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  1. 1986. Shintaro Koi farm - Mushigame village. I think it was in this year I first ventured into this Koi house although I had passed by it many times before. No-one was present so I just took a few moments to inspect the stocks. The colours were dull and insipid and the varieties must have been 90% Sanke
  2. Shintaro Koi farm now has 2 major Koi houses plus a big tosai house. After the big Earthquake Saito San lost 85% of all his mud ponds in the disaster, with each cloud having a silver lining, a hobbyist in Kawaguchi town who had some of the best mud ponds in the area. He died and his family offered the ponds, which consisted of 14 ponds, 1 being.
  3. #koi #koicarp #japan This is a quick tour of Shintaro Koi Farm in Mushigame. He is famous for Sanke but also produces some amazing Kohaku and Showa. Shintaro..
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  5. Official farm name: Shintaro Koi Farm Breeder: Saito Masaru Area: Yamakoshi, Nagaoka Raising area: 30.000 m2 Varieties: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa info@ornafish.com Worldwide Nishikigoi export from Japan

New playlist: What is it like to Buy Koi in Japan (Shintaro Koi Farm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1hh3-JgjxY&list=PL7vnzU03OlE52nJ4Xk_bhDlHI2qxuj5CV. While the temperatures are reaching summery levels in Niigata, the breeders in the Yamakoshi Mountains are busy breeding Koi.We are guests at the Shintaro Ko.. Shintaro Koi Farm - New Koi House build - 2020. This is a video of one of the Japanese Koi Farms (Shintaro Koi Farm) building a new Koi House. I do not know what filtration etc they will be using just yet so its pretty much a guessing game

Breeding Koi in Japan #Koi #Koibreeding #Shintaro This is a video sent to me from Japan. Hopefully it will give you an idea of how they spawn the Koi in Japan to give us the amazi..

2018/11/30(Fri) Important Matsuda Koi Farm's koi are judged as KHV Negative in the PCR inspection carried out by Japan Fisheries Resource Conservation Association as usual. 2018/01/10(Wed) Information Tosai/2sai list is updated Narita Koi Farms Japan Ryuki Narita. Sakai Fish Farm Kentaro Sakai. Isa Koi Farm Mitsunori Isa. Nogami Koi Farm Hisato Nogami. Shintaro Koi Farm Masaru Saito. Izumiya Koi Farm Ryu Mano. Marujyu koi farm Shigeyoshi Tanaka. Yamanaka Oya Koi Farm Hideo Hoshino. Takahashi Koi Farm Takehisa Takahashi

You can buy koi fish online or on the phone. Please call us M-F at +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) with any questions. Sign up for wholesale here. We sell individual koi fish and packs of koi. Each koi is genuinely from Japan and raised with an exceptional amount of care on our koi farm Shintaro Koi Farm Jumbo Tosai Tateshita Sanke 24-28 cm Available on our website! # koi # koifish # koipond # nishikigoi # koicarp # koifishpond # koifarm # japan # tancho # koilover # instagramkoi # japanesekoi # koikichi # koilovers # koishow # goldfishpond # koiponds # kois # pond # koiimport # japankoi # koifans # koiclub # koijapan # export. 全日本錦鯉振興会東海地区 Koi Breeders & Dealers in Tokai Japan. 818 Followers · Society & Culture Website. Marushin Koi Farm

They all originate from renowned koi farms in Japan such as; Shintaro Koi Farm, Momotaro Koi Farm, Izumiya Koi Farm, Torazo Koi Farm, Igarashi Koi Farm, Kaneko Koi Farm and others. We produce some of the most highly desired koi varieties including Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Asagi, Shusui, Kumonryu, Kikokuryu, Butterfly, Doitsu, Gin Rin and many others Koi For Sale - MATSUDA KOI FARM JAPAN - Quality Japaese Koi Breeder and Wholesaler. For example to Vietnam (600 Fishes) A. The number of koi per box: 60pcs per box (15cm± size koi) B. Packed Weight : 20kgs per box. C. Freightage Quotation for 10 cartons

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  1. Japan Koi Export 1-1-18 Heisei Ojiya City Niigata Prefecture 947-0027 Japan. UK (Martin): +44 (0) 790 080 7272Japan (Rene): +81 (0) 80 4156 1271Email: info@japankoiexport.com Terms and Conditions. Join us on Faceboo
  2. Koi Harvest SelectKoi com Jumbo Koi 2020 (JAPAN) 02:17. Play Video. Now Playing. Koi From Japan (Harvest 2020) SelectKoi.com. 02:32. Play Video. Now Playing. Koi Harvest Order 2020 Order NOW LIVE in Japan
  3. This was the case yesterday , and today until around 09.05 , when I met up with Saito from Shintaro koi farm ! Those of you know him , he has a warmth and sense of humour second to none , and all the time in the world , for lovers of nishikigoi , but can be hard headed when it comes to business
  4. The Farm. The FFP farm is located in Milford, NJ and is where we house our koi, Evolution Aqua and Bermuda products, and our construction equipment. Our koi at the farm are available for purchase for both wholesale and retail customers. We have three state of the art greenhouses dedicated to our imported Japanese Koi and aquatic plants

JUMBO KOI! Shintaro Jumbo Koi Pond Harvest 2020. Japan Nishikigoi Koi Club. 10K views · May 22. 1:06. Koi eating perfect. Japan Nishikigoi Koi Club. 5.4K views · April 23. Pages Businesses Agriculture Farm Fish Farm Japan Nishikigoi Koi Club Videos Greetings from Switzerland Koi. Shintaro and Hosokai. Its getting towards the end of the week now , ive bought quite a lot of koi , and thought id covered all bases , but had a few messages that the middle ground go sanke was a little light in the ground .Ie great koi over a £1000 , and lots of smaller under £300 , so I checked the website and thought they have a point we.

Koi Harvesting at Shintaro Koi Farm, Niigata, Japan 2019. Another Nishikigoi-related video! in Nagaoka, Japan. Posted on 17th November 2019 17th November 2019. 66th Nagaoka City Koi Show 2019. This time, not in Manchester area, but in Nagaoka, Niigata prefecture, Japan! Nagaoka is the mecca for Nishikigoi JAPANESE KOI FOR SALE. Shop by Category; Shop by Farm; ValueKoi.com; PHOTO Shintaro Koi Farm by Masaru Saito. This farm is located in Mushigame, Niigata, Japan BKKS National 2018 - With Shintaro Koi Farm. Home; Japan; BKKS National 2018 - With Shintaro Koi Farm. Japan buying trip October 2018 April 18, 2018. 2018 BKKS National. June 29, 2018. Published by admin on June 2, 2018. Categories . Japan; Tags . Have you ever wanted to meet one of the top Japanese Koi Breeders? Well at this years BKKS. Koi farming is an extremely respected and precious industry; the Nishikigoi culture is one of the most respected aspects of Japanese culture. It's taken very seriously. The koi fish, or Nishikigoi, that you see in these ponds are a result of decades and decades of selective breeding. There are so many factors; color, depth of color, intensity.

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#koi #koicarp #japan This is a quick tour of Shintaro Koi Farm in Mushigame. He is famous for Sanke but also produces some amazing Kohaku and Showa. Shintaro Koi Farm have Koi ranging from 4 inches all the way up to 92cm. He has some amazing Koi. We have a lot of Koi at this farm which belong to clients and are being grown over in Japan Shintaro is known by many koi keepers as The maker of Dreams arguably one of the best breeders in Japan. Although the Shintaro lineage nowadays has a lot of unique features, the Matsunosuke roots remain clearly visible , these Tategoi Sanke are already 35 - 40 cm, from more than 1.5 million koi that are born at Shintaro Koi farm, more than 99. The very best time in the Koi season is upon us and as usual we will be in Japan to experience it all. 2019 Autumn Harvest - Full details. Shintaro Koi Farm 3yr old Mudpond. Awesome Koi. Prev 1 of 1 Next

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The Japanese use the word keito to describe bloodlines. This word translates in several different ways, some of the most common being as trademarks or traits or characteristics. We can see from this just what they are getting at. The Keito dictates the characteristics of a breeders parent sets. Remember not all Koi. Export of Nishikigoi koi from Japan to countries all over the world. KoiBito Japan: Nishikigoi Exporter Shintaro [ no stock ] Niigata Prefecture. Suda [ no stock ] Niigata Prefecture Tamaura [ no stock ] South of Japan and Kyushu Island. Tani Koi Farm [ no stock ] Koibito Breeders Choice. Taniguchi [ no stock ] South of Japan and Kyushu. 1981 - Yamaguchi Koi farm. Hiroshi Kawakami also took me here which involved a 35 minute drive from Ojiya to this outlet in Koide town. The owner, also named Hiroshi was a life-long friend of Torazo and they explained to me that some of Mr. Yamaguchi's mud ponds in the area were heated throughout the year by natural warm water springs Japan day 5 - Lots more koi farms visited, and a tour through the mountains. My sister in law lives in Tokyo and I arranged to stay with her on Monday night, before flying out the next morning. The plan was to reach her by 7pm to leave some time for catching up and to sample Tokyo life in her local area. and working back from that - we could. We occasionally select special koi collections in Japan. For business requests you can contact me via yvo@koivoershop.nl ———— 0:01 - Intro 2:34 - Torazo Koi Farm 7:35 - Shintaro Koi Farm 15:14 - Yagenji Koi Farm 18:01 - Koda Koi Farm 22:43 - Marusai Koi Farm 23:20 - Maruhiro Koi Farm 26:17 - Yagenji Koi Farm (Karashigoi.

Shintaro Koi Farm are one of the very best breeders for looking after Azukari Koi and we are very happy they are there to make sure our Koi are looked after perfectly. In 2017 we plan on buying and selling up to 20 Jumbo Tosai from Shintaro Koi Farm and then growing them in our own Mudpond in Niigata, Japan We occasionally select special koi collections in Japan. For business requests you can contact me via yvo@koivoershop.nl ———— 0:01 - Intro 2:11 - Shintaro Koi Farm 3:22 - Dainichi Koi Farm visit 07:40 - Nagaoka Koi Show 13:15 - Yagenji Koi Farm visit 15:26 - Isa Koi Farm (with Donald) 21:48 - Yamamatsu Koi Farm We were fortunately able to participate in a few harvests with Shintaro Koi Farm. We also visited Dainichi, Maruhiro, Marusei, Yamasan and many other famous, high-quality breeders while in Japan. All the koi we bought will be shipped to the United States in January 2021. We have thousands of koi coming in many different sizes and varieties This was my second trip to Japan, the first was 14 years ago. I have really enjoyed the trip. I have seen the best Koi I have ever seen in my life and the entire trip has been a pleasure. I bought 3 very high class Koi from Shintaro Koi farm and two will be staying in Japan to grow. I would like to thank Quality Nishikigoi for making it possible Koi buying trip November 2020. I first want to start with a massive thank you to Masaru Saito, Hirome Saito and Kosuke Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm for arranging much of the paperwork needed to actually get us out of the UK and into Japan

Hoshikin Koi Farm used to be called Shiotani Koi Farm because it is located in the area called Shiotani; because his name was HOSHIno, KINsaku, everybody called him Mr. Hoshikin. The All Japan Koi Show, held between January and February in Tokyo each year. Shintaro. Masaru Saito first started his Koi career with the breeder Konishi. This is a Shintaro Sanke Tosai that was born and raised in Japan. This is a pure Japanese bred fish straight from the koi farms of Japan. High quality

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Did koitrips find the Koi you were looking for? I came to Japan looking for that special Sanke and I told Tim what I wanted it. Initially it was a Sanke to bring back and show in the UK that changed while I was there to a Sanke to keep there and develop as we found the perfect Sanke at Shintaro koi farm Kodama Koi Farm is the premier destination for quality Japanese koi for sale. We are the largest importer of Koi in North America. We specialize in raising champion koi! P.O. Box 893086, Mililani HI 96789. TEL: +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) Email: info@kodamakoifarm.com Help: info@kodamakoifarm.com. Hours of Operation Monday - Frida Only the best Japanese parent koi are bred at the Kloubec Koi Farm. All koi produced here are the offspring from high class, hand-selected Japanese broodstock. We breed for the most desirable traits and sought after varieties, both for show and for personal koi collections. We have spared no expense in continuing the quest for ideal Oyagoi. Koi for sale, we sell high-quality koi fish from Japan and domestic born koi raised in the USA. We are the East Coast Agent for Ornafish Japan

Our Japanese Nishikigoi breeder fish were all hand-selected for body conformation color skin quality and pattern. They all originate from renowned koi farms in Japan such as; Shintaro Koi Farm Momotaro Koi Farm Izumiya Koi Farm Torazo Koi Farm Igarashi Koi Farm Kaneko Koi Farm and others Northern Koi Club. VIDEOS. Play Video. Play Video. 05:59. A visit to Japanese Water Gardens! A long-lasting koi dealer in the UK. Japanese Water Gardens, a koi dealer in the UK, has been in business for almost 40 years! and they are still thriving. I managed to talk to Lee who has been taking care of koi and ponds for the last 20 years Because of a last minute death in the family, Mr. Saito flew back to Japan and Philip Gray did a presentation regarding the Shintaro koi available in the tanks. The June event was the annual MKPC Koi Auction with koi from Japan and from Kloubec Koi Farm. A late lunch was served and over 40 members attended

Japanese Koi Importers since 1980. Our Company, staff and directors have been in the Koi and Aqua... Absolute Koi. Dealers Masaru Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm in Mushigame Village, Yamakoshi will be attending Quality Nishi... Event dates. 7th May 2016, 8th May 2016. Contact Philip Gray, of Tri-State ZNA Koi Club, reports they are excited to announce that on May 19th, the club will be hosting a seminar with key speaker Mr. Saito. Mr. Saito is visiting us from the Shintaro Koi Farm in Japan; Mr. Saito will be conducting a seminar on the development of Quality Koi

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Koi Packages. Variety packages of koi for your pond. Multiple sizes, colors, and types of koi hand selected, packed, and shipped overnight directly to your door. Quick shop. Koi Package B: Three 4-6″ Choice Standard Fin Koi, Two 6-8″ Choice Standard Fin Koi, and One 8-10″ Choice Standard Fin Koi Tuesday - Sakauma farm visit . Early start today , breakfast at 6.45 , and out the hotel by 7.20 , and on the train for 7.35 . We leave Niigata to travel down to Isawa , to visit Sakuma koi farm . Its a pain at the end of the trip , as its two hours to Tokyo , then two hours onto Isawa Koi For Sale View Tosai. View Jumbo Tosai. View Nisai Under £150. View Nisai £150 - £295. View Nisai Over £300. View Sansai. View Yonsai & Older. View Koi In Japan 2009 Pond From Start To Finish. This is an on-going page detailing a A 'Proper' Koi Pond from start to finish in 2009 that commenced 01/06/09 and will be updated as and when every stage is completed. The total system will hold around 15,000 gallons (68 tons) and has been designed on new ground with views from the house, which is also being.

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3. SHOWA - A black-based Koi with white and red patterns and is also known as 'Showa Sanshoku'. This variety is probably the most popular with both newcomers to the hobby as well as some who have much more experience in Nishikigoi varieties. Again I have included some popular patterns that can be found FD Koi Food is a Japanese high quality food that is used by 57 koi breeders in Japan, amongst them the top 20 of koi breeders like Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue & Dainichi. Due to the unique cooperation with these koi breeders FD Food has achieved the unreachable: a fully balanced food for the optimal growth and development of your koi Check out this beautiful Tancho Showa from Shintaro Koi Farm. This Koi is coming back to with us to the United States! DM us if you're interested in purchasing some Japanese Koi #koiponds #koifish #koiforsale #koifishforsale #koipond #Japanesekoi #japanesekoiforsale #shintarokoifarm #tancho #showa #pond Omosako Koi Farm. It is not an exaggeration that the last All Japan Koi Show was a show for Omosako Koi Farm. You can take it as granted that their Shiro Utsuri won top awards, but their Kujyaku and Gin Matsuba also took many koi lovers' breath away. The beauty of the superior champion Kujayku and 80 bu Botan prize winner Gin Matsuba made a huge milestone in the history of Japanese Koi

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FD Koi Food Staple Plus is a high quality Japanese fish food used by 57 koi breeders in Japan. Included in these 57 are 20 of the top koi breeders such as Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue and Dainichi. Due to the unique cooperation with these koi breeders FD Food has achieved the unreachable: a fully balanced food for the optimal growth and development. Its getting towards the end of the week now , ive bought quite a lot of koi , and thought id covered all bases , but had a few messages that the middle ground go sanke was a little light in the ground .Ie great koi over a £1000 , and lots of smaller under £300 , so I checked the website and thought they have a point we need to fill in that gap , its a tricky price bracket as it could cost.

Nagaoka Koi Show (Including Party with breeders) Dinner with breeders and teaching; This is why the trip is so busy, unfortunately, a lot of the events we do happen in the same week. So, the trips do get busy and we will overlap with some other KT clients from different countries. Which is always great to meet and talk Koi with other people Join The Koi Partner as we follow different Koi breeders in Japan to discover what it is like to be inside the secret world of Koi. click HERE to subscribe to The Koi Partner! https://bit.ly/2FjqWpE click HERE t

Shintaro Koi Farm - Japanische Koi höchster Qualität. Masaru meinte, dass es hifreich sei, mit Ausländern Geschäfte zu machen. Er sah, dass man die meisten der Tosai an Leute wie mich und Michel Capot verkaufen konnte und die qualitativ hochwertigeren Koi an japanische Hobbyisten und Leute wie Peter Waddington. Zu der Zeit sprach Masaru noch kein Englisch, jedoch lernte er schnell von. Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai Gary is well travelled in Japan and in particular, around the koi farms and my trip is based around travelling with him for the few days I am in Niigata. We visited Shintaro at the end of the day, and he was just finishing. Koi van de hoogste orde uit de mudponds van Shintaro Koifarm. Het moet ergens 2002 zijn geweest toen ik mijn eerste interview had met Masaru Saito, aka Shintaro. Jaren later kwam hij helemaal afzakken naar Nederland om de Holland Koi Show te bezoeken en was onder de indruk van het gebeure A huge thank you to Shintaro Koi Farm for allowing us to do this. Was excellent, as always! After the Harvest the guys were raring to go and buy Koi, which we did. We spent some time at Kazuto picking out some Nisai. Then needed the day watching the sun go down over the mountains. Very cool. We go again tomorro

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Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. is a registered Japanese Company with European and Japanese staff living permanently in Japan. We are part of Aquatic Wholesale Group, founded in 1986, the biggest specialist in ornamental fish and accessories manufacturer and wholesaler in Europe. The Aquatic Wholesale Group companies import, export, manufacture, farm. Tuesday - Friday: 8:00 - 5:00. Saturday: CLOSED. CLOSED Sunday - Monday, and all holidays. Dainichi. Dainichi is one of the most famous names in Koi. Many current breeders did their training at The Dainichi Koi Farm, breeders such as Nogami and Marudo who are very high end breeders now in their own rights Shintaro Koi Farm; Mushigame, Japan: One of Japan's leading Koi Breeders; ShowKoi; Koi show vat & temporary pond manufacturer; The Qube; One of the most innovative and advanced filtration systems of its generation. The Oaks Koi Farm; The North of England's newest Koi destination located in Kirkham near Preston, Lancashire

Export of Nishikigoi koi from Japan to countries all over the world Dankoi Limited. Welcome to DanKoi, and the fascinating and enchanting world of Nishikigoi. As outdoor living becomes more and more important on our agendas, water features seem to be taking their rightful place as a provider of an all important calming influence within our outdoor space. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life there is. His challenge continues to be the production of Koi with further improvement in size, quality, and long-lasting beauty. He has served as the director of All Japan Nishikikoi Shinkoukai. After many years of development, Matsunosuke Koi became the All Japan Show Grand Champions in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2002 Koi Farm Name: Yagenji Koi Farm In the usual Japanese tradition the elder son has taken over the business, but in this case not to the extent of the younger brother having to leave the company. They share all day to day responsibilities of running the Yagenji Koi Farm, and both have the same input into the business Our first shipment of the year arrived last night from Japan, in it was a mix of tosai and nisai from Niigata and a few boxes from Isawa Nishikigoi Centre. They started their journey just before 11am UK time on Thursday, with our friend Masaru Saito (Shintaro Koi Farm) organising the movement of fish from the breeders to Narita Airport

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Breeders from Nishikigoi koi selected by Ornafish. Worldwide Nishikigoi export from Japan FD Momotaro Mix Koi Food. Momotaro Mix Koi food consists of two different pellets to fully use the individual features of the ingredients. Momotaro Koi food mix has been developed through a close cooperation by Momotaro Koi Farm and FD Food

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My first full day in Japan, and I attended a harvest, an auction and we visited several koi farms - probably 10 or so! its going to take some days and probably weeks and months after this trip for me to reflect properly on the experrience, so for now - here s a diary of the day Koi for sale for £195.00 and under. Sort by: Most popular What's new Price low to high Price high to low Name A to Z Name Z to A Maruyama Kohaku - £150 .00 - S21MyaP

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Koi Farm Name: Yamamatsu Koi Farm Toshiyuki always used his father's Matsunosuke bloodline, and he changed it for the better to produce some of the best Koi in the world. In the late 1970's through the early 1990's all you could see outside his facility was Mercedes, Rolls Royce's and the like Shop our jumbo koi selection for top-quality giant-sized koi fish. Our impressive Japan-imported koi range from 20 to 30+ inches. Get yours shipped today Toshio Sakai was born in Mushigame of Yamakoshi Village in Niigata, Japan. In 1974 the Matsunosuke Blood Line was created by the Sakai Family. After his apprenticeship of Koi breeding under his father, Toshio left Niigata for Isawa to become an independent Koi breeder. Toshiyuki Sakai is Toshio Sakai's elder brother We Supply and Import Japanese Koi. Quarantined to a strict, four-week regime that's been expertly developed alongside world-leading marine science and technology firm, Cefas, our koi carp - cared for in our purpose-built facility - will reach you in the best condition possible. Our buying trips take us to Niigata and only Niigata - the.

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FD FOOD, Japan The highest quality koi food 80% of the Japanese top breeders choose FD Food: Momotaro Koi Farm, Omosako, etc. FD Koi Food is a Japanese high quality food that is used by 57 koi breeders in Japan, amongst them the top 20 of koi breeders like Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue & Dainichi Koi Farm Name: Hoshikin Koi Farm About 50 years ago, there was Kohaku called Tomoin in Takezawa, Niigata. The bloodline of Tomoin dominated the market for the time because its Hi was truly blood red. Mr. Kiyoshi Miyazaki spent a large sum of money to get a pair of this Tomoin Kohaku 18 Tamaura koi farm SHOWA Live Koi Fish standard. $700.00. $400.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Imported Doitsu Showa Koi 16-18 6 Shintaro Showa Tosai Koi live fish Japanese imported.

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Tosai (one growing season koi) are a very high risk. It is very hard to tell the future or sex of the koi even by the best breeders. Tategoi at this stage can run upwards of a $1,000 and I have seen some sold for $10,000. My friend Masaru Saito, Shintaro Koi Farm, produces about 100,000 Sanke fry. 2,000 tategoi are kept after the first 3 months All of our Showa koi are imported from top breeders in Niigata, Japan. See our premium-quality selection of Showa nishikigoi and gets yours shipped today Koi in stock, worldwide Nishikigoi export from Japan. Currently the shippings for Spring 2021 have come to an end. Our website will be filled again early October FD Koi Food is a Japanese high quality food that is used by 57 koi breeders in Japan, amongst them the top 20 of koi breeders like Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue & Dainichi.Due to the unique cooperation with these koi breeders FD Food has achieved the unreachable: a fully balanced food for the optimal growth and development of your koi Hiranishi Koi Farm Specialize in Kin Showa. Hirashin Koi Farm Specialize in Kohaku and Sanke. Hiranishi Koi has won high-rank prizes at the All Japan Koi Show. Hirashin Koi Farm (Zengoro) Specialize in Hi Utsuri. Other varieties include Showa, Goshike, Ginrin, Hikarimono and Utsurimono. Hiroi Koi Farm (Conias) Specialize in Goshike and Kigoi

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Isa Showa 2yr Female 46cm great sumi development. $2,900.00. Koi Details Breeder : Isa Koi Farm Dealer : All Japan Koi Variety : Showa Size : 18.11 inches Sex : Female Koi ID : AJKA010021 Description : Isa Showa 2yr Female 46cm great sumi development This Koi is shipped from and sold by All Japan Koi Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai A4Koi are suppliers of High Quality Japanese Koi & goods. Based in Reading. Select Nishikigoi are direct agents for many Japanese Koi Farms. Fuji Fish & Food supply Koi from the world famous Shintaro farm. The BKKS is the main body of the Koi Club world. Koi Carp UK Ltd supplier of quality Koi carp & products