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With conventional AF via the shutter button, this may mean holding the button at its half-pressed position for a period of time. It's often easier to use back-button AF, pre-focus on the primary subject, and then lift your thumb off the rear AF activation button Re: Shutter Release Button. 05-30-2013 10:46 AM - edited ‎05-30-2013 10:58 AM. Edit: first check that you're not on a two second delay. Push the set button, then the left button. That will tell you what shooting mode you're in. I'd keep it in continuous unless you need something else. It could depend on a lot of things Camera Remote Shutter Release for Canon EOS M6 Mark II/R/RP /90D /6D Mark II /R5/ R6 /800D /850D /250D /M50 /Rebel SL2 /Rebel T7i /PowerShot SX70 HS /G5 X Mark II /G7 X Mark III, Replace Canon BR-E1. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 376. $32.99 For flexibility, some models offer both wired and wireless functionality, such as the Canon remote shutter release. Vello's wireless shutter release for Canon offers both tethered and untethered functionality, and ranges of up to 320 feet. It also offers 16 channels, allowing you to control multiple cameras from one device

The shutter button is a concave surface, perfect feel, and fits the arc of the finger. Perfectly fits your camera and enhances your comfort during use. Just screw the soft release button into shutter release button's threads and you will enjoy the soft and steady shutter release operation Set up your camera for your shot, hold down the remote halfway to focus, press in fully to take a photo. To take continuous photos, slide the locking mechanism with the same thumb you'd use to press the shutter release button. It feels sort of cheap and plastic-y, but I could care less; it works as it's supposed to for our Canon 40D

Canon sells a Remote Switch RS-60E3 which acts exactly like your shutter button, enabling halfway or complete pressing for adjusting auto-focus or activating the shutter to capture an image. It sells for 34$ (at the time of this writing) but it is only 2-ft long Since the shutter release is set to engage autofocus when half-pressed by default, the AF-ON button is redundant, unless focusing is de-coupled from the shutter release, or it performs some other function. When focusing is de-coupled from the shutter release, it essentially becomes a setup for back-button focusing A shutter release cable is basically a device that connects to the camera and either electronically or mechanically manipulates the camera shutter button. On the Canon EOS Rebel T3i it is an electronic remote that often has an intervalometer and other smarts built in Pentax: K10 / K20 / K100 / K200. Samsung: GX10 / GX20. In a nutshell, is a shutter release with one quality more than acceptable for their price, even though (and considering that is an economic model), we cannot expect a performance of professional level - perhaps in this aspect, the quality of Canon devices is better

Pressing the shutter release on the remote half way will focus the camera. Most people want BBF so that they can separate the focusing from the metering. The only way to do this is to enable focus on the back button and then disable focus on the shutter button, that way the back button focuses and the shutter button meters 2. Press the < > button, and then press the [ ], [ ] buttons to choose [Self-timer/Remote ctrl]. 3. Press the [ ], [ ] buttons or turn the [ ] dial to choose [ ], and then press the < > button. Confirm the Custom Functions setting. If the [Release shutter without lens] option in the [Custom Function] menu is set to [Disable], the shutter will.

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CANON T-90 Pro Shutter Release Button Input Dial Used Repair Part CG9-2677-000. $15.00. Free shipping. CANON A-1 Shutter Release Button New Genuine OEM Replacement Part CF1-0248-000. $10.00. Free shipping. CANON AE-1 Top Cover Assembly w/ Flash Hot Shoe / Shutter Release Button. $12.95 SMDV Remote Shutter Release Cable for Canon Digital Rebel T5i, T4i, T3i, t3, t2, 70D, 60D, Replaces Canon RS60-E3 4.6 out of 5 stars 509 $11.20 $ 11 . 20 $15.95 $15.9 The very first item in the button list is the shutter button, and the default setting is for it to begin both AF and metering with a half press. By pressing the Set button on the back of your camera, you can change this default setting so that the half-press of the shutter only engages the metering, and NOT the AF. Step 3 The compact Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3 has a 2.6' cable and is a remote shutter release designed to prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macro photography, and bulb exposures.Handy for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure. The Remote Switch works just like a shutter button, enabling halfway or complete. CANON EOS400D, CANON EOS SERIES SHUTTER BUTTON NOT WORKING - SOLUTION Please consider my solution. I have an EOS400D, and had the same problem. Maybe this solution will work with other Canon EOS series cameras. A day before going on my dream Safari holiday to Kenya, I took my EOS400D out and tried it

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Choose the [ 5 ] tab -> choose [Custom Function (C.Fn)], and then press the button. 5. Press the / buttons to choose [3 : Release shutter w/o lens], and then press the button. 6. Press the / buttons to choose [1: Enable], and then press the button. 7. The following screen appears on the camera. Press the MENU button The shutter release button does not seem right. Like all other models, it has a half-press which starts auto focus / auto exposure, and then a full press to release the shutter. Except on this camera, when the shutter release is fully depressed, the button goes click. Yes, the button itself makes a click noise Shutter Release Button: by default, half-pressing the shutter release activates autofocus, while fully pressing it takes a picture. You can change the behavior to disable autofocus on half-press in order to use back-button focusing (explained further down in the article) Total Ratings 2, $49.95 New. VELLO Freewave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release - 2.4ghz for Canon. 4.7 out of 5 stars. (3) Total Ratings 3, $99.95 New. $29.95 Used. Canon Wl-d89 Wireless Camcorder Infared Remote Controller 15 sold. Canon RC-6 RC6 IR Wireless Remote Control EOS Rebel M 5D Mark III IV 7D 90D 5DSR. $8.75. 13 sold. JJC Concave Shutter Release Button Cap for Fujifilm X-Pro2 X100F X-T2 X-T10 X-20. $3.99. 9 sold. RC-6 Remote Shutter Release for Canon EOS 800D 760D 750D 700D 650D 600D 550D UK. $6.42

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  1. The shutter will release approximately two seconds after the camera detects a new face. You can use this when the photographer wants to be in the image, such as a group photo. - To stop shooting after the timer starts, press the > button
  2. On the 350D, the shutter button feels solid, and there is a clear distinction between the half-press (focus) and the full press (shutter release). On my 450D, there is no distinction, so I thought that the shutter button must be dirty or so
  3. Try using the self timer, or a remote shutter release plugged into the side of the camera. If the self timer or remote shutter works fine, it may just be the shutter button. If the remote release does not work, your camera has a serious problem and needs to be repaired
  4. JJC Shutter Release Connecting Cable for Canon EOS R6/R/RP/250D/60D/70D, G10/G11/G12/G16 etc. Mirrorless Digital Camera Replace Canon RS-60E3 [See Description for More Compatibility Cameras] 4.5 out of 5 stars. 60. £7.99
  5. What You Need to Know About the Canon Shutter Release. The use of a remote shutter release can aid you in capturing unforgettable moments with your Canon EOS point-and-shoot device. The shutter release button is one of the most basic functions on your daily handheld digital camera. Being able to stand at a distance from your camera to seek out.
  6. Neewer Shutter Release Timer Remote Control Cord Compatible with Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i, 450D/Xsi, 400D/Xti, 350D/XT, 300D 60D 600D 500D 1100D 1000D 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D. by Neewer. $18.49$18.49. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 4.4 out of 5 stars 290

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  1. The ShutterBoss II Timer Remote Switch for Canon with 3-Pin Connection from Vello . is a remote shutter release that provides photographers with enhanced levels of exposure control.. Featuring specialized functionality such as continuous shooting, self-timer, long time exposures, and interval shooting, the ShutterBoss II is a huge asset to keep in your camera bag
  2. Half-press the shutter button if it was already on. - If a popup comes up that offers to open Remote Release, press it, and move on to Operation below. - If a popup does not come up, manually start Remote Release. A Superuser popup should appear, click allow
  3. Step 13 Shutter Release Button With the case and LCD screen removed, you are ready to remove the release button. Begin by using the Philips #00 screwdriver to remove two silver 0.159in screws on the top and front of the camera
  4. However, there is no beep feedback as when manually holding the shutter release on the camera body half-way down. (Apparently the official Canon wired remote has a two-position button, so it acts like the built-in shutter release; i.e., half-way down activates a/f, full down trips the shutter.
  5. e triggers the auto focus. The red button triggers the shutter. Finally, the switch triggers the bulb mode, or long exposure
  6. The very first item in the button list is the shutter button, and the default setting is for it to begin both AF and metering with a half press. By pressing the Set button on the back of your camera, you can change this default setting so that the half-press of the shutter only engages the metering, and NOT the AF. Step 3

You can either shoot immediately or with a 2-sec. delay. Press the button ( ). With an image displayed on the screen, press the button. Select the self-timer/remote control. Turn the dial to select the drive mode item, then turn the dial to select [] or [ ]. Press the release (transmit) button on the remote controller When recording video, pressing the shutter button once will start the recording; pressing it again will stop the recording. However, pressing the shutter release button will also force the camera to focus. In fact, you won't be able to release the button if the camera can't achieve focus. So why the AF button? We tested the feature using the.

The Vello Remote Shutter Release consists of 2 components, a transmitter, and a receiver. The Receiver connects to the camera via the Canon 3-pin connector and the Transmitter is the hand-held. Shutter Release Cable. As mentioned, I have a Canon 40D which uses a proprietary N3 connector. I already had a Canon RS-80N3 shutter release cable but since it was expensive I did not want to destroy it. Instead I bought a cheap compatible release cable for about $5

I have a problem with my DSLR, a Canon 70D. When I push the shutter button to take a photo, I need to push it once more to take a single shot. The AF mode is not on self-timer. cable release or by the use of a wireless remote control so that the camera does not need to be touched directly to release the shutter The first remote shutter release is from Canon. It has two shutter release modes. Either it releases right away, or there is an option with a two-second delay. To use the remote, you need to be within 15 feet in front of the camera, since there is no sensor in the back of it 1. Flashpoint Wave Commander Remote Shutter Intervalometer. 2. Flashpoint Wave Commander Camera Release Cable for Cameras with RS-80 N3 Canon. show details. Our Price. $39.95 You save: $7.49 (16%) Original Price: $47.44 - Kit Discount: $7.49 = $39.95 Get 40 Reward Points. Buy more and save I'm thinking about buying either the infrared or the bluetooth remote shutter release for my 77D. Wanted to clarify general Canon camera behavior first. If I have back button autofocus enabled and the on-body shutter button is configured to auto-exposure and shutter only, no autofocus, will..

The shutter and focus inputs have the same electrical characteristics and work independently. The remote control port and the shutter button seem to share the same wires. Pushing the shutter button results in a voltage drop to 0 V at the external shutter or focus wire. A possible equivalent circuit for the trigger circuitry might look like thi Canon 5D shutter button not responding. I was shooting a wedding a few weeks ago and a photoshoot just this pasted weekend and I'm coming across a problem with the shutter button not firing or auto focusing. Yea, this time I checked and the lens is on autofocus. It wasn't a buffer issue because it was the first shot being taken Product Title Remote Shutter Release For Canon SLR & Digital SLR / Average rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 8 reviews 8 ratings Current Price $6.99 $ 6 . 99 List List Price $12.00 $ 12 . 0

20D shutter release button problem. Jun 24, 2007. Greetings, A little while ago, I began to notice on my 20D that with AF, CF04=0, and the center AF point preselected, if I half pressed to focus, the AF point indicator light blinked initially and then blinked again when focus was established (as expected) Canon Remote Switch For Canon EOS d-SLR Cameras RS-60E3. Wired Remote Shutter Release. 2-Feet (60cm) Cable Length. Replicates Functions of Shutter Release Button. Reduces Handheld Camera Shake. Compatible with Select Canon PowerShot and DSLRs. $38.00. VIEW DETAILS

Canon EOS RP. bigger. The M-Fn button near the shutter button is one of many ways to set ISO, advance mode, SERVO/ONE-SHOT AF, White Balance and exposure compensation. Tap the M-FN button, move the rear dial to select what you're going to set, then turn the front dial to set it. Advance Modes. to This is what I have done in the past for an unresponsive shutter button on my old 20D - bought a spray can of contact cleaner at Radio Shack - sprayed a bit into the lid of the can - tore a q-tip down to a smaller size - soaked it in the contact cleaner and put it in and around the shutter button and worked it in by pressing the button and turning it left and right The switch surrounding the shutter-release selects between S (self-timer) and A (automatic, only if shutter-speed dial is at A) operation, and L is locking the shutter button. The camera provides automatic shutter speed exposure - manually set the aperture, selectable by a red A, accessed by lifting the collar surrounding the shutter-speed dial Option '0' is the factory default where both metering and autofocusing are controlled by the shutter release button. There are then four combinations from which to choose: 1 Autofocus starts when you press the shutter release button, but is held off as long as you keep the rear button pressed. 2 This is classic back button focusing

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Shutter release modes. Your digital camera will offer a selection of shutter release modes, which determine the timing of the picture being taken. In normal use you press the shutter button, the camera takes a picture, you press it again and it takes another one. But there are other options available This shutter speed need not be considered, however, when the A-1 is Shutter Speed Scale on the AT Dial used with specified Canon flash units (see There is a choice of 16 click-stop settings page 83). ranging from 1/1000 (sec.) to 30 (sec.) on Intermediate settings on the shutter speed the AT dial's shutter speed scale Remote Shutter Release Astrophotography and Star Trails. Star trails require the ability to release the shutter multiple times either through a small computer, or by using continual release mode and locking the remote button down. Milky way and other long exposures only require the ability to release the shutter This General Brand remote shutter release is a compact wired remote switch with a cable which replicates all functions of the camera's shutter release button. Handy for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure

A wired shutter release is physically tethered to the camera and allows the photographer only a certain distance, not usually as significant as untethered release. If you've ever seen a film with an old time photographer pushing a button on a cord to take a photo, this is a tethered release Regular price: $35.99. Sale price: $19.95. Canon EOS Rebel T7 Remote Shutter Release. It is handy for reducing camera vibration on super telephoto shots, macro-photography, and bulb exposures. Ideal for tripod shooting, the Remote Shutter Release allows you to release the shutter when you want to avoid camera vibration or to shoot from a distance Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Camera Soft Shutter Release Button for Canon Nikon Minolta Sony Fuji Olympus at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Locked when shutter button is pressed half way or AF ON is pressed in One Shot AF mode. Using customised button set to AF stop in AI servo. AF Assist Beam. Emitted by an optional dedicated Speedlite. Manual Focus. Selected on lens. AF Microadjustment. Manual: Enter adjustment +/- 20 steps (wide and tele setting for zoom lenses) Adjust all.

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Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release vs. Canon RC-6. Now that you have a better idea of what this device has to offer, we can compare it to a similar devices. The Canon RC-6 is a remote shutter release model. Compared to the Canon RC-6, the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release has a shorter maximum range - the other features are practically. Neewer® 2 Pack LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control Cord RS-60E3 for Canon Pentax DSLR Camera,fits Canon EOS 60D 300D 350D 400D 450D 1000D 500D 550D 650D 700D 100D/Rebel XT Xti Xsi XS T1i T2i Full functions supported as the camera shutter switch (with halfway or complete pressing EOS 20D Shutter Replacement / Repair. Simon Kirby, 2008-08-24. This page explains how I replaced/repaired a shutter unit in a Canon EOS 20D. This is in no way sponsored or approved by Canon, but I hope that it can be of use to anybody who may want to attempt this themselves (or to help anybody who might have tried or might want to change the shutter button or LCD cover or any other part that. merciful wing: Hi All, I've got a somewhat noob question as I'm a recent Canon convert (used to shoot Nikon!). Recently treated myself to an EOS 40D and am now using it with the nifty fifty EF 50mm f.18 II prime. When everything works, the 40D is fantastic - fast autofocus, great image quality, etc. However, occasionally the shutter release is reluctant to fire after the auto-focus has done. There are a few reasons why I prefer to use Back Button Focus over focusing with the shutter button. 1. Your Focus will Hold (even if you release the shutter button). When you remove the focusing function from the shutter button, you no longer need to worry about how to press your shutter button down to maintain focus on your model

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The camera will shoot about 10 seconds after you press the shutter button. 4A-1. Choose [ ] (10-second self-timer) , and then press the [ ] button. 4A-2. Once the setting is complete, [ ] is displayed on the screen. This option delays shutter release until about two seconds after you have pressed the shutter button Shutter actuation count is the number of times the shutter button has been pressed and triggered the shutter to release for taking a photo. Photographers care about this number because the shutter mechanism inside their camera body don't last forever, the shutter wears out. Several Canon Cameras Report Shutter Actuations in 1,000 Increments (magyar szöveg a végén) Many Canon DSLR have problems with the shutter release button - which is in fact a double acting switch.. The cheaper bodies have small and weaker (cheaper) buttons (300d, 350d, 400d, etc), the bigger ones have a bigger button (0d, 20d, 30d, 40d etc.) The professional bodies have a smooth-action button You'll find the newest styles for Canon Shutter Remote Release here at LightInTheBox.com, the world's leading wholesale and retail website. We provide great quality Canon Shutter Remote Release at the best prices. LightinTheBox.com is the online retailer that'll keep you coming back for more When rewinding film, the film release button remains depressed. As a result, the shutter doesn't fire and the advance lever doesn't advance. Unfortunately I don't know whether the shutter is cocked or not, and thus I don't know whether the problem is the shutter (i.e. the advance lever remains blocked because th

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Pete, my first suggestion is to put your on camera shutter priority and use a fast shutter speed say 1/1000th of a second or faster. This will freeze the shot at the moment you depress the shutter button and the camera will do the rest. My second is put the camera on a tripod and go to your drive settings and use the 10 second timer This is my Canon S100 digital camera. After long, somewhat arduous service, the shutter button started playing up: it would focus but not take the photo. Eventually I got a mobile phone with a better camera and quietly forgot about the Canon. The S100 has been extensively frozen, boiled, soaked, rattled and trodden on, s There may be some grit trapped around the shutter release button. Try holding the camera with the shutter button down and wiping the button with water on a Q-tip. You can also try using an Exacto knife with a narrow thin blade or a dental pick to slide between the button and it's casing DIY Shutter Release Cable For Canon Cameras with CHDK April 29, 2012 If you don't want to pay for an expensive shutter release cable, and are lucky enough to own a Canon camera supported by the CHDK hacked firmware, you can make your own for as little as one pound Canon News has uncovered a very interesting patent by Canon. This one looks at potentially replacing the modern shutter button as we know it. and no, Canon is not replacing the shutter button with a direct print button. If you look at area 61 of patent image, there is no shutter..

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Canon News does point out that one benefit of replacing the shutter button would be improved waterproofing, as the shutter button is an area of cameras in which water could enter and do damage Question - I have a canon 4000d is there a remote shutter release for - D5. Find the answer to this and other Digital Cameras questions on JustAnswer. We use cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our cookie policy,. Button on the left, briefly pressed bring backlight and long press will lock all the above features, and it will turn into release button. Looking into shutter button, it is similar to your camera button; you can half press this to get a focus and upper LED will turn into green, and a complete press will open your shutter and LED will turn into. This simple modification enables existing shutter control software to support Nikon DSLRs in addition to Canon ones. As a bonus the modification also allows the use of the Canon hand-held TC-80N3 timer controller with Nikon cameras. The latest Canon DSLRs have finally been enhanced to enable computer control of long exposures via USB Canon G9 Remote Shutter Release. The button you press to take the picture. Often half pressing the Shutter Release activates the autofocus, auto exposure and vibration reduction, and a full press is required to actually take the picture. The mechanism, usually a button on the top of the camera, that activates the shutter to expose the film

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Once you do this, AF will no longer be active when you press the shutter release. Instead, press the AEL button to focus. The shutter button still wakes up the camera with a halfpress, and fires the shutter with a full press. PLEASE NOTE that in order to select the focus point using the Smart Remote Control app, you must turn AF w/shutter back ON The basic wired camera remote shutter release (like the Canon RS-80N3 pictured above) is, essentially, just a box with a button and a cable coming out. It plugs into the camera, and pressing the button results in a shutter actuation, simple as that Camera Soft Shutter Release Button for Canon Nikon Minolta Sony Fuji Olympus. New (Other) C $18.10. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer +C $17.20 shipping. from United States. S 8 p G Z o n s 9 o r V U E e d V P 4 D. 39 Center Lock Shutter Cable Release for Canon AE-1 Program A1 AT1 AV1 F1. Brand New. C $28.88

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  1. The Canon F-1N arrived in 1981, introduced in March and marketed in September. It was at first called the New F-1, but has later been known as the Canon F-1N. It has a stepped top plate; the shutter release and the shutter speed dial are at an elevated section of the top plate. It is a bit smaller than the F-1
  2. If your EOS 50D shutter button stops working don't panic. Just bring it in to Canon for repairs. I promise it won't hurt. Read on SHUTTER BUTTON SWITCH RELEASE. First off, shutter assembly and shutter button switch release, although very much related, are 2 very different components within the hand grip of a DSLR
  3. i connector to the camera
  4. Using back-button focus (BBF) on your Canon camera. There are two ways to initiate (and lock) focus on your Canon DSLR - using the shutter button, and / or - using the AF-ON button on the back of the camera, near your thumb.. The AF-ON button can be set to be the only way to initiate focus, disallowing the shutter button from doing so
  5. Some advanced cameras (for both Canon and Nikon) like the 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800 have a dedicated button for AF-On. Other cameras (like a D7000 or a Canon Rebel) allow the photographer to program the AE-L, AF-L button to work for back button focusing
  6. The Canon AE-1 is a 35mm film SLR camera with shutter-priority automatic exposure and manual override, produced by Canon in Japan and produced between 1976-1984.. By using a microprocessor, Canon was able to simplify the design, and by using a highly automated production process, they were able to keep costs low. The result was one of the first affordable TTL autoexposure cameras to hit the.

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Shutter Release Button: Oversized, 2-step button with electromagnetic shutter release. Pressing it halfway activates meter circuit; pressing it all the way sets shutter in operation. Can be locked by setting the main switch to L to prevent accidental shutter release. With cable release socket Press it complete down to take pictures. Shutter release lock (for long exposures) Press the button completely and slide it forward to lock for bulb photography or continuous shooting. Compatible: Canon :EOS 7D 6D 5D 5DS 5D2 5D3 50D 40D 30D 20D 1D. Colour: black. Dimensions: 98x39x19.5mm. Cord length: 0.85m This Canon Shutter Release use of high-quality soft-core as the wire-line, high-elastic contact piece as switches and plugs.It is much better than the same product which saled in the market, softer, thicker, durable and flexible. The shutter release button of this remote shutter release can be pressed halfway for auto-focus and exposure metering Neewer shutter release. Multi-camera capability; 320ft range; 2.4GHz, 16-channel receiver; Neewer's wireless shutter release gets rave reviews, thanks in part to its ability to work with a wide range of cameras by changing its shutter release cable. The Neewer unit offers a nice operating distance of up to 320 feet, with a 2.4GHz 16-channel.

Canon Intervalometer Wireless Digital Camera Remote Shutter Release Controller LCD Timer Control 2.4G for Canon EOS Rebel T6 T7 80D 70D 60D 60Da 77D T7i T6i T6s SL2 SL1 T5 T3 T5i T4i T3i T2i EOS R M6 4.1 out of 5 stars 4 Canon claimed this made it the quietest camera in the EOS range. The drive also enabled the camera to operate at three frames per second, faster than most of its competitors. Using the Drive Button, the photographer could choose whether to allow single or multiple photographs to be taken as the shutter release button was held This remote cable can be used to trigger the camera shutter up to 0.6 M (2 ft) away from any compatible DSLR/SLR camera, such as the Canon EOS 70D,60D,700D,650D,600D, etc. It is electrically parallel to the shutter release button on the camera body, and therefore operates without transferring vibration from the photographer's hand The cable release typically involves getting a connector the brings out the contacts of the release button. From these, three contacts are going to be used- Focus, shutter release and common. In case of Canon EOS t2i and related models, a pin connector is used. The schematic for the canon t2i is given below. Pin Config for Canon Cable release Outside of changing shooting modes, the MODE button's surrounding control dial functions as an additional sub-control dial alongside the top-facing dial behind the shutter release button. (The.

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Canon was actually the first to introduce the back button option in 1989, and that feature is available on all but the original digital EOS Rebel. To set up back button focus on a Canon DSLR, locate the Custom Controls or C.Fn option in the menu (the wording varies depending on what model you are using), then select the shutter button/AF-On option Introduction to taking pictures with the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. In February 2011, Canon released a new version of its Ti-series cameras called T3i. In some parts of the world, this camera uses the model number Canon 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 in Japan). All these versions of the camera are identical.The Rebel series of cameras are Canon's entry-level SLR

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