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Apply The Tanning Mousse To Your Skin Dispense a golf ball sized amount of tanning mousse to your Kiarina Luxury Self Tanning Mitt. Gently apply tanning mousse to your body using smooth upward strokes. The Kiarina Tanning Mousse range contain a guide colour so you can see where you have applied the tan How to apply fake tan mousse: tips to guarantee zero streaks Make sure that you're cool and dry Use a full-length mirror, preferably in the bathroom, but ensure it's cool and dry (so not straight.. Tan your face - If you are using the same mousse to tan your face, mix it in with a light moisturizer first. This will achieve a lighter tan on your face. Work gently around the hairline and lightly sweep the mousse from under the eye, across the cheek to the end of the face To get your visage perfectly natural-looking, try mixing half a pump of self-tanning mousse with a 20p piece sized dollop of moisturiser on your applicator mitt, pressing onto the face and.. If an instant mousse feels a bit extreme, then Soleil Toujours' gradual tan cream is a more subtle take on fake tan. Vegan, cruelty-free and 70% organic, this is a gradual tan for all the eco.

A completely clear tanning mousse, it develops into a seamless-looking glow that leaves skin and sheets streak-free. Clever stuff. MORE GLOSS: 8 gradual tanning moisturisers reviewed . FAKE TAN TIP 7: RESEARCH YOUR TAN TYPES It's also about personal preference vs format of tan rather than shade sometimes, Jules points out In fact, numerous socks can work as well as a tanning mitt, which allows you to apply the self-tanner without the risk of soiling your hands. Make sure to turn the sock inside out, then apply the tanner on your skin and use the sock to spread it out You can apply fake tan just about any way you like. Although using a self-tanning mitt is one of the best ways you can go about it, you'll probably get similar results with any of the tips I laid out above. However you do it, just know that applying fake tan really does take a bit of practice, and you'll get better the more you do it If you're a tanning novice, the best way to apply self tan is to choose a formula with a guide colour and stand in front of a mirror when applying. This will make sure you don't miss any spots and it's all blended in seamlessly

Here are some dos and don'ts to follow for your best faux tan. (LtoR): Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel Super 200 ml, $48.00 at Lord & Taylor; Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads. Using a tanning mitt, apply the mousse to the skin. Start at your ankles and work your way upwards. Use large circular strokes to ensure no missed patches. Finish by tanning your hands and feet

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Using a tanning mitt, apply the mousse to the skin. Start at your ankles and work your way upwards. Use large circular strokes to ensure no missed patches. Finish by tanning your hands and feet. Rinse off with warm water after 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium golden bronze, or 3 hours for a deep, dark tan The best way to apply fake tan Mousses are great for first timers, and Carly recommends Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse for hydrating over skin. For more experienced tanners, opt for a deep self.

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Jessica warns this can happen if you don't apply lotion beforehand to create a barrier on the skin, before applying fake tan on top. She should have applied lotion to her foot. Before applying mousse to fix this, use an exfoliating mitt to blend it out and reapply, she advised http://www.beautisol.com/HowToGuides.aspx How to apply face self tanner from Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol®, and Self Tanning Queen. Get inside tips. About the St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse. The St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse is the quickest and easiest way to remove tan or build up and prime skin for a fresh tan application. Suitable for sensitive skin, this luxurious fake tan remover mousse effectively gets rid off all traces of even the darkest tan in minutes.. How? Detoxifying cotton extract purifies the skin, while probiotics rebalance.

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This will get rid of any dead skin cells and remove any old fake tan (if you're one of the weekly tanners!). If you need to get rid of old fake tan, try our Tan Remover Mousse. This mousse is suitable for sensitive skin and removes even the darkest of tans - simply apply and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off The mousse was comfortable when applying as well, and while it was pretty sticky post-application, I'd still consider this a comfortable self-tanner (I've grown to accept stickiness with mousses). Application. B.Tan Fake It Till You Make It Tanning Mousse is very easy to apply

This instant sunless tanning mousse works with your unique skin tone for a natural-looking deep bronze tan. With Instant Sun you get instant fun and flawless color-no patience required. Color develops instantly and continues to deepen for several hours after application, peaking at 24 hours and lasting for days By Michaella Bolder. The Best Way to apply Fake Tan: Foolproof Self Tanning Tips Step 1: Prep the skin. To ensure the perfect fake tan, pay particular attention to skin preparation; start by removing any unwanted hair (ideally 24 hours before) then remove any leftover tan on the skin by lathering a layer of tan remover, such as the St.Tropez Fake Tan Remover & Primer Mousse (£14.50) onto dry. Whether you want to know how to apply self tan to back, how to apply self tanner mousse, or how to apply self tanner to face, we cover it all. How To Apply Self Tanner: Prep. When it comes to applying fake tan, you first need to prep your skin to ensure the fake tan comes out streak-free with no patchiness or dark spots. Step 1: Shav Instant tanning formulas. Most instant tanners are sprays that you can apply immediately for a sun-kissed look. Some stay in place for about a week, while others can be washed away at the end of the day. Instant formulas are trickier to apply than gradual formulas, since they stain the skin right away and might leave streaks. Face tanning formulas

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  1. How to Properly Prep for a Self-Tan. Your tan will last the longest if you take a few steps before you start applying your tanning lotion, gel, liquid, serum or mousse. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate the skin on your entire body to remove dead skin cells and generate the growth of new ones. Exfoliation ensures your skin is as smooth as possible
  2. For use with Flawless Mousse, we suggest Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes to prepare your skin prior to self-tan application. After tanning, use Fake Bake Oil-Free Mistifier Body Spray to nourish and hydrate your self-tan, helping it stay gorgeous for the longest time possible
  3. First tan where you can reach — neck and shoulders, waist and lower back — with your gloved hand. Next attach the glove to your handle and apply two more squirts. Sweep the tool up and down.

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1. St. Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse. This self-tanning game-changer guarantees a glow in one minute and couldn't be easier to use. No more sitting around for hours and waiting for the tan to develop. Just apply the lightweight foam and watch as it magically transforms into a gel on your skin and then wash. Directions. first things first get naked (or partially naked... but naked is always more fun). apply the mousse with our super awesome tan mitt to clean well exfoliated and dry skin for the best tan ever. use sparingly on elbows hands knees and feet and wash hands immediately with soap and remember to wash those hands! shower after 1 hour for a dark tan or if you're a super crazy hardcore. By now, you probably have using self-tanner on your body down to a science. However, you may not have totally mastered how to apply self-tanner on your face, as getting a face tan be a little more daunting than applying tanner to the rest of your body.That's because you can always cover up your legs if your faux glow turns out streaky—but it's a little harder to hide self-tanner mistakes.

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  1. Amanda added: If you have more time to indulge, have a long warm bath the night before applying fake tan, loaded with oils, and gently buff your skin with a sponge to lift off any existing tan.
  2. Now everyone has their own way of applying fake tan but I find that with a mousse especially, using gloved hands is the way to go. Gloves for the body/face and a ST TROPEZ soft black Tanning mitt for the hands. I achieve a perfect tan all over with this method, every time, and yes, that includes my hands
  3. utes for the mousse to work its magic. Rinse hands in warm water
  4. 'Tan mousse is incredibly easy to apply, so I'd recommend it for first-time tanners' says Clara. 'Lotions are more hydrating but slightly more difficult to blend.' If it all goes wrong.
  5. To achieve the best results possible, use one of the below self-tanning products with a self-tanning brush. Mousse - Self-tanning mousses help to give you the most gorgeous, deep, dark and rich tone. Using a self-tanning brush for a mousse is ideal. Mousse tends to be thicker in consistency than a cream or lotion but can be light and airy as.
  6. St. Moriz 60 Minute Fast Tanning Mousse, £5.99 How to apply fake tan (top tips) For best results, fake tan should be applied to clean, exfoliated skin with a tanning mitt

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Fast drying. Zero orange tones. How to Use. First up, get naked. Or at least naked enough to tan your super hot bod. Make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry. Apply mousse with your b.tan tan mitt, wash your hands, wait at least 1 hour and then shower. If you want it crazy dark - double coat it, leave on for 4+ hours The average tan can only last only 5-10 days due to the body's natural ability to shed skin cells. The saltwater in oceans and chlorine in pools will accelerate the fade of your tan. Excessive sweating from vigorous exercise can also diminish your tan. Using a daily moisturizer to hydrate the skin should slow down the skin's regeneration process Oh and before we start, please know that it doesn't matter what fake tan you try if you're skin is not prepped correctly! Read my guide on how to apply the perfect fake tan here. Bellamianta. Formula: Lotion, Mousse and Spray Type: Developing Shade: Medium. I had heard so much about Bellamianta so I decided to try the spray tan for my hens.

5. Vita Liberate Long Lasting Sunless Tanning Mousse. Check it out on Amazon. Vita Liberate is one of the higher end self-tanners on the market, but the price is actually fairly good. More importantly though, it is extremely easy to apply, and actually produces a beautiful tan that is fairly forgiving You should always and only ever apply fake tan with a clean Marc suggests working from your ankles up in long sweeping motions to create a streak-free tan when using a mousse tanning product.. Step 3: Apply! When it comes to tanning your feet, less is more. Once you've finished applying fake tan to the rest of your body, use the left over product on your mitt for your feet - we promise, it's enough. Glide the tanning mitt over your feet, making sure you lightly sweep over your toes, the sides of your feet and the backs of your.

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Now you can pick up fake tan in lotion, gel, oil, spray, mousse, or drop form, many of which come in light, medium, deep and extra-deep variants to suit all skin tones. So, the question is, does St. Tropez's Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse still stack up against the rest? Read on for my honest review This lightweight, tinted mousse tailors to your individual skin tone, for a natural and healthy-looking golden tan that lasts for 10 days - no need for s'more than just one application. Simply apply the tinted mousse using our Applicator Mitt for a streak-free finish, leave on the skin for 8 hours and rinse with warm water

Moisturising before fake tan in all dry areas (hands, elbows, knees & feet) and moisturising after fake tan will ensure you get your best, long-lasting self tan. Is tanning lotion or mousse better? The consistency of a Self Tanning Mousse makes it much easier to apply than a tanning lotion as it can be massaged into the skin quickly & easily Extra benefits: The body mousses apply and blend easily giving skin a stunning golden hue, invest in the brand's tanning primer and sculpting brush if you want foolproof application. 5 Best fake. THE ICONIC 10 DAY TAN. Our most iconic, foolproof and natural-looking tan. This tinted tanning mousse is easy-to-apply, streak-free and adapts to your skin tone for up to 10 day wear with no self tan smell. Best for first time tanners or trusted results time and time again. Lightweight foam with no self tan smell. Upto 24hrs hydration & even fade TANning MOUSSE. Achieve a flawless, long-lasting tan with totally transparent water-to-foam tan mousse. Our easy-to-apply, streak-free, fast-drying formulas are free from color guides, so no clogged pores, dryness, or tan-transfer onto clothes or bedding

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  1. Dove Summer Revived gradual tanning moisturiser is a non-sticky non-greasy, easy to apply mousse formula for a streak-free tan. It builds a beautiful tanning glow day-by-day. Our gradual self-tan body mousse is lightweight yet deeply* nourishing with our unique 48h Active Moisturisation technology for silky-soft skin and a long-lasting glow
  2. Tips for a Better At-Home Tan If you're new to self-tanning, there are a few things you need to know before you start applying your Fake Bake lotion, liquid, gel, serum or mousse. First, it's important to exfoliate before you start. The smoother your skin is, the more consistent your tan will appear
  3. Self Tanning Lotion . The best self-tanning products can be difficult to find. According to opinion polls, we want them to bronze, moisturise, have the perfect levels of DHA, give a natural finish, leave skin streak-free and be easy to apply
  4. First up, get naked. Or at least naked enough to tan your super hot bod. Make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry. Apply mousse with your b.tan tan mitt, wash your hands, wait at least 1 hour and then shower. If you want it crazy dark - double coat it, leave on for 4+ hours
  5. and enter warm shower. Then in circles remove affected areas with DAMP cloth Mistakenly bought this because my regular St. Moriz Tanning Mousse was out of stock on the shelf. And up one shelf was what I thought read, 'Fast Start Self Tanning Fading Mousse' - as in.
  6. Self tan may stain. Wash palms after use. Store below 30°C/86°F. Warning: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn
  7. Simpy apply and blend this dark tinted mousse with a Mitt, and choose whether to shower off the guide colour after 4 hours for a dark tan; or after 8 hours for an ultra dark tan that lasts for days. For an intensely dark, but natural tan everytime. Lightweight, quick-drying & non-sticky bronzing lotion. With added moisture for a long-lasting.
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  1. A lightweight self tan mousse that develops into a deep dark bronze. Suitable for all skin tones. Step 1 Apply to dry, freshly cleansed, lightly exfoliated skin with our Application Mitt using long, sweeping circular motions. Smooth on evenly and blend thoroughly. Use sparingly around knuckles, knees, ankles and elbow
  2. Posted on 09 07 2020. Dove has launched a new streak-free gradual self-tan mousse and listen, she's GOOD. The original Dove Gradual tan, that counts Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch as fans, is a cult-favourite thanks to its natural colour and affordable price point. It's easy to apply and after a few days gives a natural, I've-just-been-on-holiday.
  3. Fake Bake Flawless Mousse & Professional Mitt offers a convenient, quick-drying formula and the perfect sheer texture for tanning. Use included lined mitt or wear gloves to apply to clean, dry skin. Product dries fast, so apply a small amount on one area at a time in an upward, circular motion. Lightly glaze over hands and feet
  4. Spend $25 or more to buy now and pay later with. $2.59 by. More info. Our best selling fake tan in a smaller 50ml bottle. This Mini Mousse is perfect for travelling or trying out for the first time. Compact, cute, convenient. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. Lightweight & easy to apply
  5. We love the attached demonstration from Amea May beauty. It truly shows just how easy application is, and also fully highlights the amazing colour achieved by the Custom Tan Self Tanning & Instant Bronzer Mousse. Custom Tan has been voted Australia's Best Fake Tan 3 times, and is loved by beauty editors and international celebrities alike
  6. Application. 1. Use our organic self-tanning mousse and mitt. 2. Always apply the mousse to the mitt then to your skin, not the other way around. 2. Work the mousse in lengthways motions, applying the product in clean sweeps with equal pressure to insure an even application. It doesn't matter where you start, I always start on my stomach

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Mousse. Mousse is generally considered the easiest form of fake tan to apply. Le Tan Foaming Mousse is a really light foam with a bronze guide colour that makes it easy to see if you've missed any spots. The Dark Bronze is especially cool as it's a green based formula designed to give you a really rich and dark Greek Island style tan. Spra Fake Bake Airbrush, £24.95 feelunique.com. Fake Tan Products. Bronzie Got Your Back, 3-in-1 Body & Back Tanning Mitt, £14.99 asos.com. Exfoliate the day before your tan and only apply. Tip #3: How to Self-Tan Your Body. When tanning your body, follow this basic blueprint: Apply tanner limb by limb, starting with your legs. Apply over the shin and calf of a leg, sweeping tanner down over your ankle, foot, and toes. Next, apply tanner to your thigh from front to back, using the excess to cover your knee. Repeat on your other leg It's best to work out a day before the tan. Let your sweat dry before proceeding with the application. Once the tan develops, avoid any exercise for the first couple of days. If you must exercise, apply talcum powder beforehand to prevent staining. 2. Skin Preparation. We simply cannot emphasize enough on how important skin preparation is

I would opt for tanning mousse and that's pigmented to guide your application. Use a lighter shade for your base and a darker shade for contouring. Always use a mitt when applying self-tan, it makes the application far easier and you won't end up with orange palms which is the first tell-tale sign that you're faking it The trick to getting an even, long-lasting fake tan starts with showering and exfoliating. Self-tanners work much like a food coloring to stain the dead skin cells at the skin surface, Ciraldo explains. Exfoliating before application of the self-tanner results in an even appearance to the tan

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Apply moisturiser immediately after. After applying your tan, Von Hep suggests re-moisturising your hands and feet (you can use hand cream or body cream for this), before your tan starts developing. This smooths everything out and makes your tan more even by softening the amount of product on your hands and feet, says Von Hep Apply product to the skin in long sweeping motions, starting at the ankles + working up. Ensure all areas are covered before lightly gliding any excess tan over hands + feet. Wait until your skin is dry to the touch before getting dressed. Shower in 2 hours for a light glow, 4 hours for a medium tan or 6 hours for a darker tan Editor's tip: A tinted mousse formula is typically the easiest in terms of application.It spreads nicely and you can track your progress. However creams are also fine if you feel your skin is super dry. For anyone who lacks confidence or motivation, trade actual tan for a gradual formula, or add tanning drops into your regular body moisturiser self tanning mousse. £20.00 Now £10.00. Choose the award winning 'Best Fake Tan' awarded by Global Make Up Awards 2021 - certified cruelty free and vegan friendly. Our quick drying and light weight fake tanning mousse feature a hydrating formula that blends easily into the skin Fake Bake - How to apply Mousse Instant Self-Tan ORGANIC ALL NATURAL SELF TANNER VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM. Mousse Self Tan contains a transfer resistant colour guide so it can be applied to give you an instant tan that won't wear off on your clothes whist the three tanning agents work to develop a long.

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If you want a lighter tan you can apply moisturiser all over. 3. Orange palms! Put on some gloves (you can get them cheaply from Boots) or if you are using a mousse a mitt is good. I prefer gloves as I like to mix half moisturiser and half fake tan in between weekly intense tans. 4. Tan Aim for 1-2 pumps of mousse for each arm, lower and upper leg, torso and chest. 4. Use a Tanning Mitt. If you've ever wondered whether the tanning mitt is really necessary, then let us help you - it's essential! The soft flock surface of the mitt allows you to evenly distribute and blend the self tan onto your skin

How to apply the perfect natural looking tan: using award winning Sunkissed instant fake tan mousse Adreece Suleman our Sunkissed Tan Man shows you how easy it is to apply Sunkissed fake tan mousse; sharing with you some top tips to avoid tan disasters and how to achieve a perfect all-over fake tan. He uses our award winning Sunkissed self-tan mousse which provides an instant natural colour. Achieve a flawless, natural looking tan with our tinted fake tan mousse. Formulated with colour guide technology to tailor make the perfect tan for your skin tone. Enriched with nourishing oils and 100% natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly bronzed skin. FREE GRADUAL TAN WITH EVERY ORDER OVER $69. Lightweight & easy to apply Before you start slathering on the moisturiser and the fake tan, make sure you've scrubbed away any dead skin cells. Exfoliating is a must! You won't get an even coverage otherwise. My go to exfoliating accessory is the So Eco 2-1 Exfoliating Glove with sea salt and oil and using gently rubbing over dry skin before showering which preps my. 26 July 2016. When applying self-tan mousse it's all about the preparation! Exfoliate and shave the day before. If this isn't an option put a damp cloth into the freezer before showering and then place it over your legs before applying tan. This reduces your pores and helps to prevent black-heads

After showering, apply your tan of choice immediately. It's an important step that is often omitted - your skin pH levels are optimal for applying tan right after a warm shower. For me, one layer using a mousse tan and mitt always ensures the most even application. I'm currently using Margot Robbie's favourite St Tropez Dark Whilst using a fake tan product, you can still tan naturally when in the sun. Fake tans do not produce a skin-protecting barrier like sunscreens, so tanning naturally can still occur. Please note these do not contain SPF or sun protection so it is important to also use an SPF

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Kim Kardashian has been dictating style and beauty hacks for a relatively long time. Millions are obsessed with her looks at every public event, every IG post, and interview. It seems that Kim and her team of stylists know exactly how to nail it. Besides creating fantastic colour palettes for her SKIMS shapewear brand, Kim also wears perfect skin colour herself. Kim is a big fan of fake. How to apply. Step 1: After exfoliating skin, pump SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse onto a mitt. Step 2: Start applying from the feet upwards, gliding the fake tan mitt over skin in smooth, circular motions and making sure you don't rub it in. Step 3: Once you've applied the tanning mousse, allow to develop for at least one hour 2. Applying Tan in A Rush. People often wait till the end of their tanning routine to fake tan their hands, and therefore do them in a rush. Save an extra 10 minutes or so at the end of your application to dedicate to your hands. Slow and steady wins the fake tanning race. 3. Using the Wrong Tool

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse, Self Tanner for Deep Bronze Tan, Sunless Tanning Body Bronzer, Natural Looking Fake Tan, 6 Ounce. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 11,253. $10.49. $10. . 49 ($1.75/Fl Oz) $12.99. $12.99 Sometimes a fake tan takes a little tweaking to get that perfect glow. In fact, that's one of the biggest perks of fake tan— the ability to adjust the colour to your liking! Here are our best tips, tricks and expert hacks to tailor your tan to the perfect shade for your body, no matter how light or dark your first application turned out When it comes to application sweep one coat of Isle of Paradise Self Tan Mousse in your chosen shade using an applicator mitt onto the skin (don't apply in circular motions, always sweep the mousse onto the skin, imagine you're frosting a cake). Apply one light coat to the face (I mix half a pump of self tan mousse with moisturiser on my. 1. +. Add to Bag. $30.95 USD. Achieve the deepest, darkest fake tan possible with our ultra dark formula. Just 1 layer of this tinted self tan mousse will provide a dark yet natural looking result. Enriched with nourishing oils and 100% natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly bronzed skin

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11 best fake tans for a healthy glow and zero streaks. First thing's first, know your texture. A lotion, oil or tanning water is the most hydrating to the skin, a mousse is the quickest to dry and. 'Good prep means a good tan, but it doesn't have to be complicated. If you usually wax, then opt instead for shaving 24 hours before applying your fake tan, as waxing can leave residue. Don't over-moisturise beforehand, because it acts as a barrier between your skin and the tanning formula Pair the Luxe Tanning Mitt with the Self Tanning Mousse to save 20% off the mitt. $10.36 AUD $12.95 AUD. Add to Bag. How To Apply. This video is a step by step guide to achieve the most flawless, perfect tan. For a light tan, wash off after 1 hour. For a medium to dark tan, leave for up to 4 hours

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Achieve the deepest, darkest fake tan possible with our ultra dark formula. Just 1 layer of this tinted self tan mousse will provide a dark yet natural looking result. Enriched with nourishing oils and 100% natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly bronzed skin. FREE GRADUAL TAN WITH EVERY ORDER OVER £49. Lightweight & easy to apply The fake tan, which costs £6 at Primark, or £7.99 on the Boots website, To use, just apply Cocoa Tanning Mousse onto your tanning mitt and glide the mitt over your skin. Blend into the skin.

Best fake tan 2019 - 7 self-tanners our Beauty Editors LOVETan Eraser Foam - Fake Tan Remover Mousse - 200mLBest Fake Tan: 10 That Are *Seriously* Easy To Apply | LookA Beauty Wanderer x Bali Body - A Beauty WandererLauren Goodger of The Only Way is Essex Launches Fake Tan

Or leave it on for 8 hours for a dark tan. Want to go ultra-dark? No problem. Re-apply the mousse 15 minutes after the first application and then leave it on for 8 hours. The choice is yours. We Have a Present for You. Our premium self-tanning mousse comes with a tanning mitt to keep your palms clean and allow even application Pair the Luxe Tanning Mitt with the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse to save 20% off the mitt. $10.36 AUD $12.95 AUD. Add to Bag. How To Apply. Let our BB babe show you how to get the best self tan possible. This video is a step by step guide to achieve the most flawless, perfect tan. For a medium to dark tan, wash off after 3-4 hours Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse has a texture that resembles shaving cream, so it's VERY fluffy. It has a light brown color to it, it's almost a beige color. I really like the texture; it's airy and different than most mousses. It had a drier texture than most. Application. This mousse comes with 2 latex gloves to apply the product 1, Exfoliate skin using Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer. 2. Apply mousse evenly using a mitt of tanning glove. 3. Allow tan to develop for 6-8 hours, then shower and pat dry. You may re-apply the mousse as desired. Tips & Advic Apply mousse on your St Tropez mitt and with circular motions, distribute it evenly on your skin. Watch the IGTV video. Fancy watching the video on how to apply fake tan at home? Please watch the full IGTV video on my Instagram (@notagirlygal). The process continues