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With Henry Darrow, Julio Medina, Don Diamond, Ernesto Macias. The further adventures of the masked hero of Spanish California With Henry Darrow, Julio Medina, Don Diamond, Ernesto Macias. Ramon hires Mario, the finest swordsman in all of Spain to aid him in catching Zorro by pretending to be his friend With Michael Gough, Jeannie Elias, Earl Boen, Tony Pope. Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro

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  1. The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour is an animated television series produced by Filmation that aired on CBS during the early 1980s.. The series consisted of reruns of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle paired with new episodes of Filmation's versions of The Lone Ranger and, in the second season, The New Adventures of Zorro—at which point the series was retitled The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro.
  2. The New Adventures of Zorro (not to be confused with the 1981 Filmation TV show of the same name) was an animated TV series that aired for two seasons on Kids' WB! from 1997-1998 (with reruns later showing on Cartoon Network) before being cancelled. A multinational production, the show was produced by Warner Brothers Television Productions in America, Fred Wolf Films in Ireland, and Harvest.
  3. So begins the adventures of Zorro for a whole new generation. I watched this series when it came on (I was four when it premiered on TV) and wore out the VHS tapes on which my uncle had recorded the episodes; actually, my crappy VCR ruined the tapes as I was trying to watch them a few years ago
  4. The Shadow of Zorro (Spanish: Cabalgando hacia la muerte; Italian: L'ombra di Zorro) is a 1962 Spanish western film directed by Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, written by José Mallorquí and Jess Franco, and starring Frank Latimore, Maria Luz Galicia, Mario Feliciani, Raffaella Carrà, Robert Hundar and Gianni Santuccio
  5. The Great Adventure of Zorro (original Mexican title: La gran aventura del Zorro) is a 1976 film starring Rodolfo de Anda in a Mexican version of Zorro, directed by Raúl de Anda and featuring such actors as Helena Rojo and Pedro Armendáriz, Jr
  6. Template:Infobox television The New Adventures of Zorro is the third animated television series to feature the character of Zorro. The show was on the air for two seasons, from September 20, 1997 to December 12, 1998.[1] 1 Plot 2 Episodes 3 Cast 3.1 Additional voices 4 Crew 5 Home media 6..

Tino Santoni. Release date. December 12, 1968. ( 1968-12-12) Country. Italy. Language. Italian. The Nephews of Zorro ( Italian: I nipoti di Zorro, also known as The Cousins of Zorro) is a 1968 Italian comedy film directed by Marcello Ciorciolini The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland The Mask Of Zorro (1998) The Messengers (2007) The Stepfather (2009) The Wild Thornberrys Movie Available on IMDb TV New In May. TV Series . July

Spotlighting the work of the legendary Filmation Studios, this volume features eleven thrilling adventures of THE LONE RANGER, and seven heart-racing tales of ZORRO! With a stellar voice cast that includes William Conrad and Henry Darrow, this pair of action heroes fights for justice on DVD for the first time ever, alongside swashbuckling. The New Adventures of Zorro Season 1 1981. Season. 1; All; Overview; Activity; Actors; 13 Episodes; All comments. 0 Comments; All lists. 0 Lists; IMDB TMDB TVDB JustWatch Wikipedia; Set Profile Image; Advertisement. Hide ads with . VIP. Premiered 1981-09-12T04:00:00Z on CBS; Runtime 30 mins; Total Runtime 6 hours, 30 mins (13 episodes) Country. Amazon.com: The New Adventures of Flash Gordon - The Complete Series: Robert Ridgely, Alan Oppenheimer, Diane Pershing, Allan Melvin, Melendy Britt, Lou Scheimer, Don Towsley, Hal Sutherland, Lou Zukor: Movies & T Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press Presents The Latest Volume in the PULP OBSCURA Imprint- THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GREEN GHOST! An invention of Zorro creator Johnston McCulley, the Green Ghost is secretly Dany Blaney, an honest police officer who was framed by criminals and then disgraced by his fellow officers Personal lists featuring The New Adventures of Zorro

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  1. A Zorró legújabb kalandjai (eredeti cím: The New Adventures of Zorro) amerikai televíziós rajzfilmsorozat, amelyet Ray Ellis rendezett.Az alkotója Johnston McCulley volt, a forgatókönyvet Arthur Browne Jr. írta, a zenéjét Norm Prescott szerezte, a producere Don Christensen és Lou Scheimer volt
  2. Two of Zorro's enemies team up to try to take him down
  3. An adults only retelling of the legend of Zorro. Posing as a limp-wristed pansy by day (who rides a white donkey), Don Diego secretly becomes Zorro at night, brandishing his long, quick rapier! When he's not helping the oppressed, fighting duels, or slashing the letter Z into derrieres, Zorro is busy bedding down gorgeous senoritas until he zeros in on Maria, Bonasario's lovely niece
  4. El Zorro, la espada y la rosa is a Spanish-language telenovela based on Johnston McCulley's characters. Telemundo aired it from February 12 to July 23, 2007. The New Adventures of Zorro. 1981. El Zorro, la espada y la rosa - Wikipedia. www.imdb.com › title. Rating 7.2/10 (559

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El Zorro, la espada y la rosa is a Spanish-language telenovela based on Johnston McCulley's characters. Telemundo aired it from February 12 to July 23, 2007. The New Adventures of Zorro. 1981. People also ask www.imdb.com › title. Rating 7.2/10 (559 Zorro (The New Adventures of Zorro) on yhdysvaltalainen piirrossarja, joka perustuu alun perin Johnston McCulleyn vuonna 1919 luomaan sankariin Zorroon.Sarjan tuottivat Fred Wolf Films ja Warner Bros. International Television.Siitä tuotettiin yhteensä 26 jaksoa, jotka esitettiin vuosien 1997-1998 aikana Yhdysvalloissa. Suomessa sarjaa esitettiin ensi kerran vuoden 2008 alussa MTV. Zorro is a masked swordsman trying to save sex-slave women. Officials in Spain aim to collect tax. They kill farmers and hold their females for sexual advances. Zorro also gets his share during this adventure. All sex scenes are stimulating and unreal. Swordsmanship does not exist. So to speak, Zorro is a hero. He is the winner THE MASK OF ZORRO The internationally successful feature The Mask of Zorro, starring Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, premiered in Summer 1998. The sequel, The Legend of Zorro, premiered in October 2005, once again starring Antionio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. In these films, the latest in a long history of Zorro films, the [

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The New Adventures of He-Man (8 DVDs Box Set) Summary: The New Adventures of He-Man (1990-1991). He-Man is the legendary Most Powerful in the Universe and the mighty warrior of the planet Eternia and defender of the mysterious Castle Greyskull. With his special powers and with his weapon, The Sword of Greyskull, He-Man fought the evil. The Amazing Zorro on vuonna 2002 ensi-iltansa saanut yhdysvaltalainen animaatioelokuva, joka perustuu Johnston McCulleyn kirjaan The Curse of Capistrano. Elokuvan ohjasi Scott Heming ja käsikirjoituksesta vastasi Bob Forward.Nimikkoroolia ääninäytteli Cusse Mankuma.. Juoni. Alta Kalifornia 1815 ja de la Vega perhe on saamassa vieraita, kun Pulido perhe saapuu Pueblo de Los Ángelesiin The Unmasking of Zorro is an upcoming 2025 American swashbuckler film directed by Martin Campbell and stars Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Adrián Alonso reprising their roles. Newcomers to the cast include Stanley Tucci, Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lawrence and Alan Tudyk.The film is set for release in theaters on May 15, 2025, produced by Amblin Entertainment, and distributed by TriStar. Darrow also voiced Zorro in The New Adventures of Zorro. I have the dvd, but haven't watched it yet. And he replaced Efrem Zimbalist Jr as Zorro's father in The New World Zorro. And as you all know, Zimbalist voiced Alfred in BTAS. #6 Goshdarn Batman, Jan 20, 2014 Republic Pictures, 1937 Dir: Alan James, William Witney. Com: Ralph Byrd. FICHA COMPLETA IMDB. A VOLTA DO ZORRO - Zorro Rides Again. Republic Pictures, 1937 Dir: John English, William Witney. Com: John Carroll. FICHA COMPLETA IMDB. DEMÔNIOS EM LUTA - Fighting Devil Dogs. Republic Pictures, 1938 Dir: John English, William Witney

Summary: The New Adventures of Lassie (2014- ). Ranger Graham Parker and his wife, Dr. Sarah Parker keep order and care for the animals in a sprawling Grand Mountain National Park, their 10-year-old daughter Zoe, her best friend Harvey, and the loyal and heroic collie Lassie fill their days with adventure Zorro: The Chronicles on ranskalainen tietokoneanimaatiosarja, joka perustuu alun perin Johnston McCulleyn vuonna 1919 luomaan sankariin Zorroon.Sarjan tuotti ranskalainen Cyber Group Studios. Siitä tuotettiin yhteensä 26 jaksoa, jotka esitettiin 2015 Ranskassa ja heinäkuusta 2016 lähtien Yhdysvalloissa. Suomessa sarjaa esitettiin muun muassa Yle Fem kanavalla 4. marraskuuta 2017 aina 28. The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland (1999) The Animal (2001) The Family Stone (2005) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) The International (2009) The Lady In The Van (2006) The Last King Of Scotland (2006) The Mask Of Zorro (1998) The Messengers (2007) The Stepfather (2009) The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) To Rome With Love (2012. - IMDb user rating: 8.2 - Years on the air: 1957-1959. The only Western on this list to focus on Mexican characters, Zorro starred Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega, also known as Zorro. When he donned the iconic mask at night, Zorro became a Robin Hood-style hero, fighting the corrupt military and helping the people of Spanish. Zorro, também conhecido como The New Zorro, ou New World Zorro, foi uma série de televisão americana, de ação/aventura e drama, protagonizada por Duncan Regehr como o personagem de Zorro. Regehr interpretou o destemido herói latino e espadachim no The Family Channel de 1990 a 1993. A série foi filmada inteiramente em Madrid, Espanha, e produzida pela New World Television, The Family.

The Mark of Zorro (sh. Znak Zorroa) je američki crno-bijeli nijemi pustolovni film snimljen 1920. u režiji Freda Nibloa, najpoznatiji kao prvi film posvećen maskiranom borcu za pravdu Zorrou, odnosno jedan od najvećih hitova u karijeri glavnog glumca Douglasa Fairbanksa.. Radnja je smještena u nekadašnju meksičku Kaliforniju u prvoj polovici 19. vijeka, kojom tiranski vlada korumpirani. The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. The New Adventures of China Smith. The New Adventures of He-Man [anim] The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion [anim] The New Adventures of Old Christine. The New Adventures of Robin Hood. The New Adventures of Spin and Marty. The New Adventures of Superman Zorro The Legend of Zorro subtitles. AKA: El Zorro, Zorro. Consistently frustrated by Zorro in his attempts to court and marry Margarita, Estevan tells Diego he is giving up and leaving for Spain, but he actually has one final plan left Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (2 DVDs Box Set) Summary: Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (2003- ). This children's series tells the story of anthropomorphic pig Piggley Winks. The show starts with Grandpa Piggley, in the United States, telling his three grandchildren stories about his younger days in Ireland in the 1950's 8. Prologue (01:24) track 8-13: Man Of Galilee - Symphonic Cantata for Contralto, Baritone, Large Choir and Orchestra drawn from the Film Scores of The Robe and The Greatest Story Ever Told. Music by Alfred Newman, adapted and original lyrics by Ken Darby. 9. The Promise of the Holy Spirit (06:45) 10

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Its cool seeing Zorro's adventures especially in black-n-white, The Sign of Zorro is fun although you can tell a lot of segments have little to do with each other at times, one part we help a falsely arrested man escape from the corrupt general Monastario, then fight a fake criminal zorro, finally building up to a confrontation against the main. The Sign of Zorro, 1958 Zorro the Avenger, 1959 Zorro and Son television series, 1983 Walt Disney Home Entertainment: Release your theatrical Zorro films & tv show Zorro and Son on DVD Many more signatures are needed. The creator of this petition is someone associated with Vault Disney

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The film is absurdly entertaining in the same way the great Errol Flynn captivated audiences in The Adventures of Robin Hood back in 1938. The Mask of Zorro is a high adventure movie in the tradition of classic swashbucklers, with all the pros and cons that go along with that genre Zorro, the Gay Blade. 260 likes. When the greedy new alcalde of Los Angeles (Ron Leibman) demands exorbitant taxes from local peasants, Don Diego Vega (George Hamilton) decides to wear his late.. The New Adventures of Zorro on DVD [2012] Classic Media color DVD [7/2012] for $5.99 [1918-2009] at Internet Movie Database. Johnston McCulley Page at The Spirit of America Bookstore. Johnston McCulley's first solid literary success was the five Zorro magazine stories printed in 1919; they were combined.

The Mask of Zorro (u prijevodu Maska Zoroa) je američki pustolovni (mačevalački) snimljen 1998. u režiji Martina Campbella.Radnja, temeljena na seriji romana o Zorrou, je smještena u Kaliforniju pod meksičkom vlašću u prvoj polovici 19. vijeka, a protagonist (čiji lik tumači Antonio Banderas) je siromašni mladić koji preuzima ulogu maskiranog borca za pravdu od ostarjelog. The Legend of Zorro (u prijevodu Legenda o Zorrou) je američki pustolovni film snimljen 2005. u režiji Martina Campbella.Predstavlja nastavak popularnog filma The Mask of Zorro, a u njemu Antonio Banderas ponavlja ulogu naslovnog junaka.Radnja je smještena u Kaliforniju na sredini 19. vijeka i bavi se Zorroovim naporima da zaustavi opasnu zavjeru. . Iako je imao solidan komercijalni uspjeh. Stacker compiled data from IMDb to determine the best Western TV shows of all time. Following the adventures of Wynonna has a secret: it's his alter ego, the masked swordsmen, Zorro.

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The Mark of Zorro is a 1940 American black-and-white swashbuckling Western adventure film from 20th Century Fox, produced by Darryl F. Zanuck, directed by Rouben Mamoulian, that stars Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, and Basil Rathbone.. The Mark of Zorro was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score.The film was named to the National Film Registry in 2009 by the Library of Congress. The New Adventures of Zorro (1981) The New Adventures of Zorro is een Amerikaanse animatieserie gebaseerd op het personage Zorro. De serie werd gemaakt door Filmation, en voor het eerst uitgezonden in 1981. De serie telde 13 afleveringen Visual CED title database list precursor to the Blu-ray DVD movie disc format

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IMDb. Elonet. AllMovie. Infobox OK Nimi-testi OK. Z-Z-Zorro! ( Zorro: The Gay Blade) on vuonna 1981 ensi-illan saanut yhdysvaltalainen Zorro kirjahahmoon perustuva komediaelokuva. Elokuvan ohjasi Peter Medak ja pääosassa näyttelivät George Hamilton, Lauren Hutton, Ron Leibman ja Brenda Vaccaro Zorro is an American action-adventure drama series produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on the well-known Zorro character, the series premiered on October 10, 1957 on ABC. The final network broadcast was July 2, 1959. Seventy-eight episodes were produced, and 4 hour-long specials were.. Template:Infobox television Zorro (also known as Disney's Zorro) is an American Spanish action-adventure western series produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on the Zorro character created by Johnston McCulley, the series premiered on October 10, 1957 on ABC. The final network broadcast was July 2, 1959. Seventy-eight episodes were produced, and four hour-long specials were aired on the. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (DVD, 2000) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Guy Williams (syntyjään Armand Joseph Catalano, 14. tammikuuta 1924 New York - 30. huhtikuuta 1989 Buenos Aires) oli yhdysvaltalainen näyttelijä.. Sisilialaiseen siirtolaisperheeseen syntynyt pitkä ja komea Williams opiskeli vähän aikaa sotilasakatemiassa ja työskenteli sitten valokuvamallina, elokuvien sivurooleissa ja televisiomainoksissa. 1950-luvun lopussa hän sai pääosan.

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Masca lui Zorro (în engleză The Mask of Zorro) este un film de capă și spadă american din 1998, regizat de Martin Campbell, inspirat din personajul Zorro creat de Johnston McCulley.Rolurile principale au fost interpretate de Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones și Stuart Wilson. În poveste, originalul Zorro (Hopkins) evadează din închisoare pentru a-și găsi fiica. The Mark of Zorro. anim8rfsk. 2/2/21 12:03 PM. Ed. Also Ivanhoe 1952 Robert Taylor, Joan Fontaine, Elizabeth Taylor. Basically Robin Hood with different characters; but the bad guy is still. Prince John assisted by Boise-Guilbert (George Saunders). Re: The Adventures of Robin Hood vs. The Mark of Zorro

Zorro, the Gay Blade. 263 likes. When the greedy new alcalde of Los Angeles (Ron Leibman) demands exorbitant taxes from local peasants, Don Diego Vega (George Hamilton) decides to wear his late.. Lilacs in the Spring Mara Maru Master of Ballantrae, The (1953) Montana (1950) Murder at Monte Carlo Never Say Goodbye New Adventures of Don Juan, The Northern Pursuit Objective Burma Perfect Specimen, The Prince and the Pauper, The (1937) Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Rocky Mountain Roots of Heaven San Antonio Santa Fe Trail Sea. The New Adventures of Superman (2 DVDs Box Set) Summary: The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970). An animated series about the hero made famous in comic books and later in a live-action TV show. Superman, visitor from the planet Krypton and alter-ego of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, has made it his mission to stop crime on his adopted.

Austin Powers in Goldmember, 2... The Bachelor, 1999 (IMDb 5.1) Before Sunset, 2004 (IMDb 8.1) Best Men, 1997 (IMDb 5.6) Beverly Hills Cop III, 1994 (I... Bewitched, 2005 (IMDb 4.8) Black Sky: Winning the X Prize... BLADE, 1998 (IMDb 7.1) BLADE Trinity, 2004 (IMDb 5.9) Blind Fist of Bruce, 1979 (IMD.. Zorron merkki (The Mark of Zorro) on Fred Niblon ja Theodore Reedin ohjaama mykkäelokuva vuodelta 1920.Se on ensimmäinen elokuvaversio vuonna 1919 ilmestyneestä Johnston McCulleyn kirjasta The Curse of Capistrano, joka kertoo Zorrosta.Teos ilmestyi sittemmin uudestaan nimellä The Mark of Zorro.Fairbanks tuotti sen omalle tuotantoyhtiölleen Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporationille The Legend of Zorro (bra: A Lenda do Zorro [1]; prt: A Lenda de Zorro [2]) é um filme norte-americano de 2005, do gênero aventura de capa-e-espada, dirigido por Martin Campbell. É a sequência do filme The Mask of Zorro, de 1998, também dirigido por Campbell.A história se passa na cidade mexicana de San Mateo na moderna Califórnia, à epoca em processo de anexação pelos EUA Quintana Makes a Choice. 30. 1-30. 01 May 58. Zorro Lights a Fuse. 31. 1-31. 08 May 58. The Man with the Whip The Mask of Zorro (bra: A Máscara do Zorro [3]) é um filme de longa-metragem dirigido pelo conhecido cineasta neozelandês Martin Campbell, e foi lançado em 1998.O filme foi distribuído pela TriStar Pictures e Amblin Entertainment e possui como protagonistas Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins e Catherine Zeta-Jones.. Hopkins retrata no filme Don Diego de la Vega, o Zorro original

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  1. - IMDb user rating: 7.4 - Years on the air: 1955-1960. Animal lovers might get a kick out of Fury, a Western TV show all about the intense bond between an orphaned boy named Joey and an.
  2. The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (Entertainment Ventures, Inc., 1972). One Sheet (28 X 42). Adult. Starring Douglas Frey, Robyn Whitting, Penny Boran, John Alderman, Robert W. Cresse, and Jude Farese. Directed by William Allen Castleman and Robert Freeman. An unrestored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance
  3. THE LEGEND OF ZORRO is big and loud, mixing extended action sequences with gestures toward family unity. The film lurches from the family trauma to national security anxieties, or, terrorism by way of The Wild Wild West.A nefarious group is working on of a crater-making, nitroglycerine-based weapon in order to control who has access to U.S. statehood, with complications concerning Pinkerton.
  4. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 March 2016. Verified Purchase. This 2005 western adventure is set in 1850, 9 years after the 'The Mask of Zorro' (1998), and Don Alejandro de la Vega [Zorro - Antonio Banderas] is married to Elena [Catherine Zeta Jones] and has a son, Joaquin, but things don't appear to be working between the couple
  5. Beresford and the Baboons (aka Beresford the Apeman~ 1919 ~ 20m. Director & Writer: James Montgomery Flagg ~ Star: Olin Howland. Summary: Beresford, the son of the Earl of Swank, is lost on a desert island as a boy. There he is found by a tribe of baboons and raised as one of them
  6. Description. The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (Entertainment Ventures, Inc., 1972). Folded, Fine+. One Sheet (28 X 42). Adult. Starring Douglas Frey, Robyn Whitting, Penny Boran, John Alderman, Robert W. Cresse, and Jude Farese. Directed by William Allen Castleman and Robert Freeman. An unrestored poster with good color and an overall very.

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- IMDb user rating: 8.0 - Years on the air: 1958-1959. Unlike many of the other Westerns of its time, Yancy Derringer didn't take place in a small stagecoach town, on a ranch, or in the lawless Wild West. Instead, the titular character was a suave ladies man who stopped crime in New Orleans Following the release of Quentin Tarantino's darkly comic spaghetti western Django Unchained, the director co-wrote a comic book sequel series pairing up his freed slave bounty hunter character with Diego de la Vega, otherwise known as the swordfighting vigilante Zorro.It was recently reported that Tarantino is working on a film adaptation of the comic

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The Adventures of Dr. Fu Machu is centered on malicious plans to destroy the world which are devised by the evil genius, Dr. Fu Machu. In each episode, Dr. Fu Machu creates a new way to correct the errors of the past with his limitless funds. He invents creative methods using poisons, insects, reptiles and imposters to accomplish his goal Pustolovine Tintina (engl. The Adventures of Tintin) je američko-novozelandski animirani film snimljen 2011. godine u režiji Stivena Spilberga.Predstavlja adaptaciju popularne serije stripova o Tintinu belgijskog crtača Eržea.Naslovni protagonist, kome glas pozajmljuje Džejmi Bel, je mladi belgijski novinar koga potraga za dobrom pričom vodi u potragu za skrivenim blagom, tokom koje će. The Mark of Zorro (20th Century Fox, 1940). Very Fine-. Lobby Card Set of 8 (11 X 14). Swashbuckler. Starring Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Basil Rathbone, Gale Sondergaard, Eugene Pallette, J. Edward Bromberg, Montagu Love, and Janet Beecher. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian

Son of Zorro (bra: O Filho do Zorro [2]) é um seriado estadunidense de 1947, gêneros aventura e faroeste, dirigido por Spencer Gordon Bennet e Fred C. Brannon em 13 capítulos para a Republic Pictures.. Estrelado por George Turner, Peggy Stewart e Roy Barcroft, veiculou nos cinemas estadunidenses a partir de 18 de janeiro de 1947. [carece de fontes?Foi o 43.º dos 66 seriados produzidos pela. nostalgia buffs know me as captain celluloid®™. i'm a promoter of movie and tv related events in the new york city area. i'm the reason that actress noel neill appeared in the big apple after more than a 30 year absence in 2006-2007 and for having actress phyllis coates appear in new york city for the first and only time in 2008 TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. (株式会社トムス・エンタテインメント, Kabushiki gaisha Tomusu Entateinmento), formerly known as the Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co., Ltd., also known as Tokyo Movie or TMS-Kyokuichi, is a Japanese animation studio established on October 22, 1946. TMS is one of the oldest and most famous anime studios in Japan, best known for numerous anime franchises such as.

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