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Show Offline Repeaters. Show Outdated Listings. settings_input_antenn The information on this page represents amateur ham radio repeater locations displayed via Google maps. The data represents the repeaters frequency, offset, CTCSS, PL and notes such as if it supports IRLP, Echolink, autopatch, etc. Useful for mobile, handheld and base station amateur ham radio tranceivers, receivers and scanners by Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu Repeater Maps category is a curation of 15 web resources on , Online Australian Repeater Maps, VK Repeater Map, Visual UK Amateur Radio Repeater Map. Resources listed under Repeater Map category belongs to Repeaters main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators

The resource road radio channel maps are for information only. Users using mobile radios while communicating location and direction on resource roads must use radio channels and frequencies that are posted. Posted radio channels and frequencies will supersede those on any map; radio channel signage in the field will govern over the maps at all. If you travel anywhere in the United States, this MAPbook will be the best investment you ever made!! Each state has a table listings of every known open repeater in the state. 10,6,2 meter, 220, 440 MHz and 1.2 GHz repeaters are shown. Maps and listing are also included for Canada and Mexico. BKS-00056. There are no reviews for this product Use this map and information at your own risk, it is simply here to help others roughly locate a possible repeater for the area(s) they travel through out the Colorado back country. PLEASE remember you MUST be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator to use any of the frequencies shown on this map Australian CB Repeater Map These sites provide shared access to private operators using analogue radio systems as well as providing a useful UHF CB site for the community at large. Gencom offers these CB repeaters as part of a program of giving back to the community. These are entirely free to use and are maintained by Gencom's trained.

Frequency Offset Tone Up / Down Location County Call Use Modes; 145.1150-.6 MHz: 100.0 / 100.0 : Fort Collins, Horsetooth Mountain: Larimer: W0UPS: OPEN: FM EchoLin About DMR Repeaters Map The resource is currently listed in dxzone.com in a single category. The main category is DMR Digital Mobile Radio that is about Digital Mobile Radio. This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Apr 15 2015, and till today DMR Repeaters Map has been followed for a total of 965 times.So far received 5 votes for a total score of 4.80/1

CB Radio Remains Essential Component of Bushfire Communication Strategy. January 23, 2020 Citizens Band (CB) radio dates back to the 1940s. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which still regulates CB, took bands from the Amateur Radio (a.k.a. Ham) Service's channel 11 to form a band (460-470 megacycles UHF) for personal and business communication, as well as for controlling model aircraft MCN08. Mt Cann. MYR08. Mt Porepunkah - runs of batteries with solar charging - gives one beep normally but two when power is low. TER08. Mt Terrible. MEL08. Werribee - ( apparently turns on at 6pm each night and off next morning

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CB repeater callsign BEN04. UHF Duplex Channel: 4. 89 Specimen Hill Road BENDIGO. BENDIGO, VIC 3555. Thanks to Central Victorian Repeater Association for maintaining this repeater. List other nearby repeaters. CB repeater callsign DEL08. UHF Duplex Channel: 8. O`Brien/Country Energy/Police Site MT DELEGATE CB Repeater. The FCC rules state that repeaters are not legal for use on the CB band. But that small detail never stopped those of us who had some knowledge, and a lot of free time, from experimenting with them when the need arose, or when curiosity overrode any desire for legality. The first time that this subject was explored was in the late.

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Radio Communications to Barossa and surrounds in South Australia, UHF,VHF,CB Repeaters CH4,Repeater Leasing Commercial. radio communication equipment Press2Talk Available For Demo - Two Way Radio Over 4G Networ Australian UHF CB Repeater List. We've assembeled a list of all currently licenced UHF CB repeaters Australia-wide. Our list is fully searchable - simply enter your query into the search box and we'll return the results immediately. If you're looking to browse all repeaters in an area, check out our UHF CB repeater map. Show. 10 25 50 100 CB repeater stations. To operate a CB repeater station, you need an apparatus licence. If you are near a repeater station, you can operate a CB radio station through the CB repeater station but only: in the UHF band; on the repeater's assigned channels; Channels 1 to 8 and 41 to 48 are repeater output channels CB Radio in South Africa is restricted to 9 channels of the US channels system comprising channels 19 through 27. The mode of operation is AM/SSB. Most CB radios in used are modified (restricted channel) imported units, some unrestricted units can be found in use. At one time a local company - TEDELEX produced CB radios as well as 29 MHz radios

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  1. Repeater Rules Repeaters will only be licensed under the following rules: • a repeater station may only be accessed by radio apparatus covered by the General User Radio Licence and the Radio communications (Radio Standards) Notice; • the purpose of the repeater is to re-transmit analogue voice telephony (speech)
  2. UHF CB Repeater Listing - Australia Wide. If you have any updated information of repeaters in your area please let me know.....YOU know your area....I dont! :-) Many thanks to the numerous individuals who have provided updates etc. The only way these lists can be accurate is thanks to those who keep me upto date with whats going on in their area
  3. CB repeater callsign SWN02. UHF Duplex Channel: 2. CB Repeater Site 150 km NNE Alice Springs MT SWAN. NT 0872, 53. Thanks to Chalmers MM and DE for maintaining this repeater. List other nearby repeaters. CB repeater callsign ASP07. UHF Duplex Channel: 7. Central Comms Lot 4464 (3/31) Elder St ALICE SPRINGS
  4. CB repeater callsign LCN02. UHF Duplex Channel: 2. CB Repeater Site 100 m West of Fire Tower MT ARTHUR. MT ARTHUR, TAS 7268. Thanks to Launceston Repeater Association Inc for maintaining this repeater. List other nearby repeaters. CB repeater callsign MID04. UHF Duplex Channel: 4. Northern Site MILLERS BLUFF
  5. Welcome to Repeaterbook.com. Print. Repeaterbook is Amateur Radio's most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory. We are now supporting GMRS! Amateur Radio and GMRS require an FCC license to legally operate. As such, a valid Amateur Radio or GMRS license is required to register on this site
  6. UK Based Suppliers of CB Radio, Amateur Radio and Shortwave Radios. Other products range from antennas to printed qsl cards, scanners and air band receivers. Please help to keep the Clacton repeaters on the air, they are here for your enjoyment. Donations to the Repeater Fund gratefully received

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  1. Australian Amateur Radio Quick Index Main Index Local Amateur Info VK's on the Internet Whats New Aust. Ham repeater lists World Map VK/General Info Morse,10,Q Codes etc. Radio Related Links Aust. UHF CB repeaters Aust. VHF/CB/Marine Info Computer Related Links Australian DXCC List Join the AAR webring World Time Clocks Aust. spectrum usage.
  2. UHF radio protocol: The pastoral properties in the outback use channels 1 to 8 and 31 to 38 for essential communications. These channels are repeater or duplex channels and travellers can use them in emergencies only. Travellers may safely speak to each other on any channel between 11 and 30. UHF CB RADIO USE AND ETIQUETT
  3. Detailed install of a mobile GMRS then we test it against our CB for range and clarity. The results are AMAZING! We also test Midland Radio's rugged handheld..
  4. amateur radio repeaters at, around, or near Cincinnati. = On-Air = Off-Air = Testing = Unknown Click on the frequency for additional details. Click on a header to sort
  5. Mary Elizabeth A CB radio's average range is between 1 and 5 miles, according to the FCC, but the terrain and the antenna might increase it. A CB radio is a citizen's band radio — a radio that features the 40 channels in the 27 MHz range that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set aside for unlicensed public use, whether personal or commercial

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K6MWT 147.4350 MHz Los Angeles Renegade Repeater: Amateur Radio 3 : Online: San Diego: K6RRR 449.440 MHz San Diego Community Open Repeater: Amateur Radio 0 : Offline: San Diego: PAPA System Analog Repeaters: Amateur Radio 0 : Online: San Diego: W6ZN 145.2800 MHz Palomar Mt. Repeater: Amateur Radio 4 : Online: San Diego: WF6OCS 144.5050 MHz. About Online Australian Repeater Maps The resource is currently listed in dxzone.com in a single category. The main category is Repeater maps that is about Repeater Maps. This link is listed in our web site directory since Sunday Sep 27 2020, and till today Online Australian Repeater Maps has been followed for a total of 68 times.So far received 1 votes for a total score of 10.00/1 Ohio 2 Meter Repeater Map Ohio 70 cm. Repeater Map Like many other amateur operators, I made my inroads into the radio hobby via CB radio in 1979 using a Ch. 14 walkie talkie I received for Christmas. Once I made my first contact with a local operator, I was hooked! The subsequent years were spent pursuing CB radio interests.. Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Handheld Radio, 5W Long Range Two Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band NOAA Scanner & Receiver, USB Rechargeable, 250 CH, SYNC, VOX 4.3 out of 5 stars 94 $44.99 $ 44 . 9 Northern California Repeater Users Group, (NorCal RUG) is a group comprised of local public service radio communications teams, part of these volunteers are members of REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams). REACT is an international non-profit community service organization, which was formed over 25 years ago and is dedicated.

PVRA is fortunate to have our repeaters located at top quality sites with battery and generator backup. Box Mountain is the home of 146.79 &145.41 repeaters and it is the hub for the linked repeaters and the DSTAR system CB Radio Mini External Speaker NSP-150v ham For HF VHF UHF hf transceiver CAR RA $10.83 $11.65 previous price $11.65 7% off 7% off previous price $11.65 7% of The Western Washington Repeater Association (WWRA) manages two amateur radio repeaters situated on Gold Mountain seven miles West of Bremerton, Washington. Bremerton is located West of Seattle across Puget Sound. The purpose of this web page is to inform the public, association members. and amateurs in general about our group and its activities Getting started with ham radio repeaters, how to set your radio to communicate and how to use a repeater. Also explains how a repeater works This repeater is solar powered and primarily intended to serve as emergency repeater during disasters and secondarily for general calling and short QSOs by licensed radio amateurs. We encourage prudent use by anyone who accesses it. 73: ARCOTP INC. District 1: DX1ARC: 144.760-600--Mt. Mataba, San Mateo, Rizal (Lat 14.693056, Long 121.164167

NWI GMRS is not only about GMRS radio, but all community two-way radio communications. We encourage GMRS, HAM, MURS, FRS, and CB'ers to join us! We all enjoy radio for similar reasons, why not work together and combine all of our resources through NWI GMRS. If you are into facebook, please Like us, you can use the button to the right Citizens band radio (often shortened to CB radio) is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MHz (11 m) band. In the United Kingdom, CB radio was first legally introduced in 1981, but had been used illegally for some years prior to that FAMILY RADIO SERVICE (FRS) Family Radio Service is an unlicensed Radio Service in the 462MHz band. The FRS channels are half-way in-between the GMRS channels, operate on 12.5KHz narrowband channels and are used strictly used in simplex mode direct radio to radio without the help of a repeater VHQ07 UHF CB Repeater Brisbane. 402 likes · 29 talking about this. This is the OFFICIAL CH7 UHF CB REPEATER PAGE. VHQ07. 476.575mhz Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) licence..

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  1. Wouxun KG-UV8D+ VHF/UHF Dual Cross Band Repeat Walkie Talkie HT Radio. $140.63. $20.53 shipping. Only 1 left! Kenwood TU-78 Repeater Tone unit for TS-780 With YK-88S1 Fully working !! F/S ! $95.99
  2. All coast radio stations in Tasmania are manned by volunteers and are self-funded. Part of this self-funding is generated by annual donations of users of particular stations. This donation is in the vicinity of $20.00 and this is considered a cheap price for safety monitoring. If you make use of the repeater system on a regular basis, you might.
  3. DNR operates a statewide two-way radio system. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permits us to share the use of our radio system with other public safety organizations, if those organizations would otherwise be eligible for licenses in the same frequency band. Most fire, emergency medical services and law enforcement organizations are eligible
  4. Midland DBR2500 Dual Band Compact Ham Radio. The DBR2500 has 25 Watt/ 15 Watt/ 5 Watt selectable transmit power. Transmit on amateur frequencies 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz and receive on frequencies 136-174MHz and 400-490MHz. 25 Watt/ 15 Watt/ 5 Watt Power Modes. Dual Band UHF/VHF Radio
  5. Diamond X50A Dualband Base Repeater Antenna. The X50A is an excellent choice where ruggedness is required in a medium-gain, dual-band base application. Diamond Antenna X50A Feature
  6. Uniden UH5060 Mobile CB UHF 5W 80Ch Radio, AVS, Mini Compact Size Remote LCD Spkr Mic. $ 279.95. Add to cart. More Info
  7. Cobra 139 CB - AM/SSB base station. $75 (Roseville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $10. favorite this post. Jun 27
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When propagation is good, one can actually hear CB as far away as other states! For the San Francisco Bay Area Ham Radio Repeaters, please visit the Repeater DataBase of this site. CB Channel. Frequency (MHz) Mode. Notes. 1. 26.965. AM/SSB SELECT your CB Radio Station Country QTH (LOCATION) SELECT BAND for CB - 10M Best as 11M will be BETTER! For CB Radio Skip Prediction, select your Country and leave the the Band set to 10M for the current real time 11Metres DX Propagation Map and the possibility of CB Radio QSO's worldwide. NOTE Time on Map Base is UTC CITIZEN BAND RADIO Channel 1 to 17 and 25 to 40 should be used for AM and SSB transmission.Channel 8 to 24 are to be used for AM transmission ONLY.Channel 11 is widely used by Trucking.Channel 15 is the AM Emergency Call Channel.Channel 35 is the SSB (LSB - Lower Side Band) Call Channel. NZ [ May 12, 2021, 7:53 pm (Changed Site # 001 (Upper Marlboro (CB)) to 312400 (Upper Marlboro (CB))) Misc System Information This is a multi-state hybrid DMR amateur radio repeater system with some of the repeaters on the WR3IRS C-Bridge & the others on the BrandMeister network The graphs compare the most commonly available 2-way radios such as ham, CB, FRS, MURS, and GMRS. Some radio gear advertisements tout the maximum possible distance in perfect conditions, an often misleading specification. In the real world, people want to know the normal dependable average range of a radio. Here it is

11-Meter Citizen Radio Band Frequencies Citizens Band (CB) The Citizens Band radio service is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service for personal or business activities of the general public What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Radio Memories and the NSW Repeater Map. Okay, so my summer vacation is a few days off over Christmas, but nevertheless my inner OCD freak felt the need to tackle the problem of inconsistent radio memories over the growing fleet of radios I have here. I understand that consistency between brands (or even.

If range is critical then opt for a mobile radio. Mobile radios can have 3 to 4 times the range of a handheld radio. Install a repeater. Repeaters receive signals and re-broadcast them, relaying them to a farther destination. However, installing a repeater is more complex. One alternative is to use a repeater service is one is available in. BearTracker885T - Uniden Full Featured 40 Channel CB Radio with Digital Scanner (Peaked and Tuned) $531.24 $424.99. BearTracker885T - Uniden Full Featured 40 Channel CB Radio with Digital Scanner (Peaked and Tuned) Out-of-stock. Save 20%

The producers included SONY, National (=Panasonic), Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. Around March or April in 2005, SONY put a period to producing ICB-87R, which was the last model one can obtain as a brand-new rig. Currently no manufacturer in Japan produces the CB radio certified to the Japanese technical standards as specified by the government repeater group, and is a member of the Chelan Radio Club in Eastern. Washington with four local VHF UHF coverage machines. To Contact IACC Coordinator : Ken Rau K7YR. 2200 Summit Blvd. Manson, WA 98831. iacc.coordinatior@nwi.net. 509 687 2211 Channels 22 & 23. Data transmissions only (Excluding Packet) Channels 31 to 38. Repeater inputs - These channels are received by a repeater and re-transmitted on channels 1 to 8 to help increase the communication distance. The Australian Government has legislated that channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for emergency use only

Illegal Citizen Band Radio Frequencies. Frequencies above 28,000 MHz in the CB radio frequency chart are considered illegal by FCC. The body imposed huge fines on anyone caught transmitting on those frequencies. The fine is mainly because all of those channels are for licensed Amateur radio operations Repeater Coordination. Frequency Coordination Policies. BCARCC 2M Band Plans. Plan A for south-western BC, Vancouver Island, BC Interior (20 kHz repeater spacing) Plan A by Functional Allocation. Plan B for areas adjacent to Alberta, the Yukon and Alaska (30 kHz repeater spacing) Plan B by Functional Allocation. Plan A for 70 cm Repeater towers act as both a radio receiver and transmitter, receiving low powered signals and then blasting them out with even more power and covering longer distances without degradation of the origin signal, allowing users to communicate clearly while miles apart. These repeater channels are especially useful in terrain where there may be. Amateur (Ham) Radio Frequency. The CB Radio spectrum is broken up into 40 channels with CB frequencies ranging from 26.965 to 27.405 MHz. Channels are generally spaced 10 MHz apart. While these channels are open to everyone, some have commonly agreed upon purposes, which are noted in the table below. Examples include Channel 9 (reserved for. Coos County Radio Club serves the general amateur radio community in Coos County, OR. and vicinity. Our members are dedicated Ham radio operators and in the traditional spirit of amateur radio, are active in numerous public service activities. If you are interested in amateur radio, electronics, public and emergency service, or would just like.

On Tuesday, June 1st, Bob brought the Repeater and Amplifier to the CenturyLink Building in downtown Fort Myers. That is the location of the tower that will hold the antenna for the new repeater. Click Here For More Info Stay tuned !! Updated 07/06/2021. Any questions send an email to repeaters@fmarc.net. Updated 06/25/202 PUBLIC MEETINGS are suspended, ZOOM only: Typically, first Saturday every month, 1PM. Meeting Dates, 2021 - Jan 09, Feb 06, Mar 06, Apr 03, May 01, Jun 05, Jul 10, Aug 07, Sep 04, Oct 02, Nov 06, Dec 04. Allstar Monitor II, Node 48439 - W6AB HUB SARC HUB Site-1 VAFB. Echolink Node W6AB-R 510248 However, you really only need to pay attention to the Well Known Channel the radio manufacturers like Cobra, Uniden, Midland, etc. seem to have agreed on. Namely, FRS only radios have channels 1-14 (and have their channels clearly defined by the FCC regulation 95.627) and GMRS/FRS hybrids have 1-22

Repeaters. Amateur Radio Victoria is the licensee for the majority of VK3 repeaters. Our regular spend on Victorian Repeater maintenance is in excess of $20,000 each year. This includes equipment maintenance, insurance, site fees and licences. Repeaters and beacons listed may/may not be operational San Francisco Bay Area Ham Repeaters. Given how many sources online (and printed) have missing or incorrect information, I have started a few years back a project to compile a frequency list for the San Francisco Bay Area. This list is updated by me as time allows as well as YOU. Meaning, if you see something missing, incorrect, etc The Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Weekly Net is held each Thursday at 7:00 P.M. on the W4OLB Club Repeater (146.655 MHz, Tone 100.0 Hz) with the backup repeater being the WB4GBI (146.625 MHz, Tone 118.8 Hz).All amateurs are welcome to take part. Net Control will ask only for your Call Sign, Name, Location and Affiliation. We also hold a simultaneous Zoom video conference which you are welcome. myGMRS.com is a two-way radio directory which lists GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) repeaters in the United States. With over 20,000 members and 2,000 repeaters, we are the largest and most complete GMRS community

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Citizens Band Radio Frequency Table Citizens Band Radio Frequency Table This table is the frequency chart for the legal Citizens Band Radio Service. There are 40 channels, designated 1 through 40. The service is AM but also allows for SSB operation on radios that are capable. CB, as it is called, is a two-way voice communication service for use. Bankhead Amateur Radio Club (Moulton)/North Alabama/Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Network - Bankhead National Forest. Lawrence. 442.42500. 447.42500. 107.2 PL. 107.2 PL. N4IDX. Bankhead Amateur Radio Club (Moulton) Lawrence GMRS Repeaters. In the chart, channels 15 to 22 are capable of being used as repeater output channels. This means that those channels are available for GMRS repeater use.Most of the less-expensive GMRS handies are not capable of repeater operation, but are simplex only, meaning they transmit and receive on the same frequency Custom Repeater Products Specialized repeater products by Scott Zimmerman N3XCC and Kevin Custer W3KKC. Bob Meister's Manuals Page Manuals for lots of stuff two-way radio related! Repeater Elmers Personal repeater help via email from several Elmers. Where To Purchase Repeater Equipment Repeaters, Controllers, Duplexers, Antennas, Voters, etc

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Amatuer Radio Band Plan App. Know Your Local Ham Frequencies Before Buying Used Amateur Radios. Two-way Radios For Countless Tasks. Introduction to Ham HF Bands. Amateur Radio Digital Modes. Interesting Ham Radio Facts. Beginners Guide to CB Radios. Ten Meter Radio and the Oscars. Buying your First Amateur Radio Two-Way Radio Repeaters: How to Choose and Install. Posted by on 8/6/2020 to Articles. A two-way radio repeater takes weak and low-performing signals and retransmits them at a higher power so they can cover longer distances, ranges, and terrains without degradation. Repeaters eliminate unwanted noise and interference, helping to clarify. Sale. GME TX6160 UHF CB 5 Watt Radio - Tradie Pack - Orange, Yellow or Black. NZ$ 699.00. NZ$ 620.00. GME TX6160X Waterproof PRS UHF 5 Watt Radio. NZ$ 255.00. Truckie/Campervan Complete AMCB RadioCAntenna Pack. NZ$ 499.00 The 2-meter amateur radio band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum, comprising frequencies stretching from 144 MHz to 148 MHz in International Telecommunication Union region (ITU) Regions 2 (North and South America plus Hawaii) and 3 (Asia and Oceania) and from 144 MHz to 146 MHz in ITU Region 1 (Europe, Africa, and Russia). The license privileges of amateur radio operators include the use.

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Ham Radio Power vs CB Power. CB is capped at 4 watts of power by the FCC. Ham radio is capped at 1500 watts of power by the FCC. Ham radio is literally, potentially 375x more capable than CB. Now, if you run that much power, you are going to need a good dual battery setup and a high output alternator CB 35 27.355000MHz. CB 36 27.365000MHz. CB 37 27.375000MHz. CB 38 27.385000MHz. CB 39 27.395000MHz. CB 40 27.405000MHz. Channel 1 to 17 and 25 to 40 should be used for AM and SSB transmission. Channel 8 to 24 are to be used for AM transmission ONLY. Channel 11 is widely used by Trucking The meeting of W6JW, the Santa Clarita Amateur Radio Club, usually held at the Stevenson Ranch Library, is canceled out of caution regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding of our desire to minimize risk. to our members and guests. Until we are able to meet again in person, we will be holding meetings via Zoom


It's always nerve-racking for new ham radio operators learning ham radio basics. You've got your license and purchased your first radio; now you're ready to make your first contact on ham radio repeaters. Don't be too nervous, amateur radio is all about helping one another Cb radio Cb antenna and Cb radio Cb accessories like Galaxy Cb radio, Cobra Cb Radio also Ranger, Magnum and Galaxy radios. Police scanner radios, radar detector, GPS, GMRS, FRS, Wilson antenna cellular phone booster, cellular amplifier and cellular antenna. Owners manual and schematic Mt Wombat Repeater details 6M 53.725 MHz -1 MHz offset 2M 146.650 MHz - 600 kHz offset 123 Hz CTCSS 70cm 438.650 Mhz - 7 MHz offset 91.5 Hz CTCSS 70cm 439.775 Mhz - 5 MHz offset IRLP node #6990 123 Hz CTCSS 70cm DMR 438.900 Mhz -7 MHz linked to VKDMR network 70cm DSTAR 438.200 MHz -7 MHz offset 70cm DMR VK3RDS 438.7625 MHz- 7 MHz offset ( on test at VK3YNV Plan to use the CB radio with your friends by picking a station to use. Once you are apart, send out a radio check and wait for a response. Say something simple like, This Wendy at the old lodge, over.. Wait a couple moments before sending out the signal again. Once your contact responds, you can use the CB to chat

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Space Station Repeater 29/09/2020 (Yaesu FT-4X) CB Antenna TX Shootout! PMR446 Floureon FC-200 Contacts; Now, That's What You Call A CB Radio Shop! CB Radio Handheld Comparison; Tips And Guidance For New Amateur Radio Licencees; 39 Years Of Legal UK CB Radio; International Space Station Amateur Radio Repeater August (8) July (11 7. Mcbazel Surecom SR-629 Duplex Cross Band Radio Repeater Controller. The seventh product that I would like to introduce is a cross-band repeater radio from Mcbazel. At first glance, this radio looks a bit different from other models, but the great quality stays the same Consolidated Electro UHF VHF Antenna Cable MILSPEC RG213 for Ham and CB Radio 80 foot of coax with PL259 Male Connectors for GMRS repeater and ba. Sold by zabiva. add to compare compare now. $216.01 $172.99. Honda Genuine Accessories 08E96-Mca-100C Gold Wing Cb Antenna Kit

Our range of UHF CB radios inlcudes market leading brands such as Oricom and Uniden. For a great range of UHF radios at great price Repco is the place to go. UHF and CB radios and accessories are items used in the trucking business and police force. They are prime devices that are necessary for a lot of people, to assist with communication Simply put, UHF CB or citizen band radio is a two-way radio system that uses the 476.4250-477.4125MHz, radio spectrum for short-distance communications. It is divided into 80 channels for various uses. The service is for public access and available to everyone but not all channels can be used by anyone for just any reason - there are significant penalties for misuse of channels A repeater is an automatic controlled radio station that automatically takes an incoming signal and simultaneously repeats it out to a wide area. What makes repeaters work great, is they are usually situated at high altitudes, on mountains or ridges, and run higher power than your average handheld or even mobile ham radios Section 4 is Amateur (Ham) radio and consists of a copy of my Amateur (Ham) radio license, list of local repeaters, repeaters enroute to our remote safe location, and for the remote location itself. Also included are nets for different bands, charts for ITU, CQ, and callsign zones, and grid-square map

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Remember the station it hears on the input frequency of it's receiver may be on a hand held radio and only a few blocks from the machine or it could be a mobile radio in a vehicle out on the fringes of the repeater coverage area or a base station running a high gain antenna and 100 watts from the next county or in some cases, the next state Follow us on Facebook TYT MDUV380 DMR HT $94.95: YAESU FT991A System Fusion w/HF $1168.89 Until 09/30/21: ICOM ID4100A Dstar Mobile $299.95 $20.00 Mail In Rebate Until 09/30/2 Wavlink AC750 Dual Band WIFI Range Extender Universal Wireless Signal Amplifier Booster Support for Repeater AP and wireless Router Modes 3-IN-1, 802.11ac, 3 x External Antennas, WPS, Wall Plug. Limited time offer, ends 06/28. Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz. Wireless Data Rates: Up to 750Mbps

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The earlier 40 UHF CB radio frequencies in kHz, earlier 40 CB channels and 40 CB frequencies in MHz in Australia which exist along side the newer 80 channel UHF CB Radio channels. 476425 kHz UHF CB radio Channel 1 476.425 MHz, Repeater output for channel 1

PD3UTR - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham RadioHam Radio Resources band plan manuals grid map q signsCB 2way radio TRUCK 2-Way Radio Noise Filter Suppressor 30BC4x4