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Arenal Canopy Tour or zip lining. All the Canopy tour info in Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. The best deals. Arenal Mundo Aventura, Arenal Ecoglide, Athica Canopy, Canopy Vista Arenal, Sky Tram Sky Trek. Canopy Los Cañones. Schedule, special rates, longest cables These experiences are best for zipline & aerial adventure parks in Arenal Volcano National Park: Best Zip Line for small groups in Arenal; The Best 7 Zip Lines of Arenal; Arenal Canopy and Horseback Riding Adventure; Full day: Arenal Mundo Aventura; Sky Tram & Sky Trek From Arenal

In Arenal Mundo Aventura, we have a distinguished and unique way of involving all the people who visit us. We pride ourselves in having within our policies and service values that allow us to enjoy a more equitable and respectful world in the face of the differences that exist today Skytram (aerial tram or cable car) elevates you to a platform offering a stunning view of the Volcano and Arenal Lake. Skywalk (hanging bridges). A guided tour to learn about the flora and fauna in the area. Skytrek Ziplining. There are ten zip line cables, ranging in height from 30 meters to 200 meters and in length from 200 meters to 750 meters Arenal Mundo Aventura canopy tour the safety zip line adventure the longest cables and spectacular view of La Fortuna Waterfall and Pino Blanco Waterfall Costa Ric Sky Limit Arenal. Sky Limit adventure will take place within the tropical rain forest, it combines +10 activities of adventure, ability, and challenges. Includes ziplines, high rope course, canyoning, tarzan swing, bridges, rappel, and more, enjoy the adrenaline. Go To Experience. Personal Rafting

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The La Fortuna/Arenal area, as well as the Monteverde area, provides excellent zip-lining experiences, but other zip-line tours do run to and from San Jose. Most still require a long drive out of the capital city anyway, but the drive would be shorter than the drive to either La Fortuna/Arenal or Monteverde Zip lining in Monteverde. Monteverde is home to the longest zip line in Costa Rica. To experience the 5,220 foot-long (1590-zipline, you'll need to book through Aventura Canopy Tour in Monteverde. While this is the most popular zip line in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, it isn't the only one Costa Rica Sky Adventures its an adventure theme park located at Arenal Volcano, near La fortuna. In this park you can do the exiting Sky Trek zip lines, the Sky Tram cable car tour and the trilling Sky Walk hanging bridges, all in one same place offering you souvenir shop, Chill Out restaurant, hotel shuttle service and a hummingbird and orchid garden complementary tour Arenal is home to the largest lake of Costa Rica on which you can kayak and bike around, the many waterfall and hills make for the perfect place to go canyoning, rafting or rappelling and the rain forest is the perfect place to zip line. Arenal is heaven for people with a little bravery From here you can take in spectacular views of the Pino Blanco Waterfall, Arenal Volcano, and Cerro Chato. Next, you will cross a hanging bridge to the longest cable - 980 meters (0.6 miles) high above the la Fortuna Waterfall with great views of downtown Fortuna. Finally you will glide across the cables at high speeds of up to 70 km/hr (43MPH)

Arenal Zip Line Adventure. Monteverde Zip Line. Family Safe Tours. Congo Zip line. Guanacaste Zip Line . Zip-Line Tours An activity that you can not miss while in Costa Rica is going to zip-line, traveling through the big trees, enjoying not only the fresh breeze, but also the wide variety of animals within the forests of the area. Join us and. Zip Line In The Rain Forest. The Canopy tour consists of a series of cables attached from tree to tree on which you glide along using a pulley that it's secured to alpinism equipment (the harness). You will be enjoying the tour safely hanging facing front as you soar through the rain forest. (Although we encourage people to try different.

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  1. Our Experts highly recommend: the canopy zip line at Arenal Volcano for stunning volcano views. Arenal Reserve: Aerial Tram & Canopy Zipline. A Costa Rica zip line adventure generally involves taking an aerial tram up into the forest canopy to an elevated platform overlooking the forest floor
  2. The Arenal Mundo Aventura Ecological Park is best known for its three original onsite activities: the canopy ziplining tour, the rappel tour, and the horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall tour (each of which may be combined with either or both of the others to form half-day or full-day combo tours)
  3. FROM: $81.00 USD. Zip line through the forest on the 8 zip lines, of which the longest is 2.493 feet (1250 m). Times & Rates. US Toll-Free +1-888-328-5893. Local Costa Rica +506-4001-5253. Whatsapp - Messenger - booking@anywhere.com. prev
  4. Canopy Zip Line Tour. Experience the thrill of zip lining in Costa Rica! You will glide safely on cables through the treetops, where nearly 80 percent of all flora and fauna live in the rainforest. Canopy zip line tours are fun, thrilling, and let you admire the natural tropical forest and wildlife. Departs daily from La Fortuna

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  1. The Arenal Paraiso Canopy Zipline is an exciting and different way to view a rainforest. It is quite literally a flight over a river canyon located between La Fortuna and Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. The starting point is at the Arenal Paraiso Hotel which is situated right in front of Arenal Volcano
  2. Arenal Zip Line | Ecoglide Ziplining Tour | Desafio - Come fly through the treetops on an Arenal Zip line experience at one of the best canopy tours Ecoglide ziplining has one of the best zip lines as well as the highest safety standard
  3. Reach the top of the Arenal reserve in the Sky Tram. Then, travel through the jungle on the Sky Trek, a system of zip lines that provides a panoramic view of the Arenal volcano and lake. Together the cables total 1.7 miles (about 2.7 kilometers) in length and reach a maximum height of 660 feet (201 meters)

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  1. Ziplining on three of the Sky Trek Zip Line cables on the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. There are two different Sky Adventure Locations: Monteverde and La Fo..
  2. The Arenal zip line tour is the return tramway trip and includes half a dozen cables set up over 650' in the air, reaching speeds of up to 44mph. Children aged 5 and 6 will need to zip line with a guide and older kids (7-10) have the option of riding together if a guide is not available
  3. Sky Adventures Arenal Trek And Tram Zip Line Tour - Come experience above the clouds with Sky Adventures Arenal on this popular combo tour - followed by an Arenal hike or walk to take in the spectacular views of the volcano Enquire no
  4. Zip line through one of the most breath taking views in Monteverde, the Extremo Monteverde Park offers views to a waterfall, 14 cables of zip line, 5 of them are extremely long: 467 mts, 425 mts, 600 mts, 750 mts, 1 kilometer and height between 75 mts and 150 mts. Total distance 4KM For no additional cost you will also enjoy: -Rappel (30 mts.
  5. - Unforgettable experience of extreme zip lines ( 7 cables ) above la Fortuna waterfall where you will be surrounded by nature.Strategically located in Fortu..
  6. transportation list - ecoglide arenal park The following list shows the places where we include transportation and where not, if your hotel is not on the list you can check if it is around any area. The prices on this list are per track and not per person, the maximum number of people in a transport is 13 people
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Costa Rica's zip line & canopy tours are most popular in the Arenal & Monteverde regions. The sport was founded in Monteverde and the original canopy tour operator still runs these tours there. There are close to two dozen canopy tours in this area. Some are rustic and charming (but safe) tours run by families or rural tourism programs This adrenaline tour begins with a short walk to the first platform where the guide will get you set up with your safety gear and give you a thorough safety talk before you proceed the 11 zip line cables and 12 platforms. Return to Arenal Day Tours. Price per person: $ 50.00. The tour includes

Arenal Canopy Tour - The best option for zip lining in La Fortuna. Arenal Mundo Aventura Canopy Tour Arenal Mundo Aventura offers 11 cables in total , span lengths of 200 meters up to the longest of 960 meters; each cable offers a different sensation and experience crossing canyons, observing waterfalls, over the tops of trees or leaving from a. Best Zip Line tour in Arenal. One of the main attractions in Fortuna is to take a ZIP LINE Tour. You will enjoy 10 cables with 14 different platforms and 50mts high rappel where you can see the impressive Canyon of the Arenal River and the extraordinary flora and fauna of the rain forest

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  1. There are many zip-line operators in the Arenal area but this one is a bit unique in that it offers a tram ride to the top of the mountain. I had assumed that the tram ride would be more of just a means of transportation to the first line, but it ended up being a very cool experience
  2. Costa Rica Road Trip (Part 3) Arenal..what zip line!!! In Costa Rica, Our Journeys, Road Trips, The Americas by Janis 7th February 2016 Leave a Comment. A volcano, hanging bridges and a zip line. Once again, up early and heading off onto the next part of our journey from Monteverde to Arenal, home of one of Costa Rica's many volcanoes
  3. Arenal Volcano offers you a variety of interesting and exciting activities. Arenal Volcano Horseback riding tours , Arenal Zip Line, Arenal Toubing, trails, paths. These excellent activities, bred on our property, are sure to make this trip a unique experience. The Arenal Volcano and its hot springs is one of the main natural attractions found.
  4. Overview. This Arenal Canopy Zipline and Horseback Ride combination tour near La Fortuna offers an excellent mix of outdoor activities for people of all ages in the beautiful Arenal area. The horseback ride to El Silencio's private rainforest reserve winds through well maintained trails at the base of the towering Arenal Volcano
  5. Arenal Mundo Aventura was created through the dreams and plans of 4 business partners, and opened its doors in 2005. The primary objective is and was to conserve the rainforest and the environment, combining that with ecotourism and responsible adventure tourism
  6. ute advice. We wanted to zip line at Sky Trek as hubby and I have been there before. We.

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Zip Lines. Climb up the 54-foot (16-m) tower for the most exhilarating ride of your trip. Once you reach the top, you'll harness up and shoot across the 360-foot (110-m) canyon. Next, you'll walk across a hanging bridge to reach the longest cable in the Arenal area. You'll fly along 0.6-mile (1 km) of cable at 43 miles per hour (69 kph) Arenal Sky Trek & Tram Ultimate Zip Lines Half Day Adults: $84.00 / Kids: $58.00. The 6 Sky Tram gondolas offer endless views on the lush Costa Rican rainforest. This tour is perfect for people who want to admire the nature without much physical effort. Your guide will point out a variety of wildlife and flora to you Prepare for breathtaking views of La Fortuna Waterfall, Pino Blanco Waterfall and the beautiful vegetation of the Arenal Volcano area, as you fly through the forest on a Zip Line Tour. This Zip Line Tour is by far the best of its kind in Costa Rica, because it features a total of 11 cables, some of them, among the longest in the country This is the best zip-line canopy tour available. Fly through the canopy against the backdrop of Costa Rica's famous Arenal volcano. Also hike Arenal and enjoy shopping in the beautiful town of La Fortuna. All transportation is included. We also include a delicious buffet lunch in the middle of the day to keep up your energy Best Arenal zip line canopy tour. The Arenal zip line canopy tour is located in Alajuela next to the small town of La Fortuna and is special for zip line canopy tour.Many visitors says it's a wonderful destination en route to the beaches, and is an intregal part of the Costa Rican experience. Live an amazing experience flying over the tops of the trees in our tropical forest, moving from one.

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Sky Tram and Sky Trek Arenal Ziplines. Sky Trek is a thrilling zip line circuit flying over the Arenal Volcano trees. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views of the Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake Sky Trek Arenal is a thrilling zip line circuit that's located in both of our parks, Monteverde and La Fortuna. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you'll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views. From this area, you will start riding down on a zip line track stretching. Arenal Volcano Tours. Arenal Volcano is a great base for adventure touring including ziplines, hanging bridges, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, caving, fishing on Lake Arenal, and more. Located in northern Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano once erupted an average of 41 times per day. Today, the volcano is in a resting phase, but its commanding.

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Zip lining, also referred to as a canopy tour, is the closest you will ever get to flying. Nothing beats the adrenaline a canopy tour in Costa Rica tour will give you as your soar over rain forests and cloud forests in Monteverde, Manuel Antonio or the Arenal Volcano National Park Arenal, 90 km northwest of San Jose, is an ideal stop for families with loads of kid-friendly things to do within a relatively small area. Arenal has several zip line canopy tour companies offering different experiences. We chose Sky Tram & Sky Trek for our excursion; the tour was phenomenal with panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano and beyond Sky Trek is a thrilling zip-line circuit that's located in the magical forests of Monteverde. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the highest point of the mountain where you'll be dropped off at an observation area to admire fantastic views of the surrounding forests, the Arenal Volcano on one horizon, and the.

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Arenal Volcano Adventure Tour takes you to enjoy a memorable day. Takes a hike by the Hanging Bridges, go for a ride or the aerial tram and get your adrenaline to the fullest with the amazing zip line tour. All this besides the lush flora and fauna, plus extraordinary views of the lake and the volcano Zip Line Canopy Tours. Zip Line Canopy Tours, Contact us to provide the best option for you. $ 53.00. Arenal Zip Line Canopy Tour. Arenal Volcano La Fortuna Tours Attractions & things to do. View Details $ 50.00. Zip Line + Hot Springs + Volcano Observation Point | Big Adventure Combo Various tour operators offer zipline adventures, but for many people Sky Adventures offers the best zipline in Costa Rica. You can book a single zip line adventure, or combine it with a skywalk and aerial tram. Sky Adventures also has a location for zip lining in Monteverde, Costa Rica as well. After zip lining in Arenal, pay a visit to the.

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Sky Trek is a thrilling zip line circuit that's located in Sky Adventures Arenal park. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you'll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views. From this area, you will start riding down on a zip line track stretching across canyons and in between. During zip-line and canopy tour, the riders also can learn about botany, ecology and about reforestation. In all around the country there are many places where you can enjoy zip-lining and canopy tour and some of the best destinations are Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Monteverde The Arenal Volcano is a National Park located in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica is famous for its breathtaking beauty and past volcanic activity. Get a chance to uncover the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings of the volcanic area. Feel the buzz through the canopy on seven breathtaking zip line cables at Arenal Mundo Aventura Park Mexico & Central America - Arenal Paraiso Zip Line - good for first timer? - Has anyone done the Arenal Paraiso zip line? Would it be good for someone trying out a canopy tour for the first time Last updated on June 23rd, 2021 at 08:53 pm EST. Sky Trek is a thrilling zip-line circuit that's located in the magical forests of Arenal. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the highest point of the mountain where you'll be dropped off at an observation area to admire fantastic views of the Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake, and the surrounding forests

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This La Fortuna Zip lining Tour over Waterfalls is in our opinion, the Best Canopy Tour in all Costa Rica. This Half-Day Trip from La Fortuna includes 12 adventurous zip lines in the Rainforest Jungles of the Arenal Volcano area, including great views of La Fortuna Waterfall. Includes all safety equipment & fee Monteverde Extremo Park's Canopy Tour is a zip lining course of 14 cables systems, the longest is 1030 meters (3380 feet)! Their Canopy Tour includes zip lining, a Tarzan swing, a Superman zip line where you go head first laying on your stomach to fly like superman, and rappelling Flying down a zip-line cable over the rainforest canopy, through trees and canyons, with panoramic views to match was one of my favorite moments while I traveled through Costa Rica. And its no wonder that zip-lining in Costa Rica is on most peoples bucket list.. I chose to zip-line with Sky Trek in Arenal and had an incredible experience. The amount of time spent on the zip lines were enough. Lake Arenal Costa Rica Zip Lining. Virgin rainforests surround the Arenal Volcano and once you're ready for the rush, you'll be atop and around these beautiful forests via the zip lines. Even if this is an extreme experience of acquired taste, extreme safety is guaranteed by the people of Lake Arenal Zip Lining tours

Arenal Volcano Adventure Tour will take you to discover the Arenal Volcano area from a different perspective, from above. Along the tour, you can admire the natural beauty of the area and live adrenaline moments at the same time. Enjoy the combination of zip lines, hanging bridges, an aerial tram ride, and finish your day at the hot springs park The Amazing Original Zip-Line Tour lets you ride all eleven zip-lines as well as cross three hanging bridges, all while surrounded by the gorgeous expanse of the diverse forest of Guanacaste. Or for the adrenaline junkie, The Extreme Zip-Line Tour, including radical attractions such as our Tarzan Swing and Superman zip-lines Sky Trek Arenal. The Sky Trek canopy tour in Arenal starts with a slow aerial tram that takes you up to the top of the mountain with unbeatable views of Arenal Lake and the rainforest below. Wildlife, especially monkeys, can often be seen playing in the trees. There are 7 zip lines in total, the longest of which is 750 metres long Mount Arenal zip line tours are like nothing else on earth. You'll have your pick of several including Sky Limit, which combines a full range of challenging activities into one heart-pounding adventure. Soar high above the ground on the zipline, scream through the trees on the Tarzan swing, tiptoe across narrow rope bridges, and more..

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- Ten zip line cables and they range in height from 30 meters to 200 meters and in length from 200 meters to 750 meters. - Observation area at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve. - Butterfly and orchid garden Option # 2 Zip Line Arenal Canopy Tour through La Fortuna Waterfall. An authentic Canopy tour- zip line adventure in the rainforest that is full of adrenaline and in harmony with the environment. A 3 km (2 mile) zip line adventure trail takes you to the Pino Blanco waterfall, surrounded by canyons up to 120 meters high (360 feet) Go Adventure Arenal Park HORSEBACK RIDING AND ZIP LINE COMBO TOUR We can $ 115.00 $ 105.00. White Water Tubing / Horseback. Go Adventure Arenal Park WHITE WATER TUBING AND HORSEBACK $ 116.00 $ 106.00. El Burrrito Hike. The El Burrito walk is a 3.5km route in total $ 110.00 Canopy Tours Canopy Tours in Arenal Volcano. Canopy Tour Los Cañones offers a tour full of adrenaline within the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest, with the possibility of seeing tropical birds or howler monkeys, while you are a guest in their home Wow man! We've been fortunate to have done a fair amount if ziplining in some beautiful places around the world, but SkyTrek Arenal is absolutely in the top three. Maybe the top two. As mentioned in the episode there are seven zip lines in total that make up the SkyTrek course, and they're all pretty sweet

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Costa Rica Travel Tour - Arenal Pariaiso Zip Line Tour for 4 +/- Hour - This exciting experience starts with a short walk to the first platform where the guides will check carefully all the equipment. The equipment is high quality and done by the best manufacturers for your complete enjoyment and absolute security. After the inspection the tour guides will provide some short but important. Experience Costa Rica's world-renowned Arenal Volcano and Rainforest on this adventure-filled day trip. Read More. Congo Canopy Zip-Line Tour. One of the most popular activities to do when visiting Guanacaste Costa Rica. Read More. Adventures. The Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste, Costa Rica is one of the world's Blue Zones where people live. Nearby La Fortuna, known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica, adds to the mix cave spelunking, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, canopy (zip-line) tours, and waterfall rappelling. Yet Lake Arenal's daring spirit is tempered by groomed hiking trails, wildlife watching (monkeys included), and spectacular scenery, making it an ideal lake for.

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Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is strategically located in the heart of Costa Rica's center for adventure tours and eco-tourism. At Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna, Costa Rica, you can explore rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, the magnificent Lake Arenal, and of course, the famous volcano.Whatever you do, don't rush through the Arenal area Zip Line Tour. A very popular way to see the rain forest in Costa Rica is by zip line. SkyTrek is the largest operator near Arenal. It offers several tours including high-flying fun across 10. Zip-line, rappel, and raft your way through the region and enjoy some of the best volcano views the country has to offer. Or, combine three nights in Arenal with time in Manuel Antonio National Park and San José with this nine-day trip. Arenal in 4-5 Days Volcan Arenal as seen from Monteverd

A popular zip lining option is Arenal Mundo Aventura.You will start the tour with a nice tractor ride to get to the first platform. They have beautiful views of Pino Blanco waterfall from the longest cable (980mts) and the highest (90mts); it is the only zipline in the area who offers a line passing over la Fortuna Waterfall! Accidents on zip lines in Southeast Asia have left Western tourists with lifelong injuries. As adventure parks make their way across the Pacific and open in every U.S. state, the question to ask. Our guests can enjoy a variety of optional tours in Arenal, including Arenal Volcano tours, canopy (zip line) tours, cannyoning adventures, guided hiking trips or white-water rafting excursions. There are hanging bridges to be explored and hot springs to enjoy;there is a sky tram and wildlife reserves to experience as well

Sky Adventure Tour: Arenal Zipline Canopy Tour + Arenal Hanging Bridges + Arenal Aerial Tram. At the zip-line canopy park you will enjoy natural adventures filled with adrenaline or excursions at the forest to admire and have a unique encounter with nature. The best experiences are lived at the Sky Adventure Tour. Duration: 5-6 hrs approx. Rate. After the Arenal hanging bridges park, zip line at Sky Adventures. I went zip lining and it was quite the experience. They do offer a lot of other activities like the Sky Tram or even mountain biking. It will cost around $80 per person to zip line but is worth it. The zip lines go up to 656 feet high and can reach up to 43 miles per hr / parque ecologico volcan arenal. la fortuna costa rica// arenalvolcano eco park info@montanatourscr.com tel: 24791220/ 8710471

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The first choice is our amazing original zip-line tour of 11 zip-lines and three hanging bridges, all with gorgeous views. Or if you are an adrenaline junkie you may want to choose our extreme zip-line tour option. Once you have chosen which zip-line course you would like to take you now need to decide how to spend the next 2 hours of your day The activity starts with a tour in the Sky Tram to reach the top of the Arenal reserve, then begins a tour of adventure full of adrenaline above the treetops, which consists on a system of zip lines, that allows you to observe the rainforest and its landscape from a different perspective, safely in an innovative and different system

View of Arenal from our casita in La Fortuna. Getting up high. Our morning started bright and early at Arenal Mundo Aventura, a company dedicated to eco-tourism and conservation. They allow visitors to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica with a zip line circuit through their 560-hectacre section of tropical rainforest Skytrek Monteverde Canopy Tour, Bridges and Tram. Sky Trek in Monteverde is a fun zipline canopy tour! Ride through the air on a system of zipline cables in the cloud forest. There are 9 cables with lengths between 1200 feet and 2310 feet and heights of 60ft to 480ft. The Skytram and Skytrek have to be done as a combined tour (you cannot do. Zip lining, rappel and a Tarzan Swing Quepos. 4. Corcovado Zip Line Tour. 5. Beach-mountain & Zip-line Buggy Tour Guanacaste. 1. San José: Arenal Volcano, Hot Springs, & Zip Lining w/ Meals. Take the Arenal Volcano, Hot Springs and Zip Lining Tour which exhausts your full day with an adventure-packed itinerary

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The Best 7 Zip Lines of Arenal price starts from C$66.51. Discover and book The Best 7 Zip Lines of Arenal on Tripadvisor. What is the The Best 7 Zip Lines of Arenal cancellation policy? The Best 7 Zip Lines of Arenal cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.. Monteverde Extremo. Above the cloud forest in central Costa Rica, this zip-ling extravaganza involves 14 platforms at a starting height of nearly 1,400 feet. Four of the rides go on for nearly a. Go Zip Line + Horseback Riding . In the Park you will enjoy a variety of interesting and exciting activities. Arenal Volcano Horseback riding tours, Arenal Zip Line, Arenal Toubing, trails, paths. These excellent activities, bred on our property, are sure to make this tr. Duración: 8 Horas (aproximadamente

Best Zip Line for small groups in Arenal cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Discover and book Best Zip Line for small groups in Arenal on Tripadviso Best zip-lines in the world: top 10 places to zip-line There is our ultimate list of the top ten best zip-lines in the world. Explore the world's longest zipline, the incredible bicycle zipline, the zipline that shoots through Jaguar Cave, the spectacular Eifel Tower zipline and more Zip Line (Canopy Tour) at Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica! from Artäge Pictures. 11 years ago. I'm not afraid to admit that I hate heights. Yes, ladders, balconies, even those harmless steps that have grating for the flooring and you can see below - yeah, I hate all of those. I must also admit that I had no idea that I'd be attaching. Review: Costa Rica, Tortuguero, La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, Arenal, Wildlife, Canopy Zip Line, Local Food Tour. 5. Review by traveler . Clint W. on . 10.31.2020 for a customized tour designed by Travel Agency 2082785. General Info. Traveler Review. Which Country (Countries) did you visit on this trip

This new Costa Rica multisport tour features 10 days of exhilarating experiences: Raft the Pacuare River, snorkel Cahuita National Park, hike Tirimbina Reserve, and of course soak in hot springs at Arenal Volcano Horseback Ride Arenal to Monteverde & Viceversa $ 85.00. Horseback Ride La Fortuna, Arenal to Monteverde & Viceversa. Arenal Volcano La Fortuna Tours Attractions & things to do, Zip Line Canopy Tours, Contact us to provide the best option for you. $ 55.00. Selvatura Canopy Tour. Monteverde. View Details $ 50.00. Extremo Canopy Tour Arenal Volcano Overnight Tour from Guanacaste gives you the opportunity to discover and enjoy more time of the fantastic nature and adventures of the area. This is the perfect excursion if you want to relax in the hot springs and visit the Arenal Volcano.You will also enjoy visiting La Fortuna Waterfall and enjoying some adventures and zip lines and hanging bridges

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Zip Lining and Hanging Bridges. If zip lining and hanging bridges are on your list, you're in luck because La Fortuna is one of the best destinations in the country for these activities. Not only do you get to experience the rainforest canopy from above on a zip-line cable or hanging bridge, you can also get amazing volcano and lake views With the majestic Arenal Volcano as a backdrop, you'll enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience as you take a privately guided tour of the Cacao Rainforest where you will discover the secrets and origins of the Cacao tree—and chocolate! Please note the following Zip Line activity restrictions: To use the zip line, you must be at least 4. Volcanoes, Zip Lines, and a Real-Life Jungle Cruise: Take the Kids to Costa Rica Costa Rica is a small country—West Virginia, as a point of comparison, is 5,000 square miles larger. And yet it manages to fit a lot of adventure and nature within its borders; around a quarter of its territory is protected as part of the national park system Zip Lines. There were 13 of us total, a hodgepodge of families and couples on vacation from the U.S. and Canada, plus our two guides. Together we stared at a single steel cable that ran through our outlook beside the Arenal river valley; out the side and down the mountain The Second activity is the Sky Trek which consist of a series of zip lines, including 7 cables varying in length from 100 to 2460ft. With a maximum height of 660 feet, these provide a panoramic view of the Arenal Volcano and Lake. After this extreme experience we will head off to The Spring Resort & Spa for relaxation in the hot springs and lunch

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· Visit Arenal Volcano National Park · Visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Coffee Tour · Choice of tour: White water rafting tour or Canopy Zip line. · Meals as per itinerary (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner). · Local guide. · Small-group tour Arenal Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano is one of the youngest yet most active volcanoes in Costa Rica, situated in the Alajuela province, near the small town of La Fortuna. The area is considered a paradise for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Activities include but are not limited to canopy tours, aerial trams overlooking the jungle.

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