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Order Online Or Give Us A Call For More Information. Call For Inf Field-Tested Lambing & Kidding Supplies From the Folks Who Use It Every Day! Premier Offers The Essential Items For A Properly Stocked Lambing & Kidding Kit Reduce the chance of loss and theft of your livestock. Mark them permanently with an L & H Brander. All L & H Electric Branders are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Available in many designs of letters and numbers. FAST: Will heat to branding temperature in ninety seconds and maintains constant even heat for producing a good brand. Manufactured and hand bent with break-through tubular technology, our Electric Cattle Brander will satisfy any cattle and livestock branding needs. This branding iron maintains consistent heat for continuous branding for as long as it is plugged in. Braced at all stress points with steel rods and made with non-corro Braced at all stress points with steel rods, keeping the heating element from bending or breaking. These electric cattle brands are made of lasting, non-corrosive material and with ordinary use will give years of trouble free service. BRAND-FIRST Fire heated cattle branding irons are made of 3/16 stainless steel that is 1 high

Welcome To Husky Branding Irons. We are a Veteran owned and operated company that specializes in electric branding irons. We can also build you fire and freeze branding irons. We are the only branding iron company that will ship electric branding irons within 24 hours. We are your trusted source for your branding needs Howdy, partners! We offer U.S. made quality branding irons for the livestock industry worldwide. Our selection includes Electric, Fire-Heated or Freeze Branding Irons. Whether you are looking for simple livestock branding irons or a custom branding iron with your own ranch brand, we're here to help. Our Livestock sele

Electric Branding Handle length is 12 - in a TEAL color. All electric branders plug into any 110/120-Volt outlet; Custom-made to meet your exact specifications; 12-gauge, 3-wire grounded cord which stays flexible to almost -60 degrees Fahrenheit; If an extension cord is needed, use at least a 12-gauge, 3-wire grounded cor L-H Branding Irons. Custom made to your brand specifications by L-H Manufacturing. Available in Freeze Brand, Fire Brand or Electric. When you submit an actual-size drawing showing your brand (indicate height of figures), allow 10 days for delivery to your address. Irons must be paid in advance and we prepay UPS charges to you. Electric. Find a wide selection of branding irons, dehorners, hot knives, brand heaters and more at FARMRANCHSTORE. ―Cattle― Squeeze Chutes Electric Searing Iron - Model 55CS. from 87.00. Hot Knife. 118.00. Electric Foam Scoop. 110.00. Brand Heater. from 295.00 Branding Irons & Livestock Branding Equipment At Long View Ranch Branding Irons, we design and build top quality livestock brands and branding irons; Electric Brands, Freeze Brands and Fire Brands for ranchers, farmers, and anyone who wants an authentic brand. We know how important it is to have quality equipment

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  1. EL-TORO ELECTRIC BRANDS are equipped with three grounded cord for added safety. Plug into any 120 volt outlet AC or DC. EL-TORO BRANDERS are designed for a clear vision of the branding application. EL-TORO ELECTRIC BRANDERS controlled heat gives a clearer brand and the round burning surface makes the hair grow away from the brand not over it
  2. Electric Branding Irons. Our Electric Branding Irons are made once we agree on a design and are shipped within 24 hours of your order being placed. We only use the highest quality products and standby our products. You can look at some of our brands we have made here. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to help you
  3. ed in one of 2 ways. For example: Brand design of Bar over 7B. Per Character - you would describe the brand as 4 character size, so the 7 B would be 4 adding the Bar that would then make the brand a size of 5 in overall height.; Overall Height - you would describe the brand as 4 overall height, that would then make the characters 7B 3 tall adding.
  4. The El-Toro Electric Branding Iron is available for cows, calves and horses, and comes in sizes from 2.5 inches to 4 inches high. They are available in single, double or triple character on one heat resistant, sturdy handle. With proper care, they will last for many years
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  6. From leather branding tools, to electric branding irons, we've got you covered! Get in touch and we'll find the right tool to suit your need. Compare. SmartBrand DP Branding System. As low as: $474.00 Compare. SmartBrand Branding System. As low as: $374.00 Compare

Where conditions allow, electric branding irons provide a good method of branding livestock. Don't use too small an iron as it will cause the brand to blotch. It is necessary that each letter, number or symbol be proportionate in size, approximately four inches high for calves and six inches high for yearlings and mature cattle Interchangeable type are available in character sizes from 1/8 to 1 tall for all electric hot iron brands. In addition to these Electric Branding Irons, we also offer Flame Heated Branding Irons. If you have any questions, or just need help deciding what branding tool best suits your requirements, please call our experts at 248-583-5353

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  1. ed by the height of the main character. Characters between 3 and 6 tall are made with 3/8 heating element for a 3/8 face width. Please email your brand design to brands@valleyvet.com or fax to (800)446-5597
  2. Branding equipment After struggling for years with ineffective branding equipment, we saw a great demand for branding equipment that is more effective and leaves a neat permanent mark on animals. Since 1996 we started to manufacture the Rau branding burners and irons, followed by dehorning irons, head gates and weaner plates. Branding equipment that DO work!
  3. utes for the iron to heat up before it can give a clear brand, and about 5 seconds to place the brand. When the animal's hair is very long, it is best to clip it before placing the iron on the skin
  4. Branding irons can be bought from a farmers' co-op store. They can be one of two types: each brand letter/number can be on a single iron, or all the letters/numbers can be on one iron. The latter is usually custom-made and you therefore need to ensure that the letters/numbers are level with one another and the brand looks like the mark.
  5. Texas Branding Iron Co. The next 10-year renewal period (2021-2031) for all brands in Texas to remain officially registered is August 31, 2021 through February 28, 2022. After that time, someone else may claim your brand. Contact us during that period if you would like the Texas Branding Iron Company to renew your brand
  6. Electric branding irons heat to branding temperature in 90 seconds and maintain constant, even heat to produce clear, legible brands. 4 tall numbers are made with 3/8 heating element for a 3/8 face width. Number sets consist of three branding irons, each with three offset numbers. The first electric branding iron consists of number 1.

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Horse and cattle brands. 12-volt electric branding irons; Electro-tek Engineering Ltd 94a Malden St PALMERSTON NORTH 4440 New Zealand Phone: +64-06-3572454 Website: Electro-tek (NZ) or Electro-Tek. Cattle and sheep earmarking pliers GO Farm Agribusiness 63 Arthur Street ROMA QLD 4455 and Warrego Highway CHINCHILLA QLD 4413. Horse and cattle brand Model WI-0022321. L & H Fire Heated Branding Iron Number Set provides an identifing mark for livestock owners, reducing the chance of loss and theft of your livestock. They are made of rust resistant non-corrosive copper alloy and have a 1/4 flat face. Number sets consist of 9 irons, 0-8, (6 is inverted to make the 9) Electric Branding Iron

Livestock branding has been going on for at least 4,700 years, and likely longer. According to a Smithsonian.com article, an ancient Egyptian tomb painting depicting a cattle roundup and branding from 2700 BC is the earliest record of livestock branding. There are also allusions to the practice in Roman literature and in the Bible, namely with. Call: 888-428-3898. Text: 903-443-7169. Fax: 888-877-3870. Pittsburg Foundry is a family owned and operated business. We offer high quality branding irons at a reasonable price. Located in North East Texas, our capabilities include state of the art CAD design software and a CNC router for the precision manufacture of patterns to match the exact. Like any complex electric appliance, electric branding irons must be properly cared for. Since there are complicated internal mechanisms that ensure that the iron works correctly, you must make sure that you are handling and storing them properly. With the right knowledge and care, electric branding irons will last for years. Heat Branding 10 Design A Custom Branding Iron For Your Cattle. Order Your Branding Iron Now Call us for expert advice 248-583-5353. The following is a sampling of the branding tools Brand-First can make for you: We offer a complete line of cattle branding irons that include fire and electric heated, as well as freeze branding irons. Branding iron heaters, dehorners and accessories are also available

Nov 14, 2016. #2. If you need to buy electric irons, I'd only buy L&H. Really good iron. If possible, I'd get 220 versus 110. Have and use both and the difference is noticeable. An L&H electric iron powered by 220 is the closest thing I've found to a well built, properly heated fire iron Freeze branding - A process that utilizes extremely cold branding irons to alter the hair follicles of livestock. Electric branding - No branding pots are needed for these customizable, quick-heating, plug-in ready, electric brands. To keep successful records of all your livestock, consider custom branding Electric irons are widely used with excellent results. These are factory made and thermostatically controlled. The cost is approximately between $60.00 and $90.00, and requires electricity at the branding chute. Many factory made stamp irons are now cast from copper or copper alloys. These have advantage of heating a littl

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Electric branding irons. If you've ever had or used an electric toaster, you understand pretty much how an electric branding iron works. This particular branding iron can be used in just about every branding situation there is, and is built in different ways depending on the surface being branded, and the size and shape of the branding iron needed Livestock Branding is done with several methods. Most of us think of the traditional Hot Iron Branding that we know from the old west. There are also other forms of branding including: freeze branding, chemical branding, tattooing, ear notching and the use of electronic tags. Each of these methods has their own positives and negatives

Jan 23, 2017 - Explore Tori Wilkinson-Little's board Branding Irons, followed by 177 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cattle brands, branding, branding iron Show your team spirit with these Officially licensed NCAA branding irons. A must-have for your next college football tailgate! Products. Branding Irons. Classic. Blacksmith. HeatBacker. Single-Letter Western. Pictorial In the UK, we use the yellow tags to replace branding. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), stipulate that all livestock must be tagged within 20 days of birth in each ear. The tag contains a unique number used to identify the animal through it's life As far as branding cattle, I believe that hot brands are the best. It only takes a few seconds. The heat kills the nerve endings so the pain is quick. With a freeze brand, you have to hold it on for a longer time and the chances of the animal moving are greater. A freeze brand does hurt. It is a freezing burn. I know from first hand experience

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Husky Branding Irons manufactures personalized and custom brands ELECTRIC BRANDING IRONS · ALL PURPOSE BRAND & DEHORNERS · FREEZE & FIRE Numbers and letters.. Though many of the methods for branding have been relatively unchanged over the centuries, new technologies are welcomed. Beyond fire branding, other branding techniques are fairly common including the use of electric irons, freeze branding, lip or ear tattoos, and microchips. At Ranchlands we practice a traditional style of branding

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Alcohol almost has to be bought through a vet supply and runs about $25/gallon. You'll almost certainly need at least that much. That $75 cost per branding session is made worse by the fact that it doesn't go as far as liquid nitrogen. Our total cost per head ended up being about $4/head with alcohol vs about twenty cents with nitrogen The electric branding irons' hot surfaces are rounded, so one must watch sliding and roll the irons. Also for electric irons, use a good power cord and you may need two electric irons if you are. Electric branding irons come in many variations from irons designed to brand cattle, irons designed to mark wood and leather and models designed to be placed inside a drill press for the purposes of manufacturing. An Electric Branding Iron's temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity Quick View. Branding Supplies. 4″ BRANDING IRON - STAINLESS STEEL - WESTERN RANCH SUPPLY. $ 50.00. Select options. Quick View. Branding Supplies. 5″ BRANDING IRON - STAINLESS STEEL - WESTERN RANCH SUPPLY. $ 55.00 Antique Cattle Branding Iron Bar M Wrought Iron w/Handle Western Cowboy 21 $110.67. Was: $119.00. $22.00 shipping. Antique vintage cattle calf branding irons number set 0-8 13 steel. $135.90. $9.00 shipping. Antique Hand Forged Cattle Branding Iron f $60.00. $12.99 shipping. Antique Hand made Cast Iron Branding Iron Cattle Brand Livestock.

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Vintage Cast Iron Cattle Branding Iron Figural Longhorn Steer from an Estate in Dallas. TX Description: Total overall length is approximately 22 inches. The iron handle is 4 inches long. The height of the steer's head is almost 5 inches and the width of the steer's horns is 7 inches Description. For use on wood or leather, our electric branding irons have solid brass heads that can be set with up to 20 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation). These irons reach over 720°F (382°C) after about 15 minutes. We offer one model with HANDCRAFTED BY as the first line, another with FABRIQUÉ PAR as the. Branding Irons Unlimited. We offer branding irons for every application. Whether you are branding wood, leather, plastic, food products, or livestock we have you covered! Our collection includes electric, propane and fire-heated branding irons Electric Food Branding Irons are fully customizable branding irons made with your artwork, logo, or text. Made from high-strength aluminum and electrically heated. The extra deep relief offers the ability to brand into foods such as breads and meats. Standard Production is 2-3 weeks, plus shipping time

The other type of branding iron is electric custom-made heating elements formed in the shape of the brand. They can be any size, from 2 inches on up. Electric irons are nice because you can heat them quickly for branding one or two animals when you don't want to fire up a propane heater A cattle brand is a unique design seared into the hide of cattle, permanently linking them to a specific producer. There are various ways producers can brand their cattle. Generally, fire-heated irons are used for calf brandings, while electric irons may be used on cattle in a chute. Freeze branding and tattooing are more common in the purebred. Livestock brands are traditionally hot branded letters or symbols on an iron rod heated and burnt onto the hide of cattle. It can also be a tattoo or ear tag. Throughout history, we have moved from quite primitive methods to modernized and streamlined ones, like electric branding irons and freeze branding techniques. Early Methods of Livestock. Custom Branding Iron, Made in USA, Electric Branding Iron, Wood Branding Iron, Branding Iron for Wood, Leather Branding Iron CUSTOM MADE BRANDING irons your choice 29.99 & shipping western decor great one of kind gifts Antique Branding Iron Hand Forged Iron Cattle Branding Iron Rustic Ranch Western Southwestern Decor Texas New Mexico.

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The EPL Electric Branding Iron models are favoured by professionals requiring finer detail in their branding and can be adapted into a drill press model. The addition of branding irons to the business has been developing over recent years. The company had been supplying impression-branding wheels to the timber industry for decades and the. 3″ Stainless steel branding iron made by the Shop at Western Ranch Supply. SKU: HMRD3 Category: Branding Supplies Brand: WESTERN RANCH SUPPLY. All ARENA EQUIPMENT BARN & HOME BIRD, FISH & GAME BOOKS & DVDS CATTLE CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES DAIRY EQUIPMENT EXOTIC ANIMALS FENCING FOOTWEAR GIFT CARDS GIFTS & SUCH HAY HORSE IRRIGATION LAWN & GARDEN. We now offer custom gift boxes to stow your NEW Sizzling Branding Iron! Boxes come with your logo on the lid and our contact information on the backside for if you ever need to get a hold us. Small Boxes: $20. 80 Watt - 175 Watt electric handles. Large Boxes: $30. 250 Watt - 550 Watt electric handle HEAD ONLY ! 1/2 BRASS 1/4 CHARACTERS BRANDING IRON FOR APIARY, BEEHIVE, WOOD. $40.00 to $55.00. $4.00 shipping. 9 sold

Custom branding iron , Custom electric branding iron for woodworkers , Wood branding iron for gift. HappyJewelrySupplies. 5 out of 5 stars. (13,996) Sale Price $8.20. $8.20 Custom branding irons start at $75.00, depending on the design. Prices are based on the complexity of your design. The major factor is, of course, the labor time needed to hand craft the branding iron. You should take this into consideration when submitting a design. To submit a design for a price quote you may use e-mail or fax We make branding irons to your specifications using traditional techniques as well as modern CNC machining methods. Our brands are made from mild steel, stainless steel or brass depending on the customers' requirements. Our branding irons have many uses. Below are some examples. Livestock Identification - fire and freeze brands Electrical branding irons have electric heating element to heat a branding iron to the desired temperature. Firstly, electric branding iron come in many variations from. Secondly, irons designed to mark from wood to leather. Moreover, an Electric Branding Iron's temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity Also, livestock absolutely must be restrained during freeze branding. BRANDING IRONS: Freeze Brands are constructed from high-quality copper alloy for maximum temperature holding capacity. The faces of the irons are slightly rounded to insure uniform transfer and are available in wide-face for cattle and narrow-face for horses

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Irons Branding Iron. Branding livestock is an essential piece of work performed by ranchers and buckaroos. A brand is the special mark or identifying design owned by a rancher and used in registering and identifying his cattle and horses. A branding iron is the handmade iron or steel tool that applies the mark to the beast Cattle branding irons are made up of parts that are permanently connected. The cattle iron is available in three varieties: Fire Heated, Electric and a Freeze brander. A Fire Heated cattle brander is the traditional style of branding iron and the oldest method of branding in existence Just a little additional info: We use a hot brand to mark ownership on our cattle with a T A shape, and we use freeze brands to mark the cow's numbers on their black hair. The hot brands go on when we vaccinate the little calves, and we use a ca..

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  1. Starting at $28.00. Stainless Steel Branding Irons . . . All our branding irons are crafted from stainless steel. That's because, unlike common mild steel, it's durable and will last indefinitely. Stainless steel will not rust and it is easy to keep clean. It also brands faster and makes a cleaner brand, whether you use it on cattle, horses.
  2. BrandNew Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of rugged, dependable, and innovative branding irons and marking tools. Our customers are commercial and industrial companies, professional craftsmen and women, and individual hobbyists with a need to permanently and indelibly mark products, property, tools, or equipment in materials such as wood, leather, plastics, rubber, wax.
  3. e the successful outcome of the mark:. Design- Clean, simple designs work best when branding.Busy or highly detailed art can result in less than satisfactory results. Custom bronze dies can be engraved per your artwork or provided with a pocket to hold.
  4. Because branding elicits a permanent mark, the L & H Number Set is in popular demand throughout the country. Universities, Extension Services, Livestock Associations and Cattlemen have been using these sets for many years with complete satisfaction. The L & H Number Set consists of three complete and individual irons
  5. BRANDING IRONS are made of metal that will conduct cold well. The best marker is made of copperand has an inch of metal from the face to the back. Brass or bronze markers are also satisfactory. Conventional or Electric irons are not good substitutes, as they usually do not contain enough metal to maintain the cold during the freeze marking time
  6. Electric Branding Irons. Safely Applying Modern Methods. Using electrically-heated irons has become more common in recent years. Electric irons are completely satisfactory if each character is the recommended size and on a separate handle or offset on the same handle
  7. Number should be 6-inches with vents in the 6, 8, 9, and O. The vents prevent burn out of the entire area. Hot irons can be heated for branding in a number of ways. Electric irons or regular irons heated with propane gas burner or wood fire are often used. Irons should be nearly red hot just before applying the iron
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  1. L&H Branding Irons. 3,497 likes · 35 talking about this · 2 were here. L&H Branding Irons is recognized nationally as the leader in this field
  2. electric branding iron can be used successfully after a certain amount of experience is gained. The size of the iron is important. Each character should be (in outside measurements) 4 inches by 3 inches for calves less than one year old and 6 inches by 3 1/2 inches for older cattle. The face width of the branding iron should be 1/4 inc
  3. Brandon Cattle with the Branding Irons. 26 likes. Not your grandpa's countr
  4. Long View Ranch Custom Designed Branding Irons Custom Branding. Freeze Branding Cattle And The Double Helix Brand. Create Your Own Personalized Brands L H Branding Irons. Texas Longhorn Cattle Management Tips Dickinson Cattle Co. The Leader In Custom Branding Irons Branding Irons Unlimited. 32 Farm Logos We Really Dig 99designs
  5. The STUDMASTA Branding Irons can also be used for FREEZE BRANDING ( made from pure Copper and comes with a wooden handle ) of Cattle and Horses. We can manufacture any 3 Piece Branding Irons and Symbol brands as per your registration certificate. Handle length = 750mm on the FIRE Brands and 350mm on the FREEZE Brands
  6. Branding irons were used to mark cattle to claim ownership. These hobbyists use a gas or electric powered branding iron made of a conductive metal like copper, brass or bronze. The branding end is a flat metal piece carved with the design, resembling a rubber stamp. This end is attached to an insulated handle
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Hot branding involves heating branding irons in a fire until they are red hot, and then pressing the irons against the hide of a cow or bull, leaving a visible scar on the animal once the burn has healed. The Registrar of Brands allocates each livestock owner a specific mark for use on the farmer's animals Our electric wood branding irons all come with a digital temperature control unit for precise and fast heating of your wood branding logo stamp. It takes only a few minutes for the branding iron to heat up the wood branding stamp to burn your logo in. We offer 3 types of electric wood branding irons with digital tempe Custom Branding Irons. As proud dealers of L & H Livestock Brands, we provide custom-made brands available in several options. From hot brands to electric brands, freeze brands, sheep brands and more; we specialize in customer character brands at our customer's request Electric branding irons are typically equipped with a 10-foot cord that can be plugged into any outlet. This results in a much faster heating process than traditional fire-heated brands. In fact, when plugged in, electric branding irons can reach and maintain a constant, even, and desired temperature within 90 seconds Custom Brands. Leave a distinctive mark on your next project. Our Brands can be created in most any design that you could imagine. Using your art or our design services, we can work with you to create a Brand that is uniquely yours