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Sep 20, 2017 5:22:51 PM. August toSeptember 2017 I purhased about 300 1888 and 1889 -s Morgan silver dollars, all advertised on e-bay as Morgan silver dollars. They were shipped in packages claiming the items to be commemorative coins, presumably to avoid some legal entanglements. Apparently, I am not the only Fake morgan dollar epidemic. Item name : 1878~1904 (5) Morgan Silver Dollar Coins Detail : Hello I had these coins checked and authenticated by a third party earlier today. They are not real silver nor are the US coins Counterfeit Morgan Coins on Ebay in Archive Coins & Paper Money 03-15-2016 Europa Central 231 & 232. in Archive Coins & Paper Money 01-27-2016 ebay seller selling fake 32gb micro sd cards in Archive Computers, Networking & I.T. 08-25-201

Morgan Silver Dollars. Morgan Silver Dollars were minted between 1878 and 1904, and again during the year 1921. Hundreds of thousands of these coins were melted down, but a surprisingly large number of Morgans still exist and can be found in uncirculated condition. Designed by their namesake George T. Morgan, these silver dollars are one of the. Counterfeit Morgan dollar on eBay? astrorat Posts: Is it really cost effective to counterfeit Morgan dollars? You have broken several laws concerning counterfeit US coins. Importing them to the US is against the law. Do not attempt to sell one as that is also illegal. Ebay does not allow for selling of counterfeit or replica coins on their. These fake coins are being purchased by Indian as well as foreign collectors. I think there are many senior numismatist on this platform of COIN TALK who can suggest us an action to prevent selling of fake coins on ebay like organisation. Alok Verma, May 3, 2017. #14 + Quote Reply. Santinidollar Supporter

Evidence That Bank Wrapped Morgan Dollar Rolls Are Bogus at ebay. Don't Buy These Morgan Dollar Rolls EVER! https://youtu.be/VP3cII_u2UoCoinzip Dealers https.. Morgan Silver Dollar US Coin Lot, 5 Different Dates VF+ 24 Hour Sale. $136.00. 19 bids. $4.25 shipping. Ending Wednesday at 6:15PM PDT. Ended Previous counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars have been identified with improper weights. In many cases, they less than half the weight of a true Morgan Silver Dollar. If you already have a Morgan Silver Dollar and believe it may be fake, throw it on a scale. Remember, it should weigh 412.5 grains, or 26.73 grams 22 Fake Morgan Silver Dollars from eBay. Close. 5 3 35. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. 22 Fake Morgan Silver Dollars from eBay. I buy every month. I follow eBay sales fairly often, and there was a lot of 22 that I bought for $355 on November 19th, 2019. It was delivered on November 22nd, 2019 (last Friday)

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  1. 1881-CC GSA $1 MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR NGC MS-66 GEM UNCIRCULATED UNC TRUSTED . $1,895.00. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings. Returns, money back
  2. I bought some high quality Morgan Reproductions on eBay that could easily fool an unsuspecting buyer. The last thing I want is for someone to get ripped off,..
  3. Be careful on eBay. This fake sold three times for $166. Plenty of crooks out there.EDIT: Notice at 15:54 the seller listed the coin the ad as Uncirculated.
  4. Location: New York. Share. Posted July 7, 2019. I called my local Secret Service office here in New York. I am awaiting a call back. I wanted to know why Amazon was able to advertise and profit from Chinese companies manufacturing near perfect counterfeit Morgan silver dollars. It is my understanding that Morgan's are still legal US currency
  5. Friend picked up an 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar on eBay, but is it real? Let's take a close look
  6. 1878 S Morgan Silver Dollar AU 58 Details ANACS Cleaned/Environmental Damage. $12.50. 4 bids. $4.00 shipping. Ending Saturday at 8:00PM PDT. 4d 14h

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  1. 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar VG+. $41.95. Free shipping. 244 sold. Lot Of 1921 (NGC MS63) & 1921 S (Ungraded) Morgan Silver Dollars. Free Shipping. $99.99. Free shipping
  2. In my experience and I do shop alot on ebay I haven't seen that many fake JM bars and if you do get caught then you're really unlucky with morgan dollars it's a whole different matter seeing as there are so many varieties of the genuine coins that leaves more opportunities for the counterfeiters but I've only been caught once or twice
  3. Lest you think spotting fakes is easy, take a look at this 1884-S Morgan Dollar. Each month in this column, we discuss some of the fundamentals of counterfeit detection, using counterfeit coins as.
  4. CHECK YOUR MORGANS! Read up on the Top 100 list and gain as much knowledge as you can! Happy cherry pickin'!Looking for bathroom remodeling in the Charlotte.

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  1. Some of these fake Morgan silver dollars will also find their way into counterfeit PCGS and NGC slabs, but my sources tell me that most of the fakes these counterfeiters sell are sold raw (rather than slabbed). Continue to 4 of 23 below. 04 of 23. Edge View of Fake Morgan Dollars
  2. THE FAKE COINS and the cheats that sell them on ebay: 1. Coins almost always offered as raw, or uncertified. If they are certified, they are not by companies like PCGS, NGC or ANACS (who will not certify artificially toned coins). Rainbow toned coins are heavily pushed in holders from NNC, NTC, ANI and others, and are often problem coins that.
  3. Fake Morgan Silver Dollar? Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Tokenfreak, Dec 25, 2014. There are plenty of scumbag American based coin dealers on eBay who sell fakes or copies without ever buying from outside the US; a good guide to know who to avoid is to always check their feedback before buying

I have report a seller on ebay for over a year and ahalf, this seller keep changing acount information listing counterfeit morgan dollars mainly 1881,1882,1883,1884,1885,1889 and 1893 cc.They are listed as located in the US for selling but it will come from China This is a rant / PSA. Hobby of mine is to buy peace dollars on ebay. I actually prefer to buy the 1922 & 1923 years, I never thought I'd get a fake if I bought the more common years. that ended today. I buy $50 face for $800+, decent deal I figure. Seller has 100% positive, rating.. This method can also help collectors spot other counterfeit coins, including fake gold coins, silver coins, and more. Metal Content. Another factor to consider is that the metal content of most fake Morgan silver dollars differs from the 90/10 silver/copper composition of authentic Morgan silver dollars

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I bought a fake Morgan on ebay a few years ago. They used a real one for the photograph but sent an obvious fake. I immediately complained and the seller refunded my purchase price but only half of the postage and shipping. That was enough for him to make a profit on the counterfeit even if it was returned More Chinese Counterfeit Morgan Dollars. To participate in the forum you must log in or register. After reading the post about the 1893 S Dollar just below, and the comments alluding to it being a fake, here's my Chinese Morgan dollar story. Along with the 250+ Morgans and Peace dollars I bought at eBay, I bought a few fakes along the way Ebay Counterfeit PCGS AU50 1894-S Morgan Dollar, Certification Number 13607063 With Genuine Heritage Pedigree by CoinForgeryEbay. Obverse Close up of Counterfeit PCGS AU53 1893-S Morgan Dollar, Certification Number 08831750 by CoinForgeryEbay. Counterfeit PCGS AU53 1893-S Morgan Dollar, Certification Number 08831750 by CoinForgeryEbay 400088073851 Nov-26-09 Nov-27-09 20:00:36 US $601.00 ORIGINAL ROLL 1889-P MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS CH/GEM BU sclest1 (*) hsturn >>. Busted! Heh, the seller has been getting ripped off on dipped crap from hsturn. **For Sale on eBay** **For Sale on BST** If you're not sure what a counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollar looks like, or can't tell a fake from authentic, then look at the images below of counterfeits and fakes. The above is obviously counterfeit for many reasons and the incorrect date and mint mark should be the first thing noticed. No CC (Carson City) were minted in 1895. Incorrect mint.

Some of these fake Morgan silver dollars will also find their way into counterfeit PCGS and NGC slabs, but my sources tell me that most of the fakes these counterfeiters sell are sold raw (rather than slabbed). Continue to 4 of 23 below. 04 of 23. Edge View of Fake Morgan Dollars Another Fake Silver 1921 Morgan Dollar (Made In China) On Ebay. To participate in the forum you must log in or register. The seller probably does not know. That coin is VAM 16A. Picture in link is 16B, but it's just 16A with more advanced die cracks. This coin is a replica of those VAM varieties

A few things to look for when buying silver dollars online, at garage sales, abroad and at flea markets: Fakes and counterfeits are often. -have a dirty luster or even specs of grime imbedded in their surface. -their surfaces look pock-marked, grainy and imperfect. -the design is smashed or is misshapen or entirely the wrong font type Rainbow-toned coins command high premiums on the open market. Recently I purchased a brown box Proof 1971-S Eisenhower silver-copper clad dollar for $258 from Shane Canup, an eBay seller and. 43. 1889-CC Morgan Dollar. The 1889-CC Morgan dollar is the second silver dollar to make this list. Only 350,000 examples were struck at the Carson City Mint, and many ended up in melting pots later. Due to its value, this coin is an attractive target for counterfeiters. The most common type of fake is simply an added mintmark

In recent days, counterfeit coins in counterfeit PCGS slabs have begun to appear on eBay, the online auction site. All of the counterfeit coins/holders seen so far are coming out of China. Alert members of the PCGS Message Boards were the first to notify PCGS of the counterfeit coins/holders Fake Counterfeit Peace Silver Dollar Images Facts. Peace Silver Dollar Counterfeit/Authentic Comparisons. The 1923 silver dollar on the left is authentic and the Peace Dollar on the right is counterfeit. As you can see, the date, on the counterfeit has letters that are thinner than the authentic example on the right

BeiQian Best Morgan Silver Dollars-(1804-1926) Coin Collecting-Silver Dollar USA Old Original Pre Morgan Dollar goodService 1921. 4.0 out of 5 stars 680. $3.59 $ 3. 59. $3.98 shipping. More Buying Choices $3.29 (2 new offers) 1921 - Morgan Dollar Dollar XF or Better. 4.5 out of 5 stars 75. $49.99 $ 49. 99 I was at a FL show two years ago when a young, new, wannabe dealer/collector brought three BWR of Morgan dollars to the table for advice. The wrappers were from a CO bank and were old. The end coins were gem 1882 and CC coins. He bought them on Ebay. He wondered if he should submit the rolls (original CC dollars) for grading 38mm Direct Fit Capsules for Large Silver Dollars including Morgan, Peac,e and Eisenhower (Ike) Dollars - Pack of 50. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 161. $23.90. $23. . 90. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 29. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Because eBay makes it so easy to get away with fakery, one good piece of advice is to never buy on eBay ancient coins or antiquities, which are relatively easy to fake and foist on the unsuspecting, unless you're expert in the area, know the seller, or have received a recommendation about a particular seller from a reliable source FIVE WAYS TO SPOT A FAKE COIN. Posted on December 20, 2016 Counterfeit, or fake, coins are pesky inevitables in the world of coin collecting but there are a number of tips suggested by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS)

USA MORGAN DOLLAR - 1879 CC. £31.00. 2 bids. £8.00 postage. Ending Sunday at 7:40PM BST. 1d 14h Click & Collect. An 1883 United States $1 Silver Morgan Dollar Coin. New Orleans Mint. High Grade This fake 1878-CC Morgan dollar is a good example. The weight, diameter and thickness of the fake are exactly the same as a genuine coin, and the sharpness of the finer details is very good 1883-CC Morgan Dollar, 1893-O Morgan Dollar, 1896-O Morgan Dollar and 1898-O Morgan Dollar. 1906 Ellis Island Silver Dollar. These are the most common dates that I see in these packs of counterfeit dollar coins. If you go to my Counterfeit Coin Gallery you can see images of all of these The 1893-S Morgan Dollar (Buy on eBay) is recognized as the absolute key date of the series and is demand at all grade levels.The coin has the lowest mintage for a circulation strike of the series with just 100,000 minted. Unlike many other dates of the series, no hoards have ever appeared on the market, and it seems highly unlikely that any ever will

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  1. The fake 1885-CC Morgan Dollar, however, is far more obvious. Both sides have unusual voids in the fields, such as between the 9th and 10th stars on the obverse and below the ON in ONE on the reverse
  2. The fake illustrated here is a slightly better counterfeit of a rare date Morgan silver dollar. Thousands of fake 1893-S Morgan dollars have found their way into the U.S. rare coin marketplace.
  3. Auto-body putty is often applied to Morgan silver dollars to cover blemishes, but leaves an easily detected film or frost on the coin's surface. Used for the same purpose, dental wax is more difficult to detect. Known as whizzing, the process of mechanically moving surface metal adds an unnatural luster
  4. ting much more than fake morgan dollars: Fake silver dies in the photo include fake numismatic Greek Drachmas and British Crown coins as well as US coins. Two male Chinese workers run a fake silver.
  5. Selling coins on eBay is not difficult. Creating an accurate and quality eBay listing for your coins is essential in order to build a good reputation and realize top-dollar for your coins. If done well, you will get more money for your coins on eBay than if you sell them at the local coin store or coin show
  6. Buyback Partner. will let you know. The following is a list of the most common older US coins that contain a precious metal. $20 Gold Coin. $20 Liberty Double Eagle (1850 to 1907), contains 0.9765 oz of gold. $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle (1907 to 1933), contains 0.9765 oz of gold. $10 Gold Coin
  7. American Eagle SILVER PROOF COIN - S (21EMN): on-sale date moved up from 8/16 to 8/12. The pre-order windows for the remaining Morgan and Peace silver dollars are as follows: Morgan Dollars.
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The rarity of true monster toned Morgan dollars cannot be stressed enough. Out of the 656,900,590 Morgan dollars that were produced from 1878 through 1921, there are probably in the ballpark of about 10,000 Rainbow Morgan dollars. This quantity represents any morgan with even the slightest amount of rainbow color WSNMING 10 Pcs Steel Morgan Dollar ( 3.8cm Dia) Magic Tricks Can Be Sucked Props Accessories Used Appearing/Disappearing Coin Magie Props. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 40. $14.99. $14. . 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Mar 4. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon The 1893-S is the true King of the Morgan dollar series. The PCGS CoinFacts Board of experts estimated survival number for all grades is 9948. Dave Bowers has estimated that 6000 to 12,000 survive and I think those numbers are probably accurate. There are probably as many as 10,000 1893-S dollars in all grades The 1893-CC Morgan Dollar (Buy on eBay) is noted for being the last of the Carson City silver dollars, completing a popular segment of the broader series.The issue had a mintage of 677,000, and although some bag quantities were paid out over the years, only a single example was found within the inventory of the GSA hoard. The famous Redfield hoard contained a quantity of coins, but there were. Anti-Counterfeiting: Attempt Made to Sell Fake $300,000 Gold Coin. Crime and Fraud July 15, 2020. Seller a suspect in another counterfeits case Acting on a tip from the Anti-Counterfeiting.

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Late last night, the United States Mint sent an email to its customers informing them that the previously announced pre-order windows for the remaining 2021 Morgan dollar and Peace dollar 100th. Counterfeit Detection: Superfake 1884-S Morgan Dollar. Posted on 5/12/2010. Lest you think spotting fakes is easy, take a look at this 1884-S Morgan Dollar Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar, 90% silver, in GSA soft pack, Toning at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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Date Mintage VG8 VF20 EF40 AU55 MS63 MS65. 1878 8TF 749,500 $35 $40 $45 $60 $200 $1,300. Most Valuable Morgan Dollars. CoinHELP! ™. Use our coin values smartphone app to check Morgan Dollar values and photograding while on the go Click Here. Send emails to help@coinauctionshelp.com Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1880 MORGAN Silver Dollar 1880p - 90% silver - toned at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Authentic U.S. coin - be leery of the illegal counterfeit U.S. coins on eBay. Counterfeit Detection: Altered Mintmarks. Posted on 2/9/2016. Something as small as a mintmark can dramatically change the price of a coin. In numismatics, the location at which a coin was minted can mean a value difference of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, an 1894 Barber Dime minted in Philadelphia might be worth $100 The 1896 Morgan Dollar (Buy on eBay) represents one of the more available issues of the series with price remaining affordable through gem grades. The Philadelphia Mint struck 9,976,000 coins for circulation, with many released in later years, providing a supply of higher grade examples. This was a change of pace from the several recent [

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Supplies of genuine, century-old Morgan silver dollars are extremely tight, but one suspicious seller on Facebook is offering to sell 28 'genuine' Morgan dollars for only $199. If they actually were genuine coins, the price would be closer to $900 Sold For: $207,000. 1891-CC $1 MS68 Prooflike PCGS. Sold For: $195,500. 1886-O $1 MS65 PCGS. CAC. Sold For: $161,000. 10. 1883-S $1 MS67 PL PCGS CAC. Sold For: $161,000. More Morgan Dollar Values Buy Date And Mint. Regular issue coins only; patterns of this series are excluded. Source: HA.com Updated September 2018

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Welcome to the VAMWorld wiki! This site is devoted to Morgan and Peace Dollar die varieties, known as VAM varieties. It is open for all members to contribute, edit and improve. Created in 2006, VAMWorld is now the go-to site for all VAM knowledge, thanks to users who have spent a lot of time creating and editing content How much is 1921 coin sell for on ebay in a nice little condition, they sold around 3430 dollars. You see 3127 dollars plus shipping, so I definitely over paid for this. so I could probably pay like $25 per coin that would have been a good deal. $35 per coin definitely not that good of a deal. so yeah, if you still want

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Both Counterfeit Silver Dollars were relisted and sold for about $300 each. Does MS66 grade for Morgans even exist? What I see on eBay at least are coins selling for high retail usually. If I am willing to pay a little more for a coin I cannot find then eBay will provide. Item 122044781102 1893 cc Morgan silver dollar sold for $350 Item. To begin with, the weight of counterfeit Morgan silver dollars differs from the standard specifications. The weight of an uncirculated Morgan silver dollar is 26.73 grams. Most replica coins weigh substantially less. Authentic Morgan silver dollars may also weigh less than the standard specs if they have been in circulation and have some wear 1892-CC Morgan Dollar. Despite having one of the higher mintages for a Carson City silver dollar, the 1892-CC Morgan Dollar ( Buy on eBay) can be counted amongst the scarcer issues from the famed Mint. As seen elsewhere in the series, the ultimate rarity is determined not only by the mintage level, but also the survival rate Watched your demo on YouTube. Was still a little skeptical. Had just bought 6 morgan silver dollars on Ebay from China. They looked real but something just didn't feel right. Decided to try your slide. Worked just like it did on YouTube.All 6 were counterfeit. Went ahead and checked all the rest of my collection. They're all good

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1879 Silver Morgan Dollar Coin Ring Wedding Band Wide Sizes 9-23 Half Unique Gift Men's Large Coin Rings 40th Birthday 40 Year Anniversary. NashvilleMint. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,934) $220.00 FREE shipping. Favorite For Sale: 1915-P Gold $5 Half Eagle - ANACS Au-55 For Sale: Dansco 7179 Morgan 1891-1921 Album For Sale: NGC / PCGS World Coins For Sale: 1938 Dated Jefferson Nickel Concept ANACS MS69 DCAM CCF Selling Rule GSA CC MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR COA DC 73 11321 FOR GSA HARDPACKS. 1942 SILVER HALF DOLLAR COIN USA. 1905 AU 1C INDIAN HEAD CENT. BEZEL 38MM FOR MORGAN PEACE EISENHOWER DOLLAR COIN. AMERICAN OLD COIN MORGAN DOLLAR 1879 COIN SILVER PLATED. GENERAL GSA CARD FOR CARSON CITY GSA DOLLAR ORIGINAL NICE COA 99C SHIPMENT THE COINS ARE COUNTERFEIT! FAKES! I ordered the coins on June 4, the day I posted the article. The coins were shipped from China to California to New Jersey to my office. LIACOO used the services of Newgistics, which is now a subsidiary of Pitney-Bowes. By using a logistics company in this manner, they can hide behind the anonymity of the service FAKE CLUB TEST #2 - TaylorMade r7 460 Driver. The heads on the TaylorMade r7 460 drivers are uncannily similar - even the fonts are pretty close - although the shade of orange on the crescent isn't quite right. (The counterfeit is the on the left by the way). FAKE CLUB TEST #3 - Nike Sumo SQ 5900 Driver. To the untrained eye, the.

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We're pleased to offer Morgan Silver Dollars for sale from our collection dating back to the coin's inception in 1878. Named for U.S. Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan, all U.S. Morgan dollar coins feature a profile of the Statue of Liberty's face on the obverse and a bald eagle with wings outstretched across the reverse The 1889 cc Morgan Dollar is by far the rarest of all the Carson City Silver Dollars. It also a KEY DATE of the series and most elusive. With a mintage of. about 350,000 it is not the lowest. The 1889 cc is among impossible to find in MS & MS+++ grades. These coins are rare and have a high premium in all. grades

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Imperfect Coins: If a bullion coin has been faked, then it should be immediately visible. Many fakes are of a low quality. Many fakes are of a low quality. The design will not be as raised or as detailed, the luster will be poor and the strike may be off-center 6+ out of 10. In terms of quality, Fazzari rated the counterfeit GSA 1881-CC Morgan dollar at a 6+ on a scale of 1 to 10. Fazzari indicates it's the type of counterfeit that is sufficiently well. Until recently, eBay was a prime source and pipeline for the coins entering the country. Many of the larger counterfeit operations in China actually operated websites with dozens of issues for sale. The coins were shown with the word COPY stamped on each coin. When the coins were delivered, however, they lacked this required stamp

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The 1878-CC Morgan Dollar (Buy on eBay) was the first year of issue for the new series, produced at the Carson City Mint.Unlike the Philadelphia Mint issue for the year, all coins are found with seven tail feathers on the reverse. The circulation strike mintage for the coin was 2,212,000 Counterfeit trade dollars have pretty much flooded the market over the past decade. Buyers of trade dollars had better know what they're buying, and if you don't know how to tell a counterfeit from the real thing you are best off just buying coins graded by PCGS, NGC or another recognized service that certifies the authenticity of the coin Craig Crosby, founder of The Counterfeit Report, has detected millions of knockoffs sold online on eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart. He notes that over 80 percent of all counterfeits are made in. The Morgan design silver dollars was minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. The coins' are called by the name of the designer - George Morgan. The obverse features a profile of a woman crowned with Liberty and the reverse displays an eagle with wings spread. Perhaps the best thing about these Morgan silver dollar coins is their price

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Please report this fake 1890 CC Morgan. goldrealmoney79 Posts: 262 . June 4, 2021 2:16PM edited June 4, 2021 2:17PM in U.S. Coin Forum. Blatant fake 1890 CC morgan copy. Details on front and reverse are wrong with bad angles being used to hide that its an obvious counterfeit Ebay Counterfeit CC Morgan Dollar With The Gashed Eagle Reverse Die: 1893-CC This common Asian replica, found in both silver and pot metal versions, is often listed on Ebay as genuine. This reverse die has been confirmed on every CC issue within this series. Ebay Listing Number: 380275154656 Listing Date: Oct-02-10 Item Location: Montrose. Background and History. The 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar (Buy on eBay) is recognized as the absolute key date coin within the popular Morgan Dollar series.Not only does the issue boast the lowest mintage of the series at 100,000 pieces, but most surviving examples are found in lower grades, with only a distinct minority in uncirculated condition A lot of fake American Silver Eagle coins have larger rims and edges. Font issues: There are many font issues you'll find highlighted by SilverCoins.com, but the date mark is one quick place to check. Legitimate US Mint coins have straight-edge tops (for example, 3) to the numbers in the date mark, while most counterfeits have a curved top on. Buy Morgan Silver Dollars Online. The Morgan Dollar was created in 1877 by George Morgan, an English-born assistant engraver, who eventually became the 7th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint. It is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. The composition of the Morgan Silver Dollar contains 90% pure silver and 10% copper