lever design painted red for easy identification. Red powder coating provides additional protection to deck finishes. Safe working load is 5,400 lbs. Do not use for overhead lifting Since 1951 Lillian Vernon has been bringing you one-of-a-kind Personalized Gifts, timeless Kids¡¯ Gifts and stylish items for your Seasonal Celebrations!. If you are like us, you are watching the calendar for the next joyous holiday to bring your family together and make your home a fun and festive place Heavy Tooth Bars - 156F Custom - Heavy Tooth Bar Hay Bale Spears. 39 Long C2 Bale Spears 43 Long C2 Bale Spears Cargo Control >> Load Binder - Ratchet Type Ratchet Chain / Load Binder 1/4-5/16 With Double Hooks. Item No : 50007 Price: $27.97.

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Baler Load Binders; Compactor Load Binders; Long Barrel; Short Barrel; Swivel Type; Lockable; Removable Handle T Handle; Gold-Tip® LITE Ratchet Load Binders; T-Handle Binders; Lever Load Binders; Ratchet Load Bars; Logging Supplies; Master Links. X100 Grade 100 Master Links; Grade 80 Links; Stainless Steel Links; Oilfield & Gas Field. Works with 3/8 and 5/16 chain. Work Load Limit — 6,600 lbs. The ratchet style load binder is the best way to clamp or bind chain on large and heavy loads. These are easy to use and adjust with no snap effect or recoil. They are clearly stamped with the Working Load Limit and Capacity Winch Bars & Truck Winches; Weld-On Parts; Compactor Load Binders . Jaw-Jaw Compactor Load Binder. Eye-Eye Compactor Load Binder. Eye-Jaw Compactor Load Binder. ABOUT ADVANTAGE SALES. We are a full service rigging supply company located in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Our location is fully equipped to handle your wire rope fabricating, chain and. Ratchet Load Binder, 5/8 - 3/4, 18,100 Lbs. WLL: Under Reach Load Binder w/ Chain, 5/16 - 3/8, 6,600 Lbs. WL Never use a cheater bar with the binder for tightening or releasing; always do so by hand and in a downward motion. Position the load binder so that it can be reached from the ground and do not operate while standing on the load. Always choose and wear gloves that will improve grip while using the equipmen

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Flatbed Trailer Supplies - Straps, Binder Chains, Winch Bars etc. New! Interior Van Straps, Load Bars and More in Dallas. Great quality. Fast shipping from Dallas, TX. Click pics for more info. AND, YES, WE ANSWER THE PHONE AND RETURN VOICE MAILS 8AM-8PM EASTERN MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 866-855-4285 B/A IS HERE TO HELP. B/A Products Co. will remain open to support every first responder and driver still on our roadways working to counteract the COVID-19 crisis Helps prevents interior cargo from shifting, reducing the potential for damage. Ratchet Strap w/ Flat Hooks. Ratchet straps include steel flat hooks - the most common end fitting in the heavy-duty flatbed market. (1) Ratchet Load Binder. Securely bind and release tiedown chains without the use of extra tools CAMPBELL 5/16 - 3/8 GRADE 70 LOAD BINDER, RATCHET TYPE, YELLOW CHROMATE, 6207506. QUANTITY QTY AVAIL: Call for Availability UOM: EA. UNIT PRICE Cargo Load Lock Binders / Jack Bars Assy. Part #: TWD 4840710. Line: Traction. Pricing is temporarily unavailable online for the part. Please call store at, (425) 823-2251. Buying Options

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3/8 - 1/2 Durabilt Ratchet Binders. Rating: 0%. $61.39 As low as $58.89. Add to Cart. 5/16 - 3/8 Ratchet Binders. Rating: 0%. $60.99 As low as $58.49 Load Binders provide powerful load binding and the ratcheting motion of the binder easily draws the ends together, providing maximum tension with minimal effort. Strong handles and special leverage design allows the user to easily snap the binder into place. Ratchet binder offers added mechanical advantage for easier use The ratchet load binder uses a ratchet mechanism to create tension in the chain. It has a ratchet handle and two tension hooks on each end. Because it doesn't store much energy in the handle, there is less risk of the bar recoiling or snapping, making the ratchet binder a safer option. The lever load binder has a tension hook on each and that.

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Load Binders are used for chain binding applications in trucking and marine industries. Heavy-duty, forged steel construction. Proof capacity is 10,000 pounds while the ultimate capacity is 19,000 pounds. Accommodates 5/16 to 3/8 chain. Insert lock thru hole for maximum theft protection. Provides 5,400 lbs. working load limit Heavy duty load binder ratchet makes hauling material with chain tie downs easy. With a huge 9200 lb. load capacity and a breaking strength of more than 33,000 lbs., this ratchet binder will meet and exceed your expectations! The super duty load binder makes securing material with chains a cinch. The massive steel hooks featured on the ratchet.

Our 5/16 ratchet binders are made to be used with 5/16 Grade 70 Transport Chain. We also carry a 5/16 - 3/8 lever binder. Chain Load Binders are all steel, drop-forged, and meet FMCSA and DOT specifications. Versatile and adjustable,these load binders offer heavy-duty transport securement Baler Load Binders; Compactor Load Binders; Long Barrel; Short Barrel; Swivel Type; Lockable; Removable Handle T Handle; Economy Load Binders; Premium Lever Load Binders; Cargo Control Chain. Grade 70 Transport/Cargo Control Chain; Grade 80 Chain; X100® Grade 100 Chain; Cargo Control Straps; Cargo Control Accessories; Winch Bar Ratchet. Tie Down Chains & Load Binders As a rigging shop, chains and binders are a bread and butter product. We keep many different options in stock and we can special order just about anything you could want. Most are made from Grade 70 steel, which is gold in color, and easily identifiable as a tie down chain. The most popular size for our customers is 3/8 x 20ft, which is rated @ 6600 lbs WLL.

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Binder chain assemblies can be made by mechanical connections, in the lengths offered. Lever Type Load Binder CM's functionally superior Lever Type Binder provides more control in binding and releasing without extra tools. There is more take-up for binding greater loads. Ratchet Type Lever Binder An over center load binder assembly is disclosed comprising a crank member, a clevis type draw bar with leg elements pivotally connected to a first portion of the crank member, a pull link pivotally connected to a second portion of the crank member and a lever handle, pivotally connected to the crank member and comprising a cam surface, radial to the axis of the lever handle pivotal connection.

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Order grade 70 transport chains and ratchet binders has working load limits from 4,700 lbs to 11300 lbs. Premium quality load binder, ratchet binder, grab hooks are available at US Truck Supplies I'm sure that's why the binder turned. There's really no reason to have a binder that tight. They must have had a 6 foot cheater bar. Lever binders have been around longer than I have. We could always tell a flatbed puller by how many teeth were missing Specifications. LT Load Binder. Versatile lightweight mini-load binder. One hook swivels 360 degrees. Either hood may be permanently attached to chain. Design for use on truck racks, boat trailers, ski mobile, etc. Each binder individually proof tested. Shipping & Return Info

Consider using something other than an over-centre load binder, such as ratchet straps or turnbuckle binders. Don't use cheater bars on dogs. Provide information, training and instruction about using load binders safely. Further information. For more information call 13 10 50. See the National Transport Commission's Load restraint guide. Back. Part # For Chain Size Unit Weight WLL(lb) 11-RTLB-38T 5/16 - 3/8 EA 10 lb 7,100 Ratchet Load Binder with T Handle View our entire collection of grade 70 binder chains. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news and new product releases Load Tighteners Warning: NEVER EXCEED WORKING LOAD LIMITS! Always inspect load binders prior to use and discard in case of signs of wear • Do Not use handle extensions (cheater bars) for tightening • Do Not operate load binders while you or anyone else is standing on the load • Do Not tighten handle in a downward manne Load Binders. Load binders are used primarily with chain; however, load binders may be used with wire rope, steel strap and synthetic webbing. Lever Type Load Binders allow for quicker application of load and provides the user more control in binding and releasing. The lever arm allows for more take up when binding greater loads Lever Load Binder. Chain Binders; Downloads. ICC Product Brochure; Factory tested for dependability. Designed to prevent the clevis from separating from handle of binder. Manufactured for the long-haul, a lever load binder brings additional features to the road. Lever Load Binder

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Yellow Lifting & Hardware LLC 2 Ton Aluminum 2' Spreader Lifting Beam Lifting Bar [223136] - 2 Ton Aluminum 2' Spreader Lifting Beam Lifting Bar Our lifting spreader beams are for commercial and industrial use . Product is equipped with locking retaining pin web connectors for easy assembling and disassembling. This feature allows to change round sling with different lengths at your request. Load Binder; Transport Chain/Fittings; Bungee Cords/Plastic Straps; Cargo Bar/Jack Bar/Winch; Synthetic Lifting Sling. Webbing Sling/Material; Round Sling; Safety Harness/Safety Belt; Webbing Net; Lifting Equipment. Chain Hoist/Lever Hoist; Electric Hoist; Lifting Clamp; Snatch Block; Marine Hardware. Anchor; Anchor Chain; Anchor Chain Fittings. Winch Bars are a handy tool to achieve pretension for Webbing strap and also safely release a Chain lashing system subject to statutory requirements. Bar length: 900mm. Manufactured from steel knurled handle and double looped to keep bar inline with Load Binder handle chrome plated finish. Load Binders. Load binders are perfect for securing larger loads to your lorry or truck. We can supply simple lever load binders as well as the ratchet load binder for heavier duty applications. Load binder chain and hook fittings are also available. Ratchet straps can provide a great alternative for load restraining and come in many sizes from. Yellow Lifting & Hardware LLC : Load Binder - Round Slings Wire Rope Slings Snatch Blocks Grade 80 Alloy Hooks Alloy Links Grade 70 Tow Chain Alloy Shackles Alloy Chain Chain Sling G80 Heavy Duty Recovery Chain Web Lifting Slings Eye/Eye Beam Plate Lifting Clamp Roll Off Hook Cable & Strap Grade 80 Chain Sling Grade 100 Chain Sling Chain Come Along Parts Tow Strap & Car Tie Down Load Binder.