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Powerful Ultrasonic Sound Waves attack bat senses, forcing bats to leave for good. Money-back guarantee. Order online and get over 30% Off - Sale Keep Bats Out Of Your Attic, Porch, Eaves, Shed, & More. Risk Free 90 Day Guarantee. Little To No Maintenance Required. Environmentally Safe Solutions. Long Lasting Results Ultrasonic repellers are tuned to something like 30kHz to 55kHz. That would be in kilohertz, a unit of electromagnetic frequency. So the repellers are meant to really dish out the hertz, if you catch our frequency

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Basically, this Izbie Z1 ultrasonic bat repellent works not only with bats, but also rodent, mice, deer, dog and snake. With its high frequency sounds, the repellent is going to be very defensive to keep the intruders away for day and night time. The batteries used are solar rechargeable ones, in the meantime Safely get rid of bats with powerful ultrasonic sound, strobe light, and multiple custom sound options. The Guardian™: Electronic Bat Repellent The Guardian is a humane and environmentally friendly device that repels bats indoors and outdoors Secondly, ultrasonic frequencies only have a short-range. The higher the frequency of any wave, light, or sound, the more easily disrupted it is and the shorter effective distance it has. In other words, ultrasonic waves at high frequencies can be blocked by any number of foreign objects you have in the area Solar PIR Motion Sensor Ultrasonic Bird Repeller Pest Bat Animal Scarer Tool 8.1 7.6 8.2 8: Solar Ultra Sonic PIR Repeller Animal Bird Bat Cat Dog Control Scarer Deterrent 7.7 7. briidea Ultrasonic Bat Repeller, Bat repelling System, Demands Bats to Flee, Human and Pet Safe. 3.2 out of 5 stars 6. $49.99 $ 49. 99. $3.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $3.00 with coupon. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 21. FREE Shipping by Amazon

Buy Now. 6.3. BH-4, 2Pack - Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent - Best Plug in - Get Rid of - Rodents, Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Bats, Insects - Roaches, Spiders, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Flies, Ants, Mosquitos! Buy Now. CLEANRTH CB006 Advanced Ultrasonic Bat Repelling System | Demands Bats to Leave! More Info and Images Ultrasonic bat repellent. The same researchers claim that it doesn't work. Theoretically, if the devices operated with increased intensity at the frequency of bat communication (30 to 100 kHz), this method would be useful. But expecting precision from cheap products means overestimating them Ultrasonic bat repellent is a big innovation in the field of bat repellents. They work like loud sounds except the fact that they do not disturb humans, as they send ultrasonic sound variable frequencies. These are not audible by humans. These ultrasonic frequencies disturbs the bats using their good sense of hearing The second choice you could take to deter bats is the CLEANRTH bat repelling system. It is an ultrasonic device that is designed to vibrate and release the frequency bats could not stand staying around. This ultrasonic bat repeller lies on its intense technology to annoy and keep bats away. And, it has been proven to work really well

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  1. For bat control we will have preset this option to the High Range as bats hear in the higher ultrasonic frequencies. Ultrasonic Variable Sounds The ET Pest Control uses this type of technology which constantly changes ultrasonic sounds so bats and pests cannot adjust to the annoying sounds being admitted
  2. 15000Hz, 17500Hz & 20000Hz Ultrasonic Ultimate Extreme Mouse and Rat Repellent (11 1/2 Hours)This the ultimate ultra extreme version with 15000Hz, 17500Hz an..
  3. For this reason, ultrasonic bat repellent devices are the most simple and effective way to get rid of bats. Echolocation: Bats send out high-frequency noises that, by means of an echo, are returned to the bat's ears, letting them know the distance, direction, and size of the space or object(s) in front of them
  4. Some animals, such as bats, dogs, and rodents, can hear well into the ultrasonic range. Some insects, such as grasshoppers and locusts, can detect frequencies from 50,000 Hz to 100,000 Hz, and lacewings and moths can detect ultrasound as high as 240,000 Hz produced by insect-hunting bats
  5. The EPro Triple Attack Bat Repeller is guaranteed to get rid of bats, rats, squirrels, mice, cockroaches, fleas, crickets, ants and most of the other common pests. Laboratory research has shown that ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of these pests causing them discomfort. Triple Attack Power 360 degree three speaker.
  6. The Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller A bat uses echolocation by sending out high-pitched sounds that then come back to help them detect where objects are while they fly in the dark of night. It's for this reason that ultrasonic devices can be especially useful in repelling bats compared to other animals and pests
  7. The Bat Deterrent System, an ultrasonic acoustic device developed by NRG Systems, reduced overall bat fatalities by 50 percent with reductions of nearly 80 percent in some species. The study was so successful that Duke Energy will equip 255 wind turbines at Los Vientos with the device

The Ultrasonic Bat Repeller uses ultrasonic sound waves at a high-frequency that pests will hear. The high-frequency sound is enough to annoy and repel all pests from your home. How to Use the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Effectively in Your Home. All you need to do is plug the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller into an extension cord and place it in the. Relying on Ultrasonic Bat Repeller. A sonic bat repellent has been created on a progressive idea that the sound of high frequency is able to exclude many pests, including bats. Those sounds that come from a special device are never heard by human or pets, but are heard by bats, ticks, fleas, etc Please Note: This post contains affiliate links.An affiliate link means that we may earn advertising/referral fees if you purchase through our links.. This BatPads.com article teaches you *EVERYTHING* you need to know about the Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller of the year and why it is the PERFECT solution for keeping Bats away from your property until the time is right How does ultrasonic pest control work? Ultrasonic pest repellers, once plugged into an electrical outlet, operate by emitting short wavelength, high-frequency sound waves that are too high for humans to hear. The average young person hears sounds ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz; whereas, a middle-aged person only hears up to 12-14,000 Hz

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  1. How Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller devices use high-frequency, ultrasonic sound waves that are above the range of sounds that humans can hear or process. In theory, the noise from the device causes a psychological response in pests that leads to distress. Pests will then flee from the room or area where these signals.
  2. Bat Repellents - The idea of using a repellent to deal with an animal problem is an attractive one, and simply spraying a substance into the area where the bats are found, or leaving a repellent on the floor below the colony is a very easy thing to do. The key feature of a repellent is that it needs to be very unpleasant for the animals and make it horrible for the bats to remain in that.
  3. Ultrasonic pest repellers are electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds designed to repel, injure or kill household pests, such as rodents and insects. Whether they're actually effective at doing so has been disputed by testing labs and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Left unchecked, rodents and insects can transmit salmonella.

Ultrasonic bat repellent is safe with ultrasonic waves. Bats use ultrasonic waves for locating prey and obstacles and they listen the sound and do the various activity. Because they use a variety of ultrasonic waves ranging techniques to detect their prey. They can detect frequencies beyond 100 kHz, possibly up to 200 kHz The bats must be properly excluded from the building by a pro, and that pro must permanently seal off all bat entry points. AAAnimal Control is a professional nuisance wildlife control company located in Orlando, FL. We offer solutions to wildlife problems throughout the Greater Orlando Florida area, and specialize in bat control A; An Ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic pest repellent device that uses high frequency sound wave-length to scare away different kind of pests including rodents, bugs, mice and bats hence making them go away from your living areas General Principles Behind Ultrasonic Bat Repelling Units. Independent laboratory and university testing has proven ultrasonic and sonic sound technology to be an effective form of pest control. These units are safe for use around humans, unborn children and non-rodent pets such as dogs, cats and reptiles. Our manufacturer's utilize the latest. Ultrasonic sound waves are frequencies over 20,000 hertz, or 20 kilohertz (kHz). Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers™ are designed to continually and automatically sweep an ultrasonic frequency range between 32 and 62 kHz, well above the hearing range of humans and common pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish). Rodents and some other pests can clearly hear.

The usual volume of Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is working up to 100db while frequencies range from 32 to 62 kHz. The ideal wavelength is 60Hz that is safer yet effective for pest control. Coverage Range. In buying a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, you have to estimate first the affected areas where you want the rodents to evacuate Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Circuit. The explained Ultrasonic Pest repeller is a device that generates ultrasound or a very high frequency noise in the range of over 20 kHz which becomes useful for repelling or scaring away animals like stray dogs, cats, mice bats, etc. This becomes possible since these animals are able to easily detect the. Bat Control | Bat Repeller | 100% Safe | ET Pest Control. $ 54.99 $ 49.99. Electromagnetic High Impact (for deep inner wall repelling) Twin Scanning Technology (TST helps ultrasonic sounds repel better) High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds (covering 5000 Sq. Ft. open area) Ultrasonic Variable Sounds (constantly changing ultrasonic frequencies so the.

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Aside from the ultrasonic wave, it also produces flashing LED lights that will frighten birds and other animals. It keeps boars, rodents, badgers, skunks, foxes, squirrels, and other stray animals off your yard. The best part about this ZOVENCHI device is you can adjust the frequency and sensitivity of the repeller An ultrasonic pest repeller is a useful device that produces a special frequency that makes it impossible for most pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, and other insects to settle inside your living space. It is usually considered a cruelty-free product because it makes the bugs and rodents flee the area with a specific frequency

Ultrasonic Bat Repellent is designed to interfere with echolocation, making the affected area inhospitable to bats. Ultrasonic repeller. Utilizes NEWEST technology to create powerful high-frequency ultrasonic waves. Easy installation. Safe and humane. Application Area: Home attics, small cellars. Garages & sheds Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller 18 Frequency Electronic Bat Mosquito Pest Repeller; Touch button, easy to switch between CF constant frequency mode and VF variable frequency mode. 360 angle sound frequency, up to 160m2 wide coverage, ideal for home. warehouse, hotel, restaurant, office, hote I am also pleased to include Aspectek Ultrasonic Aminal Repeller in my recommended electronic bird repellent due to its portable design, affordable price yet powerful. This item emits a sound of high frequency ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 Hz, which is the hearing range of some types of birds, deer, rabbits, squirrels The Bird-X Transonic Pro Ultrasonic All-Pest Repeller is a versatile way to rid your home of rodents and insects. This compact device features custom frequencies to remain effective against mice, ants, fleas, ticks, bats, spiders and cockroaches and is great for the garage or attic Repels other animals as well: Some outdoor ultrasonic dog repellers, such as the Fierre Shann Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, have a number of frequency settings.The frequency of 13.5-19.5 KHz is.

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  1. The Ultrasonic Plug-in Pest Repeller is designed to control pests such as: rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches, bats, mosquitoes, bugs, fleas, ticks, etc. Years of experience in the laboratory have allowed us to develop an excellent pest repeller that works effectively and gets the job done! The ultrasonic pest repeller works with a 2-3 second break
  2. Ultrasonic Bat Repellent Bat control is best addressed with a physical barrier or an ultrasonic pest control device. Bats hunt after dark and roost during the day. Their eyesight is not very acute and they navigate using echolocation. For this reason, ultrasonic bat repellent devices are the most simple and effective way to get rid of bats
  3. Because of this, the ultrasonic noises from these devices can be picked up by dogs but the way in which they react will differ based on each individual dog. The purpose of the repellents is to give off a very high pitched sound that will deter pests but cannot be heard by humans. However, dogs can hear frequencies that are as high as 45-67 KHz

Ultrasonic repellents are devices that use ultrasonic sound waves to irritate pests and insects and prevent them from building nests or homes. Ultrasonic waves use a frequency inaudible to human ears but disturbing for pests. Usually, these frequencies range from 30 kHz to 55 kHz. Most of the ultrasonic devices are described as suitable for. But none of the applications for repelling animals have really panned out. But here's why I'll never use ultrasonic dog repellers and deterrents: To begin with, the idea was to use ultrasound. Tele Net Ultrasonic Pigeon Control BR - 115. 1) This unit was designed to transmit ultrasonic wave that forced the Bats away 1000 to 10000sq. ft. (depends upon model) from user. 2) The ultrasonic sound emitted by the unit gets the Bird's, Bat & Monkey attention and help to catch them improved behavior Dazer / KII Dazer Ii Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repeller Dazzer. 0. Sold by ErgodE. $23.13 $22.20. Bonide 876 Bat Magic Bat Repellent, 4-Pk. - Quantity 1. 0. Sold by Ron's Home And Hardware Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - 20W High Power with 3-in-1 Frequency Conversion Technology, Plug-in Pest Control Efficient Repelling Rat, Spider, Ant, Mosquito, Cockroach, Bed bug and Other Rodents. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 435. £18.99

Ultrasonic clicks from the peacock butterfly 641 pa I O—O Sensitivity of Myotis t\ Spectru to click m of I. 0 50 100 Frequency (kHz) Fig. 2 Fig. 1. Waveform of a high-intensity click produced by a peacock butterfly Free 2-day shipping. Buy Waterproof Motion Sensor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered For Bat Mouse Squirrels Racoon Skunk In Garden Outdoor & Yard at Walmart.co Bat Repellent - Deterrent Products and Devices. When it comes to powders, granules, sprays and stuff you can buy at Home Depot or online, in my 15+ years as a wildlife removal professional, I have seen it all: attics filled with strobing lights, blaring radios, ultrasonic sound machines, natural remedies like peppermint, and every type of over. Safe indoor and outdoor pest control Get rid of mice, squirrels, rats, bats, raccoons, and deer. Ultrasonic pest control devices, squirrel & raccoon deterrents, electronic bat repellents, plugin mice and roach repellers. Shop our line of humane solutions for all types of unwanted visitors

Brison Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent. A fine choice for a large home, storage space, or work area, this two-pack of plug-in repellers can provide between 800 and 1,600 square feet of coverage. Ultrasonic Cat Repellent,Waterproof Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Battery Operated with 5 Frequency Modes & Timer Effective for Fox Deterrent Cat Scarer Repellent in Gardens £22.59 £ 22 . 59 10% voucher applied at checkout Save 10% with vouche Ultrasonic Repellent Repeller Bat Weasel Repeller 2021 Fctory High Quality Outdoor Ultrasonic Weasel Repellent Solar Rat Fox Snake Repeller Bat Wolf With Led Light Repeller Fast dispatch $9.25-$12.55 / Piec

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Indoor and outdoor pest control. One of the most amazing features of The Guardian is its indoor/outdoor capabilities, which is a first for the ultrasonic pest control industry. While other products focus solely on indoor pest control, The Guardian can be used anywhere. Its durable, stylish exterior is equally as suited for both a tent and your. The ultrasonic bird control is creating a non comfort zone for the birds. So the birds do not like to come and sit again at the roof or wall. Bird repellent combo repels birds with modulated Sonic with Ultrasonic. The pigeon repellent combo model with 2-speakers system emit Vhfo lp 20 model is a system of one master console and accessories that include twenty transducers. looping is permitted in the system. Maser ultrasonic rodent repeller - vhfo lp 20 model are electronic transmitters of high frequency sound waves (well above the 20 khz frequency which is the upper limit of human ear This maintenance-free ultrasonic device is effective against many pest mammals and can be triggered by an energy-saving motion sensor or set to work continuously. Use it to repel dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, skunks, opossums, rodents and bats without snares or toxins. Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft. AC cord included 2.Humutan Ultrasonic Cat Repellent, Solar Powered and Waterproof PIR Sensor Repeller for Cats, Dogs, Birds and Skunks. This second best cat repeller is also the product from Humutan, but it is a different model, working great too with cats, birds, and skunks. That thanks to its intense and powerful ultrasonic signal, leaving those animals no.

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  1. Some insects, such as grasshoppers and locusts, can detect frequencies from 50,000 Hz to 100,000 Hz, and lacewings and moths can detect ultrasound as high as 240,000 Hz produced by insect-hunting bats. The 4 pk I bought today has a red light on the front that ultrasonic pest repeller frequency chart blinks on and off every 3 seconds, to let you.
  2. Ultrasonic repeller affects all animals that can hear the high-pitched frequency they produce. They create an unhealthy environment for pets within a household, especially dogs and sometimes humans. On the other hand, an electromagnetic plug does not affect other animals such as cats and dogs or even the electric flow in a home
  3. Bat Repellent Ultrasonic I'm hoping this will get rid of the disgusting things at least for the next 6 months (when we plan to move). Yes (7)No (0) Report A.It could, but this repeller is only guaranteed to work on mice, rats, ants, roaches and spiders
  4. Efficient Rodent Repellent Device: Letlar ultrasonic mouse repeller features the Ultrasonic and Bionic Frequency Conversion Technology, which is highly effective against mice, rats, squirrel, ants, bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies, flea, crickets, bees, moles, snakes, scorpions, bats all kind of insects and rodents
  5. Belidan Solar Animal Repeller and Bird Repellent Ultrasonic Outdoor is the solution to your problem. This modern animal repellant is just what you are looking for! It safely and effectively repels mice, rats, cats, squirrels, dogs, foxes, raccoons, skunks, bats, birds and rodents by using a strong ultrasonic wave and a strong flashing LED
  6. Low cost Ultrasonic Pest Repeller-3: That device emits ultrasonic sound waves that sweep between 65000 and 25000 Hertz. The sound is apparently rather irritating for most unwanted flying and crawling pests. The repeller is designed around a 556 dual timer. One half is operated as an astable multivibrator with an adjustable frequency of 1 to 3 Hz

Call Pointe Pest Control at 610-277-7575 for help with pests. 610-277-7575 These products typically get plugged into a wall or an outlet and produce an ultrasonic noise emitted at a high frequency. Manufacturers claim the devices will deter cockroaches, mosquitos, mice, or other types of rodents and flying insects.. How it Works The high frequency ultrasound projected by the PestChaser® Pro varies in volume (peaking at 100dB) and frequencies (ranging from 32 to 62 kHz), to keep rodents from being accustomed to the sound. The non-repetitive frequency levels irritate their hearing, causing them to believe they are in an unpleasant environment. For humans, the sound they hear would be equivalent to us. - The ultrasonic high-frequency sound is inaudible to human ears but will startle and frighten insects and rodents. Don't worry about it! The item is a wide range, practical and eco-friendly electronic ultrasonic pest repeller. 1 x Electric Repeller Below are 19 home remedies and bat repellents to get rid of bats from your home, gardens; and attics; 1. Use Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a great bat repellent and is completely safe to use. Bats can't stand the smell of cinnamon and get repelled by it naturally. Make a solution by mixing the cinnamon powder with water and spray it near them

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Infrasound Frequency, kHz Ultrasound. Insects use specialized organs • For remote sensing potential predators, prey, mates, or rivals Echolocating bats • Aerial hawking bats - Catch flying insects on the wing 2001 FTC Warns Manufacturers and Retailers of Ultrasonic Pest Control Device Aspectek Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest & Animal Repellent, Sound Frequency: 15kHz-18kHz. This repeller provides you with protection against pests such as raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, cats, deer, bats and more. Our device is equipped with innovative pest repelling functions like ultrasonic and predator sounds High frequency sounds usual travel further than voices and can be heard further away. This app provides you with a chemical free way to deter unwanted pests from entering your personal space. Always be kind to animals. This may help to quiet that annoying barking dog or stray cat that is in heat, but it is not to be use for abusing animals

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Ultrasonic pest repeller lizard bat solar ultrasonic pigeon monkey animal repellent . Introduce. 1. Three modes: Induction mode: Infrared-induced thermal energy object (adjustable straight line 1-20M) to emit ultrasonic waves (fixed frequency) Cleanrth CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Rodent Repelling System | Superior rodent repeller. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $ 69.99 $ 59.99. Looking for a simple, easy-to-use electronic rodent repeller that is unmatched for rodent control for your house or business? EASY TO USE The Cleanrth Advanced Rodent. The E-Pro Triple Attack Pest Repeller effectively protects an area up to 6,000 unobstructed square feet. In a home with rooms, hallways, and furniture- the effective range is closer to 2,000 square feet. After plugging the repeller in, you will notice red and green L.E.D. lights indicating that the repeller is operating properly iPhone Screenshots. Everyone knows that ultrasound helps to protect against mosquitoes and other insects, but many people do not know that ultrasound can deter rodents, dogs and even avoid contact with people! Ultrasonic Repeller easy to use, and also it is a free application, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars for a similar device

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Two repellers in the set can cover about 2500 square feet, emitting 65 Khz output frequency. The ultrasonic pest control rejects device acts on mice, rats, mosquitos, termites, spiders, bugs, roaches, fleas. To utilize this repeller, just plug in and push the on/off button, install 30 cm from the floor I was active in Pest Control having my own firm for a long time. As such I had the means and opportunity to test a lot of ultrasonic pest repellents, from the cheap ones you can buy in supermarkets to the very expensive 'professional' ones. None o.. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with AC outlet & Night Light. Additional features: Night light with switch; Extra outlet and safety cover Item No. 50105CDW-6 (3 pack) 50120CD (4 pack) 50180CD (5 pack

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LIANTRAL Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack, 2020 Upgrade Electronic Indoor Insects & Rodents Repellent Plug in for Mice, Bats, Spiders, Ants, Mosquitoes, Bees, Safe for Human and Pet 195 Reviews $21.9 The CLEANRTH CR008 is an amazing best pest repeller to invest in. It is considered one of the best ultrasonic pest repeller 2020 has. This best ultrasonic rodent repeller is designed for high performance, and it will help to get rid of many different categories of pests in your home within a short period of time.Interestingly, this ultrasonic pest repeller will be a great choice irrespective. The Balcony Gard is a safe, effective, humane repeller for birds that invade your property. It creates an ultrasonic sound wave that repels these birds without chemicals, traps, or poisons while still being silent to most humans. Set it to continuous use or motion-activated mode and keep pest birds away. Protect cars, property, and landscaping. Ultrasonic Repellent Manufacturer Claims. Most manufacturers of ultrasonic mouse repellents claim that their devices cause no harm to dogs and cats in the home. They do provide disclaimers, however, that discourage buyers from using repellers near pets within the rodent family such as hamsters and gerbils Types of Repellents. Most electronic pest repellents produce high-pitched sounds -- called ultrasounds -- that purportedly drive away rodents, insects, spiders and other arthropods. Different units produce sounds of different frequencies within the ultrasonic range, and project these sounds at varying volumes. Other units are what manufacturers.

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The Yard Sentinel features an adjustable Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor with Night Time Scanner technology that senses motion from all directions up to 45 feet (13 metres). The unit responds to an intruder by emitting a high frequency 120 decibel sound blast. Ultrasonic blasts at high frequency are intolerable to most pests Easy to Use:Just plug the insect repeller into the socket and choose the ultrasonic repellent mode. 10-30 inches above from the ground is recommended for crawling pests, and 31-47 inches for flying pests. Lightweight Design: The ultrasonic pest repeller is portable and easy to install, just plug and play 8. Airoads Ultrasonic Bug Repellent Review. You will hardly find something more convenient for outdoor activities than this ultrasonic bug repellent that can be hang around your clothes or fit into the smallest bag. Airoads Bug Repellent can be tuned to different frequencies to repel different kinds of flying insects The best electronic rodent repeller for your car will stop rats, mice and squirrels from chewing your sparkplug-wires, brake- and fuel-lines and other car parts. It will also prevent all future rodent damage in your vehicle. Tech Specs. Frequency: 22 KHz to 72 KHz (auto-changing & auto-sweeping) Weight: 100 gms 2/4 Pack Solar Power Ultrasonic Mice Gopher Mole Pest Snake Repellent Repeller. $12.55 to $21.99. Free shipping. Outdoor Solar Ultrasonic Power Pest Animal Repeller Repellent Garden Cat Dog Fox. $22.99

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Rank No. #3. Diaotec Ultrasonic Animal Repellent Dog Repeller Cat Deterrent Get rid of Squirrel Deer Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor. How it works - the solar powered ultrasonic animal repeller drives animals and birds by sending out ultrasonic waves, high-frequency alarms and powerful LED flashing lights The QQB Ultrasonic Pest Repellent incorporates the same dual-wave tech that is so popular in pest repellents today. Using 3 frequencies ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, the model simulates and interferes with the rodents' auditory and nervous systems, making them feel uneasy and uncomfortable and, at the same time, making sure these pests do not develop immunity against the repellent Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent are electronic transmitters of high frequency sound (well above the 20 KHz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear). They emit intensive sound at high decibel levels (sound pressure) that is audible and painful to rats (rodents) but is inaudible and harmless to humans

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This best selling indoor ultrasonic rodent repellent couldn't be simpler - just plug in the device to repel rodents, bats, spiders, and more. Combines both stable ultrasonic sound at a frequency of 23.5-24.5kHz and variable ultrasonic (silent to most humans) sound at a frequency of 16-50/25kHz to drive pests away with sounds they can't stand Low Frequency Pest Repeller and Pest Control Transonic PRO Rats Mice Bats Spiders The Low Frequency Transonic PRO pest repelled effectively rids areas of bats, mice, rats, and insects, utilizing both sonic and ultrasonic sounds to frighten and disorient them. The frequencies on this unit have been altered slightly to conform to Canadian ultrasound regulatory requirements The E-Pro Triple Attack Rat Repeller is advanced within its product line. With a continually changing frequency, this unit has an auto-changing and auto-sweeping high intensity frequency that ranges from 25,000Hz to 65,0000Hz. The unique circuit design of our repeller strongly strikes the auditory and nervous systems of rats and other pests CHEMICAL-FREE This ultrasonic rodent repeller is environmentally-friendly as it uses chemical-free ultrasonic sounds to electronically repel mice, rats and other rodents away from unwanted areas. The ultrasonic sounds fall outside the hearing ranges of humans, cats, dogs and birds, so you and your pets won't notice a thing The INTEY ultrasonic cat repellent is an incredible deterrent with adjustable sensitivity for dogs, cats, mice, and other animals. The INTEY ultrasonic 2-pack cat repellent comes with 5 effective modes to choose from. The buttons in the centre of the device adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic sound so you can successfully ward off various.