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Google Photos is the recent replacement of Google Picasa. However, when we talk about the offering of Google photos it fails to match the high-end features and offerings of Picasa. It was undoubtedly the most popular and reliable image editing tools that one could ever find If you are eyeing for a Picasa substitute, then Apowersoft Photo Viewer is the one that you can rely on. It is lighter and works faster than Picasa. It only uses little resource which lessens the CPU's workload. This is a good thing especially for those who have a computer with low configuration Full list of the top Digital Photo Software apps that are similar to Picasa, including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, CyberLink MediaShow, Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 4, EXIF Viewer, Visual.

So to conclude, if you want a replacement for Picasa Web then Photobucket is a good choice. Install: Free upload up to 250 Images, $5.99/month Which Google Picasa Alternatives You Chose? That ends our article on the best Google Picasa alternatives that you can use Google Picasa was replaced by Google Photos and it is doing a pretty decent job. However, Picasa laid standards for everyone to follow. If you are looking for the best Picasa Alternative, we made a perfect list for you. 01 For Windows users refusing to stick with Google, the Windows Live Photo Gallery is probably your best alternative. The set up is similar to Picasa and is a one-source location for editing images..

Picasa was a unique photo management tool that viewed, cataloged and edited images and movies which could then be shared, emailed or uploaded to Picasa Web Albums (Now replaced with Google Photos). Supported formats included JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD (Photoshop) and RAW among the popular ones. Advertisement - Continue reading belo A Real Picasa Alternative? May 30, 2018. 1. I am a reasonably competent user of Photoshop (CS3, to be precise). My go-to desktop do-it-all for all things photos, though, has been, for years...Picasa. Google is finally killing off Picasa's functionality as far as living in the space between desktop and cloud--as of a couple of days ago it became. Moving on from Picasa We've decided to retire Picasa in order to focus on a single photo service in Google Photos - a new, smarter photo app that works seamlessly across mobile and the web. Where.. Picasa is currently simply a far memory. For several years, Google's picture management package was the best-in-class; however, in 2016 the corporate determined to kill Picasa. The app that replaced Picasa is Google Photos and it left a great deal to be desired

Adobe Lightroom CC is a great alternative to Picasa, allowing users to easily edit photos imported from their desktop. A wide range of color editing and cropping features allows for unique photo customization. Photo organization is made easy on Lightroom thanks to its library feature Well, Google Photos serves as a replacement for Google Picasa. So, it could be considered as the best alternative to the Google Picasa tool. What makes Google Photos more useful is that it integrates with other Google Services such as Google Drive to sync photos. Apart from that, it also offers you a few photo editing features What is the best replacement for Picasa? Google stated that the primary reason for retiring Picasa was that it wanted to focus its efforts entirely on a single photos service the cross-platform, web-based Google Photos. Is there a free Picasa alternative? If you're not a fan of Windows or Picasa, check out Zoner Photo Studio You can get Luminar 4 for a one-off price of $89, which is far cheaper than some other equivalent editors. 2. Google Photos. Google Photos is perhaps a more direct alternative to Picasa in the sense that it is more of a photo management service than an image editor Though Picasa was a well-known photo organizer and photo editor, Google replaced it by another photo and video sharing and storing service known as Google Photos. All the Picasa users are really sad after discovering that their favorite software wont get any further updates

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  1. Luckily, there is a plethora of alternatives that can amaze any fan of Picasa with a variety of tools and impressive benefits. Picasa was a popular cross-platform app for image viewing, photo enhancement, and organization. However, in 2016 Google decided to discontinue its support and focused on the improvement of Google Photos
  2. replacement for picasa. Thread starter wub; Start date Dec 16, 2020; W. wub. Messages 2 Name john Edit My Images Yes Dec 16, 2020 #1 Please please please help! Something i thought would be repetitively easy, has turned out to be a nightmare. I have used Picasa for years on pc with microsoft. It was a simple and easy to use manager of my photo's.
  3. JetPhoto is a reliable free alternative to Picasa that offers a big list of features with a simple and beautiful interface. The photos are organized into folders and use different organizing methods to arrange the pictures. You can use photo metadata, notes, keywords, geodata and time to assemble the photos
  4. Phototheca is digital image management, storage, and retrieval software. It is the best Google Picasa desktop alternative for Windows. Benefit from the extensive organization and search capabilities that make it easy to sort thousands of images and find the one you want
  5. There were other Picasa Desktop features that are/were useful: photo editing; photo organizing (albums, tags, face recognition, etc.) intelligent syncing photos from external cameras; etc. I know Picasa will continue to work for some time (there has been little support over the years). But a follow-up product is certainly needed
  6. Google Photos — the service that replaced Picasa in the company's free software lineup — might be the easiest move for your files, as your Picasa Web Albums are most likely there already thanks to..
  7. Picasa APP Replacement - Windows 10 Photos? - Grunch. Google announced last month that they were killing off the Picasa App for windows, which has been my main photo app and organizer since about 2003 when it was paid software, long before google acquired it. This news was horrible for me, but not surprising, since the program hadn't been.

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Phototheca can fit the bill. This is Windows desktop app. Has a lot of features to organize and sort images, and even can upload images to Google Photo, Facebook and. I'm looking for a replacement for Picasa. Picasa does pretty much everything I want, but I hate the way it takes control of my photos and won't let me access them with other programs (unless I save them, in which case a hidden copy of the original is made), or export them, in which case I get two copies

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  1. for some reason Picasa's auto media detector will not work anymore. Tried everything i could think of to make it work, but to no avail. Basically i want a replacement for picasa, that works better
  2. Picasa is installed on and lives on your PC and works with your photos on that PC hard disk. There is nothing Google can do about that. They haven't been giving Picasa more than token support for years now and it still is the best free solution to managing the photos on your PC. Google can stop hosting the download site where you download the.
  3. 13. Shotwell is a great little image organizer but has limited options for classification. with Tags and Dates only. DigiKam with Showfoto is intuitive and has is designed as a an Image Management Application with added image enhancement features very useful for a keen amateur photographers. Its relatively heavy on CPU resources and has KDE.

picasa replacement tools. The services are free of cost for the users without any issue. Further, users can preview their files accordingly and navigate through them. Click here to download : Download What Replaced Picasa? In the end, it is hard to say that what specific tool is the most appropriate Picasa replacement Replacement for Picasa. Thread starter GWguy; Start date Jun 4, 2019; GWguy * Jun 4, 2019 #1 I had to upgrade to Win 10, and just found out Google's Picasa product is no longer available. I've been using that for years. So I need a replacement program for Win 10. I do not use nor want cloud access, just a local storage and basic editing program The result will still be Picasa 3.9, but it will look and feel much closer to 3.8. Of course, it's also possible that you don't like Picasa 3.8. But it is what it is.. 5/11/12. janvb. Sorry to hear it is not working for you However, Picasa and its companion Picasa Web Albums service started to be discontinued in March and saw the final stage of the rollout happen on the 1 May as part of Google's effort to focus on. Picasa is Google's photo manager and editor. It plugs into Google+, but is a solid simple organiser and can be accessed through the app or on the web. It has enough tools to quickly tune photos.

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For many, Windows Live Photo Gallery is the best alternative to Picasa because it does most of the same things. Users can manage and edit their photos along with tagging the geolocation (replacement for Google Picasa) paddy says: July 6, 2018 at 1:18 pm. For organization, I liked the method that Windows 7 used, where it would sync the latest files into a folder you could name. You didn't have to wipe the SD card and it figured out what was the latest batch you had done. I don't think Win10 acts the same The 2 features I want in a replacement for Picasa are: 1) I love that Picasa keeps your original photos and just stores the changes (crop, rotate, colour change etc) as a series of steps in a secondary file. This changes are just reapplied each time your view your photo and the original is untouched. 2) Uploading to Google Photos

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Get Picasa While Still Available. Picasa is a great, easy-to-use photo editing program available free for many years to PC and Apple users. Unfortunately, Google ended support of this fine program on March 15, 2016! After March 15th, the Picasa software will still be available, just not from Google. Do a search and there are several sites where. Google Photos is a POOR substitute for Picasa. Whoever decided to abandon a beautifully working platform like Picasa in favor of this extremely unreliable, non-productive, featureless replacement should be fired. I cannot fathom how anybody thought that it was an improvement So, is this a good replacement for Picasa on windows? In my case, mainly for viewing and editing Canon raw format photos? Andrenid on Dec 27, 2017. It's nowhere near as good as Picasa or Lightroom for bulk editing, sharing, and general photo library management. But it absolutely destroys Picasa for the actual editing of raw files I am looking for a service I can use to display my photos - and store (JPG and RAW). I have used Picasa till now, but they seem to have replaced Picasa Web Albums with with Google Photos and dropped all my captions! I am looking for a service I can upload directly to from Lightroom and use both..

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  1. Picasa can transfer, find, organize, edit, print, and share images, all with this easy-to-use product. Watch Picasa automatically organize all your pictures into elegant albums by date
  2. However, Google Photos Backup is a desktop uploader program only - it's not a replacement for Picasa's desktop software, which also features tools for organizing photos into albums.
  3. Picasa is a discontinued, cross-platform image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, integrated with a now defunct photo-sharing website, originally created by a company named Lifescape (which at that time was incubated by Idealab) in 2002. Picasa is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa (Spanish for my house) and pic.
  4. Uploaded Picasa photos will be transitioned to Google Photos on May 1. Originally introduced by Lifescape in 2002, Picasa brought iPhoto-like editing ease to casual photographers on Windows
  5. Enterprise, Corporate, and Business. Are you from the business world? We have a special Phototheca Business license for you. In addition to all features of the Premium version, it gives you the ability to run Phototheca on Windows Server and on computers that are members of the Active Directory network
  6. Please revive picasa, as of now no practical alternative exists. Picasa is two things. 1. Photo Editor 2. Photo Organizer and this combination that works flawlessly is hard to find. As the petitioner correctly said please release the product or please donate the source code to the open source community
  7. Photoshop Vs. Picasa. Photoshop and Picasa are popular graphics editing software; however, they're widely different in both intended audience and purpose. Photoshop is an intensive piece of software that is meant primarily for professional use, and is ideal in a business setting. Picasa is much lighter software in.

Opamp replacement -can anyone help? Opamp replacement -can anyone help? By gat474, November 4, 2008 in DIY Audio Projects. Share Followers 0. I'm having trouble with photos tonight as my Picasa photo program is not working and I have to use Adobe which I just don't follow. I'll try later on Comes with 20 replacement nibs, allowing you to have more fun StarG640 drawing tablet is the perfect replacement for a traditional mouse! The XP-PEN advanced Battery-free PN01 stylus does not require charging, allowing for constant uninterrupted Draw and Play, making lines flow quicker and smoother, enhancing overall performanc Netgear NeoTV Pro NTV200S Network Audio/Video Player, Wireless LAN. Get instant access to online media with internet streaming. Fast Ethernet connection offers great speed for accessing the internet. Featuring a wireless LAN option to access music, movies and radio apps Top 5 Picasa Alternatives Google Photos. After discontinuing support for Picasa, Google offers Google Photos as the successor. Undoubtedly, Google Photos is a must-try Picasa replacement. It's a free service and integrated with other Google services

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  1. Picasa is now just a distant memory. For many years, Google's photo management software was the best-in-class, but in 2016 the company decided to kill Picasa. The app that replaced Picasa---Google Photos---left a lot to be desired
  2. Windows Photo Gallery is a Picasa replacement application that most of us know about. In any case, with this application, we can't transfer our photographs to the cloud-as we do in Picasa. Yet, the application can be used for sorting out pictures on your PC. The UI is spotless and bright, with a simple route and design
  3. Microsoft Photos - Picasa Alternative for Windows 10 Microsoft Photos is an image viewer, video clip editor, image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app.It comes in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems as a functional replacement for Windows Photo Viewer
  4. Good luck finding a replacement...Picasa is pretty complete. The only thing that would come close to it would be Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4, but you'll have to wait til the summer for that one. Why are you looking to replace Picasa? OP . Ellie iPF Noob. Joined Feb 19, 2010 Messages 219 Reaction score 0 Locatio
  5. So as usual for me, when I installed Windows 10 I immediately went off and installed Picasa as a photo viewer. But after the suggestion by Steve C that the built-in Photos app is quite good I tried it. And he's right, it is pretty good and an excellent replacement for Picasa Photo Viewer. Thanks Steve
  6. I've been in Africa for the past 2 years; I left for Africa before the Picasa retirement announcements. I have recently returned and only now just found out that the Picasa program has been retired. I found out because I tried to re-download an album of photos shared with me because my old computer (with accompanying shared Picasa photos.
  7. Picasa is a Imaging and Digital Photo application like Grapher, FastPicture, and PTC Creo from Google. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. Picasa is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users

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  1. OldVersion.com provides free software downloads for old versions of programs, drivers and games. So why not downgrade to the version you love?.... because newer is not always bet
  2. HP does not have an alternative to Photo creations as of now. You may use any third-party applications (like adobe) available via AppStore as per your requirements. Keep me posted for any other assistance. If you feel my post solved your issue, please click Accept as Solution, it will help others find the solution
  3. We are going to mention the best Google Picasa alternatives you can use in 2020 in this post. Many photographers who want to arrange their images in an easy-to-use and intuitive way might have heard of the outstanding Picasa replacement. As far as management and even editing photos are concerned, this was one of the best programs out there
  4. How To Move Picasa to a New Computer. Step 1 - Download and install Google Picasa on your new Computer but do not launch it after install. Step 2 - On your OLD computer or install Picasa, go.
  5. Google Photos. Your best bet for a direct Picasa replacement should be Google Photos. Google photos is a free tool from Google for organizing and editing photos on their popular android systems. However, the app is also available for IOS users and Windows. It is one of the best free photo editing applications available on the internet today
  6. If I were to replace Picasa, I think this would be my choice. Some features I liked: Loads fast as a replacement for Windows default picture and fax viewer. Preview of thumbnails with a simple mouse hover. Easy to filter with auto categories (e.g. focal length, shutter speed, photographer, and others), ratings (1 - 5 and unrated), and.

Replacement for Picasa that respects my folder layout. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 433 times 5 Now that Picasa is being retired, I'm looking for an alternative with the following features: Works on both Windows and Mac OS. (And, for bonus points, Linux. Time for a Picasa Replacement Top 5 article! I was never a huge fan of Picasa but for me it was the best free photo editor/organizer for Windows. Windows 10's photo editor still seems half-baked Google Is Finally Killing Picasa. It hasn't made sense for Google to continue to invest in two separate photo storage and sharing applications, as it has been doing with the newer Google Photos. Picasa Photo Viewer - So sexy. I covered the Organizer in another post a few months ago (still haven't really found a decent replacement), which you can read here. I thought I could get away with using the Picasa Photo Viewer a bit longer, but for a few months now the arrow keys and navigating doesn't seem to work, and many times the viewer gets frozen in memory, which causes it to. 16.6 MB. Downloads: 20,081. User rating: 35 votes. Rate this 5 (Best) 4 3 2 1 (Worst) Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button. Picasa automatically finds.

Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share Picasa isn't going anywhere. Picasa is software on your computer for working with the photos on your computer. It's freely available at picasa.google.com and, once you have it, it is yours to keep. Millions of people praise Picasa for being easy to use and allowing them to do things with their pictures that they neve

p.2 #6 · p.2 #6 · Picasa replacement. Workflow is. 1) Transfer images from card to scratch SSD with Bridge, rename in the process. 2) Mark the obvious rejects as such in bridge. 3) High level classification in Bridge in 3 categories - likely keepers, possible keepers, extras. Do additional rejections in the process Hvis du søger på f.eks. replacement for Picasa kommer en del frem. Et af linkene: Hvis du bruger Windows 10, så er det indbyggede billedprogram Billeder en mulighed. Min foretrukne er klart Google Fotos, der opbevarer alle mine billeder i skyen (gratis) og med tilgang fra alle enheder: tablets, telefon og PC/Mac

However, none of the caption data in Picasa appears to be preserved in Google's replacement Picasa to Google Photos. This is a rather severe oversight! I just spent an hour with my father looking for a work-a-round which I'll share below in this post Picasa Alternatives for Mac - AlternativeTo.net tip alternativeto.net. There are many alternatives to Picasa for Mac and since it's discontinued a lot of people are looking for a replacement. The most popular Mac alternative is XnView MP.It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try digiKam or TagSpaces.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of Picasa for Windows. Any version of Picasa distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. Jul 31rd, 2014. Jun 6th, 2014. 3.9 Build 137.76 Dec 25th, 2013. 3.9 Build 137.69 Dec 12th, 2013

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For those unfamiliar, Picasa is a photo-sharing and storing website that's been in Google's lineup since 2004. Ultimately, Google stopped rolling out any notable updates to the service, so it. Picasa has already been replaced in the Google top navigation bar with Google+ photos, so it seems like it's only a matter of time until the brand disappears into the annals of Google history Picasa's days have seemed numbered for a while. Last April, Google disabled the Picasa Web Album Uploader for the Mac and the Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhoto. It also put a halt to any future.

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Picasa has been designed by a solid team of experienced developers. As such, it's an excellent program focusing on ease-of-use, simplicity, and user-friendliness. Compared to other titles in the category, Picasa is a much better choice. Since it comes with editing as well as printing features, it's a good choice for Windows PCs I just logged in to Photos to see if it would serve as a replacement (I use and like Picasa), and was I unpleasantly surprised! TLDR: A half-arsed clone that misses all the good in Picasa. My first reaction: material design is great and all, but a clean interface that is undiscoverable (or requires five clicks to get anywhere) is useless

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We try to keep the site up-to-date by updating new or changed features and by monitoring the Google Photos forum. This website contains mainly tips, tricks, and info about Google Photos, Album Archive, Backup & Sync and Picasa. See here for the difference between these products. How to ask for help, report issues, or request new features, see. Picasa and Google+: What story map authors need to know Google is recommending app developers migrate to the Google Photos API as a replacement for the retired Picasa Web Albums API. The Story Maps team is evaluating interest in and suitability of Google Photos integration for future releases of Story Maps Current Picasa users simply have to log into Photos -- all of their content has already been moved over. Update: The Picasa desktop app will continue to function, but after March 15th, you shouldn. How to download and setup Picasa Latest version - AzchanneLHow to get the final Picasa version - AzchanneL-Link download: - For Windows users: https://goo.g..

Picasa tags don't export well and I find that it can cause lots of work to have to be redone later. The Photo Gallery downloaded free standing for XP is essentially the same as the Vista built in. Does Picasa still work with Google Photos? We've decided to retire Picasa in order to focus on a single photo service in Google Photos - a new, smarter photo app that works seamlessly across mobile and the web. What is Google's replacement for Picasa? Google Picasa used to be one of the best and popular photo management tools in 2016 Quote Hello Tim, From your other thread, I see you are looking for a Picasa replacement. PhD & Picasa function in quite different ways, even though each application has qualities & features that might suit an individual's needs best. At a core level, PhD is a non-destructive editor. i.e. adjustments & changes made to photos are NOT embedded in the photo until it's exported as a new photo

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Picasa is similar to these software: Windows Photo Gallery, Microsoft Photos, FastStone Image Viewer and more. Topic. graphics editor and photo sharing app included with the Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems as a functional replacement for Windows Photo Viewer. First included in Windows 8 Picasa is a program developed by Google, Inc. whose function is to allow the user view and organize the pictures in his/her Mac. Picasa searches for all the images in your HD and shows them on an eye-catching and intuitive interface. Without any doubt, the presentation is one of the high points of this applications Picasa is free photo management software from Google that helps you find, edit and share your pictures in seconds. We recommend that you print out this brief overview of Picasa's main features and consult it as you use the program for the first time to learn about new features quickly. Picasa helps you find and organize all your pictures Ultimate Campervan for Just $7,000! (1995 Chevy G20 Conversion Van Tour) The easiest way to fix or repair your Chevrolet G20 shift lever! Kit includes replacement bushing. 1995 G20 Chevy Van by Mark Broadfield. 1st in the World. Chevy g20 van on 30 Forgiato 30s

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