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Yo Yo Doll Pattern - UNCUT Vintage Sewing Pattern for Santa, Clown and Girl Yo Yo Dolls - Soft Toy or Decor Pattern - Kwik Sew 2352 G. HoneymoonBus. 5 out of 5 stars. (706) $12.99 FREE shipping Yo Yo Patterns: Cloth Doll Patterns > Yo Yo Patterns: PATTERNS. 20 Available Products | Previous Page: 1 of 1 Next : IJ 6580 Yo Yo Dachshund Pattern. IJ 6583 Scrappy The Clown Pattern. IJ 787 Yo Yo Bear Pattern. IJ 788 Puppy Love Pattern. IJ 789 Yo Yo Bunny Pattern. IJ 790 Yo Yo Elephant Pattern. Pull the elastic so that the yo-yos that make up the doll's neck, torso and legs fit snugly together. Trim any excess elastic and sew the two ends of elastic to the bottom of the doll's head. The elastic should be trimmed to a length that allows the yo-yos to stay in the position reached in Step 8 Handmake your own YoYo Baby Doll. This is a clear pattern with lots and lots of illustrations. Describes how to make yoyos without a yoyo maker, seven different faces that can be sewn with embroidery, crayons, or fabric pens, stinging the doll with buttons at the joints, and topping it off with a hat

Some people call these yo-yo clown dolls but yo-yo friends is a better name. I have seen dog, cat, elephant, clown, baby, mouse, pig, bunny, giraffe,and bear ones, so it can be more than a clown. It is not hard to make a yo-yo friend; just a little prep work first Note: If you wish to make a fabric yo-yo of a size not available in the printable templates, cut a circle that is twice the measurement desired for the finished yo-yo PLUS 1/2″ for seam allowance. For instance, for a 4″ yo-yo, you will need to cut a circle that is 8.5″ (4 x 2 = 8 + .5 = 8.5″) The pattern of oval-shaped yoyo is included in the pattern page too. YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern. scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial. The size of YoYo Plush Dog is 11″ x 10″ when laying down flat. It is the right size for kids to hug and play with. if you are making it for baby and toddler, please replace the button.

Bring back this old vintage craft by creating a yo-yo clown doll for a special child's birthday or as a Christmas gift. Preparing and Making the Yo-Yos. Use a compass to draw a 4 1/2-inch circle pattern on lightweight cardboard and cut out. Trace this pattern on assorted cotton fabric scraps and cut out. You will need a total of 62 fabric. Make an 1850's YoYo doll out of scrap cloth. If you love collecting old fashion dolls this is the video for you.Watch this how-to video and learn how to make an 1850's YoYo doll. No fancy materials needed just scrap cloth DIY YoYo Owl Sewing Pattern & Tutorial The owl s are completely hand-sewn and are made using fabric yo-yos, buttons and a stick. It is charming and the use of yo yos is effective Use your favorite fabrics to coordinate with your decor, your little one's favorite colors, or use fabric in neutral colors to make it look even more authentic Sep 3, 2013 - Explore Bernadette DeVerse's board Yo-Yo Dolls, followed by 293 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yo, yo-yos, yo yo quilt

Some people call these yo-yo clown dolls but yo-yo friends is a better name. I have seen dog , cat, elephant, clown, baby, mouse, pig, bunny, giraffe,and bear ones, so it can be more than a clown. It is not hard to make a yo-yo friend; just a little prep work first. Please read through all instructions before startin 1 1.5 2 Fabric Yo-Yo Templates Print onto white cardstock and use a washable ink marker to trace onto the wrong side of scrap fabric pieces Align two yo-yos, gathered sides together. Take several whipstitches along one side, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam to help secure it. Make a knot if you'd like. Repeat, adding more yo-yos to finish the row. Attach rows together in the same way Start Sewing the Yo-Yo. Thread a hand-sewing needle and knot one thread, leaving a tail after the knot. Working with the wrong side of the fabric toward you, gently turn under approximately 1/8- to 1/4-inch of the edge of the circle. Insert the needle in the edge of the fabric on the wrong side, so the knot will be inside the yo-yo A 9 yo-yo pup whose body is created with two sizes of yo-yos strung together with thick thread. Stuffed yo-yos make the paw and tail. Also included in this pattern is a 7 1/2 tall x 7 1/2 long stuffed pup. Yo-yo maker templates used were Clover's size large and extra large. SKU: IJ788

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  1. Yo-Yo Dolls & Doll Quilts. You can create an entire doll neighborhood and doll quilt collection with just this one book. This book spans easy projects for a beginner to creative projects for the experienced quilter. There is even a yo- yo pattern to create a cat and a dog. 80 pages. Wow, what fun! BG-102.....$26.98; Yo Yo Patterns
  2. Pattern for Yoyo Doll and Yoyo Quilt. No, I don't mean the kind of child's toy made of wood with a string wrapped around it, I mean cloth yoyos. A yoyo is a circle of material with the edge hemmed and a drawstring run through the hem
  3. PDF Pattern FAQs. Witchy Wanda is approximately 24 tall including her hat, and sits 15. Freaky Frank is the same height and sits 12. Both projects have a stuffed head and body with fabric yo-yos strung together for arms and legs. Their lower bodies are weighted with plastic pellets to make them sit easily

1 2 3 4 5 1 4 pieces SHOES (BAND) a a' c c' b b' HEAD (BOTTOM) 1 piece 1 2 3 5 4 SHOES (SIDE) 4 pieces 4 pieces in reverse facing TAIL 1 piece 1 piece in. http://www.planeteinstein This video is about the art of making craft bears and Appalachian Yo Yo Dolls. Kimberly Kelting of Flying Leap Farm shares her vis.. Yo-Yo Bracelet. Happy Day Liberty Yo-Yo Block and Doll Quilt. Yo-Yo Wall Art. Fabric Yo-Yo Tank Top. Yo-Yo Folk Angel. Yo-Yo Necklace. Yo-Yo Christmas Trees. Fabric Yo-Yo Lollipop Ornaments . Wallet with Yo-Yo Flowers. Yo-Yo Caterpillar. Bloom Quilt. Fabric Yo Yo Tutoral. Yo Yo Plush Dog. Tic Tac Toe Yo Yo Game Board. Yo Yo Advent Calendar. Yo. Yo Yos Party Favors Magicyoyo AVOCADO Pattern Black Yoyo Ball Unresponsive Yo Yos for Professional,Anodized Aviation-Grade Aluminum,Small Size Yoyo Toy Xmas Birthday Gift for kids [Include 5 strings] 4.6 out of 5 stars 11. $9.99$9.99. Get it as soon as Tue, Mar 24. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

How to knit Yo-Yo Doll pattern Posted by Maria, on May 06,2020 637. Click For Crochet Abbreviations List Description of the basics: As we knit, we stuff the toy with filler. Legs (2 parts) 1.6 sbn in the amigurumi ring 2. (increase) x 6 (12 sbn) 3. (1 sbn, prib) x 6 (18 sbn) 4. (prib, 8 sbn) x 2 (20 sbn item 4 Simplicity 8225 YoYo Plush Doll Owl Dog Clown Caterpillar Vintage Uncut Pattern 4 - Simplicity 8225 YoYo Plush Doll Owl Dog Clown Caterpillar Vintage Uncut Pattern $11.99 +$3.99 shippin

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LEARN how to make yo-yos the quick and easy way! Clover's Quick Yo-Yo Maker does all of the heavy lifting, getting you from a fabric scrap to a perfect yo-yo.. This pattern is available for $4.99 USD buy it now This is a fun way to use up those scraps of yarn you have lying around. Each yoyo is made from two different circles that are sewn together to not only add more color to the clown but to make the clown taller / bigger/ longer

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The Yo-Yo Scarf crochet pattern by Alessandra Hayden is a great example of how this motif can be creatively used for simple projects today. Each yo-yo is made quickly and easily and joined into the shape of a triangle scarf. Here are the basic steps for creating the yo-yo motif used in this pattern Plus the traditional of making dolls clothes is by far the most DIY craft want to revive an old doll make new and up-cycle s doll wardrobe. Want more free doll patterns, visit these links. Knitted Toy Country Girl Doll Pattern 19.5 Inches 48.26cm Long Vintage Gift Stuffed Toy Knitting Cute Plush Amigurumi Baby Safe PDF Downloa

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Over 70% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now Yo-Yo Makers. Cloth Doll Supply has YoYo makers in various shapes and sizes along with many YoYo doll patterns. 9 Available Products | Previous Page: 1 of 1 Next. YY Clover Quick Yo Yo Maker Butterfly Small

Make 4 fabric yoyo's and then cut 3 circles from yoyo pattern and turn under edge as if making a normal yoyo however stuff it and pull thread tightly and tie offthis makes berriescut head piece out of cardboard, quilt batting, felt add 1/4 to the pattern for head piece and cut it out of the red fabricdo a running stitch around. What I don't remember is ever making or having a yo-yo doll. Every girl had a yo-yo doll and a sock monkey, and I wanted them, too. This Rand McNally book dates from 1955. It tells the story of a girl who loved the circus clown she had seen, who had been wearing bells. Her mother shows the girl how to make her own circus clown, a yo-yo doll.

Free pattern: Yo yo dog softie. January 29, by Anne Weaver. Leave a Comment. Free pattern: Yo-yo dog softie. Joann from Craft Passion shares a free pattern for making this yo yo dog softie. This cute doggie has a body made of fabric yo yos. He's got floppy puppy ears and a pink puppy tongue Sewing yo-yos for making quilts is a wonderful means of spending a few creative hours, and you will end up with artistic and cozy coverlets. There are countless designs and patterns to fall in love with. So, those with a knack for sewing, stitching, and knitting can invest their time into making a yo-yo quilt following the below-mentioned. Doll Patterns Choose from this large variety of handmade doll patterns to make a companion for your child. You could even make it look like her with the same color hair, eyes and clothes out of the same fabric. Matching nightgowns or lounge wear would be a great place to start creating your mini-me's Free Doll Making Projects and Doll Patterns. I love making dolls! It's fascinating to be able to create some of these doll patterns! We've found free patterns for cloth dolls, porcelain dolls, Barbie dolls and American Girl dolls. A great craft to do with family and friends

Yo-Yo Rows. Yo-Yo Rows. For an on-the-go project, stitch a bevy of yo-yos and secure them to strips to create a head- turning quilt filled with playful pops of color. Buy this pattern here. On-the-Go Projects. Quilts with Hexagons. Beautiful Embroidery Stitches. 6 of 11 Toy & Doll Patterns. Baby Yo-Yo Animals Crochet Pattern. Whether for package ties or for toys these yo-yo animals are so cute and so quick to make. Technique: Crochet. Baby Yo-Yo Animals Crochet Pattern. Billie B February 16, 2018. Right now I am crocheting the dog and cat Baby Yo-Yo Animals. They are adorable and fairly easy to complete This will make for a neater finish when you finish your yo yo. Gently pull your cotton to gather up the stitches into a little puff. Flatten the puff and then shape the yo yo with your fingers, helping the 'pleats' to be evenly spaced. Ensure the knot is hidden in the pleats. When you're happy with the shape, use a few extra stitches to. - Yo Yos will measure approximately 6.25 cm (2.5) in diameter - Do not turn at the end of the row Pattern - CH 4, join with a sl st to the first CH to make a Ring R1: Ch 8, ttr 19 times into the ring. Join with a sl st to the top of the ch-8 (20) R2: ch 3, tr3tog, (tr4tog) 4 times (5). Join with a sl st to the top of the tr3tog Pull the thread Step 6: Make the Tree. To create the tree ornament thread a 1/8″ wide piece of ribbon onto a large eyed needle. I used a doll makers needle for its large eye and length. Starting with the extra small yo yo, insert the needle into the center of the raw edge side of the yo yo

Pattern note: You can use yarn scraps for the yo-yo's. Make an even number (at least 2) of each color. Gauge: Finished yo-yo = about 2 diameter Arms & Legs Make 48 of these yo-yo's and mark as A. Ch 5; join with a sl st in the first ch to form a ring. Round 1: Ch 2 (the ch 2 does not count as the first dc) work 18 dc in the ring 1 YO-YO. elinor peace bailey. Click on picture for larger view. Kitschy Women. This super fun three-figure composite is made as one piece with various parts appliqued on. You'll have a ball devising their various outfits. Click HERE to View/Print Supply List! $12.00 - Qty: Shadow Box. Create this wonderful box with favorite fabrics and heavy weight. Yo-yos are great for using up scraps or small pre-cuts. And, it's a perfectly portable technique - make them anywhere, anytime. This in-and-out pattern is one completed stitch. Google Image Search has some lovely ones of truly vintage handmade yoyo dolls and pillows and quilts and some of the still-existing patterns/instructions. 1- Yo Yo Doll Quilt from Sew Mama Sew. 2- Cherry Block from Polka Dot Pineapple. 3- Mini Yo Yo Quilt from Yellow Farmhouse. 4- Posies Quilt Block from Patchwork Posse. 5- Spring Tree Pattern from Fun Threads. 6- Modern Yo Yo Quilt from Issuu. 7- Quilted Pillow from Katros Blog

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The owls are completely hand-sewn and are made using 26 fabric yo-yos, 4 buttons and 1 stick. Use your favorite fabrics to coordinate with your decor, your little one's favorite colors, or use fabric in neutral colors to make it look even more authentic. Step-by-step directions and numerous detailed diagrams will help you make your new pal in. Home > Categories > YoYo Dolls Pattern Ebooks (38) There are no items in this category: Last Updated: 26 Dec 2016 16:53:31 PST: home |. 1. Description: Usa and Canada only please. You will make one crafty yoyo gift. Send 5 yoyos made of your favorite fabric. 5 pieces of embellishments. Tips to send Your yoyo gift can be a bookmarker, small doll, any small gift you can make with yoyos. Doesnt have to be made all yoyos but mostly Gail's Doll Patterns. January 16 at 4:45 PM ·. A cute little majorette outfit (including the hat and boots!), a cheer leader outfit, and a bobbie soxer outfit!! An Ann Adam's pattern and you can get it now in my Etsy shop! The Digital download PDF copy of Ann Adams Pattern #T4924 to fit 16 Dolls. Comes with instructions and pattern pieces. This pattern is to create a topsy turvy doll of both of them, enchanting children along the way. The pattern creates a cuddly doll, approximately 45cm tall. She comes with obviously, a shared body, 2 heads, 2 skirts, a hat. Topsy Turvy Doll Snow White by North American Bear Co., Inc.. $27.99

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patterns > GBT Issue 7-Stroll Down Memory Lane and 1 more... > Pastello, The Yoyo Clown/Doll Pastello, The Yoyo Clown/Doll. Pattern; Viewing as a guest user. What am I missing a pdf format crochet how to make this yoyo piggie. with directions and pictures to help you. 3.50 for the pattern i will email to you. My first Yoyo Doll project he was fun. I found the fabric at Joanns Fabric Store. He is made with less then 1/2 yard of fabric. I used some white fabric for eyes and two black pony beads

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  1. Free Yo-Yo Doll Patterns | Jenny Kraus's bright, happy Yo Yo Dolls are handmade by Bolivian Saved by Theodora Larson. 691. Sewing Projects Sewing Inspiration Baby Toys Fabric Crafts Dolls Handmade Doll Patterns Yoyo Toy Fabric Toys Diy Doll. More information... More like thi
  2. Gail's Doll Patterns. May 22 at 2:38 PM ·. Just added this oldie to my Etsy shop. An Advance pattern from the 1940's! Digital download PDF copy of Vintage 1940's Advance Pattern 2375 15 Cloth Doll with Clothes. Includes instructions, illustrations, and pattern pieces to the doll, a dress, a slip, a bonnet, pantaloons, and moccasins
  3. 12. Crochet Amigurumi Big Head Doll Yoyo. Image and Free Pattern: Live Internet. 13. Crochet Amigurumi Spring Bulb Flower Doll. Image: Handmade Paradise; and Free Pattern: Craftsy Amore. 14. Crochet Amigurumi Smurf & Smurfette. Image and Free Pattern: Amigurumi Today Smurfette & Smurf. 15. Teacupsie Spirit Doll. Image and Free Pattern: By Hook.
  4. 15+ Free Crocheted Doll Patterns. We received a lookup request from Dianne S, for patterns for crocheted dolls. I thought this would make a great pattern collection for the site because there are so many beautiful crochet dolls you can make. I have tried to include a variety of pattern links in this collection, including video patterns
  5. Mar 7, 2018 - Check out our yoyo crafts selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

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There are several different patterns you can use to put your yo-yo items together. For my table runner, I aligned the yo-yos squarely. You can also attach rows in a staggered fashion. Yo-yo quilts are usually left open and used as a coverlet or decorative item. You can also stitch them to a backing for a more substantial quilt Join Date: Dec 2010. Location: Kentucky. Posts: 361. I made one probably 30 years ago for my niece without a pattern. Just use smaller yo-yos for the arms and legs. A larger yo-yo for the body and and then make a stuffed head. The yo-yos were all strung together with dental floss. It came out really cute

Streamlined Version from Martha (NOT a LSDS pattern) Yo-Yo Doll. By Mary Colgan. 1940's : 1950's : 1911 Dress. By Suzanne McBrayer . Raglan Sleeved Dress. By Pam Wolf . Bobby Suit. By Ike Putney : Hat Box. by Martha Nichols . Simple Dress: Simple Sweater (Knit) By Inge Bloom . Repro GL Patterns : Maman Made Patterns : Tent. By Mary Colgan Vtg 70s YoYo Doll Yo-Yo owl Dachshund dog baby toy classic 8225 craft pattern. $10.00. + $2.49 shipping. + $2.49 shipping + $2.49 shipping Now, let's talk skirts, shorts, and undies baby doll clothes patterns. Here's a cute and free pattern for an 18″ doll skirt from Pixie Faire. It's perfect for woven fabrics and is great for beginners learning how to sew doll clothes.; Oh, these doll shorties are so adorable! The leg ruffle is optional but makes this one of my favorite shorts patterns

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26 Beth Cloth Doll Pattern. 'My Old Doll' Beth Cloth Doll Pattern & Instructions by Judi Ward - 26 Beth is a cloth reproduction of the old cloth & composition Mama dolls from the 20s, 30s & 40s. Clothing pattern for Beth is also included. Learn More. $11.99 Countdown Calendars I have a yoyo advent calader pattern in this book in honor of my vavo. Facebook Badge. Sunshine's Creations Promote Your Page Too. My Other Sites plus family and friends too. Some people call these yo-yo clown dolls but yo-yo friends is a better name. I have seen dog , cat , elephant, clown , baby, mouse,.. Fashion Doll Ballet Costume. Fashion Doll Blouson Sundress & Hairband. Fiesta Jump Rope. Moppet Hair Accessories Organizer. Yo-Yo Clown. Back to top . Kitchen. 10-Minute Coaster. All-Crochet Towel & Topper. Basic Apron. Basic Gripper Towel Ring. Basic Oven Mitt. CD Coasters or Trivets. Checkerboard Potholder. Coiled Trivets. Country Girl Towel.

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  1. Easy Pinafore pattern w/elegant variations. Two size assortments: Sizes 3, 6, 12, 18 months, 2 & 3 in one pattern; Sizes 4-5-6-7-8 in one pattern. 101 Variations/1 easy pattern. Click for more photos & Info
  2. Over 100 Free Wooden Toy Woodcraft Plans at AllCrafts.net - Free Crafts Network Free Crafts projects! Your guide for all types of crafts. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much more! 20+ craft categories. New free projects added weekly
  3. Crochet this blanket and dress set for an 18 doll using our pattern. This is a downloadable (non paper) pattern. For questions about yarn requirements, please contact us

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  1. Over 70% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Sewing Patterns For Dolls Now
  2. Step 01. First, make a pattern. Your yo-yo pattern needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo, plus about 1/2 for seam allowances. You can use a compass to draw out your pattern, or find a bowl or lid to trace. Chipboard works great for a pattern, as does the cardboard from a cereal box
  3. And once you're hooked on yo-yos, use the link below to hop over to our Yo-Yo Cutie Pins post and grab a free pattern. Subscribe to our blog so you don't miss a juicy morsel. Yo-Yo Maker: Each Clover Yo-Yo Maker has two parts: a disk, shown in dark yellow to the left, and a tray, shown in light yellow to the right. Place a piece of fabric.
  4. Yo-Yo Frog Pattern. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) $ 12.00 $ 6.00. This pattern is for a frog that measures approximately 5-1/2 tall and has a base that is approximately 6 by 6. It is made up of 29 yo-yos and two eyes (or 4 buttons). The hand-stitched yo-yos are made with 3 fabrics - medium green.
  5. Free pattern for yo yo clown doll. Reply Subscribe . Thread Tools 01-23-2011, 11:55 AM #1 BellaBoo. Power Poster used the end of a spool to make yo yos and made a 3 in clown. Maybe i wasn't silly just crazy, but he came out cute!!! Reply Reply Subscribe . Related Topics. Thread. Thread Starter. Forum. Replies. Last Post. Need pattern for.
  6. Make puffy dolls by stacking two stuffed yo-yo on top of each other, add yarn hair. Make yo-yos out of scrap fabric from a dress project to dress up the dress! You can also use yo-yo s to cover a stain on a favorite t-shirt, skirt or blouse, or use on a childs shirt to make it live longer
  7. The finished yo-yos should measure about 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Lay the wings on your work surface, hole side up. Position yo-yos so that the bumps of the wings show above the dress (see photo). Hot glue the dress on top of the wings, hole side facing up. Glue a button and/or ribbon bow to the center of the yo-yo dress

20+ Fabric YoYo Projects. Over 20 fabric yoyo projects for you to hand or machine sew. Big variety of projects. Fabric yoyo's are simple to make and great for a travel project. Let's face it. Yo-yo's are a lot of fun to make..but they have a tendancy to sit around and not be used in anything. Fabric Yoyo projects are perfect for summer. Pull edges until the circle is flat. Your Yo Yo is now ready to add to others for your project. Some of the over 100 Yo Yo's I made. How to make a 7 or 8 Yo Yo Wreath . 8 Yo Yo Wreaths - overlapping the Yo Yos on the backing. I made the template for the background by cutting out a paper pattern of the finished small Yo Yos Jan 9, 2019 - Explore Gayle Kratzmann's board Doll patterns on Pinterest. See more ideas about doll patterns, yo-yos, fabric crafts To make my yo-yos, I use familiar shop tools: bandsaw, tablesaw, drill press, and disc sander. You could also turn yo-yos on a lathe. You could also turn yo-yos on a lathe. Tags: childs choldrens free woodworking plans games kids patterns projects toys wooden yo-yo

Spring airing of the quilts. Spring is almost here. Time to air the little quilts! Posted by Bobbie McClure Long at 6:53 PM No comments: Check out how to make the little quilts in my book, Yo-Yo Dolls and Doll quilts. All the instructions are in there along with insturctions to make all the dolls and animals Pull the slack out of the thread so your buttons are held securely at both the top and bottom of the stack of yoyo's. Adjust the thread to make the height of the dress to your liking. I tend to pull it tight enough to compress the yoyo's a bit so the stack is stable and won't fall over. Tie a knot at the top button to complete the dress 28 Attractive Yo-Yo Quilts Impressive Patterns The elegant Yo-Yo design is easy and requires only hand stitch, the round shape fabric with the edges underside gives perfect shape. The beautiful pattern gives an excellent look at the final product It is uncertain of when and where the technique for making yo-yo quilts originated. The earliest known examples date to the 1920s but the technique and pattern became prominent in the next decade. By the 1930s patterns were appearing in the women's pages of weekly publications. In Merikay Waldvogel's book 'Soft Covers for Hard Times

Vintage Yo Yo Doll Cloth Clown Quilting Doll byYo yo Doll Pattern Yoyo Doll Pattern SIMPLICITY 2708 UNCUTVintage YO-YO TOYS Sewing Pattern Doll Clown Dog OwlAmazonyoyo Clown Doll Pattern Vogue Craft V8105 by BeachTownVintageSimplicity 8225 Vintage Yo-Yo Doll Owl Dog CaterpillarYo-Yo Elephant Doll Pattern by Lonestarblondie on Etsy

Friday, February 29, 2008. Meet miss ribbit i just made her the other day boy im having fun making these yoyo dolls my next project is a kitty just trying to figure out the pattern. Once you get the concept of the putting the yoyo doll together you can make anything. my fellow yoyo alongers what ya making love to see and hear from you hugs kat Yo Yo doll instruction phamplet. Instructions include all information you need to complete a 17 yo yo doll. Each yo yo circle is 2 1/2. It has yarn, crochet hook size and how many beads are needed to complete the doll. The folded instruction sheet has 2 punch holes, like it was once in a binder. Check out my other craft items Free Fabric YoYo Tea cup Pad Pattern. anniescupboards 2 3:51 PM. This is a Yoyo Mat Pad. I have created this little mat pad for your night stands or tables. Perfect to use in place of a coaster. You can even hang some ribbon in between the layers and it will make a nice wall hanging. You can opt to not use any buttons and use this for your. A quick and easy way to make nicely shaped yo-yos! Stich yo-yo's together into various kinds of handwork. Yo-yo's are great for embellishing end covers, table runners, bags, Few things bring more joy to a child than snuggling with their special doll. We have created a basic doll pattern in 6 sizes: 12″, 10″, 8″, 5″, 4″, and 3″, enough to create a whole family or village. THIS IS OUR BASIC KNIT DOLL PATTERN. Over time we will be using this basic pattern to make many different dolls 54 free crochet patterns tagged free crochet doll pattern. More than 50 free crochet doll pattern! Free crochet patterns to create beautiful little dolls. For those who love to make handmade gifts for themselves and loved ones, create stunning little crochet dolls with these free patterns