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Dropsy is a condition resulting from end stage kidney failure and other organ failures. It usually can be traced back to chronicly poor water conditions, which in this case looks to be quite likely. It appears you have these goldfish in a bowl. Goldfish are very messy fish and require huge amounts of water to dilute the toxins they produce I know it's a female because I had ask already if it was male or female a long time ago, I just was curious if it was dropsy because she has never gotten pregnant the whole time I've had her. And I always do water changes once a week 25-40% and it's a 30gal. Fingers crossed that she's pregnant

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2 years ago. Probably not Dropsy. Dropsy is when the scales are standing out from the body, indicating organ failure. Probably you feed too much, and maybe they could be constipated. Don't feed for a couple of days. Try a cooked pea; take the skin off and mash it. Feed them small pieces The cooked pea is a good first step, although moving the guppy will produce stress. If the pea doesn't work in a couple of days, try a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) for every ten gallons of water. If needed, double the dose in a couple of days. As a final option, add one of the broad spectrum meds for internal parasites Dropsy causes your fish to become larger than usual. So, what is Dropsy? Dropsy refers to a disease in which fish have a swollen belly. It causes fluid retention inside the fish's body. Fish with this condition may seem bloated. Dropsy in fish is a cluster of symptoms caused by an infection from bacteria commonly present in freshwater aquariums Goldfish don't get pregnant, as they are egg bearers. However they will increase in size when ready to lay. If your goldfish are getting fat and then dying, this is more likely a case of dropsy rather than pregnancy

Feeding Your Pregnant Goldfish. You would normally give your adult goldfish one meal a day to avoid overfeeding these constant eaters. When spawning, however, your goldfish will have more physical demands: carrying eggs, courtship, and finally, the process of spawning itself. Take care of them with more frequent feedings: two to three times per. Goldfish can get pregnant. Goldfish can't carry live babies inside their bodies, and therefore cannot classify as pregnant at any point in their lives. More on this later. Fish that sit at the bottom are pregnant. Fish that sit at the bottom - most of the time are actually doing so because they are not feeling well. Or suffering from. Dropsy results as the product of a bacterial infection of the fish's kidneys. The kidneys, which are infected, hold water. This retained water leads to swollen kidneys and disrupts homeostasis in the goldfish, specifically osmoregulation. Osmoregulation is how a goldfish keeps its internal fluids in balance with external water Dropsy disease results when the kidneys fail to work properly causing fluid retention and swelling of the goldfish's belly. In late stages of dropsy disease, the scales of the goldfish will protrude outwards. When you observe these symptoms in a sick goldfish, its chances of survival are low. If dropsy disease is diagnosed early, goldfish can.

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  1. ating these can go a long way in keeping your aquarium safe from this menace
  2. The Pearlscale Goldfish is often mistaken as having dropsy because its scales have a raised bump in the middle. The scales on Goldfish with dropsy have a fluid sac under each scale which pushes the scale away from the body giving it the characteristic opened pine cone appearance
  3. Goldfish dropsy is not a medical term and it's not technically considered a disease. The term refers to the combination of symptoms that 'dropsy' will display. The symptoms of dropsy are the result of an internal bacteria infection in the kidneys. The infected kidneys retain water, become swollen and throw of the homeostasis of the.

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Dropsy in fish. Dropsy in koi carp, goldfish or different pond fish can be recognized by a flatulated belly. Besides scales will erect, the balance of a fish will be upset and its eyes may protrude. It is caused by a tumour, bacterial infection or failing kidneys. Treatment and prevention of dropsy Dropsy is an old medical term for a condition that today would be more likely called edema or ascites—the swelling of soft tissues in a body cavity, such as the abdomen, due to an accumulation of water and other fluids.The English term derives from the Middle English word dropesie, from the Old French word hydropse, and from the Greek word hydrops, which is itself a derivation of hydro. Location. CA. Apr 14, 2010. #13. Yea it's pregnant sorry lol. When you see a white tube open near her bottom fins she will drop soon. I don't advise using traps it will stress fish cause then to abort even die. Try finding a better method, a larger trap or tank divider with lots of plant coverage Dropsy is a clinical sign indicating loss of fluid balance where there is a net influx of water. This is most commonly due to damage to kidney, gills and ski.. 1. Research your species as much as possible. The instructions below can teach you the basics, and are useful emergency steps to take if your tank is suddenly full of young fish. However, taking care of young fish, or fry, is a real challenge, and the more you know about the traits of your specific species, the better

Aside from a swollen belly and scales sticking out, fish dropsy can be recognized by the following symptoms: Dropsy in Goldfish. Loss of appetite. Behavioral changes like becoming lethargic, floating near the surface or at the bottom of the fish tank rather than moving through the water freely [1] Anemia (may cause the gills to become pale) [1. Dropsy is a lethal aquarium fish disease often associated with poor water quality leading to bacterial infection. Dropsy is commonly seen affecting goldfish whereby water quality is always a problem due its feeding frenzy and heavy waste discharge. Based on my own experience, aquarium fish seen contracting the disease always have minimum chance of survival and usually death will follow suit.

As well as this dropsy will also cause the belly to bloat. And it could also be swim bladder disease. To make sure your guppy is pregnant, you should check for the sign of pregnancy, as well as having a knowledge of illnesses that can cause a bloated belly to occur. Recap. Now you know all the signs to look for when your guppy is pregnant Goldfish; Mollies, Guppies, Swordtails, Corydoras, Snails, Shrimp, Platys and Endlers the maximum temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (80°F). So start raising the temperature in the hospital tank by 2 degrees every hour. For better temperature control you must need to install a good quality heater. #3: Salt Bat Dropsy is a very serious condition affecting goldfish. If you notice your goldfish looking fat, swollen or about to explode then the problem is probably dropsy. Read this article to find out more about the symptoms of dropsy, what causes dropsy and how to treat it. Fin Ro A pregnant female swordtail fish might not have a large belly, and it is, therefore, good to assume that your fish is pregnant if you have been keeping it in one tank with the males. Remember to move every pregnant swordtail to another aquarium tank and add many plants when the belly swells noticeably The main culprit for freshwater aquarium fish is Dropsy. Dropsy causes your fish to become much larger than usual and is often characterized by protruding scales, making your fish look like a pinecone. If your fish is showing these symptoms, you may want to quarantine your fish from others, as Dropsy can spread. Unfortunately, Dropsy is usually.

Dropsy is a disease that causes the belly of fish to become bloated due to the accumulation of water or other fluids in the gut and other internal organs. Dropsy caused by bacteria (Aeromonas ) is untreatable and contagious. However, dropsy caused by pollution, stress, or nutrition is treatable and not contagious Scratching, (also called flashing) and irritation. Ulcers from so much itching. You can treat Trichondia with a high concentration of salt, anywhere from 0.3% (which is 3 teaspoons per 10 gallons) to 0.9% (3 tablespoons per 10 gallons). However, this high of a concentration is extremely stressful to goldfish

Colin_T. If the fish is still eating then it is not dropsy. Fish with internal bacterial infections stop eating, do a stringy white poop, and die within 24-48 hours of going off their food. It is preferable not to move pregnant fish because you can damage them if you lift them out of water. If you have to move them, use a net to carefully catch. Goldfish come in dozens of varieties, each with unique appearances. They are broken down into single-tail and double-tail or fancy varieties. Single tail goldfish tend to be faster than fancy goldfish and are able to outcompete slower tankmates for food. They also have more streamlined bodies and get larger than most varieties of fancies

More information about dropsy and how to deal with it. Overweight and Overfeeding Some of your goldfish might look like it is pregnant but in actual fact the expanded body size could be reason caused by overfeeding. There are others which are too spoiled and fed excessively making the goldfish look fat and with the rounded belly I have a very pregnant Molly who has developed dropsy most likely from a compromised immune system. When I had goldfish who are prone to dropsy, Epsom and antibiotics will sometimes cure them. Anyone else have luck with this method? I removed her from the main tank and put her in a 10 gallon tank with some fry which is normally my sick tank While noticeable weight gain on a goldfish is one of the biggest signs a goldfish is pregnant (more on that later), it isn't a guarantee. There are in fact several potential indicators that your goldfish is expecting. We're going to cover the biggest tell-tale symptoms of a pregnant goldfish. We can also cover some basic care tips to help you However as for Dropsy I strongly recommend against this as this antibiotic can cause severe kidney damage, which is the last thing you want with a possible Dropsy case. However Minocycline (Maracyn 2) is not generally a good first choice for fish with sores; Nitrofurazone, Sulfa Products, and Neomycin are better choices for sores/wounds Whilst these can be effective, the claims made by the manufacturers as to their efficacy have to be taken in context. Often they depend upon early diagnosis and immediate treatment. Do not expect an antibacterial medication to have much impact on an advanced case of dropsy or severe hole in the head

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Kanaplex is especially effective treating columnaris, dropsy, fin rot, pop eye and even fish tuberulosis. Use 1 level measure (included) to every 20 L (5 gallons). Repeat every 2 days until symptoms disappear or up to a maximum of 3 doses. Turn off UV, ozone, and chemical filtration. To feed, blend 1 measure with about 1 tablespoon of frozen. It can often be difficult to identify when a fish is pregnant, and depending on her breed your fish can give birth to anywhere from a dozen to a couple hundred fray at once. Some aquarium fish carry the eggs inside of them. When the eggs are fertilized, they eventually hatch inside the mother, and the babies emerge in a live birth The problem of dropsy in goldfish and koi is one that can drive you to despair. Let's first talk about the problem itself. Dropsy is not a disease, it is a sign of a disease. Its characteristic appearance is a general bloating of the fish's body

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Alright, so, if your frog looks like it is getting very big and fat, you might be concerned about bloat. African dwarf frogs are susceptible to developing a bloating condition or illness known as dropsy, as well as milder forms or just generally bloating. Here is how to tell if your ADF is bloated VS pregnant; Size & Fatnes What Is Dropsy (Edema)? For a formal dropsy definition, we look to the Medical Dictionary web site, where its medical explanation is: an abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in a body cavity or in the cellular tissues. Most people with this condition refer to edema of the affected region. Years ago, a patient was referred to as having. Dropsy is basically a Condition or Syndrome. In other words a symptom with many causes, often a mix of causes such as diet, osmoregulation, bacterial pathogens such as Aeromonas and generally affecting the kidneys. As noted, most often Dropsy is Kidney related, which results in swelling and fluid retention due to poor kidney function. Apparently Lemongrab was really passionate about being a zombie for Halloween this year?...finding him with his head so bloody & with a chunk hanging off was.. utahfish said: Not sure if its dropsy or something else. Frogs tend to get food obstructions And or bloat and most food for the fish isnt good for them and they need more than scraps. Not only that but keeping them on gravel increases chance of bacterial infection as food gets stuck between gravel and rots where the frogs always are

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ScottR I'm very sorry your fish has dropsy, I recently lost a Betta fish to that. I recommend that you test your water levels, do daily 50% water change (I know that's a lot, but you just want to make sure that you get a lot of the bacteria out of the tank. also, Epsom salt bath, and fasting. fast for about 3-4 days and then feed a pea (that's what you do for bettas, Can someone confirm to do. Dropsy typically shows up for no apparent reason, and despite the best of care, claims the life of its victim. The term dropsy refers to a condition characterized by abdominal swelling that causes the scales in the affected area to stand on end, giving the tropical fish a pineconelike appearance, particularly when viewed from above Trish Cole Adams April 12th, 2016 . I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba I have a small backyard pond with 7 koi, I previously brought my koi inside for the winter as are temperatures can be very severe, they are now 5 years old and are very large as well as the rank becomes very smelly, so decided to try to keep them in the pond with a continious pump and pond decider, well I'm exstatic they. How To Prevent Dropsy In Bettas. Because dropsy is one of the more difficult illnesses to cure, it's always better to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Luckily, dropsy prevention is fairly straightforward and easy. And if you're taking care of your fish tank the chances of dropsy occurring in healthy fish is quite low If you have a female guppy, then she could be pregnant. Also, a bloated belly can also indicate dropsy (alongside pinecone scales) or swim bladder disease. So just because your guppy has a bloated belly, don't automatically assume that it's because of constipation. You should look for other symptoms of constipation as well

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Dropsy is the failure of the major organs in your fish. In case you are unsure of whether or not your fish has dropsy, other symptoms include elongated scales, loss of appetite, loss of color, lethargy, sluggishness, clamped fins, pine coning, and a swim bladder disorder Epsom Salt Treatment (California, USA) I have seen on the Internet information of owners using in tank or time limited once or twice daily baths or dips in water treated with Epsom salts to treat bloating and or constipation in goldfish

Gently hold the male goldfish and lightly rub his vent, clearing it of sperm. Swirl the sperm in the water and repeat the same process with the vent of the female, releasing her eggs. Swirl the water again to combine the sperm and the eggs. Be very ginger with artificial insemination The Black Moor is special in the world of fancy goldfish because it is one of the only goldfish breeds to be found in a single color. What is that single color you may ask? You guessed it, it's black! It is a popular goldfish among aquarium fish keepers. The Black Moor does not show this beautiful black velvet color until it matures a little Dropsy is a serious condition that affects the fish's kidneys. If the kidneys fail, the fish will retain fluid in its abdomen, leading to a bloated belly and raised pineapple scales. Epsom salt can be used as a complementary element of dropsy treatment by adding 1/8 teaspoons for every five gallons of water as a bath that treats the.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. howtotakecareofgoldfish.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Dropsy caused by systemic bacterial infections can be treated in larger fish, such as cichlids and goldfish, with antibiotics (e.g., erythromycin or minocycline). Although the prognosis is not good, at least some fish recover, particularly when the disease is caught early and water conditions are optimized

Goldfish do best with a pH level of 7.2 - 7.6, as little ammonia as possible and a nitrate level of between 0 and .25 ppm. Try adding aquarium salt made for freshwater tanks. Aquarium salt is good for helping to fight disease and boosts the goldfish's immune system Goldfish don't get pregnant; they're oviparous: The females swell with eggs, which they release in the water and connect with sperm released by the males. Goldfish breed when they're about 4 inches long. Both female and male goldfish show physical changes and changes in behavior before releasing their eggs or sperm, which is called milt Dropsy. Dropsy is another cause of bloat in betta fish. Unfortunately, dropsy is very difficult to treat, and there is a good chance that your fish will die or that you will need to euthanize him humanely. Symptoms. In addition to a bloated appearance, fish with dropsy develop pinecone scales. That's where the scales stand up, giving. Goldfish: is a type of freshwater fish. Also see the Goldfish profile page. GPD: abbreviation for Gallons Per Dat. This term is often used when referring to how many gallons of water a reverse osmosis filter or RO/DI filter can produce in a day. GPH: abbreviation for Gallons Per Hour. This term is used when referring to filter turnover or water. Like humans, goldfish sleep better in a dark room. Make sure aquarium lights are switched off for at least twelve hours a day. Goldfish are diurnal, meaning they are most active during the day. Nighttime is not a goldfish's preferred time to rest but they do prefer darkness to light. In a way they follow a sleep pattern similar to our own

There are a wide range of factors that may lead to dropsy, some of which are physiological with others are pathological. Pregnancy is a typical physiological cause of dropsy and the condition usually subsides after the pregnancy is over. Some other more serious and pathological causes of dropsy include, Congestive Cardiac Failure. Liver Cirrhosis The Goldfish Tank is one of the world's leading goldfish care websites. Our team of enthusiastic goldfish experts have helped over 5 million people care for their goldfish. Our expert advice has been featured everywhere from BuzzFeed to Smithsonian Magazine, Wikipedia to academic articles, and we love nothing more than helping readers take great care of their goldfish Keep The Temperature and pH Optimal. You also want to make sure that the temperature and pH levels in your tank are as close to perfect as they should be. The temperature should be between 72-78°F and the pH should between 6.8-7.8. To maintain the temperature you should have a heater in the tank as well as a thermometer so you can keep an eye. Goldfish keepers know that their number one priority is to keep their fish fit and vibrant. However there are times when disease and viruses can take hold in the goldfish tank. Left untreated these illnesses will spread throughout the fish with destructive consequences. Dropsy is the most feared disease in goldfish because of the casualty rate Dropsy - How To Diagnose And Cure Goldfish Of This Disease Read More » Goldfish Illness: What Are The Main Culprits? If your goldfish is showing signs of distress, sickness, disease or parasite infection, try the least dangerous route first, making sure you've done everything possible for your goldfish before resorting to medications

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  1. Your fish is suffering because a parasite, medically termed Ichthyophtirius, has infected it or several of your goldfish. This disorder is commonly referred to as Ich fish disease, Ick or White spot. Symptoms of Ich fish diseaseTreating Ich in fishMalachite Green fish treatmentAPI Super Ick Cure Malachite green treatment is one of the most.
  2. If your goldfish is showing signs of distress, sickness, disease or parasite infection, try the least dangerous route first, making sure you've done everything possible for your goldfish before resorting to medications. Typically the root of the problem has to do with poor water quality, stemmed from goldfish overfeeding, improper goldfish.
  3. Dropsy Symptoms: Bloating of the body, protruding scales. Dropsy is caused from a bacterial infection of the kidneys, causing fluid accumulation or renal failure. The fluids in the body build up and cause the fish to bloat up and the scales to protrude. It appears to only cause trouble in weakened fish and possibly from unkempt aquarium conditions
  4. Cyprinids (includes Goldfish) Goldfish Dropsy And Clear Stringy Poop. May 27, 2018. Lonefishkeeper. Member. this has happened ever since he lost one his Pregnant or Dropsy? Guppy: Similar Aquarium Threads. Can snail pass dropsy bacteria? Snails. Does my swordtail have dropsy
  5. How to tell if a Glofish is Pregnant. Glofish are some of my favorite tank occupants due to their bright colors and futuristic look. They are easy to care for but can be tricky to breed since the females look perpetually pregnant and the parents will often eat their eggs before you even know they're there
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  1. Egg-laden goldfish have been called twits, twats, twirps, and twerps according to various sources. Get the scoop on this controversy over Is a pregnant goldfish called a twit? at this site. It's pretty funny! And yes, goldfish are not technically pregnant but egg-laden or ripe (like some sort of fruit!)
  2. A goldfish that is properly cared for can live for well over five years (40 years plus max) and grow to around 12 inches long, 32cm (4 inches average, 10cm).A small one-gallon goldfish bowl (3.7 liters) is not highly recommended. When you place a goldfish in a small space like a bowl, the water gets dirty fast and make the goldfish unhealthy
  3. ous, dark skin or bluish white. Hydrothorax with suffocative fits after scarlet fever may indicate the remedy. Terebinth. Dropsy from congestion of the kidney, dull aching in renal region and dark, smoky urine. Colchicum. Dropsy with dark urine, especially as a complication of rheumatism may indicate this remedy
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  5. Separate the fish right after spotting the signs of dropsy and place the fish in a quarantine tank. Get expert's guidance immediately as dropsy is generally spotted at a late stage when it becomes much difficult to save the fish. 3. Swim Bladder. Swim Bladder is referred to as fish maw, air bladder, oxygen bladder or gas bladder in fish

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Dropsy. Dropsy is one of the rarer goldfish diseases. While treatments are available, a full recovery is virtually impossible. Signs of dropsy include bloated eyes, a swollen body and protruding scales. This condition is usually a result of organ failure due to cancer or extremely poor environmental conditions Dropsy is a symptom, not a disease.Because of this there is no sure-fire way to treat it as it could be caused by several different things. Although, it is generally caused by fungal or bacteria infections, so we can use an anti fungal/bacterial to try and treat it. The symptoms, for lack of a better word, of dropsy are pineconing scales and usually bloating Goldfish Bacterial Infections. There are a number of bacterial infections that your goldfish can come down with. Bacteria are even more microscopic than parasites and thus can go unnoticed until the bacteria has a chance to take hold and your fish shows signs of an infection such as a goldfish eye problem.These tiny viruses can spread throughout the body of the goldfish, from fish to fish and. Dropsy. Like cloudy eye, dropsy is not actually an illness in itself but a symptom that goes along with many other common Goldfish diseases. Dropsy can be caused by all sorts of issues including viruses, bacterial infections, parasites or even cancer. Typically dropsy will end up leading to a failure of organs such as the kidneys

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This is most likely seen in both eyes. Infection may be caused by a variety of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, and parasites. If the fish suffers from both popeye and dropsy (edema of the belly), the prognosis is bleak. Internal problems, such as kidney failure or a metabolic issue can result in fluid build-up, making it extremely hard to. Read more about nacreous and other goldfish's scales types here. The Poor Man's Koi As Shubunkin goldfish can grow more than 12″ in length, they are best kept in ponds where they can live in a huge volume of water. In general, goldfish with streamlined bodied such as the Shubunkins need more than 20 gallons of water per fish to grow. Common Goldfish vs. Fancy Goldfish Lifespan. While Common Goldfish and Fancy Goldfish still belong to the same family, they are very different. And this impacts their lifespan as well. Fancy Goldfish species are known for their long flowing fins. Many of them have double fins, which hampers their ability to swim fast like a Common Goldfish

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No idea, but had this happen with a couple female guppies and 3 zebra danio's.not pregnant, not swimming erratically, but they all died in about 2 weeks of developing the bloated gut. This sounds like contipation or dropsy. I'd isolate the fish. Don't feed it for 2 days Dropsy is a fish illness which affects freshwater fish. Goldfish seems to have a real problem with this illness. I sucked a Goldfish down through my siphoning tube and the fish lived for one year with Dropsy. Dropsy makes your fish look like a pine-cone. The scales will stick straight out and the fish will become bloated Problems of pregnancy Dropsy conditions include hydrallantois and hydramnios. Hydroallantois, or hydrops of the allantois, is due to a defective placenta (the chorio-allantois). The fetus is normal. The condition is characterized. Infectious Dropsy Symptoms: Typical dropsy has several symptoms: bulging eyes, regressing eyes, pale gills, inflamed anus. In some cases the belly may be inflated, red spots can be seen on the skin, as well as damage to the fins. Cause: This disease is caused by a pathogen on which researches cannot agree. It is widely believed that 2 bacteria.

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With proper care, the typical Shubunkin Goldfish lifespan is 10 to 15 years. That's assuming they're kept in a habitat with proper water conditions and a good diet. If you're lucky, your Shubunkin Goldfish could have a lifespan that's even longer. It's not uncommon to see these fish living for more than two decades in well-maintained. The shape of you. Some of the different characteristics that the goldfish are being bred for are their bodies, colors, heads, tails, eyes, fins, and scales. Out of these characteristics, I think the simplest one to understand is their shapes. There are only 2 body types of goldfish breeds. Let's call them the slim ones and the rounded ones

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African dwarf frogs are usually low-maintenance pets but they are still living creatures who can get a plethora of diseases. Dropsy, or bloat, is one of those diseases that most often affects African dwarf frogs. Dropsy can also affect may other frog species that are kept as pets Velvet is one of the more common diseases in aquarium fish and can strike down every inhabitant in the tank before the hapless owner realizes what he or she is dealing with. Also known as Rust or Gold Dust disease, it is caused by one of several species of a tiny parasite known as Oödinium (also known as Piscinoodinium ). 1  Oödinium is a. A Molly Fish is a live bearer, meaning the babies come out of the mother alive. Breeding occurs easily and often for the molly fish if males and females are in a tank together. Baby Molly Fish will be eaten if kept in the same tank as any other fish (including mollies), so it is important to identify pregnancy in the females