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Save on Jewelry. Quick & Easy Returns In-Store. Shop Rings, Watches, Necklaces & More Jewelry. Get Great Deals at Targetâ„¢ Today Free Shipping on Titanium Jewelry As a jewelry piece, titanium uses an alloy with 90% titanium and generally 10% vanadium and aluminum. The other metals make the former more malleable, because like gold, in its pure state it is too soft to work with. Titanium's hardness makes it difficult to resize. It compensates by making maintenance easier

Titanium & Tungsten. Pros. Cons. Both metals are extremely hard and scratch resistant. For the most part, titanium rings are hypoallergenic. Most tungsten carbide rings are alloyed with the element cobalt, which some people can be sensitive to. Both metals display pleasing gunmetal gray/silver-ish color Durability: The Pros and Cons of Titanium's Toughness While titanium's strength limits its ability to be shaped and molded, it also lends it a durability greater than that of most other wedding band types, in terms of strength. Titanium is far more resistant to squishing and bending than say, gold The Pros and the Cons of Titanium Rings vs. Tungsten Carbide Rings. We have mentioned many of the pros and cons of rings made with titanium and tungsten carbide. To make things easier, I have put all of this information together in a summary table titanium rings are beautiful and attractive. It has supernatural advantages in the elements of jewelry. Nowadays titanium jewelry is hard to find in real quality. But some industries offer qualified jewelry product

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Titanium's Cons Resizing — Because of the way titanium rings are made, they can't be resized. If your finger changes shape or size over the years, you may find that you need a replacement instead Titanium pros The metal is very strong, and it comes in a silver-ish color, but you can have it anodized to create different colors. Mostly it will come in blue, purple, yellow, or even rainbow colors. Even if you anodize it, then you can never damage its quality Titanium is affordable compared to precious metals like platinum and gold. You can purchase pure titanium jewelry or titanium alloys that contain other metals. If you have a metal sensitivity, pure titanium is a great choice. Titanium's biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to work

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Titanium is lightweight, which makes the ring comfortable and easy to wear. It is a strong and resistant metal and much less expensive than other ring materials, such as gold or platinum, yet it is attractive enough for use as wedding jewelry. Titanium is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for anyone with metal allergies Titanium Wedding Band Pros (continued) Titanium rings are anti-allergenic, meaning no one with a titanium ring will ever experience wedding ring rash. A wedding ring rash is when an allergic reaction to nickel used in traditional gold wedding bands causes inflammation Interesting Jewelry for Anyone If you buy a magnetic bracelet you could get into trouble with your closets family. Why? They will want one too! The magnetic bracelets are made for anyone and both men and women can enjoy their benefits and beauty. If you are a couple that like to match your appearance this type of jewelry is a great idea Additionally, with anodized titanium, you have a wider variety of colors and unique patterns to chose from. Even with that, the biocompatible and hypoallergenic nature of titanium, anodized or not, makes it safe for those with sensitive skin to wear. Cons: Anodized metals, in general, don't last forever and thus somewhat require more care

PROS A. Titanium is hypoallergenic which means that it does not interact with the human skin. Therefore, everyone can safely wear titanium rings even people who suffer allergies to other jewelry materials Cons of Niobium in Jewelry. Limited Options ; Because niobium is rare and isn't a mainstream metal used in jewelry, you won't find a lot of jewelry designs featuring niobium. Most niobium jewelry feature wire-style designs and the metal is more commonly used in small rings and earrings Pros of having a Titanium Ring. Titanium wedding rings have the durability and strength to stand-up to lifelong wear and tear. These rings are 100% hypoallergenic (titanium is so biocompatible that it is even used to create artificial joint replacements) and resistant to corrosion and tarnish - titanium will even stay resistant to tarnish.

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Jewellery Advice and Info - Episode 1 Titanium Rings = No A goldsmiths take on the ever increasing popularity of engineering metal rings as wedding bands. Lo.. Pros of Stainless Steel Jewelry. 1. Durability. Stainless steel is a durable and hard alloy fit for everyday wear and tear. It clearly outperforms softer metals like sterling silver or white gold. It offers high scratch resistance which means you can enjoy a brighter smoother look for a long time. 2 Cons of Titanium. 1- Design options are limited with titanium rings. It'll be difficult to find titanium prong settings for example as the metal is much too difficult to craft into intricate and delicate styles. 2- Titanium is very difficult to resize and most jewelers will not accept the job Titanium is also harder. This makes it less likely to ding and dent during use or storage. Cons. Titanium is more expensive than steel. It is a rarer metal, and the price shows it. For those concerned about price or value, this might be a deal breaker. While harder, titanium is more brittle than steel. This means it is more likely to break Men now have an incredible array of material options for their wedding band. This in-depth article covers many of the more popular alternative metals (and non-metals) like titanium, tungsten carbide, ceramic, cobalt, carbon fiber, and more. You will learn the pros and cons for each of these new and exciting materials and hopefully get the information you need to find the perfect wedding band.

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One of the most basic elements of choosing your engagement ring is choosing the metal, the base that will form the backdrop for the ring. The most popular metals include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, though titanium, palladium, and tungsten are also popular. Keep in mind that metal is about more than color Titanium Pros: The weight of titanium is the lowest among precious metals and alternative metals. Titanium is low in cost. Lower grade titanium can cost as low as $20. Higher grade titanium including aircraft-grade can cost up to $300. Titanium has more flexibility than tungsten so there are many styles to choose from Zirconium Rings - The Cons. Of course, no material is perfect, and that goes for zirconium as well. Regardless of all the pros, there are a few downsides that you need to bear in mind. Resizing. Like many other modern jewelry materials, it's very difficult to resize zirconium The pros and cons of nose piercing Top 7 Pros of Nose Piercings. 1. It's stylish. Whether you are into gothic or punk styles, or you just know that you look better with more rings and body jewelry, nose piercings are among the most stylish of body jewelry Similar to Black Gold, the plating is less durable than a solid metal or alloy and has a higher likelihood of chipping, which will result in the natural color of the titanium showing through


Like tungsten, titanium rings are generally not resizable, and mainly found in male wedding bands. In addition, it also can be found in a variety of shades, ranging from light silver to nearly black grey. Cobalt. A newer addition to the jewelry market, cobalt may not be commonly found at your local ring shop What are the Pros and Cons of Titanium? May 11, 2016; From welded pipes and valves to heat exchanges, aircraft, naval vessels and even spaceships, titanium is used in a wide variety of applications. This transition metal has a silver color and is characterized by low tensity and high strength. These unique properties make it ideal for a range. Before reading the following pros and cons of stainless steel jewelry, I really hope you guys read this post first. Depending on the application, some companies will fortify stainless steel with other metals such as niobium and titanium among others to make it even stronger and able to stand environmental elements. When main jewelry. Titanium. Pros: Frequently used in men's jewelry, titanium is extremely lightweight and very strong, so it's great for those who work with their hands. Cons: You can't resize titanium! Tungsten. Pros: Tungsten comes in black, gray, or white and is extremely strong and hard. Cons: It's quite heavy and also cannot be resized

Titanium rings are a great choice because they are very light and durable. Titanium is a good option for wedding bands because it holds up to every day wear and tear. Gold wears down over time while titanium will show very little wear, even after decades of normal use Titanium vs Stainless Steel: Look The final comparison point is the most subjective. Stainless steel has a decidedly shinier look than titanium. This is one of the reasons that stainless steel is so popular in jewelry because its natural shimmer offers a clean, glowing accompaniment to any jewels or precious stones Given their similar properties, the pros and cons in using Titanium and Tungsten's for jewelry are alike. Pros - Both materials are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and somewhat resistant to scratching; Cons - They cannot be cut or sized. Should the wearer gain or lose weight, a new ring must be purchased, as the original band cannot.

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Black, gray or silver, titanium is used mostly for rings in the jewelry world. Pros: Titanium doesn't include alloys, is hypoallergenic and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio so it's durable and comfortable to wear. Cons: Titanium rings cannot be resized, engraved or soldered, so it can't be set with stones Titanium Pros. Titanium is an extremely strong yet lightweight metal. It is used by engineers to create space crafts, ships and architectural structures. It is durable since it does not corrode, and will not tarnish nearly as easily as gold, silver or platinum. If you love swimming, no worries, Titanium won't corrode in salt water Ahead, everything to know about titanium wedding bands, from pros and cons to care advice. Pros and Cons of Titanium Rings . One of the initial selling points of a titanium ring for couples on a. Tungsten Rings: Pros and Cons If you've been searching for something nice and durable to wear on your hand, chances are you've run across tungsten. This material has become increasingly popular, but as with all jewelry metals, there are always pros and cons The most commonly used grades for titanium jewelry (aircraft, extra-hard and commercial pure) are at least 85% pure titanium. Tungsten carbide is a compound made from the rare metal tungsten and an equal number of carbon atoms. Hardness - Both titanium and tungsten carbide are considerably harder than precious metals like gold and platinum.

Learn about Titanium Wedding Bands: Pros and ConsShop High Quality Wedding Bands for Men and Women at: http://www.firstweddingband.com For instance, if you like titanium, take a moment to check out titanium rings pros and cons before making a final decision. What is the most scratch-resistant contemporary ring metal? While no metal is 100 percent scratch-proof, you can easily narrow your choices down to rings that hardly ever scratch Pros & Cons of Platinum/White Gold/Palladium/Titanium, etc. What are the pros and cons of platinum/white gold/palladium/titanium IntlSet- my bf works in an office. manual labor isn't an issue although he is not used to hand jewelry so I imagine we would have to find one that isnt too deep. he does go to the gym to workout though. what. The use of natural materials in body jewelry fashion is a trend that refuses to be ignored. It's easy to understand why the modified culture has been turning to organic and naturally derived jewelry considering the current chaotic state our climate is in. These types of materials, which include but are not limited to PROS AND CONS OF STAINLESS STEEL. Stainless steel is a well-known material used to make everything from cooking utensils to car parts. An alloy that mixes elements like chromium, titanium, and nickel, its silvery finish also makes it a popular commodity in jewelry design

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  1. Jewelry Blog: Titanium Pros & Cons of Titanium Rings: Sep-26-2012: For those who are planning a wedding, one of the major considerations is the type of wedding band you should have. In the past couple of years, titanium and tungsten took their place among the most stylish options, but their popularity has been tempered with fears that are based.
  2. Pros: It looks cool. There is a massive selection of jewelry. Can suit anyone. More unique than other ear piercing such as lobe and helix. Easy to hide behind hat or long hair. Accepted in many work places. Cons: Can be painful for some, more so than the lobe. Headphones may be uncomfortable to wear. You might have to remove the jewelry
  3. Adding on top of that, you'll soon learn that watches can even be made of different materials. Stainless steel, brass, chrome, titanium, and other metals can be used for the case of a watch, each with varying pros and cons. Stainless steel and titanium, two of the most popular watch case materials, are often compared against each other
  4. Now that you've read up on the pros and cons of tungsten, let's talk about what to look for when shopping for tungsten rings. A general rule of thumb when shopping for tungsten jewelry is to make sure that the jeweler offers a lifetime warranty or size exchange policy. Another thing to look out for is color plated tungsten rings
  5. Pros and Cons of 14K and 18K Gold. 14K and 18K gold are both commonly used for engagement rings — in fact, they're both highly popular options for engagement ring settings. Both have their own unique pros and cons, from appearance to cost, durability and more. We've listed these below. Advantages of 14K Gold. 14K gold has several advantages
  6. Pros and Cons of Tantalum Choosing a wedding ring is a pretty big decision as it's a choice you'll be living with the rest of your life. This means taking time to weigh the pros and cons of your different material options. As jewelry, it won't irritate skin, exacerbate skin conditions, or trigger any allergic reactions. Customization.
  7. Tungsten jewelry has turn into more and more standard in current times. Most individuals would probably have a query of what is the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten carbide jewelry. Therefore I would like to share with the readers with this article the pros and cons of tungsten wedding bands or rings. 1. Advantages of..

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  1. Following the pros and cons of each will help you choose the best Titanium Wedding Rings. Buy designer engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds, gemstones, metals, watches and more with great offers and best deals from top jewelry store onlin
  2. 24+ Main Pros and Cons of Tungsten Rings Tungsten wedding bands offer an in vogue present-day style at a modest cost and heaps of men like tungsten wedding bands. Next, we will detail the attributes of the tungsten ring, all together that you have a full comprehension of it
  3. 12 Vertical Labret Pros and Cons The vertical labret is one of the most unique facial piercings that has become a trend in the last decade. During this procedure, the lower lip will be pierced, passing up through the top, which allows both ends of the piercing to become visible

Tungsten jewelry has become more and more in style in current times. Most people would probably have a question of what's the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten carbide jewelry. Therefore I want to share with the readers with this article the pros and cons of tungsten marriage ceremony bands or rings. 1. Advantages of Tungsten.. Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum vs Steel vs Titanium. What is the real difference between carbon fiber vs aluminum vs steel vs titanium What are the Pros and Cons of each material? Carbon Fiber. Most high-end bikes are made from this material and for good reason: Pros. Lightest material; Strongest material; Stiffest material; Best shock absorptio To find out if this is the right metal for your wedding band, see the pros and cons of cobalt and how cobalt rings compare to tungsten and titanium rings, take a look at the info below. And if you have any questions about cobalt wedding bands, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page Tungsten jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent times. Most people would probably have a question of what is the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten carbide jewelry. Hence I would like to share with the readers with this article the pros and cons of tungsten wedding bands or rings Pros: These wedding bands are comparatively lighter in weight. They are heavier than Titanium but somewhat lighter than Tungsten. Cobalt wedding bands prepared without Nickel are hypoallergenic and pose no risk of allergies. If comfort is your main preference when it comes to choosing a wedding ring, Cobalt is the right metal for you

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  1. The Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings. What Is Rose Gold? Rose gold is one of many variations of gold engagement rings available. Because pure gold (24 karat gold) is too soft for jewelry, we mix metal alloys in with pure gold to create different colored golds
  2. Pros & Cons of Ceramic in Watches | The Watch Club . 2021-5-27 · Jared offers several alternative metals, including tantalum, cobalt, titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, and tungsten. Each of these have their pros and cons and are especially popular in men's wedding bands. This wide range of choice ensures that there's something for everyone
  3. 3D Printed Jewelry - Tips, Examples, Pros and Cons. 3D Insider is ad supported and earns money from clicks, commissions from sales, and other ways. Jewelry-making is a craft that's older than written history. Even since human civilizations were a thing, people have always found happiness in adorning themselves with precious materials.
  4. Is Titanium stronger than tungsten? Tungsten vs Titanium In terms of tensile strength, tungsten is the strongest out of any natural metal (142,000 psi). But in terms of impact strength, tungsten is weak — it's a brittle metal that's known to shatter on impact. Titanium, on the other hand, has a tensile strength of 63,000 [
  5. Because the implant's titanium post is fused to your jaw, implants stay in place. That means (unlike dentures) your speech is not affected and eating is easier. The Cons of Dental Implants: Patience is a Virtue. Dental implant surgery isn't without its challenges. Here are some key dental implant factors to consider

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  1. Titanium. This is the lightest and strongest 3D printing material and has a moderate surface roughness. Titanium gets printed via Direct Metal Laser Sintering. The main application of titanium filaments is in high-tech fields like medicine, space exploration, and the aerospace industry. Pros. It offers more resolution and complexity in design
  2. Before Choosing A Cobalt Ring: Oct-01-2012: Last week, we talked about the titanium rings' pros and cons.Besides titanium, cobalt rings are also gaining in popularity, and yet, a lot of people know little about this contemporary metal. Selecting a wedding ring is an important decision. It is an accessory that is meant to be worn an entire lifetime
  3. Pros & Cons of Platinum Rings. Just like palladium, platinum has its own range of advantages and disadvantages as a metal for engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry. The main pros of platinum rings include: Durability. Like palladium, platinum rings are extremely durable. Although palladium is a slightly harder metal, both palladium.
  4. A Stronger Option: When a couple decides on silver rings we always use palladium sterling silver at With These Rings. Pure silver is an element and naturally found in the earth. Sterling silver is an alloy (a mix of metals) 92.5% of which is pure silver. With traditional sterling silver the additional 7.5% comes from copper, which is also a.
  5. Pro: Durability and Strength. Many grooms admire the durability and strength of tungsten. Thanks to the hardness of this metal, a tungsten wedding band will be scratch-resistant and won't bend as easily as other precious or alternative metals. Bonus: Tungsten's shine won't fade throughout the years, so you can expect the ring to maintain its.
  6. g more available in women's jewelry styles as well. Titanium's strength and durability make it a good choice for rings and bracelets that are worn daily. The hallmark for titanium is TTN. consider the following 6 factors and weigh the pros and cons of each
  7. Cons: Does not bend, due to its hardness. Breaks if enough force is applied. Titanium. Pros: It is affordable, does not crack under pressure, and is hypoallergenic. Cons: Easiest to scratch of all alternative metal rings. Must be cut off in case of emergency. Platinum. Pros: The most luxurious of all metas

Titanium is a choice material durable enough for large-scale engineering operations. Tungsten is used as an optic fiber for incandescent light bulbs. Despite a history of jewelry use, ceramics are suddenly surging in popularity. After weighing the pros and cons, you'll be able to answer this question more sufficiently. If you value an. Clever Ways to Organize Your Jewelry Box - Pam's Story. Coin shop Spring Hill Florida buying gold jewelry, silver, watches and More. Coins on gravestones have particular meanings. Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Parents Wedding Bands. Dear Calla Feeling Screwed by my Screwbacks

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Disadvantages/Cons of Titanium Watches. Although watches rocking a Titanium build have many advantages versus stainless steel watches, like all things, the pros and cons of a titanium watch may be more unbalanced towards the pros, but for fair play, the cons should also be mentioned. Following are some of the disadvantages of Titanium watches Not many frame materials are as flexible as titanium. Most of the titanium eyeframes are not made up of pure titanium, it is blended with other materials. Beta titanium or memory metal, titanium frames are comfortably bendable. No matter to what extent you bend the frame, it doesn't break and can get back to its original shape

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The Pros and Cons of Oral Jewelry Oral piercing is the piercing of the tongue, lips, and cheek. While it has been associated with self-expression especially among teens, it has become so popular that it has raised concerns within the medical and dental sectors regarding the medical risks posed to the individuals Titanium has many uses, from hardware and plumbing to jewelry and cookware. It is popular because of its durability, and it is lightweight, which makes it a natural fit for household items. Despite the fact that titanium is a fairly poor conductor of heat, it has become increasingly popular as a cookware material Consider Wearability. While buying a white gold ring with a higher karat of gold sounds nice and luxurious, keep in mind that the higher the gold content, the less durable that ring will be. 14K gold is the average for bridal jewelry, although some stores may sell 10K for men's bands as men are harder on their hands Tantalum rings are lightweight, masculine, sturdy and unique. Because they're made from a durable industrial material, they're especially resistant to corrosion. Tantalum wedding rings are a unique variation combining fluidity, aesthetic and industrial hardiness. As with most jewelry metals, there are pros and cons to Tantalum rings and bands There are various grades of titanium due to the way it is mixed with other alloys that affect its durability. Grade 1 titanium is the softest while Grade 4 is the hardest available titanium alloy. When it comes to wedding rings, your best choice is to go with titanium that is somewhere between grades 2 and 4

Pros Cons Rating; Gold Finish: A great looking gold finish and perfect for indoor use. Most affordable pricing. There is no actual gold in the finish. Blemishes and scratches easily. Not for use outside. Can cause allergic reactions. Gold Coating: Can be used with many different elements and is easy to produce Avoid body jewelry made of sterling silver, zinc, tin, brass, nickel, and copper since they are low-grade metals and should not be used in your piercings. Try to choose jewelry made of stainless steel and, if you have sensitivities to any metals, titanium is a better choice. Other hypoallergenic choices are niobium and gold Titanium is gradually being applied to the jewelry industry. It is inseparable from the advantages of its own metal elements. It is neither as popular as gold nor silver, nor as expensive as platinum, and its characteristics are obvious and highly competitive Stainless steel is a well-known material used to make everything from cooking utensils to car parts. An alloy that mixes elements like chromium, titanium, and nickel, its silvery finish also makes it a popular commodity in jewelry design. Stainless steel not only mimics the look of fine, precious.

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You may be looking for rational pros and cons of allowing your teenager to get a belly button piercing. or whatever unique body piercing jewelry they were after. READ Pros and Cons of Tongue Piercing. Belly button piercing is the most popular type of piercing, followed niobium, or titanium. Gold or silver plated metals may break easily. Jewelry Forums. The Jewelry Box Cartier Tiffany & Co Van Cleef & Arpels Pros & Cons of Platinum/White Gold/Palladium/Titanium, etc. PurseForum. tungsten/titanium (about the same) 14k (white or yellow) palladium 18k (white or yellow) platinum #30 Mar 13, 2008 Cons - If the buyer isn't satisfied, you can lose money. Some buyers don't want to purchase a watch from an unknown seller, which can add to difficulty selling to legitimate buyers. Online auction sites and consignments. Pros - You can make more money from selling your Rolex. Buyers tend to know exactly which Rolexes they are looking for It is one of the most durable metals in the world and is considered a revolutionary breakthrough in jewelry technology. It is both dent- and scratch-resistant, and the most wear-resistant type of jewelry in the world. Tungsten carbide is 10 times as hard as 18kt gold, 5 times as hard as steel, and 4 times as hard as titanium Implant-grade titanium is a great option since it's hypoallergenic and can save you money. There's also gold, rose, and silver. But this is something you should talk to your body piercer about

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Cons: due to its hardness, it doesn't bend, it breaks if enough force is applied. Cobalt Chrome. Pros: Color of Platinum, Better scratch resistance than titanium, hypoallergenic, doesn't crack under pressure. Cons: Scratches easier than tungsten, must be sawed off in medical emergency. Titanium. Pros: Hypoallergenic, does not crack under. What is better for a ring tungsten or titanium? Tungsten Isn't Always A Better Choice Than Titanium Of the two metals, tungsten is the strongest and it's more scratch-resistant. Tungsten carbide is 8.5 to 9 on the hardness scale, while titanium is 6. Titanium, on the other hand, while much harder than gold and platinum, is still malleable

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The entire piece of jewelry sometimes is made of solid gold, titanium or niobium instead of surgical steel. The hole is normally further in the back of the tongue on the top and pointing slightly forward towards the bottom, so that the jewelry top points backward in the mouth, away from teeth and towards the palate, where there is more room to. Pros of Tungsten Wedding Bands. 1. They're Durable. Tungsten rings are extremely durable, as they are made of a hard, rare metal that is almost virtually indestructible. Tungsten by itself, however, cannot be molded into a ring, so jewelers combine it with carbon atoms to make the piece of jewelry that you'll place on your spouse's hand. Pros & Cons. Let us go through some of the pros and cons which are associated with the Smiley Piercing. Pros. The procedure is quick. It does not take much time. The procedure completes in a few seconds. If you have sensitive skin, then titanium jewelry may be the right choice. You can select Gold for the initial jewelry. If you decide to.