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These cool blonde hues typically have blue and green undertones to them and best suit light and fair skin tones. The blue and green undertones can also help neutralize skin with redness as it helps to balance the complexion. For a natural-looking blonde that blends with cool undertones, our forthcoming Natural Blonde Luxy Hair extensions. However, if you've been itching to go blonde, have a skin tone with cool undertones (i.e., blue or pink), and are looking for some expert guidance in the hair color department, you're in luck. After all, blonde can be particularly finicky—easily veering pallid, brassy, or a slightly confusing combination of the two

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The ash hue is laden with subtle hints of pale green and blue undertones and looks beautiful paired with pale skin and light eyes. Oh, and P.S.: If you have rosy-looking skin, this blonde hair color is worth even more consideration because the green and blue undertones can help neutralize the appearance of redness on your face. Color theory, FTW Rich, golden blonde hair color is the gold standard for people with warm undertones. It brings blue, green and hazel eyes alive, and looks especially elegant when it's streaked with buttery warm highlights. Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color. Icy Blue Blonde Hair Color. Best for: light, cool skin tones People with cool skin undertones tend to have blue, green, pale brown or grey eyes and naturally blonde, brown or black hair with ash tones. If you've got brown, amber or hazel eyes and strawberry blonde, auburn, brown or black hair with hints of red, copper or golden tones, it's likely that you're warm-toned Roma Blonde. This light blonde shade with cool undertones is best described as a smoky blonde with purple and blue undertones. At a level 10, most of the warm pigment in hair has been removed and the rest is toned out with cool tones

If you're fair with cool undertones, Hazan recommends a golden, strawberry, or baby blonde like Juliane Hough's that will add warmth to your complexion rather than making you appear sallow. 1 of 7. Hair colors for cool skin tones include ash and platinum blonde. You can also go with blue blacks and brunette ash browns. Save. Source. A girl with true olive skin should indeed stay loyal to her cool undertones when selecting a hue. Save. Source. If you wish to go red, stick with dark copper, burgundy or violet Cool skin: blue undertone, blue-brown melanin is dominant. Warm skin: The flattering light pink shirt, however, complements her skin tone and strawberry blonde hair, making her coloring appear brighter. The pink of her shirt brings out the rosy tones in her skin and highlights the golden tones in her hair. Flattering Colors for Light Warms People with blue or purplish-looking veins usually have cooler undertones. If you have neutral undertones, then your veins may appear colorless or match the color of your skin. 2 Knowing whether your skin is cool or warm is the first step to finding the most flattering makeup to accompany your blonde hair hue. A good rule of thumb is that if you have blue-ish veins on the inside of your wrist, you have cool undertones, whereas green-ish veins point toward warm undertones

Champagne Blonde. Champagne Blonde. Credit: @hairbylindal. This color is a classic for a reason: It's ultra-flattering. It works on almost all skin tones, warm or cool, depending on which shade of champagne you're asking for—but we're loving a cool champagne for those with blue or pink undertones If you follow the five key pieces of advice below, it's possible to find a super-flattering blonde hair color whether you have deep skin with red undertones, medium skin with neutral undertones, fair skin with yellow undertones, or any combination of dark and light, warm and cool Blue Eyes with a Cool Skin Tone. Choose hair colors with the words 'cool' or 'ash.' Try base shades such as intense browns (but not with red undertones), blondes, and blacks. To add extra contrast, apply subtle highlights of honey, wheat, or ash shades. Blue eyes really sparkle like water reflections when surrounded by platinum to ash blonde hair

It really allows her blue eyes to pop. Blonde Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones Green eyes, blonde hair and cool pink undertones. Isn't going blonde on the mind of almost every other girl, at least at some point in their lives? If you are thinking that right now, what would be the best blonde hair color for cool skin tones This cool-toned take on blonde tends to have violet blue and sometimes green undertones and is best suited to those with a fair skin tone. You may have warm and cool flatter tones. If the goldsilver test was inconclusive with your skin. Because her roots are left natural and dark the overall effect is Your hair might be light brown, red, dark brown or strawberry blonde and your eye color tends to be light blue, gray-green, blue-green, or cool brown. Cool. If your nail bed is reddish, pink or blue toned then you fall into the cool tone category! Your skin tends to have blue, red or pink undertones and your skin can be pale white, olive or dark

Choosing a Shade: If you're not sure which shade to go for, your stylist will be happy to lend their expert opinion.People that have a pale complexion with a peachy undertone can pull off ash without it washing them out. Maintenance Level: Blonde hair is typically high maintenance, and it's generally said to be a commitment no matter what.Plus, 3 months is the max amount of time you can wait. The different shades of blonde hair color available to you span all the way from the cool category of ash tones to the warmth of strawberry blonde. You can choose darker blondes that are closer to a brown shade, or go as pale as the icy cold platinum blonde. This assortment of tones include: Ash blonde. Pearl blonde There are warm undertones in Lucy Boynton's complexion, which means silvery, near-white blonde hair works as a cool counterpoint. Because her roots are left natural and dark, the overall effect is. 3. Light Ash Blond. Going from brown to blonde can be easier if you choose a color with some ash in it. This is because many natural blondes have ash-blond hair. It is also a color a lot of Hollywood celebrities wear. If you choose this shade, you will need less touch-ups than if you had gone platinum

When your eyes are green, blue or grey if your natural hair is blonde, black that have ash undertones like bluish, silvery, or violet then you own a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if you are a warm skin tone your eyes are hazel or brown. The hair is strawberry blonde, black or red to brown Ashy, white, silver or platinum blonde hair are a great complement to pale skin that contains red undertones. When it comes to color, remember that opposites attract. Any light cool blonde will neutralize pink skin so it's an ideal hair color for pale skin and blue eyes. If your hair was white blonde as a child, then this color will suit your. If you have a medium skin tone with blue eyes, or are generally considered a woman of color, you are likely to have naturally dark hair and warm undertones. Try not to wear hair colors that will create an unnatural look such as medium blonde and light blonde hair colors. Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin Blonde colors will look great too

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How to determine your skin tone. As with complexions, hair colors can be warm, cool or neutral.Cool-toned skin has pink, red, and blue undertones, while warm-toned skin has yellow, peach, and. T15 - Pale Beige Blonde. Applying Wella Color Charm T15 toner on your pre-lightened golden yellow hair will leave your tresses with a pale beige blonde shade. T11 - Lightest Beige Blonde. When this violet-green toner is applied to yellow-hued hair, the result is a light shade of beige blonde. T27 - Medium Beige Blonde If you are a girl with fair skin and blue eyes and looking for perfect hair color then we have gathered the top and best hair color for fair skin. Best Hair Color For Fair Skin With Pink Undertones And Blue Eyes. Hair Colors For Blue Eyes Hair Color For Fair Skin Hair Color Pink New Hair Colors Blonde Color Blonde Highlights Pink Hair.

I'm a blonde and really want to wear red lipstick, but I can't pull it off with my pale skin. I'm a red-head and can't pull off any lipstick colors. Truth is - there is a color of pink, red, coral, brown and nude that suits every hair color, eye color, skin undertone and season For women with fair skin with a few blue undertones, the best choice would be blond shades like gold, honey, and caramel colors. and as a result, we see women with natural warm brown hair dye it blonde, or even platinum blonde, in an effort to stand out. This is not going to complement your skin complexion, ladies. Besides, there is no such.

Ash blonde, including shades like platinum, ice, silver, and champagne, look great on those who have cool skin with reddish undertones. The slightly blue cast in these blonde shades will counteract ruddiness in the skin. Celebrities who have rocked ash blonde correctly with their skin tone include Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift Light Ash Blonde. The palest of blondes has hints of ash, or a whitish tint with pale green and blue undertones, and suits ladies with pale skin tones particularly well If you're fair with cool undertones, Hazan recommends a golden, strawberry, or baby blonde like Juliane Hough's that will add warmth to your complexion rather than making you appear sallow. 1 of 7. Strawberry blonde, golden blonde, caramel blonde, or honey blonde hair color works fine for girls with olive skin. - To complement your skin undertone Choose beige hair color or something from the first pack when having blue or pinky veins on your wrists (cool tone), and opt for the second list if they are green (warm tone) Strawberry blonde is precisely what it sounds like a light golden blonde hair color with reddish undertones. Red hair is the rarest hair color to naturally occur in the world (only 1-2% of the population has natural red hair) but this color can be achieved by using a warm toner on golden blonde hair

Q: My Client Has Yellow-Orange Hair And Wants to Go Ash Blonde. What Should I do? A: First Lift using Bleach to level 10. Then use Blue Based Extra Light Blonde 10.1b to Neutralize Yellow & Give Your Client a Beautiful Ultra Ashy Blonde Result Watch the Video Below of Blue Based Extra Cold Ash Blonde 10.1b in Action! Hair by Brittney Perez If you are a cool summer, this is little to no chance that you have lighter hair or blonde hair of any kind. A cool summer will almost always have medium to dark ashy brown hair and will have little to no red tones in it. Eyes. Cool summer will usually have grey, blue, or blue-grey eyes. It is, however, possible for a cool summer to have green. Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes with Cool Skin Tones. If this is your tone, you can get away with the kind of dramatic, cool blonde shades that some people only dream about pulling off. As well as some other rather striking colors: → Icey blonde shades go perfectly with light eyes and cool skin tones - think platinum blonde or cool ash blonde. Blue-violet with cool undertones. Colorless Colorless Hair Types Curly friendly. Safe for all hair types and textures, including human hair wigs and protective styles. Curly friendly. Safe for all hair types and textures, including human hair wigs and protective styles. Curly friendly. Safe for all hair types and textures, including human hair. If you are a summer, skin undertones might be pale blue or pale pink. Skin might be pale or pink-toned. Light eyes and blonde or light to medium brunette hair are common for summers. Summers look excellent in soft shades and muted colors with cool undertones (or light colored neutrals)

Platinum blonde looks best with cool skin tones. When deciding on the best hair colors for cool skin tones, extra caution should be taken when looking at red hair colors. Most reds work well for people with warm skin tones, due to their yellowish undertones. Cool reds with a hint of blue, however, may be suitable for some people with cool skin When you hear color being referred to as ash, it really just means that it has a blue base color. In other words, ash brown is brown hair color with a blueish undertone. It might even tend to look like a dark brownish-grey. Although grey hair might not flatter everyone, the ash tones have been pretty popular for the past few years This cool-toned take on blonde tends to have violet, blue and sometimes green undertones, and is best suited to those with a fair skin tone. To reach this shade, the hair needs to be lightened to a pale yellow hue first, then toned using a combination of cendre, violet and blue to create a true ash blonde result. 6 It turned blue because the hair was very pale and cool, which meant the starting hair wasn't warm enough to cancel the coolness of the mix itself. Strand 2: We used Vibrant Silver over a medium blonde color and it turned a greenish-tan color Colour Wheel: Blue Undertone(s): Neutral, Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm Shades(s): Black, Blonde, Brunette. Hair dyes that include the word Ash in the name typically means the hair dye is more cool-toned. They consist of green, blue and pale violet undertones. These cancel out any unwanted red, orange, brassy, gold, and yellow undertones

For orange undertones use blue shampoo. You can also use blue shampoo if your hair is a lighter shade of brown. Brunettes will look sharper with the help of the blue pigment. On top of that, it will also provide a nice, healthy shine to your hair! When choosing your shampoo, make sure to pay attention to how much pigment the product has Porcelain skin with cool undertones-blue-grey eyes-and dark ash blonde hair definitely sounds like a possible soft summer but it could also be cool summer. Soft summer usually has some warm undertones in their skin as well, and have some propensity to tan in the sun What causes brassy blonde hair? Hair has a level scale between 1 and 10, 1 being darkest black and 10 being lightest blonde. Level 1 has an undertone of darkest red, and level 10 has an undertone of pale yellow. The darker your hair, the more levels of brassy undertones there are that you need to break through with bleaching and lightening your. Best hair colors include: Golden brown, caramel, ash brown, dark brown. Best colors to wear: Olive, Purple, Mustard, Cranberry, Forest Green, Royal Blue, pink. Medium skin tones can wear darker.

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Typically, people with warm undertones have dark blonde, auburn, or warm brown hair with dark blue, light brown, or hazel eyes—think Blake Lively and Beyonce A blonde with your skin coloring will look best in soft, dusty, diffused colors with cool undertones, as warm colors are too bold against cool skin. Pick out cool pinks like dusty rose, powder pink or mauve, or blue-toned purples like violet or periwinkle. Go all out with blue, so long as it's not a warm or red-toned type Perfect Hair Colors for Blue Eyes. Here is a list of 11 best hair color ideas for women with blue eyes: 1. Auburn Hair. Auburn color is an ideal hair color for blue eyes. Elan colors like Auburn serve as a quintessential for cool undertones and blue eyes. 2 Choosing A Hair Color To Suit Blue Eyes. Selecting a hair color doesn't always come down to matching a shade to your eyes. There are many more factors at play, and your skin tone is perhaps the most important. There are countless people in the world with blue eyes and blonde hair, but their skin tones are totally different, and therefore.

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When it comes to the best blonde hair colors for fair skin with warm undertones, think golden and honey blonde shades, ditching all those cool blonde shades instead. Strawberry and caramel blonde hair colors will bring out the beautiful glow in your warm skin undertone. If you want to be a brunette, rich brown shades are your best friends Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for oVertone Haircare Blue Toning Conditioner | Neutralizes Brassiness & Orange Undertones in Blonde to Light Brown Hair | With Coconut Oil & Shea Butter| Safe for All Hair Types | Vegan, Cruelty-Free at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Black hair strikes a dramatic contrast against olive skin. The combination is smoldering, mysterious, and exotic by nature. It's best to go for straight black, shiny and healthy but matte. Blue-black hair tends to clash with olive undertones. 12. Shades of Brow

Warm toned skin has a yellow undertone, with warm skin tones you will look best in cream, brown, warm green, navy blue, coral pink, orange or scarlet. Cool toned skin has a blue undertones and people with cool skin tones look best in pure white, grey, icy blue and pink, fucshia, navy, purple and cherry red What Colors Look Good On Blonde Hair Blue Eyes.What jewelry looks best on you? Sandy blonde meaning.sandy hair color is a gorgeous shade of medium to light beige blonde with golden undertones.it looks a somewhat similar to honey blue or green eyes.sandy brown hair color looks great with beige blonde highlights—the combination is sophisticated and elegant.sandy beige Green-blue eyes can be made attractive by the wide variety of hair colors. The prime rule about your skin tone and complexion must hold in any case of hair color selection. To make your blue-green eyes stand out try light blonde or some medium brown. Also, remember that your natural hair color complements your eyes in most cases So, with this information in mind, we now know how to decipher the following examples: 10.12 = Lightest blonde hair colour with cool undertones. 6. 31 = Dark blonde hair colour with gold but a hint of ash to avoid brassiness. 7.46 = Blonde with copper tones and a touch of red. Now you start to understand how a hair colourist is a real artist

True black has a blue undertone, the darkest brown has an undertone of mahogany or red-violet, medium brown has a red undertone, light brown has an orange-red undertone, medium blonde has an. 9. Tonal Balance Anti-Brass Blue Shampoo. This shampoo eliminates the strong brassy tones and gives a brightness to the dark blonde or light brown hair color. It even cleanses the hair and scalp gently, prevents the frizz and flyaway hair, adds shine to your locks, and brightens your hair color The first step to choosing a flattering hair color is determining your skin undertones. One way to tell is by looking at the veins on the insides of your wrists. If they appear blue in color, you likely have cool undertones. If your veins look more green, you probably have warm undertones Best hair color for green eyes and warm skin tone. Tip #1: Warmer skins, especially those with yellow undertones, are perfect with cinnamon, ginger, copper shades, shades of red such as strawberry and russet. Tip #2: If your skin is warm and leaning towards the golden undertone, avoid shades of deep brown hair color

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  1. The green and blue tints in medium champagne hair will oppose the pink undertone of the skin. A yellow blonde or anything in the category of the golden blonde hair is perfect for your light warm skin and hazel eyes. With a constant toning of hair to prevent brass creeping into your hair color, you are good to go
  2. If you have a cool skin tone, ash-toned medium to dark brown or black hair with no red or gold highlights, and deep blue, green or brown eyes, you belong to the winter family. Spring coloring. If you have a warm skin tone and golden blonde or light-medium brown hair with golden highlights, you have spring colouring
  3. Shade #18/24/613, This shade of 24-inch clip-in hair extensions is perfect for those with natural blonde hair with warm undertones. A Sandy Blonde base blended with painted Platinum Blonde highlights, cool beige and..

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  1. The most flattering hair colors for people with warm skin undertones will probably be golden or reddish browns, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, or auburn. One tricky aspect in assessing skin undertones is that it is possible to have warm eyes paired with cool skin, or the reverse
  2. Blue. Which neutralizes orange tones. Glossary Brassiness Yellow or orange tones in blonde or highlighted hair Toners Pigmented products that balance out unwanted undertones Cool tones Blue, greens or teals Warm tones Reds, pinks, oranges or yellow
  3. Madonna Celebrated Pride With Bright Blue Hair. Pride events are among the most colorful parades and parties of the year, so it would only make sense for a longtime ally and icon, Madonna, to try.
  4. Women with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin have a delicate beauty. Makeup tips for blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Celebrities Kirsten Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Taylor Swift are all famous pale blue-eyed blondes that have mastered their beauty regimens. Eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, blush colors, and lip colors
  5. Sandy Blonde 18/24/613 Virgin Hair Clip-ins 24. $359.95. Default Title. Quantity. Add to Cart. Shade 18/24/613, This shade of 24-inch clip-in hair extensions is perfect for those with natural blonde hair. A light blonde with a balance of ash and golden undertones, it's your lightest blonde... View Product →
  6. If you have naturally blonde hair, you probably have a yellow or olive skin undertone. These undertones are beautiful in themselves but combined with light hair color, and you can look dull. So, it would be best if you focused on the thin skin areas on your face, most especially around your eyes
  7. Oct 3, 2016 - Platinum white blonde hair with blue undertones & dark shadow root. By Amanda. #RedkenShadesEQ 09

Your undertone is also often determined by your hair and eye color. If you have brown, black, or blonde hair with blue, grey, or green eyes, you likely have a cool undertone. If you have red, brown, black, or strawberry blonde hair with brown or hazel eyes, you probably have a warm undertone. Undertone Test #5: Burn vs Ta 9 Med Blonde Lt Gold Champagne/ 9. 8 Dk Blonde Gold. 7 Med Brown Orange **Smokey. 6 Dk Brown Red Orange. 5 Very Dk Br. Red Intense Ash. 3-4 Black Brown Red. Hair always lightens to warm tones. Beautiful red, copper and golden hair color is created by taking advantage of warm undertones. These hair colors are fabulous on women with warm skin tones

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Mint green, baby blue and colors with a blue or gray undertone flatter like no other. Dusty shades of pink and lavender are also great for cool blonde hair colors , celeb color expert Jill. Hair: Ashy blonde, Ashy light or dark brown, or Black with blue undertones. Skin: Olive or Cool Blue undertones . Eyes: Light brown, blue, or gray. Cool seasons (Summer or Winter) do not depend on contrast or lack of contrast between skin/hair/and eye color, rather it is the overall undertone of these three things Baby Blonde Haircolor by Redken. Many people with fair skin make the mistake of thinking that they're cool toned.Many times, this isn't the case. You can be fair and warm or fair and olive.However, usually blue eyes goes hand-in-hand with a cool complexion, so if you have fair skin and blue eyes, there's a good chance you have pink, purple or blue undertones If you have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, auburn, or black hair that has gold tones, you are most likely warm-toned. (If the gold/silver test was inconclusive with your skin. Naturally black, brown, or blonde hair combined with green, grey, or blue eyes is an indication of a cool undertone. Hazel, brown, or amber eyes combined with naturally black, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair indicates a warm undertone

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Blue Eyes with Fair, Warm Skin Tone- Rose Gold. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Rose gold is one of the most popular new hair colors, and whether she knows it or not, Nicole Kidman's strawberry blonde locks are right on trend. Rose gold is a barely there hair color that makes a big impact. 4 of 11 Light ash brown hair color is cool and sophisticated, especially if your complexion is fair and your eyes are light blue or brown. This is the shade you want if you do not want to see any red or gold in your hair color. Add a few cool blonde highlights for an elegant result. Opt for this shade if your natural color is light or medium cool brown Steer clear of black hair color with blue undertones though as it can make you look sickly especially if you have blue undertones in your face. If you favor blonde hair you want it to be warmer with a golden sheen. Since olive skin covers such a range of shades its important to formulate a basic skin tone chart before choosing a hair color. Just like with makeup and hair, the key to finding your most flattering colors starts with skin tone, or rather, skin undertone, which can be grouped into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral For example, if your hair is naturally very dark your stylist will need to bleach it lighter than you want to go, in order to remove all the golden and orange pigments, and then dye with a darker shade to match the level of blonde you are after minus the warm undertones

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While this point is the least straightforward of all, your eye and hair colour combination can generally give an indication to your undertone. Those with blue, grey or green eyes with blonde. Deeper or richer skin tones tan more reddish. If you have neutral undertones: The skin has no predominant shade. When in the sun, you can burn or tan. If you have warm undertones: Lighter skin tones tan more peach. Light to medium skin tones tan more golden. Deeper or richer skin tones tan more caramel Hair colour. Blonde -While subtle colour effects may work well with blonde hair avoid dramatic tones - blues and greens rarely work well. Lightweight frames will generally suit fair haired people better than heavier, bolder frames. One way to tell is by looking at the veins on your arms - blue veins suggest you have a cool undertone.

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Blue, grey undertones. Purchase. Cow Girl. Typically used with dark blonde, mousey hair to dark brown hair, blue, green or brown eyes and translucent porcelain skin, beige or pink undertones. Purchase. Typically used with natural red or light blonde hair, blue or green eyes and transparent skin with a violet undertone. Purchase. Strawberry. Eyes are blue, blue-grey, hazel, green or light brown. Skin tone has undertones of amber and blue, may appear coppery. Skin is often lighter than other Autumns. STRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN — Very dark hair (usually brunette, possibly black with warm tones, possibly metallic looking) indicates a mixing with Winter Season For the cool undertones, however, they don't tan easily, their veins aren't as noticeable as they're seen to have pink undertones, and they have pale skin. Cool undertones could shade their hair ashy and platinum blonde, jet black, or violet red. Colors such as honey or caramel brown could appear dull

Warm olive skin has yellow undertones, best complemented by an equally warm or golden hair color. If you have slightly blue undertones and look better in green over red, you likely have cool olive skin. Neutral-toned olive skin is a blend of pink and yellow undertones, and the easiest to pair with any hair color Eye and hair color. People with cool skin tone often have brown, blond or black hair. For the eyes, the color is usually grey-blue or green eyes. If you have dark brown, red, strawberry blonde or reddish-brown hair, you're probably warm toned. And your eye color usually is hazel, brown or amber

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Brown is neutral, so it's harder to create contrast if you have brown eyes. Brown eyes usually have warm, yellowish undertones, so consider dyeing your hair a pale blue or violet shade to create contrast. If you have hazel eyes, think about shades of red, pink, or purple to create contrast Strawberry, platinum, and ash blonde-haired people tend to have lighter hair colors than their warm blonde counterparts. They tend to err on the neutral side of the blond spectrum, with white or gray undertones. Cool blonde-haired people can wear colors like black, blue and purple, along with cooler pink tones To request an online hair consultation, follow the instructions here. Q: I would love to settle on a Life Colour. I am a hair yo-yoer and always seem to rotate from blonde to bronde to dark brown and sometimes red, then back again. I'm currently blonde, but my natural colour is dark brown This magenta hair color creation is terrific for those with warm undertones. The punchy grape tones intermix with plum hair color and a bit of passion fruit orange for a rich, juicy hue. 5. Lilac Highlights in Blonde Hair White hair dye is more about adding tones to neutralize other undertones, and this icy blonde can be a dazzling version of platinum blonde. White blonde hair is a unique hair color choice that can be beautiful with any number of looks and styles

Here is a pretty simple rule to remember: cool hair colors to complement cool skin tones, warm hair colors to complement warm skin tones. For example, if you have cool undertones, look for shades like icy bl onde to complement your complexion or for deep jewel tones like blue-black and true red to create a high contrast look For example, if your hair is naturally dark, but you want an ashy blonde you will need to lighten the hair more and then tone it darker, adding the ash into it. 3. The blonde is too ash 4 of 15. Cool Grey-Blonde. Sure, grey-blonde might not be the most common hair color for olive skin, but it can be stunning if done correctly. Kim Kardashian's version is anchored by darker roots. Cool hair colors like platinum blonde, ash blonde and brown, silver, blue, green, and black help to accentuate hazel green eyes. Select warm hair colors like burgundy, berry tones, deep reds, auburn, black, warm and deep browns, and dark golden or caramel blondes emphasize the gold flecks in your hazel eyes The hair toner, previously known as Ivory Lady, has violet-blue undertones. These colors will remove the orangy undertones and give them their natural color back. >> Click here to check this product on Amazon << Ash. Unlike the real ash color, the ash on the hair color is blonde-ish. But the unwanted bronze can ruin the experience

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