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The femur, or thigh bone, is the toughest bone in the body to break. It's the largest and thickest bone, for two things, and it's also protected by all those leg muscles. The collarbone, conversely, is relatively small and close to the surface of the skin, and therefore is one of the most commonly broken bones Here's a look at some of the bones that hurt the most to break: 1) Femur The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body. Located in the thigh, the femur stretches from the hip to the knee The femur is the only bone in the thigh and is the longest and strongest of all bones in the body. A femur fracture that's not due to a traumatic incident may indicate osteoporosis or bone cancer. If it breaks, it can be potentially life-threatening Many people are curious about what is the most painful bone to break. It's understandable why an inquiring mind would want to know, but unfortunately it's a difficult question to answer. Pain is subjective, and people characterize the pain of any given injury in different ways - often based on previous experiences with pain and injury

Because it takes so much force to break it, a femur fracture is usually obvious. Fractures to the other two bones in your leg can be less obvious. Symptoms of breaks in all three might include Needless to say, this is by far the worst arm breakage in MMA history, and with Brian Jones Jr's imploded leg, ranks as two of worst broken bones in the history of the sport Comminuted: The bone shatters into several different pieces. Compression: The bone gets crushed or flattened. Impacted: Bones get driven together. Oblique: The break goes diagonally across the bone. Spiral: The fracture spirals around the bone. Transverse: The break goes in a straight line across the bone It can cause bones in your leg to break. However, thigh bones need more force to fracture. 2. Car Accident. You may get all three of your bones broken if you experience a car accident. The condition can become worse if your legs are crushed against the dashboard during the crash Between the femur (your thigh bone) and the tibia (your shin bone), your legs have the strongest weight-bearing bones in the human body. Your femur is approximately four times stronger than..

It most often affects bones in your leg, skull, pelvis, or spine. It may not hurt at first unless you break a bone or develop arthritis. And if it affects your skull, you could lose hearing Hip fractures are the most common fracture in adults over the age of 65. In fact, 90% of all hip fractures happen in that age group. Because a drop in estrogen is a risk factor for osteoporosis, postmenopausal women are four times more likely than men to sustain a hip fracture The fifth metatarsal is the outer bone that connects to your little toe. It is the most commonly fractured metatarsal bone. A common type of break in the part of your fifth metatarsal bone closest to the ankle is called a Jones fracture. This area of the bone has low blood flow

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An open fracture is also referred to as a compound fracture. A break in the leg may involve any of these bones: The femur is the bone in the thigh. It is the longest and strongest bone of the body Football's Top 10 Worst Broken Bones Caught on Video. 0 of 10. This will not be pretty, this will not be funny and this is not for the faint-hearted. To break your leg is unlucky. To break. SUBSCRIBE! http://goo.gl/zcxRDXLike us on Facebook! https://goo.gl/9NP0E1Instagram! https://goo.gl/KgC6xYOur friend Mike was working doing live stunt shows i.. It can happen lots of ways, like falling or getting into a car accident. Your leg has four bones (the femur, the patella, the tibia, and the fibula). If there's an accident, any one of these bones.. 10. Leg. The bones of the arm are also some of the most commonly broken, particularly the humerus. The humerus is the large bone between the shoulder and elbow and a break often occurs as a result of a fall or a collision. It is the most common broken bone in children. The ulna, in the lower arm, is also a common bone to break

Why Bones Break A broken bone occurs because the amount of energy that the bone has to support is greater than the actual strength of the bone itself. This can mean that there was either a very high energy, a very weak bone, or an amount of energy over a long period of time that was too much for the bone to sustain Now, let's be honest here. No bone will break painlessly. Thus before you proceed to whatever your intentions are concerning your bones, make sure you have in mind the 6 Easiest Ways to Get. In physiotherapy, our physiotherapist deal with both broken bones and torn ligaments on a regular basis. But we noticed that patients tend to protect one more than the other. For example, when playing a sport like a football, patients more often than not choose to protect a shin-bone (shin guards) than to wear a knee guard to support their ligament or tendons there

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  1. i mean, if an allosaur for an example where to bite a para several times in one leg, i think even said para should start limping, while as a rex, breaking bones on a giga in one bite, sure, i am ok with that to be honest, but only if you actually for for a leg, not if you barely hit the tail or sides of that one. #13
  2. Bones are complex living tissues comprised of an inner spongy bone surrounded by solid compact bone. Soft marrow, which produces bone and blood cells, lies in the center of many bones. There are many causes of bone pain, ranging from a bone bruise or fracture, to less common (albeit very serious) causes, such as bone cancer or infection
  3. In fact, you can sometimes move a broken bone, so this is not one of the main signs to look for when deciding whether you have a fracture. The top three symptoms of a broken bone are pain.
  4. The tibia and fibula are the two bones of the lower leg. It's unusual to break both bones, even in contact sports like football. It takes quite a bit of trauma to break both of them at the same time. The footage of the Washington Redskins quarterback, Alex Smith, breaking both of these bones is hard to watch
  5. Most bones have a specified time frame in which they should heal after an injury. Bones of areas which have a good vascular supply heal extremely well. There are typical sites though where chances of non union are very high without an intervention..
  6. During this stage, medication is often prescribed to reduce the worst pain. The acute pain will decrease with time. 1. After you've broken a bone, you may need surgery so the doctor can realign your broken bone, you may need a cast or other device to keep the broken bone immobile, or you may require some other medical treatment
  7. The leg has three bones that can fracture — the femur (the thighbone) and the tibia and fibula in the lower leg. When a fracture involves the knobby end portions of bones that are part of the hip, knee and ankle joints, the fracture is more complicated. This article describes only fractures of the straight shafts of the three long leg bones

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What is the easiest bone to break? wrist,collarbone and your fingers The easiest bone to break is the collar bone. It only takes 10 pounds of pressure to break. The smallest ones are the easiest. 10. Leg. The bones of the arm are also some of the most commonly broken, particularly the humerus. The humerus is the large bone between the shoulder and elbow and a break often occurs as a result of a fall or a collision. It is the most common broken bone in children. The ulna, in the lower arm, is also a common bone to break Femur (thigh bone) Fractures. Your thigh bone (femur) is the longest and strongest bone in your body. Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it. Car crashes, for example, are the number one cause of femur fractures. Femur fractures vary greatly, depending on the force that causes the break

The worst thing for a broken bone is to move it. This will hurt the person and it can make the injury worse! In the case of a broken arm or leg, a grown-up may be able to cushion or support the surrounding area with towels or pillows The top 15 worst leg breaks in football Fri, March 24, 2017 Express Sport brings together a collection of the most gruesome leg breaks in football - not for the squeamish.. Hips are one of the most common bones to break, and the most frequently broken bone for people over the age of 65, who account for around 90 percent of hip fractures [source: Mayo Clinic]. Around 80 percent of those fractures occur in post-menopausal women, who are at higher risk due to osteoporosis [source: Mayo Clinic ]

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  1. Broken bones can range from stress fractures, which are tiny cracks in the bone, to more serious fractures where the bone is actually cracked and moves apart during an accident or fall. The worst bone breaks are known as compound fractures. Here the bone breaks into two or more pieces and one or more of the pieces punctures the skin and is exposed
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  3. No: The rods aren't expanding. He may be having pain from nerve misfiring, scar tissue, muscle or bone. Hard to say from this description alone. Talk to y Read More. Send thanks to the doctor. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more
  4. Whats the worst bone break you ever got? ANSWER 0 POLICE...IN HOT PURSUIT I broke the same leg twice and the same arm twice. All 4 times were painful, I can't pick a favorite. I have broken many bones in my life, but the worst was a vertebrae in my neck. I had to wear a device called a halo brace for 4 months to allow my neck to heal
  5. Femur Shaft Fractures (Broken Thighbone) Your thighbone (femur) is the longest and strongest bone in your body. Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it. Motor vehicle collisions, for example, are the number one cause of femur fractures. The long, straight part of the femur is called the femoral shaft

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Pelvic bone fractures are often thought to be the most common broken bones after car accidents. Fibula (lower leg), and Femur (upper leg). Broken legs are surprisingly common. They usually are strong bones but can break when the force of a wreck crushes the car into the leg with great force. Cranial (skull) Here's a quick look at the bones you're most likely to break in a car crash: Tibia/Fibula Fracture - Broken legs can occur if the leg area in the car crumples during the accident. Femur Fracture - Despite being one of the strongest bones in the body, the femur can fracture during a high-impact collision Adults have 206 bones that come in a lot of shapes and sizes, so some bones are going to be a lot easier to break than others. The largest bone in your body, your femur or thigh bone, is a lot harder to break than the long slender clavicle, or collarbone, which one of the more commonly broken bones Chris Weidman's gruesome double leg break, suffered when throwing a leg kick at Uriah Hall at UFC 261, made the stomach churn and ranks among the worst ever seen. From Alistair Overeem's gruesome.

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These are 10 of the worst sports injuries ever Samir Ait Said was competing in the qualifying round of the 2016 Olympics in Rio when he broke the tibia and fibula bones in his left leg after. This term means that the bone is cracked, but it isn't separated into two parts. Complete fracture. In complete fractures, the bone has snapped into two or more parts. Displaced fracture. In this type of fracture, the bone fragments on each side of the break are not aligned. A displaced fracture may require surgery to realign the bones properly A broken ankle is also called a fractured ankle. It happens when one or more bones in the ankle joint break.. The ankle joint is made up of the following bones: The tibia is the larger bone in. A fracture is another word for a break. In some cases, the only symptom of a small fracture is a pain in the shin while walking. In more severe cases, the tibia bone may protrude through the skin

If your pain is severe, you can't put weight on the leg, or you have pain even when you're resting, go to urgent care or the ER. Or go if the pain gets worse. In rare instances, a stress fracture can go from a hairline crack to a complete break in the bone. Main symptoms. Dull, gnawing pain in the groin or thigh; Pain when putting weight on. The TX. 10: Worst bones to break. By LONDON MAYNARD, TX. Correspondent. Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward uses crutches as he steps away from a podium after taking questions from members of the media. Sometimes the fractured bone fails to heal in the proper position. Other possible long-term consequences ofcalcaneal fractures are decreased ankle motion and walking with a limp due to collapse of the heel bone and loss of length in the leg. Patients often require additional surgery and/or long-term or permanent use of a brace or an orthotic.

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Dustin Poirier won his third fight with Conor McGregor after McGregor appeared to break a bone in his leg in the first round. Some fights can make for epic viewing, in which two evenly-matched opponents face off against one another in a bout that features strategy and force in equal measure What is the meaning of break a leg? The idiom is a common one, and though it sounds confrontational, it's anything but. they'd wish for the worst possible outcome. Want to wish someone luck without mentioning fractured bones? Stick to break a leg for actors,. The femur is one of the largest and most important bones in the body. It bears a lot of the weight of the torso and head and is important for maintaining our mobility. Unfortunately, just like any other bone in our body, the femur is liable to damage. The bone can break or crack. A crack in the femur is known as a fracture

If bone is sticking out through the skin, do not attempt to splint the leg. Instead, keep the ends of the bone and the skin wound as clean as possible. Lay a sterile gauze bandage from a first aid kit over the open wound. If you don't have any gauze handy, place any clean cotton garment, such as a T-shirt or a handkerchief, over the area A broken leg (leg fracture) will be severely painful and may be swollen or bruised. You usually will not be able to walk on it. If it's a severe fracture, the leg may be an odd shape and the bone may even be poking out of the skin. There may have been a crack sound when the leg was broken, and the shock and pain of breaking your leg may cause.

However, even the best athlete can miss. Falls and collisions with cars are the most common ways a cat breaks a bone. Attacks by other animals (and sometimes humans) can also result in bone fractures. The bones most commonly broken (or fractured) are the femur, pelvis, jaw, and tail. What to Watch For. The primary symptoms seen are from pain How to Break a Toe in One Easy Step. Life is hard and toes are fragile, which means that by the time you reach our age, you've probably broken one. Or two. I recently broke a toe when I got out of bed in the middle of the night and tripped over a shoe. When friends and family consoled me with their own Toe Break Tales, I learned that there. Certain types of IGs, especially those with poor bone density, brittle bone types, or long spindly thin toothpick legs, are more likely to fracture as well. Yes, IGs have long thin legs, but if you have seen a dog like this, the best way to describe them is that their legs look out of proportion to their bodies - just too thin and lacking.

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  1. Chris Weidman leg break at UFC 261 Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman admitted that having a leg amputation is still a possibility as he recovers from his injury. Weidman broke his leg in a devastating fashion when he threw a low kick that Uriah Hall checked in their middleweight bout at UFC 261, an injury that left The All.
  2. The tibia is the shinbone, the larger of the two bones in the lower leg. The top of the tibia connects to the knee joint and the bottom connects to the ankle joint. Although this bone carries the majority of the body's weight, it still needs the support of the fibula. The fibula, sometimes called the calf bone, is smaller than the tibia and.
  3. He said the worst pain was the recovery and that he didn't feel any pain in his leg until about 12 hours after the break. Edit: sorry, my bad.... next time I'll just say femur and bask in upvotes. Not technically a bone, but the penis. But if you are only wanting to know what bone is the worst to break, I would say the spine. 2. Share.
  4. J.L. Drede The femur is the long bone between the hip and the knee. A femur fracture is a break in the femur bone, the leg bone that extends from the hip down to the knee joint. Since the femur is one of the largest and strongest bones in the human body, it is not a common break and usually occurs only after a serious trauma like a car accident or sporting injury
  5. uted fracture is a bone break where the bone shatters into at least 3 pieces. A stress fracture is a hairline fracture that often occurs in bones of the feet or legs due to repetitive impact such as from running

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There are several different methods that may be used depending upon the location of the break, how severe the break is, and if other parts of the leg (muscles, tendons) have been damaged. Internal fixation: metal pins, plates, or screws are placed into the bone to keep the fractured ends aligned Thigh Bone Fracture. The femur shaft, or thigh bone, is the longest and strongest bone in the body. Because the femur is so large, it usually takes a lot of force to break it. A motor vehicle accident is the main cause of femur fractures. The long straight part of the femur is called the femoral shaft When kids break bones, they worry about how long they'll need to wear casts. At worst, they can cause the injured bones to stop growing. So more than 5 months ago I broke my leg right above my growth plate. All my family is in the 5-6 foot range. I'm about 5'3 (I'm 12 almost 13) but I haven't really grown since my broken leg Broken Leg Recap. Trying to heal a broken leg might be a frustrating experience. Waiting for the bone to heal itself will probably take months, which seems like an eternity when you are in your bed, watching TV all the time. You will know if your bone is broken if you notice some of the symptoms we enumerated in the previous paragraphs

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(In 1975, the filly Ruffian managed to break a second, healthy leg in the process.) Advertisement If Barbaro starts favoring his wounded leg post-surgery, he may overload his other legs, causing a. The second match ended abruptly when Silva threw a leg kick, which Weidman checked with his tree trunk legs, causing both bones in the Brazilian fighter's lower leg to break. Despite calls for the former champ to retire, Anderson is set to fight again on January 31, 2015 Share this on: Updated Oct. 19, 2020. While breaking a bone sounds straightforward, there are actually many different ways a bone can break. A n open fracture, also called a compound fracture, can occur through a simple fall, playing a sport, being in a car accident, or any other high-impact event. When an adult patient comes in with a fracture, our goal is to get that patient back to their. Broken Bones can be More Serious than You May Think. For most, a fractured arm, ankle, or toe is almost a rite of passage in childhood. Often, these fractures are not high impact breaks, and they heal in a matter of months. However, broken bones come in a variety of forms, and depending on how, when, where, and what bone is broken can. A broken bone in a child or adolescent should be treated more carefully than in an adult because of the risk of growth plate injury. A growth plate, also called an epiphyseal plate, is a section of cartilage located at the ends of the long bones of children and teenagers. It is here that new bone develops to add length as the child grows

Answer: When you break a bone, fat tissue from the bone marrow can leak into your blood. In many cases, this doesn't cause any problems. But in some situations, it may lead to a disorder known as fat embolism syndrome (FES). Although uncommon, FES can result in serious complications such as severe lung problems and seizures Paget's Disease: This is a bone disorder where the bone renewal process (remodeling) occurs too quickly, leading to bone deformities (soft, enlarged bones such as of the spine, pelvis, skull, and the long bones of the thighs and lower leg). Paget's disease tends to occur in white adults over the age of 55 and may have a hereditary component

Certainly, Ware's injury was horrific. After he leapt to try to block a shot, Ware fell on his right leg, breaking his tibia in two places and forcing the bone to jut six inches out of his leg. Decreased bone density. We know that bone density can decrease anytime a foot or leg is immobilized and particularly if it is suspended in the air when using crutches. But what many people don't realize is that there have been studies that actually show that after a period of disuse you get decreased bone density that may never come back

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Greenstick fractures are breaks in bones along only one side of the bone caused by a force perpendicular to the bone's long axis. Greenstick fractures are seen only in children whose developing bones are more flexible than adult bones and therefore tend to bend and only partially break instead of breaking completely A broken leg or a fractured leg is a condition where there is a break or fracture in the bones which make up the leg. These bones are: tibia and fibula which form the lower leg, and femur which is the thigh bone. Usually the tibia and fibula get injured more than the thigh bone. Individuals of all ages may suffer from a broken leg Taken together, a large leg bone, certainly that of a pig or cow, is very hard to break through. Sadly, that won't stop many dog's trying. As with marrow bones above, huge force is exerted downwards until either the teeth skid off and clash or the bone breaks and the teeth clash

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Bone Break vs. Fracture. It may come as a surprise, but a broken bone and a fractured bone are the same thing. A fracture occurs when an outside force is too great for a bone to handle. Although generally rigid, bones can weaken over time and become more susceptible to fracturing. Fractures may occur lengthwise, crosswise, or in multiple pieces Tennessee Titans return specialist Marc Mariani ran back a kick during the preseason in 2012. A defender tackled him to the ground and Mariani held his leg as the play concluded. In the video of the event, you can clearly see a broken bone in his left leg — and his reaction to realizing it. Mariani missed the entire 2012 and 2013 seasons. Examine the injured leg. If you see your dog limping, take a look to see which leg is injured. Do a slow, careful examination of the injured leg. The broken leg could be really obvious, such as an exposed, open fracture. In this case, you'll need to keep the wound clean Leg lengthening or shortening involves a variety of surgical procedures used to correct legs of unequal lengths, a condition referred to as limb length discrepancy (LLD). LLD occurs because a leg bone grows more slowly in one leg than on the other leg. Surgical treatment is indicated for discrepancies exceeding 1 in (2.5 cm) The most common of these bone diseases include osteoporosis, panosteitis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD). Read below to learn more about common causes of weak bones in dogs and how to manage. Fractures. Knowing the general healing process for fractures, which can occur in various regions of the bone, is important as a pet owner Avascular necrosis. This is when the blood supply in part of the femur is cut off for a period of time. This can cause part of the bone to die. Injury to nerves or blood vessels. Parts of the hip bone may not join together at all or in the correct position. Blood clots in the legs or lungs. Mental confusion . Older adults who fracture a hip may.